May 222017

If you live in California, you remember Leland Yee, convicted of Gun-Running. You remember Charles Calderon, who got caught committing fraud. You also remember Roderick Wright, he of the I don’t live here brand of fraud.

All were forced from office via conviction, not by the feckless voters of California.

Linked here is a sampling of some past election fraud cases as compiled by the Heritage Foundation. The pdf is pretty long.

As you may remember, the democrat attorney general of Pennsylvania was forced to resign and is now in prison for corruption. I do believe her spectacular flame-out was a great reinforcement for the “Drain the Swamp” message.

Her successor is now investigating the results for the 197th House District where a democrat write in defeated a Green and a Republican on the ballot. It appears that the democrats were out strong-arming people, harvesting ballots and the like.

The irony? The 197th District Special Election was supposed to be to replace someone who was forced to resign because of a felony conviction!

In March, (Renee) Acosta reportedly admitted to helping Renee Tartaglione, her former boss at the Juniata Mental Health Clinic, embezzle thousands of dollars from the publicly funded Fairhill clinic between 2008 and 2012, before she took public office.


Acosta, who awaits a January sentencing, was first elected to office in 2014, when she defeated incumbent J.P. Miranda, who pleaded guilty to a corruption charge last year.

Not to be outdone, a local prosecutor in Philadelphia… a democrat, is well… on his way to prison, too.

Read the 50 page, 23 count indictment against this “Star” of the PA Democrat Party.

This sort of stuff is commonplace.

Seattle’s Mayor, Ed Murray… yup, a democrat. Going down.

And, how about another crooked, democrat, Mayor?

Jury selection began Monday morning in the election fraud trial of a former Eatonville mayor.

Anthony Grant and two of his campaign workers — Mia Nowells and James Randolph — are accused of manipulating voters so that they would cast absentee ballots for him during the 2015 mayoral election.

The trio faces numerous charges, including voter fraud, attempting to vote with a fraudulent ballot, illegally marking ballots, corruptly influencing voting and violating the Voter Protection Act.

So, it should come as no surprise that the National Democrat Party is getting ROCKED by scandal and lawsuits – to be continued…

May 212017

This is what the modern democrat party has become when they lose an election:

a Huffington Post article that showed “how to really turn up the heat on elected officials” went viral. The author, Michaelangelo Signorile, called on protesters to harass Republicans at dinner, when they’re out shopping and even at home. Societal norms for the basic levels of decency one should afford political opponents, Signorile argued, no longer apply to liberals.

“It’s time to move beyond polite protests within specified boundaries. It’s time to escalate the expression of our outrage and our anger in a massive way,”

The Daily Caller wrote a thorough article about violence against Trump supporters.

Being a Republican in high school or college is increasingly treacherous — and not just at Berkeley.

Shortly before the election, a female high school student was attacked after declaring her support for Trump. A fellow female student took the girl’s glasses off and punched her in the face, saying, “Fuck you, you bitch.”

Olivia Corn, president of Cornell University’s College Republicans, said she was physically assaulted the night after Trump won the election. “Fuck you, racist bitch, you support a racist party,” her attacker reportedly said. Ironically, Corn said she was “not Donald Trump’s biggest fan,” and added that she “was saddened that I was not afforded the same respect that I offer others.”

A Maryland high school student wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat after the election was punched and kicked by students protesting Trump after he started arguing with them.

Similarly, police in Florida arrested a 17-year-old high school student after he punched a classmate for carrying a Trump sign at school.

“It definitely had a political motivation,” said Lt. Mike Bandish of the Palm Bay Police Department. “The boy was carrying a Trump sign and walked into the gym. The other boy punched him in the face.”

A Whitworth professor asked an open-ended question about killing GOP Congress-members. As of today, he still has his job.

The Congressman from North Dakota got physically assaulted. The CNN Reporter that was present seemed to encourage it.

Here is a felony against another congressman:

A woman was been charged with felony reckless endangerment after she allegedly chased Rep. David Kustoff in her car following a town hall meeting at the University of Tennessee’s Martin campus.

Wendi Wright, 35, was arrested and booked Monday after she chased a vehicle occupied by Mr. Kustoff and aide Marianne Dunavant, putting them in “fear of being forced off of the roadway,” the Weakley County Sheriff’s Office said in a news release Thursday.

And lastly – another felony:

The FBI has arrested an Arizona man on suspicion of threatening to shoot Rep. Martha McSally (R., Ariz.) for her congressional votes in support of President Trump.

Tuscon Unified School District employee Steve Martan, 58, was arrested for allegedly threatening to assault and murder McSally in three different, expletive-filled messages left on her congressional office voicemail on May 2 and May 10, the Arizona Daily Starreported Monday.

This is the state of the American Left… to be continued…

May 212017
There is a LOT of stuff going on despite the US Media and the democrat party obsession over a false narrative created in July of last year to try and blunt the effect of the revelations about the opposition party.

Let’s Start with a batch of 10 proven conservative Judicial Nominees to Appellate Courts. It is the opinion of this blogger that Donald Trump is “Flooding the Zone” in order to confuse and overwhelm the democrats who are on tilt and running on rage.

Donald Trump issued an executive order creating a commission to review election integrity.

“The Commission will review policies and practices that enhance or undermine the American people’s confidence in the integrity of Federal elections,” an official told The Daily Caller on background. “This will include reviewing laws and activities that lead to improper registrations, improper voting, fraudulent registrations, fraudulent voting, and voting suppression.”

In one of many moves that signal the Trump administration is taking up the cause of Christians as opposed to the Obama admin’s hostility toward Christians, Mike Pence headlined the first ever conference on the defense of Christians.

Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue gives a clear signal that the Western Michigan Beef Company that the Obama USDA persecuted over Pro-Traditional Marriage literature (not even related to the USDA’s purpose for being there to inspect in the first place) is going to get out from under the attacks.

The National Park Service under Obama was discriminating against a prominent Creationist Scientist who is in the middle of a lawsuit against the NPS.

These two cases are emblematic of people that will be positively affected by Donald Trump’s executive order on religious freedom.

One of the most celebrated early successes is the massive reduction in illegal immigration to America. On the heels of some of Trump’s actions is this ICE directive to light up members of Congress that are interfering with them doing their job.

The focus on immigration is finally forcing honest conversation regarding terrorism. AS of 5/9 the House Homeland Security Committee reported that there have been 199 confirmed terrorist attacks and/or plots in the west since 2013.

Along the lines of Make America Safe Again, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has reinstalled teeth to sentencing and prosecution of criminals. Similar to California’s obsession with releasing scum from prison under the auspices of deceptive ballot measures (Prop 47 and 57) is not an original idea as AG Eric Holder, when he was not fomenting riots and violence against police, was gutting sentencing nationally.

ICE Conducted the largest ever operation, arresting 1300 illegal alien gang members.

There has been one setback – John McCain joined two other Republican Senators in voting to uphold an insane Obama-Era Regulation that drives up the price of drilling for oil in the name of methane regulations. However, that setback is likely temporary.

While the congressional effort has failed, Trump’s Interior Department nonetheless could repeal the rule itself though an extensive rulemaking process. A Trump executive order in March instructed Interior and other agencies to roll back Obama’s climate agenda and other regulations that impede the production and use of domestic energy resources. Under that order, Interior is considering whether to repeal the BLM methane rule, but has not committed or proposed to do so yet.

However, a mining project in Alaska held up by the Obama admin (similar to the two major pipelines that are now under construction) is now going to come back to life. This is a clear sign of a radical change in the EPA.

Trump’s trade adviser finally approved 82-14 after 4 months of obstruction. The former Reagan administration alum…

Lighthizer is expected to move quickly to notify Congress of Trump’s intent to reopen NAFTA, kicking off a 90-day consultative period with lawmakers before the talks can begin. That would set up an August start date for the negotiations, for which both Canada and Mexico have been prepared for months. 

The Trump administration has reached an agreement with China to expand trade in 10 sectors by mid-July, including opening up markets for U.S. beef, Chinese poultry and increased access for U.S. financial firms.

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said the deal is the initial result of 100 days of ongoing trade talks that began last month when President Trump met with Chinese President Xi Jinping in the U.S.

“This will help us to bring down the deficit for sure,” Mr. Ross told reporters. “This is more than has been done in the whole history of U.S.-China relations on trade.”

The annual U.S. trade deficit with China stands at $347 billion.

Among the 10 areas of agreement, China will allow U.S. imports of beef by July 16, and Washington will issue a proposed rule to allow cooked Chinese poultry into the U.S.

China also has agreed to take steps to allow U.S.-owned electronic payment services to operate in China.

In addition – the unemployment rate is at its’ lowest rate in 10 years and business confidence is soaring. However, you see little if any reporting about this in the American media.

May 152017

Here is the original story linked here from

Among the Unemployed, Clinton Beat Trump 35%-25%; Did Not Vote is 34% (3% Johnson 1% Stein)

39% Say Trump Will Have a Positive Impact Creating Jobs; 35% Say Negative Impact 

58% Say It Would Be Easier to Find Work if there was Less Illegal Immigration

Majority Supports Repeal of Affordable Care Act

By a Small Margin, Preference is for Government Spending over Corporate Tax Cuts

Note the spending versus Tax Cuts Number was 52-48, meaning with education, that number could change easily.

Healthcare, Immigration and Tax Cuts

The unemployed were asked “Are you currently receiving health insurance as a result of the Affordable Care Act (ACA also referred to as Obamacare)?”

  • 20 percent said yes
  • 72 percent said no

Jobless Americans were asked to state whether they agree or disagree with various current policy issues:

I am in favor of repealing the Affordable Care Act (ACA also referred to as Obamacare).

  • Agree (net): 57 percent
    • Agree completely: 24 percent
    • Agree a lot: 9 percent
    • Agree somewhat: 14 percent
    • Agree a little: 10 percent
  • Do not agree at all: 43 percent

It would be easier to get a job if there was less illegal immigration in the United States.

  • Agree (net): 58 percent
    • Agree completely: 18 percent
    • Agree a lot: 12 percent
    • Agree somewhat: 13 percent
    • Agree a little: 15 percent
  • Do not agree at all: 42 percent

While this poll has mixed numbers from this group in terms of weather they Trust Donald Trump to help them find a job – it shows that they “Get It” about Obamacare and Illegal Immigration and it’s direct effect on their lives.

This is something to think about.

Separately, take a look at this focus group of Pennsylvania Democrats.

CBS’ Face The Nation’s John Dickerson spoke with Pennsylvania voters, where they confirmed what the ABC News/Washington Post polls illuminated a coupled weeks ago: the Democratic Party is out of touch.

One voter, a lifelong Democrat, said that his party is not only out of touch, but they have zero interest in remedying the situation. They complain about how Putin and Wikileaks screwed them over (they didn’t), but added that what’s glossed over is that the Wikileaks document dumps showed how Hillary Clinton and the Democratic establishment were a bunch of liars. That’s really why liberals are upset; their dirty laundry was aired for all to see. Supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), Clinton’s primary opponent, would probably be the most infuriated, as it confirmed that senior staffers at the Democratic National Committee were actively trying to find ways to undermine the insurgent campaign.

Dickerson asked if there was one story that they’re sick and tired of hearing, which drew a response from a female voter, and it was the allegations of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

“We will go with Russia, okay? Because that was one of the things that is driving me absolutely mad. “I think Russia has already been proven to not have had any impact on our elections, they did not, you know, drive from polling place to polling place and, you know, hoodwink the machines and whatever,” she said. This woman also said that the obsessive nature Democrats have with this story makes them look desperate.

May 142017

Just over a third of voters, 35 percent, say Trump was right to remove Comey as FBI director this week, the poll shows. But roughly the same share, 33 percent, say Trump should have allowed Comey to continue as FBI director. Another 32 percent said they didn’t know or had no opinion.

Here is the rub – the sample is once again “Registered Voters”. Registered voter polls lean 2-3 points to the left for reasons I have stated many times about the demographics of low propensity voters.

It is Women +7, which may be off about 1-2%, causing a fractional lean to the left as well.

The overall sample is 34% Dem, 31% Republican and 35% Independent. The over-sampling of independents could also cause a skew.

It is my opinion that this poll is fairly legitimate and may have a mild (3-5%) leftist lean.

Overall, 37 percent of voters describe Trump’s decision to remove Comey as “appropriate,” and 34 percent describe it as “inappropriate.” (The difference between these two figures is not statistically significant.) Nearly three-in-10 voters, 29 percent, have no opinion.

The thing I find fascinating is that Trump’s Approval Rating is 45-47. It is my opinion that Trump’s number will be 8-10 points lower than it really is. It is a similar dynamic to the election with “Shy Trump Voters”. I personally have known people that are amongst that group. Remember, the violence and the media cause a lot of people to just tell pollsters what they think they want to hear and then move on.

Also, remember Trump was at 60% disapproval or worse when he got elected. 

May 132017

You’d think Quinnipiac – known as the Q-Poll would take a long, hard look at their sampling after 2016. However, it is clear that the Q-Poll has an agenda. This time, it is clear to create a false narrative about Trump and his approval ratings.

The poll claimed that Trump was underwater 36-58. It also claimed that the #1 word most associated with Trump was Idiot.

The Sample? 24% Republican, 34% Democrat, 35% Indie (2-1 Dem Lean), 8% other. Note that “Other” got 5.1% of the vote in 2016. The 2016 result was D +3.6 Turnout.

This sample assumes that less than 1/4 of the electorate is Republican and that the “Other” Category is 60% higher than it was just 6 months ago. By using left-leaning independents, which suggests that this sample would skew the result 12-15 points easily to the left.

Also note, they interviewed voters in Spanish and used REGISTERED voters. When you do Spanish calls and registered voters – both skew results to the left in addition.

Spanish-speaking voters (legal and illegal) favor democrats 8-1.

Registered Voter polls historically lean 2-3 points to the left, as the super low propensity voters tend to be poorer, more likely single and more likely to be on welfare than the rest of the electorate. By using registered voters, you are bringing people that are very unreliable and uninformed in the the polling sample that could also be influenced by the way the questions are asked.

It is my opinion that the motivation for this is to fool democrat donors in to giving money for losing races and an attempt to try to scare Republican donors off. This was consistent in 2016 when the polls were way off on the election.

Here are some examples of how poorly Quinnipiac did in 2016:

Quinnipiac said Donald Trump was going to lose North Carolina and Florida. They missed NC by 5.7 and Florida by 2.2. They underestimated Trump’s win in Ohio by 3.1.

Q-Poll had Clinton winning by as much as 14 in the summer.

Look no further than the democrats chasing an R+20 seat in Kansas. While they caught the feckless (now Congressman) flat-footed, they spent $2 million to lose. They actually believe these biased polls.

The democrats are now in to John Ossoff, a 30 year old staffer that lives with a Woman he is not married to in Georgia, a whopping $22 Million. Take a look at this ad from the Republicans highlighting the millions poured in to him by California donors.

The democrats are pouring money in to Montana. They are claiming that Rob Quist, a cowboy performer in nudist camps is within 6 Points of the Republican candidate to replace now Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke. Montana went for Trump by 20 points and has an at-large congressional district. (MT-AL is what they call it)

The media was bragging that the Omaha Mayor’s Race was going to be a referendum on Donald Trump – similar to all the other elections lost since Trump got inaugurated the Democrats spent a ton of money and lost. The Republican won by 7 points. Clinton won Omaha by 10. NE-02 went for Trump by 3.3 and famously was the first time a state split its’ electors in 2008 when Obama carried it.

Add to this, the democrats went in search of wins in Blue States in state level special elections. There were four failures as of March.

Only one seat has flipped. Won by a Republican.

Actual election results are telling the real story about Donald Trump’s effectiveness and popularity. Remember, the same media that is pushing the Russia did it Lie will carry rigged, fake polls forever.

May 132017

One of the alleged reasons to expel George and I from CRA was a post on this blog that had redacted checks from fake CRA units. (Remember, Santa Clarita RA went from 16 delegates in 2015 convention to 0 in 2017, Ventura RA is gone, N SF RA is gone and Pasadena is on life support)

Carl Brickey and William Tolson – two of the CRA’s Bathroom Boys spent countless hours rallying people in a vainglorious crusade over the release of “PII” as if this veteran of 20 years in Insurance knew nothing about HIPAA laws or what  “PII” is.

Well, your intrepid blogger has a copy of an un-redacted check from the CRA. You too can click the hyperlink and then search the archives of this blog to see what redacted checks look like.

It appears that the CRA is going to have to notify its vendors and members that their information is exposed.

Secondly, you can also see the $54k the CRA has in its bank account. $38k of it I raised. Even at only 600 members, the CRA will take in $9000 a year in dues. This also means that the CRA’s Pol-Pot Bellied Information Minister can not raise money. Anyone that served with him in Placer would have been able to tell you that 20 years ago.

I will not hold my breath waiting for the day when the CRA officers tell the truth about why they expelled George and I. It is however clear to sane, healthy people why the CRA expelled us. The raised relief is when you see the collapse of all the units that were being maintained on paper, people being exposed for doing the same things as other expelled former members were doing, the stagnation of the group, the failure to raise money, get candidates elected, infighting continuing, and of course now their own extra special data breach.

May 122017

I had a very hard time coming over to Donald Trump.

The biggest issue I had were his early supporters, many of whom I saw as fringe wackos, malcontents and otherwise people out of the mainstream. There were exceptions as some long time political allies (and friends) of mine were with Trump from the start.

However, Ann Coulter, Paul Joseph Watson and others whose existence is in an esoteric part of the universe they call their own were the early sirens of Make America Great Again. Mike Cernovich, Milo and others were people I’d never heard of before until the national media started focusing on them to marginalize Donald Trump. Now they are all re-marginalizing themselves a mere 3.5 months after Trump was sworn in.

In the campaign of 2016, one by one these folks were being proven right for supporting Trump and true about their conspiracy theories as a result of events, the behavior of John Kasich, Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney and others on the campaign trail, the revelations of Wikileaks that provided a window in to the inner workings of the Dems, Obama’s temper tantrum in his waning days in office just to muck things up and of course the Russia did it gas-lighting operation created by President Obama weaponizing the intelligence services and using them against Trump and his team.

I’ve written ad naseum about the fake news and the rigged polls being done by the national media establishment. I knew Trump was going to win as I was eviscerating polling samples daily.

Donald Trump knew what to do in order to take center stage. He became a voice for everyone’s anger (even many that voted for Hillary Clinton, by the way) and parlayed that in to successful run for President. People focused on Trump’s bombast while ignoring what was happening strategically.

Trump was outspent 2-1. 90+% of all media about him was negative. Trump beat 16 GOP Contenders. Some in the GOP establishment recruited a Judas Goat, Evan McMuffin to try and steal Utah, Wyoming and Idaho from Trump. Even today, humiliated candidate John Kasich is trying to raise money in the waning days of his governorship so he can run against Trump in 2020, while sending endless emails criticizing Trump at every chance.

The critics that irritate me the most are not the National Media (who I call whores for the left), the #Triggered Democrats who are committing ritual suicide hellbent to “get trump”, and not even the Jeb Bush / John Kasich isolated fringe of the establishment. The critics that irritate me the most are the “Chicken Little” Malcontents that were key early supporters of Trump who have been screeching every time trump deviates slightly from the path they think he should take in order to govern.

I’ve coined a term for them – wrist slashers.

They cut their wrists in a virtual form of political suicide without pausing to wait for the other shoe to drop. I’ve become a complete Donald Trump sycophant not because I agree with everything he does, but because he is willful, deliberate and is one of the most effective leaders I’ve ever seen.

I’ve written ad-naseum about what Trump has accomplished in such a short time in office, but I want to focus on a few items directly for the benefit of the wrist-slashers (as this is the proof of Trump’s amazing effectiveness):

  1. Trump shot 59 Tomahawk Missiles at Syria because of a chemical weapon attack on a hospital. The screeching wrist-slashers claimed Ivanka Trump talked her dad in to doing it, others like Coulter and Watson went in to a meltdown claiming Trump had been sucked in by the NWO Globalists. The Media and Democrats were in a state of confusion offering grudging praise. The Result? Iran, Turkey and Russia are now setting up safe zones in Syria. Refugee Crisis Solved. Assad Problem Solved. Screeching anti war sirens silenced as the same 1,000 Americans there before are still there now, no more, no less.
  2. Trump sent a fleet to North Korea and Anti Missile defense systems to South Korea in response to the little fatso trying to launch ballistic missiles. The American Media responded by gleefully reporting that the fleet was somewhere else as their desire to “Get Trump” caused them to undermine Trump’s strategy. Despite the best attempts of the media and the screeching sirens who were once again cutting their wrists in a paranoid World War III fantasy, there is no war and the Chinese and Russians now look poised to take out the trash in North Korea. Despite the withering criticism, the Chinese started negotiating with the US immediately due to Donald Trump’s very real leadership and putting everything on the table, including trade.
  3. The hard right freaked out over the spending bill. They claimed that: A) it funded planned parenthood, B) it did not fund the wall and C) it lacked the spending cuts of the proposed budget. They would have rather had a government “shutdown” now at a time when it would not play out well. The reality? There is a $1.5 Billion down payment on the wall and this “spending bill” is the first time in 50 years that the federal government has not increased overall spending in any bill.
  4. The AHCA. You’d swear that the RINO’s won everything. It was a $1 Trillion Tax Cut and it de-funded Planned Parenthood to the tune of 86%.

When the facts are aggregated, the flaky, malcontented (as in never satisfied) fringe early Trump supporters are showing their real colors. They don’t know how to govern. They don’t understand governance and are unable to digest facts, patterns of strategy.

You’d think that SCOTUS Justice Neil Gorsuch would be enough? Betsy DeVos gutting Common Core? Illegal Immigration down 60+%, deportations up 35%? Real support for law enforcement? Real investigations and accountability at the VA? Going after Presidential Land Grabs? Pipelines? 15000 more Ice Agents? Overturning industry destroying regulations by the dozen?

Donald Trump continues to lead. The question to the wrist-slashers is this: If you keep cutting your wrists (figuratively) every time something goes wrong in your mind, will anyone pay attention to you and will you be able to make any difference when the left finally regroups?

May 072017

Hector Diaz first hit my radar screen because of the Riverside CRA and their sudden interest in him. Given the coin-operated nature of the CRA, it merits a double take when the flavor of the month arrives out of nowhere at a CRA meeting.

Your intrepid blogger learned that Hector Diaz (Nava) was arrested for two felonies related to him beating up a patron at his restaurant in Moreno Valley. Diaz is serving probation as part of a plea deal and is on probation even as he is a candidate for Moreno Valley City Council.

The would-be Council Member is out telling people he is a “Reputable Business Owner”. This could be true despite his penchant for playing Judge Dredd on drunk patrons at his restaurant.

However, a second look reveals there is a major problem with the assertion by Diaz (Nava) that he is a “Reputable Business Owner” – the California Department of Real Estate has a nice, fat open file on him:

License Type:

Diaz, Hector N. 

Mailing Address:
PO BOX 23099

License ID:

Expiration Date:

License Status:

MLO License Endorsement:  

NMLS ID: 274642 (Click here to check the status of the MLO License Endorsement )

Salesperson License Issued:

Broker License Issued:

Former Name(s):
Nava, Hector Diaz 

Object Mortgage
ACTIVE AS OF 06/07/2005

Supremacy Realtors
ACTIVE AS OF 06/07/2005

Affiliated Licensed Corporation(s):
01521111 – Officer Expiration Date: 01/11/14
The Diaz Group Inc


Disciplinary or Formal Action


>>>> Public information request complete <<<<

Three things should jump out at you about “Reputable Businessman” Hector Diaz Nava:

Why did he change his name? Note – when I first wrote about his felony arrests, I had to do extra leg work to verify that Hector Diaz (Nava) identified in the arrest records and the Hector N Diaz running for City Council were the same person. Here is more proof they are the same person and the public records from the Department of Real Estate also suggest that this two names thing was deliberate to hamper efforts by people to research him.

He ran a Real Estate firm that lost its’ license. Perhaps this is why he changed his name and is holding himself out as a reputable businessman?

He lost his own Real Estate Broker’s License and is restricted to being a Real Estate Agent Only. This is key, because if you read the linked documents you will understand why the Department of Real Estate was keen on making sure he could not do anything related to mortgages.

Hector Diaz lost his Real Estate Broker’s License and Corporate Real Estate License because someone under his supervision was running a Mortgage modification scam and got caught by the Department of Real Estate. A victim of the scammer actually got a job in the scammer’s office and once it became clear what was going on, the victim turned them in.

According to the documents obtained by Right on Daily – Diaz denied any wrongdoing repeatedly. The documents reference an unlicensed DBA being used and Diaz’ failure to supervise a subordinate as the causes for the suspensions of the licenses. There is no indication of the people running the scam were prosecuted within the documents, (but they suggest something was in process), the issue is that Diaz had someone under his supervision that was engaging in illegal activity while Diaz was asleep at the switch.

“Respondent Diaz’ denial of wrongdoing suggests that he is not amenable to correction…”, says the documents.

In fact, Diaz’ license was restricted on 2/24/2012 and Diaz was eligible to apply for an un-restricted license four years later (2/24/2016). As you can see, Hector N Diaz AKA Hector Diaz (Nava) still has a restricted real estate license suggesting that he continues to be unrepentant to this day.

As a bonus, Diaz petitioned for reconsideration of the decision made against him further buttressing the notion of his refusal to accept responsibility for his negligence. His petition was rejected flatly.

The source documents are linked here

Hector N Diaz aka Hector Diaz (Nava) is not qualified to hold office.

This is demonstrated by his attitude as related by the department of Real Estate in 2012. It is reinforced by his vigilante justice episode in 2016 that has him on current probation. When you add in the name change, you have a pattern that indicates that Hector Diaz, Nava, Diaz-Nava, N Diaz, etc. has character issues that are a work in progress. It is the opinion of this blogger and should be the opinion of the voters of Moreno Valley that Hector N Diaz aka Hector Diaz (Nava) should be rejected in his bid for City Council.

Apr 242017

There is a new Riverside CRA Unit to replace the old CRA unit that died an insane asylum death. I know Riverside is not Orange County, but you Southerners all look the same to us rednecks up here in the north.

Apparently, inviting so-called conservatives with felony arrests to speak for endorsements is a time-honored CRA tradition. (see also Tim Donnelly)

I got a list of the board members of the new Riverside RA and some familiar names were on it, including a man who rides the bus to the library to check his email as he does not own a car or a computer.

The Riverside RA is actually hosting a meeting tomorrow (which in today’s CRA is optional) featuring a Moreno Valley City Council Candidate named Hector Diaz.

A check of Voter Records shows a 43 year old Hector Diaz Nava registered in Moreno Valley. There is a second Hector Diaz that is 52. A look at the photo of the man is clear he is not in his 50’s. As it is common for Latinos to have two last names (Mom and Dad) I went a little further than usual to verify that the Hector Diaz of 2014 AD61 #EPICFAILURE and the current contestant for a special election in Moreno Valley are one and the same.

They are. This leads us to today’s CRA #EPICFAIL. (Pictured, the CRA’s Pol-Pot Bellied Information Minister Thomas N Hudson)

Hector Diaz Nava was arrested on a nice felony. It looks like he beat someone up and got popped for it.

On 02/06/2016 – Diaz pled two felonies down to one Misdemeanor. He pled out to Disturbing the Peace, Instead of getting a felony for inflicting great bodily harm and assault with a deadly weapon.

Mr. Diaz received 60 days in the can, but was given 3 years of probation in lieu of incarceration.

Diaz also had to pay the victim of his rage restitution.

It is really not hard to find stuff out about people. It is called vetting, it is something the RightonDaily Blog recommends all groups do. The CRA, given their proclivity to be pious, self righteous and arrogant about their own perfection probably need to spend some of the $51k in their treasury and hire a pet monkey to do basic records checks on candidates before they get further embarrassment.

Hector Diaz (Nava) probably should not be running for Moreno Valley City Council. He holds himself out as a reputable businessman, I will grant that he is probably passionate about his business. He should probably take a break from beating people up and focus his passions on his business.

Perhaps, the Riverside RA could have their board member take the bus to the library and spend some of his ample free time using public records from Riverside County like your intrepid blogger?

P.S. for you skeptics (look at what happens when you google Diaz) – this is our guy, smack in the middle of Moreno Valley District 4. This is the only Hector Diaz anything in Moreno Valley Council District 4.

If the CRA does the usual and ignores the unsolicited advice from this blogger, its’ expected. But since I know they read this blog, I’d like to suggest at the very least they check his ankle for a bracelet.