Feb 182016


Did you know that Mike Spence is a long-time business partner of the Pol-Pot Bellied CRA Information Minister Thomas N Hudson?

I knew of at least two groups that had been trying for a year to charter new units in the 55th AD area (Yorba Linda, Brea etc.) Miraculously, both efforts seem to have fizzled right around three months ago – the approximate date of Spence’s official entry in to the AD55 race.

For any of you that are not aware, it was during Mike Spence’s tenure as CRA President that massive organizational fraud took over the CRA. Now, the CRA’s 900 (soon to be 1000) club are at the helm reinstating the old way of doing business.

I am wondering if the IE’s that Thomas N Hudson will be running on Spence’s behalf are already funded? Has the check been deposited in the CRA operating account under the guise of covering the CRA’s expenses yet?

Whatever the answers are, this means they have already arranged the deck chairs for Mr. Spence – who is the odds-on favorite to win the CRA endorsement buffet. The Cash Renumeration Assembly is back – but at least they support capitalism.

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