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John Moolach’s massive compensation package was worth a total of $237,000. That’s what it was worth by the end of his term(s).

Pat Bates (you know, that RINO) and Shawn Nelson (Yes, that Shawn Nelson) REFUSED retirement payments by OC Taxpayers – but NOT John Moorlach!

Note that Pat Bates has a lousy lifetime 89% CRA Score herself?

John Moorloch also raked in $16k a year for at least 5 years in to his 401 retirement plan courtesy of you and I! In fact, Moorloch has been in elective office since 1995 and has not paid a dime in to his enormous pension! (which exists in addition to that 401 plan)

He must have one heck of a lifestyle to have to have a look at a Governor, Congress then a State Senate Run (aka a new job)… why not cash in that ghastly pension of 2.7% at 55 and call it a day? Heck, he’s got at least another $160k in his 401 plan, too. (to get the $80k out of the taxpayers, he had to contribute 80K of his own money to get the match)

Here is the potential Problem – Moorlach’s Form 700’s don’t list very much stuff at all. If you read Moorlach’s form 700’s you’d think that the government was his sole source of income.

John Moorlach did not opt out of the pension, claiming that staff made him enroll in it. That did not stop Shawn Nelson from dis-enrolling!

John Moorlach even OPPOSED Shawn Nelson’s Plan to reduce the retirement plan benefits that supervisors get paid?

Wait a minute, Moorlach Pension Good, Union Pension Bad? There goes Moorlach thinking again.

Is John Moorlach really a Fiscal Conservative? Please stop tossing Bricks inside that glass fiscal house.

This kind of  behavior is sure making Don Wagner look like the adult in the room. On President’s Day think about the writings of our founding fathers. Our system of government was created for ethical people, not for career politicians who seek to secure their financial future at our expense while talking fiscal restraint out of the other side of their mouth.

Source: Voice of OC Column By NORBERTO SANTANA JR. | Posted: Friday, July 19, 2013 9:13 am + County Records.

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