Feb 162016

At least, that is the name he/she/it is using currently. He/She/It is attempting to recall three of He/She/It’s colleagues on the Lake Forest City 12622564_485801971628359_778986137229611539_oCouncil. Adam Nick was born Afshin Nikmanesh and is reputed to have decided to run for Lake Forest City Council to muscle out competition… or as he/she/it put it, defend himself from illegal competition.Adam Nick appears to be insane. He/She/It has threatened multiple felonies – rape, murder, vandalism, etc against his fellow council-members. It appears that Adam Nick was the inspiration for Donald Trump’s xenophobic rampage against Persians.

So – we have a crazed mini-market owner on a jihad against He/She/It’s fellow council-members that don’t agree with He/She/It. Welcome to Orange County, where the OC GOP will likely endorse “Mr. Nick” for re-election, because he’s an incumbent, don’t you know…

For those of you scoring at home, Nick owns an AM-PM and sought to stop 7-11 from building stores in Lake Forest. This is rich.

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