Apr 012016

I have written previously that I really like Steve Tye and Phillip Chen in AD55. I will re-affirm that comment.

That said, I don’t think Spence would be a bad representative either. He would be another ideologue in the mold of McClintock, Donnelly or Ted Cruz. I guess I just contradicted my previous sentence as none of the three do a damn thing other than vote no and promote themselves.

I wish I could find a group of hard-right leaders that were not ideological narcissists. After 18 years, I am despairing that such an animal may be as easy to find in the wild as a Carrier Pigeon.

As I investigate the Conservaitve leadership further, I find that they play the same incestuous insider game as the godless America-hating left. So much for the moral high ground as well…

Mike Spence used to get Howard Ahmanson to fund hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of Independent Expenditures when he was President of a Statewide Conservative Group. (The current President of said Group is the Pol-Pot Bellied CRA Information Minister Thomas N Hudson, he of the California Taxpayer Protection (racket) Committee – remember the recent Spence Press Releases and quotes?)

Well, Howard Ahmanson surfaced again. His company, Fieldstead and Company is paying for an attack campaign against Bob Huff.

I don’t know Bob Huff. With all due respect to the outgoing senator, I could care less about his race for supervisor.

What I do know is that Mike Spence and Howard Ahmanson are close. What I also know is many years ago when that Statewide Conservative Group was semi-relevant, there was a world war three primary fight between Dennis Mountjoy and Bob Huff for the senate seat Huff is now termed out of.

I know that resentments in politics last forever. I’d be remiss if I did not make mention of that fact. That Statewide Group supported Mountjoy and most were angry and devastated when Huff won.

Oh leave us not forget, Spence is supporting Mike Antonovich’s Chief of Staff Barger for the same county supervisor seat and Huff is one of the primary boosters of Phillip Chen, who is regarded as the strongest contender for AD55.

This is why I believe that site is not an accident or independent.

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