Apr 242016

20160424_112521As expected, the CRA did indeed charter a couple of dubious new units. It is extremely important to save face and do what is necessary to avoid having to admit fault (or change behavior). This is after all, politics.

One of the units the “new” Yorba-Placentia CRA is already a dysfunctional mess. The “Establishment” part of the unit led by a Greg Gianelli are selectively admitting members. It appears that the portion of the would-be-CRA membership that are friendly toward Desiree Ferraro are being excluded. Where have I seen this before???

(Pictured – CRA 900 Club Charter Member Craig Alexander)

Business as usual. Fights for Control.

CD45: People are expecting me to endorse Greg Raths. I am not there yet. I do know that Mimi Walter’s team have been engaging in some pretty hard-hitting tactics against Mr. Raths. I’ve written about some of it.  I am indeed very sad about her “D” rating from Heritage, however. Anyone with a memory should remember that I had some not-so-nice things to write about Mr. Raths in the past.

The main thing that has Mimi Walters off of my “Bad Incumbent” list is her party-building efforts. She deserves credit for it. I am just not sure that the blatant hypocricy of the OC GOP Cent Com is her fault.

All that said, seeing the fear that Rath’s candidacy has put in to the OC GOP is quite exhilarating. The loss of control alone has been worth it.

CD48: Dana Rohrabacher. He is the collateral damage of the pseudo conservative ideological narcissist opportunist class in Orange County.

AD68: Harry Sidhu. He is the adult in the room. Harry is a good man, good businessman and despite some of his past misgivings on the Anaheim City Council (or the yawn, residency BS) he is a conservative.

Sidhu also knows how to drive. He also has been consistent. <<< These two qualities alone make him worthy of everyone’s support.

AD55: Phillip Chen AND Steve Tye. There is an old adage in politics – if you want to piss everyone off, dual endorse. This I rarely ever dual endorse. So, let me sum it up:

Mike Spence is a conservative. I have done business with Mike Spence on several occasions to purchase his slates when he is mailing to Placer County or other parts of the north. My fear with Mr. Spence is that he will govern in the mold of Tim Donnelly or John Moorlach – since Spence has received theirs and the endorsements of other do-nothing self-promoting Conservatives. We need party builders, not more No voters that do nothing else but.

I could not pick Phillip Chen over Steve Tye for a key reason. I consider Tye a friend and have had some pretty cool chats with him. He is a good man of character and while he is another “Old White Guy”, his character and heart are too compelling to subordinate to…

… Phillip Chen who is also a solid human being who I don’t know as well as I do Steve Tye. Candidates like Phillip Chen are indeed the future of the California Republican Party. Chen is solid on every issue I care about and I believe he would indeed be a party builder.

I know that Tye would also be a team player as he is the rare candidate who has his ego in check.

I simply could not pick between the two, so I am telling you that either one would be a great rep for AD55. Decide which factors are the most important and vote your conscience.

12622564_485801971628359_778986137229611539_oLastly – Two Items: I would also encourage the conflict avoider caucus to take out Adam Nick and his ass monkey on the Lake Forest City Council in their next election. Maybe this could help break new ground for the OC GOP, actually calling BS on bad incumbents and clipping them out of office. In the North, we call this leadership – but we usually get the dump truck long before a nutwad self-funds a recall effort. If the OC GOP did this, I’d lend this blog to help the effort.

#2 Dear OC GOP – set fire to Scott Steiner. Endorse his opponent Karen Schatzle. Do it now. Don’t wait until he loses re-election.

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  1. Greg Gianelli?? What a clown who lied about his college education on the election statement, just a Sempra hack.

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