Apr 212016

I stumbled across a website dedicated to a loser.

Stop Scott Steiner is a website about a Judge who was censured for having sex with an intern (in his chambers) and having sex with an attorney who had business before the court (also in his chambers).

According to www.stopscottsteiner.com, we finally found what it takes to get the OC GOP off of an incumbent. The equivalent of a legal felony.

As I am deign to point out, OC GOP hero John Moorlach missed the memo about Mike Corona as he continued to defend him even after he was a convicted felon.

I am still sitting here shaking my head. While I am taking shots at some incumbents this cycle, even after 18 years in politics, I am still offended by the rampant hypocricy of it all.

For those of you scoring at home:

Wagner wants to take on Moorlach. Bad. Wagner Money to GOP,  Bad. Moorlach doing nothing for anyone, double dipping pension and gov’t check, Good.

Mimi Walters money to GOP, Good. Greg Raths, Bad.

Scott Baugh takes on Dana Rohrabacher, Good. Dana Rohrabacher, allegedly does nothing for GOP, Bad.

And, now here we are with Scott Steiner. He is the legal equivalent of a convicted sex offender. He withdrew his request for an endorsement, OK. Why the hell isn’t the OCGOP endorsing his opponent?

With this – I am endorsing Karen Schatzle for OC Judge.

The fear over Greg Raths challenge to Mimi Walters is well-founded. The near psychotic response to Don Wagner’s aborted run against John Moorlach was also well-founded. IT appears that the status quo is a political narcotic that is running its’ full course and the Donald Trump election is the full blown cancer it has caused.

Incumbents are going to be hunted, the loss of control for the establishment will be extraordinary.

There is a solution – return to principle and start setting fire to people that misbehave. There is a solution for incumbents, govern with integrity, stay connected to your district and build the GOP. (BTW – I think Walters has done all three of these, she just appears to be too close to the compromising GOP leadership) I may even suggest 12 step meetings for the addictive behavior some exhibit in their fealty to the status quo as well.

P.S. At least I am honest about being paid (sometimes) for my opinions. That kind of honesty across the board may also help.

  2 Responses to “What Does a Slimebag Judge Tell Us About Politics in Orange County?”

  1. I had a 1538.5 with Steiner and I have never seen a more arrogant, anti-liberty, sarcastic cretin on the bench anywhere, and were I sent to him again, I would bring, and would easily win, a 170.1, during which I would lay it all out. I am shocked that people I have considerable respect for, such as Jeff Kent and Judge Rogan, support someone who so pompously elevates self over service and so extravagantly panders to the cops and DAs as he does. I need not even bring up the patent and incurable sexual/power misconduct matters [the mere hand-slap treatment about which by the commission on judicial performance reveals that the CJP has lost its moral authority over the judiciary]. I no more think that sort of person can be re-educated into being a decent judge than could a child molesting predator be rehabilitated into qualifying as a kindergarten teacher. What I am hearing various places regarding his supposedly experiencing an epiphany that has transformed his soul of darkness into a beacon of enlightenment reminds me of the agencies who think they can cure a suspect-beating cop by giving him ethics classes.

  2. This is not the first time this has happened in OC A few years back a Judge named Dickey was using his chambers for the same purposes on weekends until he was caught by his courtroom marshal who gave his family a courthouse tour one weekend which included Dickey’s chambers. I never had to appear before him again but probably because he was retired and doing himself and the County a favor by filling in on the bench @ $500.00 a day So he was easier to dispense with.
    This is just an example of same county different Slimebag judge.A system that allows this kind of behavior encourages a repeat of this behavior.
    Karen Schatzle we appreciate your courage in stepping up and confronting the disgusting behavior of Stiener even though other members of that system called your peers have turned a blind eye because of their politics.Good for you we all support you and your efforts to bring honor and ethics back to the bench in that courtroom…..

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