May 142016


Since John Moorlach is no stranger to controversy – you’d think he’d want to avoid having a Chief of Staff who likes to name vigilantes, reality show stars, nutbags and a garden variety White Nationalist to a slate of delegates to the RNC Convention. You’d think the local / state media or other blogs would pick up on this and light Moorlach on fire over it.

Read more on the Nazi that Tim Clark appointed to the RNC for Donald Trump

The Trump campaign also requires a confidentiality+exclusivity clause in the contract. It appears that Mr. Clark has violated the exclusivity clause that the Trump Campaign usually requires in order to keep doing campaign management for other candidates – including Andy Pugno in #AD06 where I live.

Read here to see how Tim Clark’s hire by the Trump Campaign caused a major rift within the campaign and how back in 4/28 an ousted Trump advisor predicted disaster.

Read here for more on the “Legitimate Rape” delegate to the Trump Campaign that was appointed by Tim Clark.

There is plenty more coming soon and I am waiting for the local media to start smearing Moorlach with this. #firetimclark

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