Jun 022016

IMG_0675Dear Deborah Pauly – if you win the #AD68 race, I will help pay for the cost for a chauffeur to drive you around the district.

If the feckless OCGOP establishment could not figure out how to defeat Pauly, the entertainment value for the next 12 years will be worth it. (Especially since the aforementioned lemmings will support Pauly once she has the title they all crave)

Now, where do you think the people running this IE got THIS idea from?

I had a look at the reporting from this new group that shows Tony Strickland as its’ chairman. I like Tony, always have.

It looks like they made a media buy – likely cable TV as well. I’d love to get a copy of the ad emailed to me if someone has it. The pictured sign was posted to the effect of $8700.

I was told of the existence of a poll in AD68 that showed Harry Sidhu in 3rd behind Pauly and Choi. If true, this certainly explains this effort.

I like Sidhu, I endorsed him. However, I am torn because the prospect of Deborah Pauly winning this seat and the OC GOP having to live with her for 12 years is equally as compelling.

Think about it, Deborah Pauly IS the OCGOP, she is a Conservative that likes to drink a lot. Damn, I picked the wrong decade to be sober…

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