Jun 222016

Pauly ScreenshotIt looks like DUI Debbie was in a celebratory mood the other night. Perhaps after having some cocktails she posted a mini rant on her facebook page celebrating the impending victory of Stephen Choi for Assembly. Pauly got smoked. Maybe a few dozen reminders will catch her in a moment where her memory is functioning properly.

The biggest criticism of Choi is that people think he will raise their taxes if he is elected. Apparently that fear was not enough to stop the “Where does Harry Live” obsession. I don’t know Choi that well, but if he had enough in him to win this election, I believe he could indeed be equal to the task of being an Assembly-member.

There is a recount going on today as the race is at 151 votes difference. I have no clue how it ends up – but if Choi is elected and if he does raise taxes – DUI Debbie just took ownership of it all. That rocks.

In the OC Bd of Ed D4 race – Zonya Townsend filed and split enough votes off of Chris Norby to help the teacher’s union capture that seat. She also filed for and lost her bid for Central Committee.

I saw a few similar circumstances in other races – 4 Republicans filed for CA46 enabling a D vs D runoff there. Great Teamwork.

Perennial hopeless candidate Sanford Kahn scored an all time high percentage of the vote in CA47 on his 15th run for Congress. Fortunately, this was not open like CA46 and only one Dem Filed thus enabling Andy Whallon to make the runoff with the incumbent.

The crooked and ethically challenged Scott Steiner was re-elected. I did learn after finding out what a slimebag Steiner is that his opponent may have been as insane as DUI Debbie. I say may as I have never met Karen Schatzle and the accounts of her may well have been biased by Pauly-haters that I know in OC. Schatzle also lost her bid for OCGOP Cent Com – as I am sure even she was subjected to scorn for having the audacity to run against an incumbent. (though the OCGOP did endorse her late)

In SD29, it appears that Prop 14 bit the dems pretty bad. Sukhee Kang lost to Josh Newman for the privilege of getting a Ling-Ling administered ass-whupping in November. It was widely thought that Kang would have been formidable, however Orange County voters must really be fixated on residency.

In AD55 – it looks like Phillip Chen has a large enough lead that the recount should not change the outcome we are seeing. As I have written, Chen is the future of the GOP and is a huge addition to our delegation. Yes, there was a large expenditure on his behalf that was likely brought in by Mike Spence’s actions and words. With the bizarre electorate, it is impossible to tell if any of those outside expenditures moved the needle at all. BTW – Spence was in a serious auto accident, make sure you wish him well and keep him in your prayers.

I looked at the turnout numbers – the Dems beat the hell out of the GOP. 70% of dems voted and 51% of reps voted. This is an #EPICFAIL for the OCGOP again. Let’s see what happens in the fall before we really unload, however.

The final analysis of the OCGOP Central Committee Race shows that the CRA lost pretty badly.

AD65: It has been a bad election cycle for Steve Spanky Sarkis. Spanky was tossed from the CRA over the Anaheim RA Caper. The CRA’s 900 club attempted to get him reinstated, because membership fraud is now accepted practice in the CRA. That failed. Spanky ran for OCGOP Cent Com, that failed. I guess Spanky will have to find the next Shawn Nelson for Supervisor Campaign to filch free internet off of…

13241214_10154226317777082_4295867015999501935_nAD72: Two members of the CRA Rabid Dog coalition, Pat and PJ Garcia finished last and damn near last in their Cent Com Race. Quoting Office Space – good things can happen, look at me!

AD68: Jon Fleischman finished 7th. He is far enough back that the recount likely will not get him to sixth. Mr. Fleischman has been the gatekeeper of the Slate Cards in Orange County. He is best known for his blogsite. Flash as he is known is noted for his arrogance and condescending behavior against other people. He is also known for being pay for play while railing for purity in the political process.

Perhaps his pattern has finally caught up enough that he was defeated. Perhaps this defeat will humble him enough that he changes his tune. Don’t count on it, most people in politics would rather be tortured by ISIS than ever admit fault.

You can only abuse so many people and delude yourself about how right you are for so long before it costs you things you really value.

So, what is the next move for the OCGOP Cent Com? There are a lot of races in a tizzy. There are a lot of bruised egos. It is going to be a long summer with a lot of cocktail parties coming. Maybe it is time to drop the martini glasses and get to work.

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