Jun 242016

Blogger’s Note: As the chaos expands related to the bungled Trump delegation by Tim Clark, I’ve found myself on the email list of the OC GOP. Today’s email is posted for your perusal. You may even want to sign up and help the OC GOP do something about the fact that the dems hammered them in the primary – the links in the email are still active on purpose.

Aaron F.,

We are less than 6 months away from the most important election of our lifetimes.

This has been a record breaking cycle already, and all of our polling is indicating the general election will be no different. That means we can’t afford to miss a single day.

Your contribution will help ensure that we maintain our critical lead in voter registration over the Democrats and get the word out about the principled Republicans we are working to get elected this cycle.

$25 = 15 phone calls
$50 = 25 stickers
$75 = 50 yard signs

The higher than expected turnout of Democrat voters in the June primary election demonstrated that we will have to fight twice as hard to keep Orange County red. We need Orange County conservatives like YOU to step up, right now and contribute to our fight to keep our county firmly in Republican hands.

This is unlike any election cycle I have ever seen, Aaron F., and I am sure you can say the same. But, we can’t let these uncharted waters distract us from what we know to be true: Orange County is the final line of defense against a Democrat super-majority in Sacramento. We must protect it.

The dedicated conservatives that we help to elect are those who are helping to right the massive failures that liberal policies have dealt our state for decades, and they are helping to keep those on the left from enacting more harmful policies.

Every single dollar makes a difference going into this crucial election cycle.

$25 = 15 phone calls
$50 = 25 stickers
$75 = 50 yard signs

November may seem like a long way off, but trust me, every single day will make a big difference, and we can’t afford to waste time.

We need to start focusing on November today. I hope I can count on you to make a contribution of $25, $50, or $75 right now. I hope we hear from you today,

Hon. Fred M. Whitaker
Republican Party of Orange County

P.S. In less than five months the future of our country will be changed, and trust me, the future of our county hangs in the balance too. What we do now – and how much we are able to raise – will determine how Republicans fare in November.


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