Jun 252016

Every election cycle – I get tea party updates about the bizarre consequences of their undisciplined actions.

In Placer – some of their leaders supported a Bay Area Dem turned DTS against the most Conservative Member of the Placer Board of Supervisors. Why? One of their leaders has a 14 year grudge. It is a similar dynamic, grudges, incumbency, etc trumping principle.

So, why was I not surprised to hear that elements of fringe groups in Western Orange County were out on Freeway overpasses in the Primary? Tea Partiers LOVE overpasses. Most TP groups I know LOVE sign waiving (While I am out walking precincts winning elections).

So I was told that the Teacher’s Union appears to have unseated a Conservative off of the OC Bd of Ed in District 1.

Vote Count Percentage
* ROBERT M. HAMMOND 31,878 40.4%
PAUL ZIVE 13,199 16.7%

In my neck of the woods in 2014, 6500 people left their ballots blank for both Neel Kashkari and Doug Ose in CA07. Ami Bera – who is in the middle of a scandal over structured and hidden campaign cash – was re-elected by about 4,000 votes in 2014. (Do the math, they screwed Doug Ose and re-elected Ami Bera because of their faux principle) Typical of the Tea Party, they organized on facebook and their keyboard commandos vowed #NEVEROSE – so why am I not surprised about the #NEVERTRUMP garbage in 2016?

Some people are malcontents who refuse to acknowledge the rules. It is called a primary. You usually end up with a D and an R at the end of one. (Unless you live in CA46, where 147 Republicans filed for a D+20 seat and helped a second dem in to the runoff with a whopping 14% of the vote…)

Back to the OC Bd of Ed – I don’t know who Paul Zive is or why he ran. It does not really matter as these races don’t go to runoff. What does matter is the defeat of Robert Hammond while the Tea Party were out on Freeway overpasses waiving signs for Ted Cruz – instead of helping conservatives who were on the ballot. That is felony stupid.

Perhaps instead of threatening Don Wagner, Greg Raths and others in safe GOP seat races, the leadership of the OCGOP could have attempted to reach out to these people to try and get them focused. Or, perhaps it was because of the nearly psychotic need to try to control stuff that the Tea Party rebelled and went off half-cocked.

Whatever the #EPICFAIL of OC GOP leadership was… It looks like the windmill charging pseudo-Conservative puritan anarchist wing of the Tea Party was very effective at screwing the GOP again in 2016.

While Hammond was being unseated by a Teacher’s Union Moonbat – the Tea Party were out making themselves feel good campaigning for Ted Cruz who had suspended his Presidential Campaign. Kinda sounds like having cocktail parties, conference calls and meetings about meetings. The results are the same – except Sign Waiving is probably more useful than the previous list of items.

Some of these people need to be replaced with a rally monkey.

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