Aug 022016


Strike one, he brought in several people from the Tim Donnelly operation, they of the (fill in the blank here) failed referendum operation. Once such man, Mike Liddell, a Chiropractor from Placerville has attempted 2, maybe 3 times to run an initiative allowing for electronic signatures on petitions.

Strike two, when queried by a long-time political consultant friend of mine, Bahrami claimed 1300 volunteers and county chairs in each county. Anyone running a legitimate operation to qualify a referendum knows that you need 1300 volunteers in Orange County alone to have a chance. When you consider that my source also contacted some of the alleged volunteers, none really knew they had been volunteered for 6(!) intended referenda.

Strike three, Barry Bahrami called my source, Mike Triggs and started the phone call by telling him the call was being recorded. Then, several times during the call, kept asking “What can I do for you?” in an apparent attempt to entrap Mr. Triggs. This refrain repeated several times during the call when the two were discussing the most basic aspects as to how to run a referendum campaign. Bahrami was not interested in the basic things like signature accuracy, volunteer management, printing, promotion and the like. It was clear to Mr. Triggs as told to me that Bahrami wanted to get him on tape asking for a retainer or something similar in order to be able to smear him with the transcript.

Bahrami’s alleged excuse for taping the phone call is that he is a securities broker and had to do so for his job. I used to be a licensed securities broker, unless his broker-dealer has a unique one-of-a-kind policy, this claim rings as false as Bahrami’s effort.

Bahrami has not put anything other than token amounts of his money in to the referendum campaign. This, along with his dismissal of legitimate advice, his adherence to a team of people that have failed repeatedly and his attempt to tape a phone call with a critic should show anyone that Bahrami is at best a buffoon or at worst is another Referendum Scam artist.

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  1. Something definitely smells with this guy. By all accounts, he seems to be at least moderately wealthy, so why does he refuse to put in any of his own money? Why would he start the referendum so late, knowing that he had no plan and no money and no help? Why would he take on additional referenda, knowing he didn’t even have the first 6 handled at all? It is as if he is actively trying to prevent others from filing and getting the job done. Sorry, it is very suspicious to me, especially when all we have seen is him asking for money and him trying to get his name in the paper all the time. It is truly sad to see people throwing good money after bad on this. There is absolutely no way whatsoever that they can get the signatures required. Not even close. They have NO PETITIONS and they have roughly 55 days left!

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