Dec 282016

Your Intrepid Blogger received a leaked email from deep inside the bowels of BLUE Orange County. It appears that the Huntington Beach “Unit” of the CRA is doing their part to finalize the suicide of the CAGOP: (My comments are added in italics and the content of the Email is not edited at all so you can enjoy the typos – edits are to conceal the source or redact contact info)


All politics is local

Dear Savant:

I am calling a General meeting of the;

Huntington Beach Republican Assembly

Beach Pacific Escrow

7372 Prince Drive Suite 101

Huntington Beach CA 982647 (Is this a new zip code? – it is Pat Garcia’s Office)

Tuesday, January 3rd 2017 at 6:00 pm

This will be our first meeting of 2017.  Please bring your Ideas, Critiques and Criticisms.  (Light snacks and refreshments will be served.)

2016 Members that have not renewed yet please go to www.useless.US to renew or fill out the form here and mail in with a check.  Call me if you have any questions.

HBRA Proposed Plan for 2017

HBRA Purpose and Objectives

To identify and support candidates and officials who most inline with the CRA’s 14 Principles. (and perform public lynchings)

To make HBRA a model RA to be copied throughout California. (does this include medication and straightjackets?)

Proposed Enabling Objectives

Grow HBRA membership and funding.

Assign two or more people to follow each governmental entity of concern and the performance of the office holders.  These people should report on their observations at each monthly meeting. (and suggest lynchings, floggings and other methods of purification)

Identify other sympathetic groups and establish effective liaison. (including but not limited to asylums)

Establish effective liaisons with the state CRA and neighboring RAs.

Establish a website that supports these objectives.

Other Proposed Ideas

HBRA members should be required to sign a statement of support for the 14 Principles.  Exceptions to the principles should be acceptable to HBRA membership. (does this include a loyalty oath, secret handshake or a special salute?)

Volunteers should be solicited to lead a brief (5-10 minute) talk on one or more of these Principles at each meeting so as to solidify our understanding of them as a group. (read this multiple times. let your imagination run wild, this is Pat Garcia we are talking about…)

Annual “pick-a-fight” local issue we get involved in for publicity and recruiting. (YEAH TEAM! Charge a windmill! Tell everyone how right we are!)

Got it? Re-Education – then go charge windmills!

Political Action Committee? (LOL! – funded by who? And how?)

Bullet Version of CRA’s 14 Principles.

Judeo-Christian Foundation namely the moral law of the Bible

Inalienable Rights come from Creator and can’t be taken by man.

Self-Government first, then family, community, state, and nation.

Education for all with parental choice.

Taxes should move from income to sales and/or use based.

Free Enterprise is best.

Family the natural family should be supported by government policy.

Sanctity of Life preborn child’s right to life should be protected.

National Defense strong, consistent, and victory over tyranny oriented.

Right to Bear Arms support without qualification.

Victims’ Rights should take priority over criminal rights.

Term Limitation support not as an ideal but as a necessity.

National Sovereignty America first, not protectionism but fair trade.

Decentralized Government favoring self and small government.

Thanks to Russel Neal for this comprehensive outline.

HBRA 2017 Meeting Schedule: (to be anounced) (<<< Make a note)

Pat Garcia – President

Huntington Beach Republican Assembly

CRA State Assistant Treasurer

7372 Prince Dr Ste 101

Huntington Beach CA 92647-4573




“Government that governs least governs best”


Please forward this email to anyone that you think might be interested in helping us take back our Country. (while scaring the s–t out of them)

Pat Garcia – President HBRA

Join the Huntington Beach Republican Assembly HERE (Link under repair) (<<< note, the issues)

Donate to the Huntington Beach Republican Assembly HERE (Link under repair) (<<< note, the issues)

Website HERE


Blogger’s Notes: Who the hell in their right mind would want to join this? It looks like more of the same circular firing squad, purity police and treatment facility escapees that have plagued the CAGOP for years. Nice to see in raised relief part of the disaster in Orange County that helped deliver it for Hillary Clinton!

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