Jun 042017

Election Fraud does not exist they say.

This is of course why they sue every time a state takes measures to try and clean up their voter rolls. The state of Ohio finds itself in the Supreme Court over democrat lawsuits.

The commonwealth of Virginia has booted 5,556 self-reported non-citizens off the voter rolls since 2011, the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) announced Monday.

Based on information gathered from three lawsuits, multiple record requests and reviews of voter history files across 133 Virginia jurisdictions, the group says that 1,852 non-citizens cast 7,474 votes before being booted from the rolls.

Voting integrity groups have been fighting a 15 round knockdown dragout fight with Clinton Acolyte and Former DNC Chairman Terry McAuliffe the current governor of Virginia. McAuliffe pardoned thousands of felons specifically to allow them to vote for Clinton in the 2016 election.

Since 2015, McAuliffe has vetoed eight bills passed by the Virginia legislature to strengthen election integrity.

He vetoed legislation requiring voter registrars to examine potential registration system failures if their rolls surpass local citizen voting age population numbers. McAuliffe also vetoed a bill requiring registrars to compare new voter applications against state and federal databases.

McAuliffe vetoed a bill that would criminalize paying people to register to vote and vetoed another bill that would requires electronic poll books to include a photo of the voter.

The Virginia Democrat also rejected voter ID for those casting absentee ballots, and he panned a bill that would have brought voter identification initiative into the absentee balloting system.

Read more from the Daily Caller here.

Terry McAuliffe has provided leadership for the national democrats who are mobilizing to fight any and all attempts to maintain election integrity. The dems are going to fight Donald Trump’s election integrity commission.

This grotesquely biased USA Today Story reveals the agenda of the left near the end of the story. Run to the courts to gut voter integrity laws and to re-draw districts, because apparently they can’t win elections without courts overriding the will of the people (or current law).

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