Jan 022018

We’ve been pushing a consistent theme about Sheriff Stan Sniff, he did not plan to fail. He failed to plan. The 22% Increase in crime from 2015-2016 is a symptom of that.

Sheriff Stan Sniff whose Compensation Package is a staggering $335K+, who got a 20% raise while officers were getting pink slips had a priceless angle for a July 13, 2015 Press Enterprise article about the law enforcement budget:

Riverside County supervisors and Sheriff Stan Sniff continue to differ over the value of a planned review of the county’s public safety expenses, with supervisors calling it a fresh look to find savings and the sheriff blaming board-approved pay hikes for boosting his costs.

It appears that the Sheriff needs to be in control and while complaining about a shortage of resources he fought against an audit or a performance review. Said audit could potentially find millions in dollars that could be re-allocated.

The call for review arose amid complaints by the 17 cities with contracts for sheriff’s services over a 7 percent increase in their contract rates. Several cities have said contract costs are becoming hard to afford.

Ah hah, now that makes better sense. The cities that hire the Riverside Sheriff to be their police force were getting squeezed while the Sheriff keeps crying poor. The Sheriff? While raking in $335K+ himself is crying about the 2012 deal with the Sheriffs that the Riverside County Board Made.

“That reality is this: The county’s fiscal woes stem from a series of large, annual, compounding salary hikes granted by the county to labor unions over the past eight years – even during the recession and with no input from the department heads on the size and likely consequences of such disbursements at a time of slumping revenue,” he wrote.

Supervisors in 2012 agreed to raises in exchange for union concessions to quell what county officials said were unsustainable pension costs.

An audit “might help on the margins,” Sniff added. “Provided it is truly independent, objective and does not merely deflect attention from the elephant in the room. And that elephant, of course, is immovable: What can auditors do to alter personnel and labor costs – already fixed and determined by the county’s multiyear labor agreements – which directly account for 82 percent of the sheriff’s budget?”

Unlike the Sheriff, the Riverside County Board of Supervisors and the police negotiated a compromise and a long term contract that the Sheriff is disparaging. Further, the Sheriff was attacking the idea of an audit.

Apparently, the Sheriff Prefers to pay Time-and-a-half versus hiring more employees. Perhaps the “hiring freeze” is a negotiating ploy to cry poor?

Then supervisor John Taviglione chimed in and lit up the Sheriff:

Supervisor John Tavaglione said Sniff’s department, in the past three fiscal years, approved $18 million in overtime expenses.

Sheriff’s officials said overtime went up due to a hiring freeze and public safety realignment, which shifted responsibility for certain low-­‐level offenders from the state to counties.

Whoops. The hiring freeze was the Sheriff’s Idea. The Overtime was approved by the Sheriff.

Don’t worry, history repeats itself…

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