Jan 162018

A few weeks ago, I wrote about a mystery groupie.

She is in the foreground of this photo.

Our expose’ on Sheriff Stan Sniff has focused on his traditionally poor choices and bad judgement. Our concerns are quite simple.

As it pertains to the mystery woman who has multiple photos of the Sheriff on her facebook page, who is she, why is she so close to the sheriff when his wife is usually separated by a significant space in photos?

What is the nature of their relationship?

Another character is in this photo. His name is Ali Mazarei. Mohammad Ali Mazarei (his new legal name as of a few years ago) is a member of the Riverside County Republican Central Committee. I wonder if his fellow Riverside GOP Committee-members know he is under a license revocation and potential felony investigation for fraud.

I see Mazarei on facebook, a lot. Ali Mazarei is a local political activist who wants to be at the cool kids table in Riverside County.

Mazarei owns an AM/PM franchise with a Travel Plaza and auto repair. (He also owns several other businesses)

Mazarei ended up on my radar screen after I was sent the following meme by one of his “fans”:

Why would someone make such a meme about Ali Mazarei?

The other allegation we are leveling here is that Mazarei received special treatment for a CCW Permit in Riverside County. Did he have to wait two+ years like most people? We’ve been told that his financial largess moved him to the front of the line.

Mazarei is also known for posing for photos with a variety of weapons. Some of his photos look downright scary.

So here we have a nexus of two very mystery Stan Sniff supporters.

But wait, there is more.

Mazrei has written Stan Sniff checks totaling $40,500. (Not) coincidentally, he is one of the just over 2000 CCW permit holders in Riverside County. (A county of 2.4 Million people)

Does Sniff know that Mazarei has a checkered business record? Are there more issues out there?

Ali Mazaeri is named in the document and his business is accused in this complaint filed by The California Bureau of Automotive Repair (featuring Attorney General Xavier Becerra’s letterhead) of Dishonesty, Fraud and Deceit. If you read the complaint, you will see that Mr. Mazarei got stung for making bogus smog checks. (They reference 15(!) instances) We were sent photos of his shop recently that indicate that the auto repair garage parts are shut down. It is clear that Xavier Becerra may take a break from filing frivolous lawsuits to nail a wanna-be Republican kingmaker to the wall.

If you take the time to read the complaint, he (Mazarei) got caught lying multiple times over the course of several days – again 15 references to rigged smog checks in the complaint.

When one is running for a top law enforcement position, fraud complaints / prosecutions against top donors become an issue in your campaign.

So, the Sheriff has a public problem as a major donor of $40,500 who has had events for him at his house, is subject to administrative action for 15 instances of Smog Check Fraud, has a suspended license and may well be subject to a felony prosecution. 

So now we have Ali Mazarei in the middle of serious legal trouble, chummy with the Sheriff, cigar in hand with the mystery woman in the photo. What a team the Sheriff has assembled!

Let’s add a few more photos (beyond the five in the first post about the mystery woman) to the mix.

Ask yourself – is this the look of friends? Is this what you’d expect from a candidate and a donor? A candidate and a volunteer? Or does this look like an indicator of a physical relationship? If this is “OK” then ask yourself about the judgement of the Sheriff in this toxic environment of sexual harassment claims for far less, If I was in office, I’d have photos like these with my wife only. Any photo with another woman would look different.

It sure makes you wonder what is going on down in Riverside County with the Sheriff.

If anyone reading has any information about the nature of the relationship of the sheriff and the mystery woman, please reach out to us as you can remain anonymous. Please be prepared to provide documentation, photos and/or videos to back up anything you share.

If anyone has any information about the Ali Mazarei CCW permit caper including info on how fast it was issued, please reach out to us as you can remain anonymous. Given that Mazarei is in serious legal trouble, the overriding issues here become a direct impact on the re-election of Sheriff Sniff. Given that Sheriff Sniff is in a near panic over his fading re-election chances, we 100% understand the need to protect people from retaliation.

Embedded in this post, you can see here a graphic of all the donations between Mazarei and Sniff. It is clear they are close politically.

Ask some obvious questions here, what does it look like regarding Mr. Mazarei’s CCW Permit? Does it look ethical? Moral? Appropriate?

Will Stan Sniff return the dirty money from Ali Mazarei? How does a sitting Sheriff look anyone in the eye knowing that a top 5 donor of his is a fraudster? If Sheriff Sniff has any integrity, he will return the $40,500 to Ali Mazarei immediately. 

What does the Riverside GOP do, knowing that an elected member is being rung up for fraud after being implicated in a sting by the California B.A.R.?

P.S. Given that Mazarei is under civil/legal action related to dishonest and fraudulent auto repair operations, I wonder if ICE is going to raid his AM/PM like they did 7-11? Just asking as you can’t donate to ICE like you can a sheriff…

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