Mar 062018


In an article entitled “HEMET POLICE CHIEF BROWN SENDS OUT A “CALL TO ACTION” FOR ALL CITIZENS“, everything you need to know about Hemet Dave’s legacy (beyond community forums for dealing with spraypaint in Hemet) is contained in this article.

According to a recent press release from the City of Hemet, those respondents who felt crime was a growing problem in the city of Hemet are correct.

Crime and fire statistics recently revealed the following:

  • Violent crime is up 50% since 2010.
  • There are 25% fewer police officers on the street today than there were in 2006.
  • Last year, Hemet Fire Department responded to 16,171 calls for service.
  • Gang members and drug dealers continue to enter Hemet from Los Angeles and other communities to commit crime.
  • The number of parolees and sex offenders being released into Hemet is increasing.


In a press release from the City of Hemet, officials admitted, “It’s no secret, Hemet has serious crime and public safety issues.”

Then there is this:

(Hemet Dave) continued, “The fact is, we’re not getting a handle on it.

So the solution proffered was measure U. This is a 1 cent sales tax earmarked for public safety. Hemet Dave’s solution to the woes of Hemet was a massive tax increase. Note, there is a voter-led insurrection against a 12c gas tax and a doubling of car registration fees. Does Hemet Dave think the voters will give him a pass?

Check out this Million Dollar urban assault vehicle. It costs a ton to maintain, it is a sad commentary as it is likely you need one of these in parts of Hemet in order to get around. It is also a waste of money, like the Chief’s massive salary. Think of the number of cops you could hire with even Half of Brown’s $345k salary plus the Million Dollar vehicle that costs thousands to maintain?

Yes, the meeting talked about the article happened and it was an entree in to guilting the voters of Hemet in to a massive tax increase. Oh, and Hemet is still under siege even post tax. Ouch.

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