Mar 212018

People have been coming forward with information on the sudden entrant in to the Sheriff’s Melee.

Miguelito does not speak a word of Spanish and he lives with his Grandparents. However his website leads you to a spanish language page (he can’t read) in order to register to vote.

Nuestro Primito thinks he is quite the ladies’ man even though his punctuation and grammar are so poor he struggles to fill out standard reports related to his duty.

Miguelito is reputed to have slept with several women in the Moreno Valley Area and so many employees within the RSO that several females can not work the same shift as him. Now, we know how he qualified for membership on Team Sniff. This also explains why a man who probably only has to shave once a week drives a BMW chick magnet car to compensate for viviendo con sus abuelos. !Que lastima!

It gets better. He is a lousy cop, too. Like Tony Pelato lousy. From looking at pictures I think Miguelito is an inch or two taller than Pelato (who is nearly a midget, but damn his nose is #YUGE) Miguelito made a grand total of 34 arrests last year. Almost half were misdemeanor warrants. He is reputed to have completely blown chunks on a case out of Perris that he stumbled in to. Now we understand why Miguelito needs Huizinga to babysit him.

In the words of a deputy with a lot to say about Huizinga: “Huizinga runs around the police station in and out of the Captains office like he’s a 30 year veteran. Dude doesn’t handle calls and sits in the station. This is the type of activity that admin allows to happen because he has dinner and hangs out with the chief of police at the station he works at. The other hundred plus Deputy’s are busting their ass while this rookie basically has a free pass to do whatever he wants because he so tight with the captain.”

When Ryan Huizinga isn’t drop-firing a gun at the county fuel dump he is running red lights and getting sued. Somehow, all of this stuff never seems to result in any sort of disciplinary action.

Perhaps Huizinga is training Miguelito in the finer points of being one of Stanley’s kids.

That’s right, Ryan Huizinga plowed (as in a vehicle accident as this is the RSO we are talking about) someone in 2010.

Nice, huh? While it looks like this was your typical something-for-nothing-lawsuit, Ryan Huizinga apparently takes after the Sheriff in his disregard of traffic laws and of course PSB did nothing.

It gets better, this is how Ryan Huizinga responded: IT’S ALL HER FAULT. That’s right, he blamed the person he plowed. Perhaps he could have learned how to plow people properly from Miguelito.

It does look like Miguelito needs to make sure he takes the keys from his campaign manager.

P.S. Apparently when Huizinga was pre-pubescent he was quite the roller queen too. But I digress.

I still wonder how any bad guys ever get caught in Riverside County. But, I digress…

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