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Another well-known cheating scandal within the department is the Lt’s exam. Apparently, sharing test questions is commonplace. Chief Jason “Deuce” Horton managed to finish in first place most of the times he went for promotion. It is no coincidence that Chief Deuce’s Dad, John Horton was the original pre-Leonard Purvis architect of the decimation of the Banning PD and is you guessed it long time buddies with Sheriff Stan Sniff. As you recall, the rightondaily blog broke the investigator cheating scandal 3 weeks before the local media.

Pictured is Aaron Kent. Another donor to Sheriff Sniff. Kent has issues. First of all, his first name is the same as mine and that is more than irritating, but I digress.

When Aaron Kent was a Sgt. on the Moreno Valley SET Team (special investigation team) he is reputed to have ordered subordinates in to the office to milk overtime so he could get overtime.

He is also alleged to have done the exact same thing Lt. Rose is alleged to have done, study for a Master’s Degree (Rose a PHD, too) on the clock.

Another particularly frustrating incident is when he sent deputies to his house to wait for a shipment of Bose Speakers and then had a deputy install the surround sound system in to his house, while on the clock.

Lt. Hernandez (a friend of Kent) miraculously was in charge of the resulting investigation after the deputies complained. Hernandez sent the file to PSB in an attempt to choke off the investigation only to have PSB return the file with more questions. (rare indeed) Hernandez sent the file to then Chief Deputy Kennedy-Smith who did the ritual team Sniff thing. Aaron Kent received nothing more than a written reprimand for ripping off the taxpayers. In 2013, Kent was paid $113K in regular time and an astounding $91K in overtime pay. This is unheard of and shows that Kent’s actions were deliberate. Also note that this rate is over double what Christian Dekker pulled off. Meantime, Sheriff Sniff is complaining about his budget all the time.

Now, let’s fast forward to 2016-2017. Kent finds himself being investigated once again as a result of his good buddy Lt. Hernandez being investigated. The investigator pulled both Hernandez and Kent’s emails.

(in 2014, Aaron kent earned $121K in regular pay and an astounding $96K in overtime)

In the treasure trove the investigator found an email from now Assistant Sheriff Kevin Vest who sent then Sgt. Aaron Kent the Lt’s exam test questions. (Sound familiar?) You will see Vest on Stan Sniff’s donor list and you also saw a photo of Vest who drove across town with Ray Wood to spy on a Chad Bianco event. This is the latest evidence of Vest’s role in the corruption of the Sheriff’s Department.

Aaron Kent? Yup, he scored 29 out of 30 on his advancement exam. While I have no evidence to prove that Jason Horton Cheated in a similar manner, it is widely known that Horton’s career has been aided mightily by his Father’s relationship with Sniff.  It is also widely known that Kevin Vest and Aaron Kent are academy buddies and this could be a nexus. (according to my sources)

Aaron Kent was investigated for cheating. Apparently that investigation is still open.

Now, let’s tie in Stan Sniff’s endorsement list. Corona Mayor Dick Harris is on Stan Sniff’s endorsement list. He just so happens to be Aaron Kent’s Father in law! Ruh-Roh. Mr. Kent himself bragged to people that Mayor Scott traded an endorsement of Sniff in exchange for Aaron Kent making Lt. If true, this may be a felony called influence peddling. Similar to most of my information, the source is anonymous because of fear of retaliation. Given what I have learned about the operations of the Riverside Sheriff’s Department, I believe this to be true as it is consistent with so many other verified facts learned.

The significance of the deal becomes clear when you remember that Aaron Kent’s cheating investigation is still open. He could not make rank until the investigation was cleared, yet he did anyway.

Take a look at the screenshots of Transparent California to see how much overtime Aaron Kent has been ripping us off for. Sniff could hire another deputy easily with that money.

(2015 – 128K in regular pay and $70K in overtime pay)

(2016 – 134K in regular pay and $64K in overtime pay)

If I did not have a strong respect for the badge, I’d look at people like those I’ve been writing about and completely lose faith in law enforcement. It also eviscerates any argument that Stan Sniff could even make about his budget. This kind of fraud and abuse is an outrage.

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