Mar 162018

We cast a line out for Martin “Marty” Tochtrop and got a bouns, his gem of a fiancee joined the fray.

Jennifer Higgins works Homicide. She is reputed to be useless. One particular example I was told about was how it took her 14 hours to get a search warrant related to an active murder scene. It typically takes 2 hours. Higgins is also reputed to be terrible at doing paperwork as well. They were going to transfer her out of homicide for incompetence but she threatened an employment practices lawsuit (Gender discrimination) and she is sitting there doing nothing now. It was also put to me by my anonymous sources that Higgins is disdained by most of her coworkers.

Given her near psychotic threats against Sheriff’s Candidate Chad Bianco and his family, I can understand why she is disdained.

Marty Tochtrop is at least the 4th (+/-2) Fiancee that Jennifer Higgins has had from within the department.

Tochtrop has his own issue, a few years ago he went to a conference, bought a plane ticket for his then girlfriend. (It is hard to keep up with who is screwing who in the RSO) The issue comes in when Tochtrop submitted said plane ticket for reimbursement. The County Controller’s office caught the issue and referred it to then DA Pacheco (who has endorsed Stan Sniff) for prosecution.

Guess what happened? Instead of being prosecuted for fraud, Uncle Stanley got Pacheco to back off with the promise of an administrative remedy. Nothing ever happened to Tochtrop. Cozy.

Correctional Sergeant Tochtrop fits in well with Correctional Sergeant Huizinga, who is currently blaming other people for her colossal screw up.

This leads us to a stunning anonymous email we received.

Aaron, ill stay anonymous for know but can tell you I have seen or have first hand knowledge of the comments below. 
So a little while back the sheriff’s department conducted a personnel investigation regarding several deputies who got the same tattoo. The whole thing became a big issue because of the outward appearance of what would the public think. Well station tattoos have been around forever. When admin doesn’t like a person or group it goes bad quick for those involved. Tattoos are bad! Brings bad light on the department. Don’t get me wrong I agree with the Sheriff’s tattoo policy they shouldn’t be seen in uniform, I do think it does look unprofessional.
So I happen to be attending an event where there are several well to do prominent business owners and citizens. A group of attractive middle age women show up and one of the people make a comment to them watch out for him he’s a sheriff. This remark was followed up by a remark from one of the women, do you know Ray Wood? When I replied yes she said have you ever seen his tattoo?  Not knowing where this was going I replied which one. She said the one on his upper arm. I asked what is it, she stated the one with all the skulls on the barbwire. She continues on by saying you know what each one of those skulls are for, I said no and she told me he told her they represent everyone one he’s killed.  Sheriff Sniff be diligent and look at his tattoo count the skulls and go to his OIS records. 
This is completely creepy and psycho. Normal people are traumatized when they kill someone. Chief Deputy Lyndon Ray Wood is celebrating his kills with tatoos. I also take note that Wood’s sexual dalliances are the stuff of legend. Lyndon Ray Wood has no business whatsoever being on the force, much less being a member of senior management. It is also well known (but I have no direct evidence, only stories from people that have seen it) that Wood is a racist of the 1950’s southern democrat variety, did he execute brown-skinned people in the line of duty?
I wonder how the family of the people he lays claim to and the ones he is taking credit for from other deputies feel about it. What ill minded law enforcement officer does that?  I guess one that has been caught and in trouble for relations with trainees and staff has no conscious. But hey when your cheating on your wife with a married women what morals and ethics do you have.
Hey Ray didn’t you almost go to blows with a deputy because you were both sleeping with the same girl. But hey I guess when your wife’s personalized license plate was “sin den” it all becomes clear.  
Chief Raya let’s not forget him! Got caught for on duty booty with his coworker girlfriend. Well if you lie you die! Right no, no, no he lied and kept his job and his girlfriend told the truth and was fired. Didn’t stop there either it was common knowledge he was sleeping with a female staff member at the academy, whoops guess his wife didn’t know.  Most recently there was a totally hush hush deal with him on the second floor admin regarding the same antics.
Horton hears a who, same type of story there too. How well did your female trainees do on training with you Jason? As well as your wife and the Perris Sergeant? Oh that’s right she cried foul after it got exposed. Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree because daddy John was sleeping with the 18-20 secretary from Cal-ID when he was late 40s.   Do you see the pattern? If you lack ethics, morals and integrity and under the age of 50 you are a great candidate for the at will chiefs position because you will do anything your told to hang on to that cush job.  No brains or balls makes for an easily molded pile of dung.
Lt Rose if you look back far enough you will see the same loose cannon liability back in the 90’s in Lake Elsinore. There should be records of a citizen’s complaint where a victim of color was miss treated by Rose. If I remember the incident he stopped a person and preceded to tell them they didn’t fit the car because of race. But hey wouldn’t expect less out of a moron who left his gun in the 7-11 bathroom, lucky for him the clerk found it and called.
As for Aaron Kent he was such a tool and full of shit that the filing DA in Perris/Southwest rarely if ever filed his narcotics cases because they were so far-fetched and violated suspects, Miranda and Search and Seizure rights.  But heck Chief Horton’s Dad put his punk ass in for a Medal of Merit that he didn’t earn, that little weasel followed all his beat partners and special teams around and filled out their booking sheets and logged the case file numbers and what type of charges. He would then log those file numbers in his steno pad to build a hero sheet for being involved in narcotics cases. When Horton asked him about having a record of all the narcotics case he had put together Kent proudly presented everyone else’s file numbers and took credit for their hard work and arrests. Kent was awarded the Medal of Merit for his performance. He wasn’t even man enough to tell the truth that the cases weren’t even his. 
After being awarded the medal he didn’t wear it knowing he didn’t earn it. The truth got back to Horton and he did a little research and discovered the hero sheet was not his work but the work of others he got credit for.  Not having the balls to retract the award and look like the buffoon he was, he did the next best thing and ordered the little weasel Kent to wear and display proudly the medal he earned. That medal looked like a brick on that little boy’s chest.  Hope you still have that Aaron so you can tell you kids how you were unable to perform so you fabricated to become someone.  
This is the sort of stuff you will never see in the local media. This is the sort of stuff that is driving team sniff nuts because everyone knows it is true. Riverside Confidential will roll on regardless of what the local media does not do.

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