Mar 072018
An anonymous source that has been confirmed accurate, emailed again:
There is another cheating scandal that came after “Investorgate” that is smaller and stupider. Lt. Ron Heim at the Moreno Valley Station tested for Capt. And after testing he was speaking with 3 other Lt’s from Moval. One of them, Lt. Lorin Tyler Clark pressured Heim for answers, after lots of pressing Heim gave up the info. Clark immediately told on him for cheating! The investigation was done and the other 2 Lt’s backed Heim up. He was still disciplined and word is he’s suing.
Tyler Clark, as he’s known, has burned more deputies than most. He’s former internal affairs and relishes in getting people fired. MoVal station hates him. Rumor was when Purvis was to make Chief, Clark would make Capt and take over Hemet to watch Bianco.
There is so much crap that goes on its hard to keep track of it all. It is really sad, this used to be a great agency.
People like Sgt. Dekker and Lt. Mark Bostrom are not unique. It appears that Stan Sniff breeds these people and those on the PSB (Internal Affairs) team are hand-picked to do the bidding of the second floor gulag. (The 2nd Floor is where people like Jason Horton, Ray Wood, Chris Ford, Kevin Vest, Undertaker Diyoyo and others have their offices)
Then there is the embedded text message exchange related to Lt. Rose. Lt. Rose who is alleged to have milked the taxpayers to get his PHD while studying and doing classwork on the taxpayer dime. So the Palm Desert Station must be the place to go for people that like carrying hand held recording devices to burn fellow deputies, or were people who solicit convicts for info on other deputies (see also Dekker) or where you go for study hall. It appears however that Lt. Rose has an anger management issue as well.
Lt. Rose pulled his gun on a couple civilians who beat him to a parking stall. Guess what PSB(Internal Affairs) did? That’s right, nothing.
Note – RPD=Riverside Police Department, RSO=Riverside Sheriff’s Department
Apparently Lt. Rose has a history of road rage / anger management issues. In 2008, when he was then a Sgt. he cut some people off in the Lake Elsinore Area and then pulled his gun on them too. What did PSB do? Nothing. The police report on that incident is a “Lincoln” report number that begins with L, apparently most deputies with knowledge of then Sgt. Rose drawing down on innocent civilians in the Lake Elsinore are still on the force. These are the kinds of people Stan Sniff has his PSB cover for.
Then there is this: Remember last week when we torched Sheriff Sniff for taking money from a cop-killer’s defense attorney who also got a child predator off with a misdemeanor? It appears that Sniff’s record on dealing with anything related to sex offenders is suspect.
One of Sniff’s endorsers listed on his campaign literature is Roger Denman, a former law enforcement top brass. Denman was popped in a 2014 Moreno Valley prostitution sting.

3039 total offenders*

375 in current violation*

*California Department of Justice – Megan’s Law Database, December 2017

Sheriff Stan Sniff is unaware of the location of at least 375 court-certified sex offenders.

More than 12% of all the registered sex offenders in Riverside County have gone missing and the sheriff has failed to correct this embarrassing threat to our children and wives.

To put this into perspective, even Hemet, the crime violent crime Capitol of Riverside County has only lost track of 4% of their registered sex offenders.

Sniff has lost track of sex offenders at a rate three times that of Hemet.

Crime remains at unacceptable levels throughout Riverside County even as the Sheriff plays politics with Jail Staffing and staffing levels at key county sheriff stations.

Sheriff Sniff continually blames others for his inability to effectively manage and lead the Sheriffs Department while failing to keep Riverside County residents safe. Meantime, the Sheriff Sniff department is overrun with corruption and cover-ups. What else are we going to find out about Sniff’s department?

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