Mar 142018

Perhaps Stanley is screwing up by the numbers because he has not felt seriously challenged until recently.

We know anecdotally that they are attempting to investigate your intrepid blogger and have doubled down on threats against the rank and file in a vain attempt to get them to stop talking to rightondaily.

However, Stanley is making elementary school style mistakes, making it way too easy for your intrepid blogger to get a line on his taxpayer-funded campaign. If it is not the Sergeant assigned to “Special Projects” or the bombshell email between three members of Sheriff Stanley’s suck ups senior management looking for local groups to join and visit (featuring reimbursements for dues no less) or the photos of folks in Uniform at Chad Bianco events (Note, they are not going to Hemet Dave events) – it is Stanley’s County of Riverside Business card attached to a photocopy of an opinion piece written by his favorite cock-roach Sal Rodriguez.

Yes, Stanley hands these out in the middle of the day when he goes to events? Did my tax dollars pay for his attendance, the photocopies and the business cards?

We already know that our tax dollars are getting abused by several members of team Sniff gratuitously. Recently, we learned that the Palm Desert Station has obsolete Radar and they have to pull off a MacGyver trick to get a printer to work.

It is clear that Stanley is freaking out and is trying in vein to put the proverbial genie back in the bottle (while reportedly emptying bottles).

In the grand scheme of legal things, Stan Sniff taking money from a defense attorney that is defending a cop-killer (with complete horse—- tactics) who murdered the wife of a deputy may not be a prosecutible offense. Flashing his badge (once we can prove) multiple times to get out of traffic tickets may not be a prosecutible offense. Taking money from subordinates who should be under investigations my not be a prosecutible offense.

However, when these are all combined and added to the pattern of campaigning on the taxpayer dime, they paint a portrait of a man completely out of control in his office that has no regard for anyone else around him. (Including his pet cock-roach Salvador)

Speaking of donors under investigation, Mohammad Ali Mazarei is a well-known and public member of the Riverside County Lincoln Club. Perhaps this is why Sheriff Sniff felt it was a good idea to appear on a fundraiser flyer in uniform?

A couple of notes, it is my understanding that Neither Dave Brown nor Chad Bianco have been invited to this Soiree. I’ve also been told they have not been invited to the Lincoln Club at all.

Secondly, retired judge and former Riverside County District Attorney Paul Zellerbach (of campaign sign destroying fame) is the Secretary of this group. You’d think he’d have told his buddy the Sniffmeister not to use his uniform and badge on a Federal PAC fundraiser flyer.

Then of course is the Coup D’Etat. Stanley likes to make posters of himself imagining himself as the second coming of Wyatt Earp, when he is more like Mike Corona. (Note the headshot of Sniff is at least 10 years old.)

Sometimes these blogs write themselves.

The Tour-de-Sniff will continue.

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