Mar 152018

Pictured is Miguelito.

Note that Miguelito’s logo is nearly identical to that of Chad Bianco.

Dave Kurly Krulowycz is the Captain of Moreno Valley, (When he is not perjuring himself on the stand in employment practices lawsuits) where both Miguelito and Ryan Huizinga do graveyard shift together!

It gets better – Kurly is married to some dude that is one of Ryan Huizinga’s best friends!

Huizinga and Miguelito work the same shift at Moreno Valley and have been seen paling around at training seminars / meetings in recent days.

The most telling thing is that Miguelito is not being retaliated against for running against his excellency.

Speaking of Janelle Huizinga, it is reputed that get this – Aaron Kent – is handling the cover-up investigation of her colossal screw up at the jail. Cozy. Kent probably needs to handle his own cover up as my tax dollars apparently paid for his law degree when they should have been paying for more officers on the streets.

For those of you just tuning in, Janelle Huizinga allowed a female inmate to go to the hospital un-escorted by a deputy. This is a major no-no and could lead to termination. However, since Ryan Huizinga carried Stan Sniff’s water in his recent bid to become the President of the Sheriff’s Association, it is clear that the pers investigation in to Janelle’s colossal screw up will go nowhere.

Perhaps Ryan Huizinga’s role in Miguelito’s spoiler campaign is how he is compensating for the issues.

Of further interest is Ryan Huizinga’s own issues. This is a situation that occurred sometime in October of 2017. (Remember in October, Mohammad Ali Mazarei wrote Stan Sniff a $9300 check and later that month a criminal case was opened in to one of his employees at his smog shop that was shut down over legal issues)

Ryan Huizinga was on duty and reputedly went to a relative’s house to retrieve some weapons. He was showing one off to another deputy and lost control of the loaded weapon. Rather than let the weapon fall, he attempted to grab the weapon and it discharged… at the County gas station in a residential neighborhood in Moreno Valley!

Worse, Huizinga is reputed to have waited 5-10 minutes to have reported the incident.

It is unknown who is doing the “Pers” (investigation) in to Huizinga’s misconduct. However, it is my opinion based on similar cases with friends of Stan that the Pers will go nowhere. The most common tactic is to string it out past its’ statue of limitations timeline. (It has come to my attention that Ryan Huizinga was recommended for discipline and the file has been in the offices of Internal Affairs since November of 2017 with no action)

Anyone that thinks either Huizinga will be disciplined for their misconduct does not know how Stan Sniff’s Riverside Sheriff’s Office Works. (Why hasn’t the file about the discharge been sent to the DA’s office?)

However, Ryan will continue his loyal service to Miguelito. Apparently Miguelito was brought in to the race for Sheriff by Stan Sniff because Sniff being old and white seems to think Bianco sounds hispanic. No hispanic I have ever met has the last name Bianco. This is further proof that Sniff really is either a mush-brain or a complete liberal democrat masquerading as a Republican.

A fun side note – Miguelito does not speak a word of Spanish and lives with his Grandparents.

Sniff does side with the ACLU quite often and has endorsed some extreme left-wing candidates so who knows. But, in his desperation to continue his $335k salary and benefits, he (Sniff) is now playing identity politics and Ryan Huizinga lacked the courage to file himself so enter Miguelito.

It won’t work. Skin Color (ahem identity) politics never works, it is all about the candidate. You know, like Stan Sniff and his tattered legacy of incompetency and corruption.

To be continued.

P.S. Anyone with any information on any of these actors or others is encouraged to come forward, you can remain anonymous.

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