Mar 052018

Why not? Sniff sides with the ACLU over deputies, endorses democrats and is deign to give people CCW permits, so why not take money from a former New Mexico Democrat Party Chair?

Perhaps Sheriff Sniff should have his donors investigated, like taking money from the attorney for the man who murdered the wife of one of his deputies and his endorsers like Roger Denman who got popped for Prostitution. And, of course there is always the mainstay, Mohammad Ali Mazarei.

Now, let’s add Johnny Cope to the list. He went in for $2,000 to the top law enforcement official in Riverside County. Cope is a major democrat donor. He is a past chairman of the Lea County New Mexico Democrat Party.

WE found a nice article about Mr. Cope. Let’s quote the article, shall we?

From a 2007 article about Cope:

But his rise to the top hasn’t been without troubles: business setbacks, a drug problem that led to jail time and a couple of stormy marriages that involved allegations of abuse.

He has also found himself under scrutiny in connection with a couple of state deals. One involved his work as a lobbyist for a prison contractor; the other a failed attempt by Cope and business associates to line up a $30 million loan guarantee for a fish farm in southern New Mexico.

When it comes to giving money to politicians, Cope doesn’t stop at the top. For last year’s elections alone, he and his companies contributed more than $170,000 to candidates for state office. All but one of the recipients was a Democrat. Because no good deed goes unnoticed in politics, Richardson made Cope the chairman of the powerful commission that oversees state road work.

Not a bad start, huh?

Cope’s cocaine use landed him in U.S. District Court in October 1987, charged with two misdemeanor counts of possession as a result of a federal sting. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to four months, spending his time in the Lea County jail in Lovington and at a Salvation Army halfway house in Roswell.

As someone sober over 15 years, I’d probably not make an issue of this, except that it appears Cope is still getting in trouble years later. Enter Wife #2:

During a separation, Rebecca Cope reported to police in November 1993 that she went to Cope’s home to discuss a settlement on a vehicle. She told police Cope had been drinking, became upset with her, pulled her into the living room area, choked her and struck her in the face.

A police report said Rebecca Cope had a swollen right cheek and eye area that was turning blue and that she had several scratch marks on the left side of her neck. The police officer who filled out the report said he didn’t contact Cope, and a search of court records didn’t turn up any charges in the incident.

Yikes. Then there is this much more recent issue.

A DUI in 2014. (The same year as Roger Denman getting popped for Prostitution)

Now, we have a pattern of substance abuse over 30 years complete with the legal issues that usually accompany it.

So, then what is the nature of Sheriff Sniff’s relationship with this guy? Why is Sheriff Sniff taking his money?


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