Apr 162018

It appears that there are more than one employee of the Riverside Sheriff’s Office who were railroaded by Lenny Purvis, Lt. Mark Bostrom and others in the last couple of years. Without direct evidence, I’ve drawn the conclusion there was some sort of edict handed down to terminate a bunch of people based on whatever in order to reduce the budget.

Posted here is proof that Captain Leonard Purvis signed off on the report. Again, this is a highly unusual thing as Captains never sign off on reports, suggesting that the cover-up was fully engaged.

This whole set-up reminds me of 1993 when Sniff’s fellow democrat Bill Clinton did something similar to the military and people were getting discharged and separated from service en masse. It also reminds me of when Obama took over GM and was shutting down dealerships run by Republican Donors in favor of others.

Some of the employees are fighting back. In an attempt to assist them with Pitchess and Brady motions, we are going to post more information so that the victims of Stan Sniff’s tyranny will be able to understand what kinds of people get promoted and what kind of people get destroyed by PSB at the behest of the Tyrannical Sheriff.

Especially egregious is that Joseph Sinz and his Wife Veronica Amparo both got promoted to Sergeant AFTER being identified as participants in the cheating scandal. When you read their testimony as given to the ratt-squad, it does not pass muster.

Of note – Cole Simon whose portion of the report was previously posted was Joseph Sinz’ source for the exam questions. Somehow, Sinz thought it was believable to say that he did not notice the words “2015 Investigator Questions” on the document he was sent. Yeah, right.

Read Amparano’s Report REPORT PAGE 1, REPORT PAGE 2


Allow me to now quote a confidential informant about Sinz and Amparo:

Amparano always finds a way to skate, but shes a shady one too. She hates white girls, makes lots of nasty remarks about them and to her female partners,intentionally bitchy, unless they are hispanic. Real cozy with the men though.

Hmmm… so it looks like racists are those in line for promotion. (Like Mike Cornett) Some people may not understand why I am writing about so many specific employees, the issue here is who gets promoted and what kind of behavior is rewarded under the Stan Sniff regime. Honest, ethical employees get fired and attacked while ethically and morally challenged employees end up on the Second floor / fast-tracked for promotion.

Joey Sinz is a piece of shit too. He was having an affair with one of his beat partners wives, who’s name escapes me at the moment. That deputy was an accomplished professional or semi pro boxer. Very talented guy. Joe was married to Amparano, horrible racist troll in her own right, and also sworn RSO. The four of them, Joe, Amparano, Deputy boxer and his wife were all friends and hung out quite extensively.

Anyway, Amparano caught wind of the affair between Joe Sinz and deputy Boxer’s wife. In fact, Sinz was intending to leave Amparano for this woman. Amparano, viper that she is, didn’t tell Deputy Boxer.

Instead, she learned of a planned outing between her husband, Sinz, and the deputy’s wife, at Party City in Temecula, where they were shopping for an upcoming children’s event. Armed with this knowledge, Amparano, invites Deputy boxer to accompany her to Part City where they set upon their spouses canoodling with one another.

Shocked and inflamed, Deputy boxer proceeds to confront Sinz, whereupon Sinz begins to shade boxer and call him a bad husband, that he is in love with boxer’s wife, etc. Joe Sinz, having been caught in flagrante delecto, gets the beating of his life. Deputy boxer proceeds to rearrange Sinz face so badly he puts him in the hospital and he no longer looks the same as he did before.

Everyone ends up on Administrative leave. Of course, Amparano is being fingered for setting both men up, which she absolutely did, but during her investigation, somehow (liar) convinces them she is the victim in all of this. Probably when she realized that supporting kids when your husband is in the hospital and you have a mortgage and neither of you can work, is hard. Joe Sinz is a POS who has nothing coming. You can use the above all you want.

Nice, huh? They both got promoted to Sergeant.

In true team Sniff fashion, there’s more:

Sinz was also known for padding his stats. He would arrest a guy on a misdemeanor at the beginning of the week, book him, not get the paperwork in on time and the guy would get a kick. Joey would rearrest the guy on his friday and rebook the guy. Since all paperwork has to be in, he would milk the overtime too. Either that or he’d file paperwork late, let it go to warrant and the do the arrest. Either way, he would double stat the arrest to make him look busy. Reality was he spent a lot of time at Coldstone Creamery or Starbucks.

Sounds like Dekker or Kent.

We also had a request to post the portion of the report on Joshua Hephner who apparently is not liked by his colleagues very much. It is provided here for your review. Hephner was named in the previous blog as a major player.


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