Apr 122018

Incompetence and cover-ups. Palm Desert Station. Now you have the beginning of today’s toxic cocktail of Jason Huskey’s world.

Sgt Jeronimo Contreras is by all accounts a rich dude. He is reputed to own a bunch of low-end properties he collects rent from.

He also appears to be incompetent. Jeronimo is an admin sgt at the Palm Desert Station. One of the things he is known for doing is using his badge and uniform to get free entries (valued at $500-$1000 each) to Cochella Fest.

Another incident in particular that encapsulates the top-down leadership failures of the Stan Sniff Riverside Sheriff’s office relates to a Deputy Wilburn. Wilburn was doing poorly in his initial hire training, so poorly that he was put on PIP status. PIP is typically reserved for people that area a hair’s breath from being fired.

Sgt. Jeronimo did such a poor job on the paperwork that Wilburn would have had a lay-down employment practices lawsuit. So Wilburn gets full status instead of being terminated out of probation.

His fellow deputies are afraid to got out on calls with him for fear that Wilburn will snap and go postal on the situation. Wilburn is known for yelling at crime victims on calls.

Recently Wilburn went out on a domestic violence call, he made no arrest and made no report. He chose instead to instruct the victim (black eye and all) to go to the courthouse and get a restraining order. The victim did not get to the courthouse in time and called back in. Sgt. Clayton Hughes signed off on letting Wilburn not write a report on the domestic violence call, apparently this is a big no-no.

The second deputy went out on the second call, investigated and made an arrest. He basically cleaned up Wilburn and Hughes mess. But Wilburn continues to be on the force when he should not be.

There are real world consequences to the way Sniff’s department is being run.

Then, this gem came in on the new Lieutenant at the Hemet Station:

Lieutenant Zach “the tool” Hall, is the latest Bianco watchdog at Hemet Station.  He replaced Lieutenant Greg Fellows who was sent to report on Lieutenant Bianco.  Now Captain Fellows of the Perris station, he was quoted by a close associate as saying ” I wasn’t comfortable reporting on Bianco to Admin.”  He evidently did some good reporting because he was immediately promoted to Captain after only a few months at Hemet Station.
Here comes his replacement, Zach “the tool” Hall.  He was sent to redeem himself from his unethical behavior within the Department.  You see, Sniff needed someone who wasnt affraid to get dirty to make up fake news about Bianco.  He has been told to bypass his chain of command, Captain Purvis, and report his findings directly to Diyoyo.  Heck, even Investigate to Terminate Bostrom hates Zach Hall for all of his unethical behavior, thay should tell you something right there.  But that is what Sniff has resorted too.
Zack “the tool” Hall’s behavior is right in line with what Sniffles expects.  He constantly patrticipates in  sexual affairs with direct subordinates, (some who were married to other Deptuies), lie to get out of trouble and blame others to redirect the investigation.   The toolman has slept his way through pratically every station and has no ethics when it comes to married people.  
The toolman attempts to befriend his prey and report anything to Administration that will get him avanced to the next level.   Its no wonder his best and only friend in the Department is none other Lt. Tyler Clark.  You remember him from the Moreno Valley Station captains cheating scandal that was swept up.   He conspires with his allies to figure out the best way to distort the truth into something Administration would like to hear.
The Toolman is so liked by Leonard Purvis, that Purvis lets him run the station, so he can attend Bianco functions on the County time.  Enough already Sniffles, this needs to end. 
As always Aaron, this is anonymous, Hall has stepped on enough toes, I’m sure more will come in about him.   
Team Sniff. Ouch. Why is it so easy to get stories like this sent to me? Think it through, this sort of failure starts at the top. It is time to fire Stan Sniff.

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