Apr 102018

Stan Sniff loves to blame the Riverside County Board of Supervisors for all of his self-inflicted problems. If Sniff actually paid attention to good advice he may be able to come up with some real, legitimate gripes. Allow your intrepid blogger to point out something OBVIOUS. However, the problem for a tyrant like Sniff is that his ego is such that when something is not his idea, it is immediately disregarded.

There is no other explanation for the condition of equipment all over Riverside County (Pictured is a cruiser at the Lake Elsinore Station) than either Stan Sniff does not care or he is too incompetent to fix the problem.

In Our investigations to verify the disastrous state of equipment all over Riverside County (See Palm Desert Station Here and Thermal Station Here) we’ve received a ton of feedback.

Remember, Moreno Valley’s Captain is Dave “Kurly” Kurylowicz. Kurly’s head Lieutenant is none other than (drumroll) Loren Tyler Clark! Remember, Clark is nice and close to the ratt squad (his name appears in the cheating scandal report) and Clark is well-known to be on Stan Sniff’s short list for promotion to Captain.

Allow your intrepid blogger to add to Kurly and Tyler Clark’s advancement credentials, as neither appear to be able to manage their way out of a wet paper bag. AND – the equipment at their station is a shambles as well.

According to Confidential Informants – Moreno Valley is short 700-800 hours of overtime that has to be burnt up by the end of June. So they are doubling up and due to the shredded morale, forcing people to work double shifts because there are not enough bodies to work normal hours.

Kurly and Clark know they have to use the hours or it means a refund to the contract city. They have joined the ranks of those that waste taxpayer resources because of the punitive nature of the way the contracts for service are written. If Stan Sniff was competent or cared, he’d have these contracts re-written to encourage efficiency.

Instead, Sniff prefers to blame others and aggressively fight any attempts to reign in waste. Meantime, Clark and Kurly are participating in the incompetency and abuse of the Sniff regime.

It gets better. Moreno Valley’s equipment is a disaster, too.

I have looked around but our units look “visibly” okay. Problem is the pics don’t show how the seats are hard as a rock from lack of padding, the brakes are used up, steering is sloppy and the stench of spilled coffee. We don’t have units with duct tape and stuff as I seen at other places.

It’s bad. Spotlights are dull because the glass is old and etched. Headlights pointing either straight up or down. Imagine running Code 3 at night with headlights that aren’t even adjusted correctly.

Lovely. Computers wired using the force, body cameras not being used because they can’t get charged, and vehicles all over the county are rolling disasters…

Then, you add in Stan Sniff always whining about budget cuts and for more money. He’s been doing it for years. Sniff never makes specific suggestions to the Board of Supervisors. Here are two:

  1. Change the way contract city contracts are handled to eliminate the incentive for fraud and waste
  2. Change the way vehicle maintenance and leasing is handled.

Maintenance and leasing?

Did you know that the Riverside Sheriff’s Office (RSO) pays $500-$850 per month vehicle lease fee? That’s right – even the above vehicle is costing the Sheriff’s department as much as $10,200 a year for the privilege of having in their fleet. (While it is rotting out)

Where is Stan Sniff on this? Is he unaware of this? Does he even care? Or is he too much of a coward to take this on in public?

IT gets better – Sheriff’s vehicles that are in more urban areas (such as Downtown Riverside) get charged $60 a month parking fee. Until recent layoffs, county code enforcement used to shake down the Sheriff’s department by writing parking tickets on vehicles not parked in their exact designated slots.

Where is Stan Sniff on this? Is he unaware of this? Does he even care? Or is he too much of a coward to take this on in public?

So you want to get the duct taped trunk fixed? The electrical taped steering wheel fixed? The oil changed? The tires changed? Well guess what, you can ONLY go through the County Maintenance facility. The minimum charge is $125. Kind of like the pentagon’s $500 hammers. Oil Change? $125, cha-ching. Going to Jiffy Lube is not allowed. A Brake Job? Try $500+

Where is Stan Sniff on this? Is he unaware of this? Does he even care? Or is he too much of a coward to take this on in public?

The RSO is also required to use the county for janitorial services at the cost of 5-10 times what it would be from a private firm.

An anecdote that will complete the mental picture is a story about an assistant DA (yes different than the RSO’s office) is that the employee wanted to get their office re-painted as it was peeling and faded. The County told him it would cost $1600 and there was a backlog so they would have to schedule it for some nebulous date in the future. The employee spent $40 of their own money and went in to his office on an off-day and painted the room himself.

If Stan Sniff had a clue about the broken system (or cared about it) and took a break from posing for pictures or catering to interest groups long enough to engage, this would be an effective argument to find money to put cops on the street in good, functional equipment. I am sure if he was not such a jerk to the County Board of Supervisors, he could get the 3 votes to allow outsourcing this stuff.

Get it? Broken equipment. Mass abuses of overtime. Grotesquely overpriced maintenance contracts. Absurd lease terms. Fighting efficiency audits. Whining for more money. This is Stan Sniff.

Why did this never appear in the Press Enterprise? 

John Bender, Editor for the Press Enterprise of Riverside was in charge of making sure the Chad Bianco retaliation story came out.  After it came out (01-04-18) sometime in late Jan 2018, he was transferred to the PE Rancho Cucamonga Office (located in San Bernardino County). He was with the PE of Riverside for 15 years.

When I spoke to him….  I asked him:  Did they transfer you because of the Chad Bianco story.? His response: “Appears to be.”

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