Apr 122018

It is common knowledge that the Press-Enterprise is either in the bag for Sniff or they are afraid of him. In most of their articles, they relegate Chad Bianco to nothing more than a footprint and when they write about Hemet Dave Brown, they remind people of Dave Brown’s primary weakness (Chief of police in a warzone).

I had an archived article sent to me that is an extremely sad and frustrating time capsule.

Let’s take some excerpts so you can get a flavor of what has happened in the last 10 years.

He has been too busy visiting community groups and trying to rebuild a department, he says. In some eyes, the department was in tatters and weighed down by backroom politics when his predecessor, Bob Doyle, abruptly resigned to take a position on the state Parole Board. Supporters credit Sniff for boosting morale, making smart promotions, pushing jail expansion and improving recruitment and training.

Boosting Morale? Making Smart Promotions? Jail Expansion? Improving Recruitment and Training? Morale is in the tank, I’ve written about that repeatedly. I written ad nauseum about friend-of-stan-promotions, incompetent leadership and cheating on advancement exams. Jail expansion? That is laughable since sniff has spent the last several years threatening to leave the new jail empty. Recruitment and Training? You’ve read story after story about what happens in the training command, and Sgt. Bob Epps – he of the multiple alleged felonies is one of the leaders of the police academy!

Sniff said a priority has been to remove the “taint of politics” within the upper echelons of the department. In the previous administration, many executive staff members were involved in the sheriff’s campaigns and fundraising. That, Sniff said, can lead to questions of favoritism and the perception that promotions are based on whether you participate in that political network. No one in his administration is involved in campaigning and all promotions – he has overseen more than 200 – are merit-based, he said

Right now, according to multiple sources:  Jessica Gore, Eggplant (I don’t even know her damn name) and Sgt. Josh Adams (on a special assignment where he had to sign an NDA) are all campaigning on the clock. We’ve detailed Lyndon Raymond “The Executioner” Wood, Kevin Vest, Lenny Purvis and others either going to Chad Bianco events or chaperoning the Sheriff to public events. His administration has become hyper political and tyrannical as we’ve documented in spades.

Under Sniff, 25 percent fewer grievances have been filed, and the number that go to litigation has dropped 40 percent, said James Cunningham, executive director of the Riverside Sheriffs’ Association.

That’s because county admin and PSB retaliate against people that file. The settlements have indeed been larger as a result.

When he became sheriff, Sniff set out to recruit 1,500 deputies within three years. As of last week, the department had hired 490 deputies. About one-third will work in corrections

AS of today, 500+ deputies have quit, lateraled, retired and the like in just the last two years.

Sniff said he grappled over whether to reverse the department’s policy to withhold the identity of officers involved in shootings. The union doesn’t think the names of officers should be released

And of course, Sniff’s leftist tendencies were on display even in 2008. This led to several other anti-cop decisions by the sheriff that I can only describe as retaliatory.

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