Apr 182018

Ever Heard of the COPS Slate Mail Card? It comes out very late in the election cycle and presents itself as if it is a law enforcement slate.

You gotta read the fine print, it is made in Folsom, CA. (For those of you obsessed with where I live, Folsom and Roseville are only about 2 miles apart at the closest parts of their city limits)

See the red circle – it says clearly “0 Members”. For those of you on the second floor that means the “COPS Slate” represents 0 Cops. Since Stan Sniff represents no cops, it seems to be a match made in hell.

Like so many other of Stan Sniff’s campaign “Investments” this slate mail card has been RIPPED in the press as well:

COPS Voter Guide now is a pay-to-play mailer run by Kelley Moran of Folsom, who did not return my call, just as a representative of the stated nonpartisan public advocacy organization failed to respond to then-Bee reporter Adam Ashton’s inquiry for a news story in 2008. The guide rakes in millions of dollars statewide by selling advertisements under the guise of “endorsements,” and is just one of many slate mailers operating legally in the state and targeting specific groups of voters.

This is just another piece of evidence in the sad, shrinking world of Stan Sniff who has to buy endorsements like the RINO Revolution or the Sex Offender Slates.

Most REAL cop groups despise this slate because it claims to be an official law enforcement endorsement, and it is not.
COPS Voter Guide was paid by the Prop. 47 campaign to trick voters into supporting this early release from prison measure for career felony criminals
COPS Voter Guide was paid by the Prop. 57 campaign to trick voters into supporting this reduction in sentences and more early prison releases for violent felons.
COPS Voter Guide was paid for by Sniff to trick voters into thinking that Sniff is endorsed by a police and sheriffs organization.
Don’t take my word for it – here are some more photos for your consumption:
Once Again Stan Sniff finds himself on the side of the ACLU! 
How about No on Sniff?

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