Apr 092018

Miguelito works at Moreno Valley Station with Kurly, Loren Tyler Clark and Ryan Huizinga. For those of you just joining the RightonDaily hit parade, Miguel Garcia is Stan Sniff’s vote sponge recruit candidate for sheriff. There is no other explanation for his late entry in to the race.

It appears Miguelito fits right in to the Team Sniff culture. See the attached list of late reports (as in reports that are due that Miguelito has not completed).

I’d suggest Miguelito have Huizinga help him with his reports, but it appears that Huizinga has the same problem with paperwork (and completing sentences).

The two reports that are a month late? A DUI and a Hit and Run.

The PC273.5? Domestic Violence. It is in Red due to urgency.

The PC488? Theft. It is also in Red.

Based on this performance, I am pretty sure that Miguelito will be management material in no time. I can also rest assured that my tax dollars will be squandered trying to eat up the 700-800 hours of overtime Loren Tyler Clark is trying to burn off before June 30th, in the form of Miguelito being chained to his desk to finish his paperwork.


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