May 112018

Mohammad Ai Mazarei is a real piece of work, at least that is what I think of him and hopefully most of the 300,000 visitors to this blog will also.

Mazarei is also Stan Sniff’s second largest donor and becomes a central campaign issue for the Sheriff… as in the top law enforcement official in Riverside County. It is the opinion of this blogger that Mazarei should be a customer of the Riverside Sheriff and not a donor.

Mohammad Ali Mazarei sent a poorly written legal demand letter in January that was signed by a millennial attorney who is an officer in the local Young Republicans. Mohammad is reupted to have used them to do all sorts of jobs for him with the promise of donations. One such job was moving cars around for him. According to confidential informants, Mazarei never donated after the work was done. I can draw the conclusion that the young lady likely was not compensated for signing her name to Mohammad’s letter either.

In the letter, Mohammad threatened to sue me because:

  1. He never got preferential treatment from Stan Sniff for a CCW Permit. We have thoroughly shredded that assertion.
  2. He is not under investigation, it is his business. We have also shredded that assertion repeatedly.
  3. He did not know Stan Sniff until 2011, that assertion gets shredded in this post (read on)

This legal demand letter was shared on facebook by several people, among them local electeds in Riverside County. I will be hunting them all down at a time of my choosing, because this is how you deal with bullies. I am motivated even more so now that the entire premise and all points of Mazarei’s letter are being proven untruthful.

We’ve learned that it is likely that Mazarei attempted to get his employee at the Smog Shop prosecuted in an attempt to save himself. A commenter on the blog indicated that Mazarei is refusing to let the terminated employee recover his tools even though he is not going to be prosecuted. Since Mazarei has donated over $52,000 to Sniff, the employee has no help from law enforcement to recover his property.

Perhaps Mazarei needs to give Walter Cole (the employee he tried to screw) a $1000 reward for his tools? Perhaps Stan Sniff needs to come clean about his role in all of this as he took a $9300 check around the time Walter Cole’s CCW expired and the case was opened on Cole.

Perhaps Mazarei needs to pay his bills? He has a $726 Tax lien to Riverside County and there is this:

Ali got sued for $15,051.01

It appears from reading the text of the lawsuit that Mr. Mazarei (ahem via business entities) was looking at starting up a Baja Fresh Mex Franchise. He was well in to the process and decided to withdraw. It looks like he paid only $2K of the $17K related to startup costs and the bank he left holding the bag sued him via several business entities for breach of contract.

You can read the entire lawsuit document here.

You will note that the AM/PM Travelzone (Ali’s Main Business) that is also the subject of the current Smog Check Fraud investigation is central in this lawsuit.

Ali Mazarei also sued the Perris Chamber of Commerce attempting to get all of his donations to them back. I am sure the Perris Chamber of Commerce does not like Stan Sniff very much either after this caper.

Given this bizarre pattern of behavior, and a demonstrated lack of ethics and integrity in business practices, I was not surprised as one after another Mazarei’s claims in his threats were shredded. It is clear to me that Mazarei lied and several people bought the lie.

Now here is a link to Stan Sniff’s endorsement list in 2010, BEFORE the time that Mazarei claims to have met Sniff.

Not only does it show Mohammad Ali Mazarei (note, I call him this because in his legal demand letter he made a point of mentioning his legal name. Since we care about such things here on the rightondaily blog, Mohammad is getting his wish) on the list of endorsements, it is also a list that is double the size of what it is in 2018.

Don’t forget that Stan Sniff is also alleged to have arranged a police escort for Mohammad Ali Mazarei when he moved from Woodcrest to Perris.

Stan Sniff’s world is shrinking and he is completely dependent upon folks like Mohammad Ali Mazarei to get re-elected. Now, we’ve established their long relationship back to 2010. What’s next on the hit parade? Riverside Confidential will roll on…

P.S. My favorite part of Mohammad Ali’s legal demand letter (we did not edit the typos):

You also imply that Mr. Mazarei is a violent and dangerous man because he has been photographed posing with a variety of weapons. That he would be photographed like that is not surprising given that he is a Federally Licensed Class III Firearms Dealers supplying weapons to local Law Enforcement and Homeland Security officers. (In case you are wondering, I note that he has not sold weapons to the Riverside County Sherif s Department, though he proudly counts many individual officers and deputies as customers and friends.)

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