May 142018

The case of Donald Vincent Brooks is the latest example of the absolute and complete failure of Stan Sniff’s leadership. The issues that have permeated the department. In this case it is rampant racism.

I’ve heard about Chief Deputy Lyndon Raymond “The Executioner” Wood’s notorious racism from almost day one of my efforts to take down Stan Sniff. I knew of Wood using the N-word, using words like slant, spick, etc.  long before I ever learned about his skull tattoos commemorating those he clipped in the line of duty.

I was alerted to Donald Vincent Brook’s case a while ago (not by him, by the way). Apparently, Brooks got in to an altercation and it was used to fire him. Anyone reading this blog will realize that there are several potential felons still on the county payroll who did things far worse than Brooks is accused of. (Making threats, or something like that)

The investigators on Donald Vincent Brooks’ Case? None other than Tony Pelato and Robert Cornett.

A pitchess motion is a defense motion where personnel files are requested as they speak to the voracity of the investigator involved in the case.

You will recall that Cornett was up to his gigantic neck in the cheating scandal. Whoops.

Linked here is Page 1 of Robert Cornett’s Interview. Page 2 is here. The final snippet Page 3 is here.

Robert Cornett’s story looks pretty similar to that of Lance Colmer. Colmer got disciplined and Cornett got promoted. Robert Cornett is now a “Master Investigator” as is Tony Pelato.

Robert Cornett is reputed to be a strange man, amongst his picadillos is that he has a full crime scene tattooed on his back as a commemoration of the one time in his life when he felt like Rambo.

In Brooks’ Pitchess motion, it references the Desert Sun article, but for the benefit of Mr. Brooks and his attorney, I have provided them with an advance copy of Mr. Cornett’s interview. I hope it assists them in nailing Stan Sniff and his department to the wall. (I’m here to help)

As you recall, we blasted Tony Pelato here on the Right on Daily Blog as he betrayed several friends and associates, selling his empty soul to Stan Sniff. (Who ironically is a reputed Atheist)

In the previous article – we detailed how Tony Pelato was terminated for use of excessive force. As we learned from the Picthess motion, Pelato beat up a black suspect.

Donald Vincent Brooks is black.

In the pitchess motion, Brooks’ defense counsel details Cornett’s role in cheating on the advancement exam as a basis. But the primary basis for the motion is racism.

The motion cites the following:

Pelato beat a black suspect calling him a nigger.

Cornett referred to Sgt. Victor Tejada, a black dominican as a nigger.

They indicated that Cornett and Pelato teamed up to get Terry Jones, who is black, fired by lying about him.

Now your intrepid blogger understands why the Donald Vincent Brooks pitchess motion has the second floor in a tizzy.

You can read the entire filing here as I got it off of the County of Riverside’s Website. It was filed on 5/7/2018. My sincerest hope is that Cornett, who appears to have been rewarded for dishonesty and Pelato who should not be a cop ever again anywhere are both held accountable.

Ultimately, both owe their positions on the force to their fealty to the tyrant Stan Sniff and the culture that has coddled these white sheet wearing slime (at least that is what I think of them, and hopefully as you are reading about their history, you will also).

As a civilian, perhaps I have a naive idealistic standard about cops… you know expecting them to behave to a higher standard. In Stan Sniff’s Riverside Sheriff Department there are a lot that are anything but. Worse, Sniff seems to reward corruption.


Cornett may have falsified evidence by omission. (read Page 6)

It is clear from the motion that Cornett may well have altered text messages obtained using a tool known as “Cellbrite”. Cellbrite is supposed to crack open a phone and get its’ contents in their entirety. The allegation made is that Cornett may well have been cutting and pasting selected bits of text messages to create a false narrative against Mr. Brooks. Since Brooks has his phone he’d be able to tell right away what Cornett did.

It was made clear to this blogger that the Cellbrite report was not entered in to evidence as a Cellbrite report is not alterable. However, it is possible to cut and paste and manipulate the information in a written report (without the Cellbrite report being entered in to evidence).

The wording of the motion says the following ” … are taken out of context, out of chronological order, and are sampled from complete sentences which provide contexts that reframe the meaning of the phrases…” Referring to what Cornett put in his report in order to get Brooks arrested twice. It appears that Brooks has had to post two very large bonds, adding further insult to the apparent railroading. (I’d really like to know what Brooks did to piss of the Sheriff)

The issue is that if they could nail him to the wall for a domestic incident (misdemeanor or felony), he’d lose his ability to carry a gun and then would get fired.

If Cornett is guilty of any of this stuff, Brooks has a lawsuit stone cold and Cornett should be sitting in a Jail Cell (before he gets fed-kicked due to Sniff’s mismanagement).

The same culture that covers up a serial child molester has given rise to Cornett and Pelato. God help us all. This is the Stan Sniff legacy.

P.S This type of stuff is the part of the Cheating Scandal that Desert Sun ignored on their way to endorsing Stan Sniff. I guess they took ownership of this too…

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