May 112018

Former Sheriff Cois Byrd is on the county payroll for $52-$60 an hour. No wonder he has publicly endorsed and is publicly defending the Sheriff.

The defense attorney for a cop-killer who murdered the wife of an RSA Deputy? Yup, there he is. Nothing tells your deputies what you think of them better than that.

A man with 4 tax liens, yet has $1000 for the Sheriff?

Roger Denman who got popped for Prostitution. is on his endorsement list. It is also alleged that Denman also got popped for shoplifting as well

Then there is Mohammad Ali Mazarei. He has gone in for nearly $52K, recently chipping in another $1k. His issues are the stuff of legend.

DUI, Cocaine Possession, Domestic Abuse, former NM County Dem Party Chair Wrapped in to one. <<< Yup, that is a $7,000 donor to the Sheriff.

This is not the sort of list you would expect from the Sheriff of one of the largest departments in America.

You’d expect more run of the mill stuff, like Rancho Mirage Councilmember Iris Smotrich who has given $6200. (And she got an autographed picture too!)

The Stan Sniff experience will be continued…

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