Aaron Park

Mar 202018

I was leaked a copy of the internal report related to the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department Investigator exam cheating scandal. Allow me to do the job that the Desert Sun did not do – and that is to tell the whole story beyond Cornett and Colmer who were named by the Desert Sun. The cover-up of this was massive and the Desert Sun barely scratched the surface of what happened. I am not going to publish a copy of the documents I received in order to protect people from further retaliation by Stan Sniff.

Remember – we broke the cheating scandal 1/22/2018, several weeks before the Desert Sun Did. See a follow up piece here on 2/12/2018 related to the scandal.

I read the entire 80 page report. Some 26 employees of the department are named. About half straight out admitted fault. The half that did not used hair-splitting nuance to try and dance around what they did. If I was their boss, I’d have all of their files flagged for a moral hazard and would be documenting them for termination (Lt. Mark Bostrom would have more work than he knew what to do with). It is clear that almost everyone involved (there are a few people in this report that appear innocent of cheating) knew what they were doing and that it was wrong, whether they admitted it or not.

I have also noticed that a lot of the people that work for PSB, aka the “Rat Squad” have since been promoted. It is clear as I have been learning about Sheriff Stan Sniff’s department that he uses the scum of the earth (most of whom are from the sewer of the Rat Squad) as a breeding ground for ethically-challenged butt-monkeys to promote to senior management. The more ethically flawed and easy to control, the better. The honest ones are usually terminated with extreme prejudice.

Please note that Katheryn Quezada, who was the original whistle-blower has been promoted twice since she rolled over on her fellow deputies. Promoting self-serving whistle blowers is a standard procedure within the department furthering the decimation of morale. It is reputed that Quezada’s reasons for coming forward were not reasons of conscience, rather that her promotions were the primary nexus.

Several people stick out from the report I received:

Based on what I read, Lance Colmer got thrown under the bus and made to take the fall, contrast this to Cornett another central figure, who has since been promoted. It is clear to this blogger that Colmer tried to help a colleague and got turned in to the central figure in order to whitewash the scandal. Of interest is that John Anderson, of Gabe Dennington fame hated Lance Colmer and wanted to destroy him, it is reputed that Brandon Ford and John Anderson worked that angle hard in this case.

Joshua Hephner – guilty as sin, yet was combative and uncooperative with the investigation. The investigators added dishonesty to his investigation file. If I was his boss, I’d have given him max punishment and lined him up for termination. If I was a defense attorney, I’d toss him around like a rag doll. Note that the investigation added lying as a cause for action against Hephner.

Saykham Iemsisanith and Kent Eckenrode – their stuff was forwarded several times to several people. I am sure they got some sort of discipline, but their names are dotted all over this report.

David Komins – guilty as sin, yet called Kent Eckenrode a liar in a lame attempt to save his own skin. See my comments about Hephner.

Jason Gore – This one is a big deal. He is married to Jessica Gore who is Stan Sniff’s executive assistant who works alongside Yvonne “Eggplant” Varela on the second floor. (I never knew her damn name until recently) Jason Gore’s name is all over the report. Unsurprisingly, he refused to admit guilt, even though it is clear he got “help” from three different people including Brandon Frank who freely admitted he violated department procedure. There is a widely held opinion that one of the primary reasons for covering up this cheating scandal was to keep Gore’s name out of the public eye. Connecting Gore to the scandal would have landed the scandal in Stan Sniff’s office. Welcome. Gore is reputed to have quietly gotten some minor discipline related to this.

Please click here for Page 1, then Page 2 and Page 3 of Jason Gore’s Interview.

Cole Simon – got caught in more than one lie. His name appears repeatedly in the report as a central figure. This guy should not be on the force anymore, period.

Cole Simon called the investigators liars, and earned a notation that his investigation was expanded to include dishonesty.

You can read about Cole Simon Page 1, Page 2, Page 3 (where the dishonesty notation is) and Page 4 where he emailed following the interview to apologize for his outburst.

Why the Desert Sun ignored Cole Simon and Jason Gore is beyond me. I’ve been told that the Desert Sun warned Sheriff Stan Sniff that the article was coming out and some sort of deal was made specifically to keep Jason Gore out of the story. SO, even after the cover-up was unraveled, the attempts to contain the damage continued.

It is also clear from reading the report that several leads were not followed up on, (As I counted far more than 26 names) giving complete credence to speculation that the investigation was halted before it ran its’ course. Even worse is that it is also well-known that Undertaker Diyoyo wrote the reports on behalf of the investigator whose name is on them. (Lacy Stutler) Skilled observers will notice that none other than Captain Leonard Purvis signed off on the report. This is extremely unusual and is actually unheard of. No one I have talked to in the department has ever had a report signed off on by a Captain. It is the job of a Sergeant. Understanding the significance of this is a key to understanding the levels of control and cover-up. Captain Leonard Purvis was involved in the cover-up up to his spindly neck. I also take note that then Captain Brandon Ford is the most senior member of the Rat-Squad listed on the report. (Remember Ford appears in stories about the corruption of the department regularly)

Beyond the laundry list of ethical and management failures that have characterized the Stan Sniff tenure as Riverside Sheriff – the cover up of this cheating scandal would be reason enough by itself to fire Stan Sniff.

Thanks to the honest employees of law enforcement, the truth is coming out and people are reading this blog in record numbers. We will continue writing the stories until Stan Sniff is reduced to a political footnote.

Mar 192018

In a previous post about Rancho Mirage getting messed over on a repeat offender getting released by Chief Deputy Raya, we made a throw-away comment about the Rotary Club being controlled by Captain Grace.

We’ve endorsed Michael Harrington for Rancho Mirage City Council over Iris Smotrich, a Stan Sniff acolyte. It appears that the local governments out there have learned well from Sniff.

Michael Harrington and another man Lupe Rodriguez have experienced retaliation.

In this case, it was triggered by the following story about some major crimes and lack of sheriff staffing in Cochella.

Rodriguez was told he could not go to the Rotary meetings that were being held in the Thermal Station’s public room. Both Harrington and Rodriguez have been railed on in local City Council Chambers for rocking the boat and speaking out about crime and other local issues.

Rodriguez took the issue about Captain Grace excluding him from Rotary meetings to the DA and now the Rotary meets elsewhere. As recent as a couple weeks ago, Grace is still telling people the Rotary is an exclusive club. Couple this with the revealed edict handed down from Stan Sniff’s brass to send people to join service clubs and look for opportunities to campaign on public time, you see the pattern.

The media story is woefully incomplete about what actually happened. It turns out, according to confidential sources that the local media was threatened by the city council out there in an effort to change the coverage. The tearful grandmother and the tv reporter told about 1/3 of the story.

The 20 year old murder victim was a gang member. He had committed a home invasion about 2 hours earlier. That same evening, he had been distributing narcotics and had then went to a gang party where he picked a fight and got himself shot. The brother of the 20 year old victim picked up the gun and shot the gang member that shot his brother.

Apparently, the Cochella City Council did not want this story told. (Cochella is also a sanctuary city)

Michael Harrington apparently stepped across a tripwire when he shared the above video piece from the local media. (even though it was incomplete at best)

What the story did expose was the following issues:

In a statement, Lt Misty Reynolds of the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department said:

“The Coachella police department currently employs 32 police officers with a ratio of .73 per thousand residents.  ideally, i would like to see us closer to a one per thousand ratio, but understand that due to funding restrictions, that is not an option at this time. Violent crime is our top priority in the City of Coachella since we saw a 40% increase in violent crime from 2013 to 2014.  We are actively working to decrease violent crime and increase community trust.”

EPIC FAIL. The City of Cochella points out that their cost for service has gone up 50%, yet their police protection is woefully inadequate. It is the revelation of this coming out in the open that caused the retaliation against Harrington.

Currently, it is known to this blogger that team Sniff is actively attacking Mr. Harrington and is working overtime for Iris Smotrich. Two of the attackers are reputed to be the luminaries in the title of this blog.

Captain Jason Huskey (pictured above reporting back to central command at a Chad Bianco for Sheriff Event, however he has not attended a Hemet Dave event) sent out an email to his men soliciting help. Huskey is the Captain of the Palm Desert Station.

The embedded (obscene) photo is the response from one deputy.

Allow us to remind you of other comments from deputies assigned to Palm Desert Station:

“Working with broken or obsolete equipment. Most of the PDPD cars have non working RADAR or License plate readers. Broken computers, printers, office chairs at the station and substations. Have to play musical chairs with computer equipment just to print out reports” “God only knows where the ones mark property of the City of Palm Desert went”

Station is understaffed to dangerous levels. Deputies are being denied vacation and personal time off because Palm Desert staffing is so low. Being forced to work mandatory overtime routinely.

Morale has gone to “Shit”. “Fuck this place”.

People are calling off sick because they know a certain Sgt will be covering their shift and he is creating a hostile work environment.

“ No fairness from admin” Deps have lost faith in leadership beginning with the Sheriff and Captain Huskey and believe the department is corrupt from the top down to mid management. No trust in leadership.

“I’m disgusted by the corrupt organization I work for”

“Lead the way you hypocritical fucker”

“Kind of hard to enjoy your job when your leadership is giving you job security from their own ineptitude”

And add this to the Huskey File:

Since we are in the topic of sex offenders and you have been hammering away on Huskey I thought this would be an appropriate time to discuss his handling of registering sex offenders at Palm Desert. Huskey appointed a non sworn / unarmed CSO to register sex offenders. Even if this CSO identified a non compliant sex registrant he could take action because he is not a cop. He was alone in a room with the worst society has to offer with nothing but the hope of his safety. Glad he was a god fearing man because he needed Gods blessing. The CSO repeatedly told supervision that he was unable to effectively handle the position because of his limitations and he was ignored. Sex registrants went unchecked and the problem was swept under the rug. In frustrations the CSO resigned and went on with his life. Another good guy gone. Huskey replaced him with an experienced sworn officer who did a great job…… until this week when she was replaced by a pregnant deputy in light duty. So now Huskey is going to have an unarmed pregnant female that can’t enforce anything handling sex offenders. Huskey is a joke as a captain.

Please note, we are still tracking down leads on Captain Reynolds, it appears there are a lot of stories out there.

Stan Sniff’s Riverside Sheriff’s Department.

Why did this never appear in the Press Enterprise? 

John Bender, Editor for the Press Enterprise of Riverside was in charge of making sure the Chad Bianco retaliation story came out.  After it came out (01-04-18) sometime in late Jan 2018, he was transferred to the PE Rancho Cucamonga Office (located in San Bernardino County). He was with the PE of Riverside for 15 years.

When I spoke to him….  I asked him:  Did they transfer you because of the Chad Bianco story.? His response: “Appears to be.”

Mar 162018

We cast a line out for Martin “Marty” Tochtrop and got a bouns, his gem of a fiancee joined the fray.

Jennifer Higgins works Homicide. She is reputed to be useless. One particular example I was told about was how it took her 14 hours to get a search warrant related to an active murder scene. It typically takes 2 hours. Higgins is also reputed to be terrible at doing paperwork as well. They were going to transfer her out of homicide for incompetence but she threatened an employment practices lawsuit (Gender discrimination) and she is sitting there doing nothing now. It was also put to me by my anonymous sources that Higgins is disdained by most of her coworkers.

Given her near psychotic threats against Sheriff’s Candidate Chad Bianco and his family, I can understand why she is disdained.

Marty Tochtrop is at least the 4th (+/-2) Fiancee that Jennifer Higgins has had from within the department.

Tochtrop has his own issue, a few years ago he went to a conference, bought a plane ticket for his then girlfriend. (It is hard to keep up with who is screwing who in the RSO) The issue comes in when Tochtrop submitted said plane ticket for reimbursement. The County Controller’s office caught the issue and referred it to then DA Pacheco (who has endorsed Stan Sniff) for prosecution.

Guess what happened? Instead of being prosecuted for fraud, Uncle Stanley got Pacheco to back off with the promise of an administrative remedy. Nothing ever happened to Tochtrop. Cozy.

Correctional Sergeant Tochtrop fits in well with Correctional Sergeant Huizinga, who is currently blaming other people for her colossal screw up.

This leads us to a stunning anonymous email we received.

Aaron, ill stay anonymous for know but can tell you I have seen or have first hand knowledge of the comments below. 
So a little while back the sheriff’s department conducted a personnel investigation regarding several deputies who got the same tattoo. The whole thing became a big issue because of the outward appearance of what would the public think. Well station tattoos have been around forever. When admin doesn’t like a person or group it goes bad quick for those involved. Tattoos are bad! Brings bad light on the department. Don’t get me wrong I agree with the Sheriff’s tattoo policy they shouldn’t be seen in uniform, I do think it does look unprofessional.
So I happen to be attending an event where there are several well to do prominent business owners and citizens. A group of attractive middle age women show up and one of the people make a comment to them watch out for him he’s a sheriff. This remark was followed up by a remark from one of the women, do you know Ray Wood? When I replied yes she said have you ever seen his tattoo?  Not knowing where this was going I replied which one. She said the one on his upper arm. I asked what is it, she stated the one with all the skulls on the barbwire. She continues on by saying you know what each one of those skulls are for, I said no and she told me he told her they represent everyone one he’s killed.  Sheriff Sniff be diligent and look at his tattoo count the skulls and go to his OIS records. 
This is completely creepy and psycho. Normal people are traumatized when they kill someone. Chief Deputy Lyndon Ray Wood is celebrating his kills with tatoos. I also take note that Wood’s sexual dalliances are the stuff of legend. Lyndon Ray Wood has no business whatsoever being on the force, much less being a member of senior management. It is also well known (but I have no direct evidence, only stories from people that have seen it) that Wood is a racist of the 1950’s southern democrat variety, did he execute brown-skinned people in the line of duty?
I wonder how the family of the people he lays claim to and the ones he is taking credit for from other deputies feel about it. What ill minded law enforcement officer does that?  I guess one that has been caught and in trouble for relations with trainees and staff has no conscious. But hey when your cheating on your wife with a married women what morals and ethics do you have.
Hey Ray didn’t you almost go to blows with a deputy because you were both sleeping with the same girl. But hey I guess when your wife’s personalized license plate was “sin den” it all becomes clear.  
Chief Raya let’s not forget him! Got caught for on duty booty with his coworker girlfriend. Well if you lie you die! Right no, no, no he lied and kept his job and his girlfriend told the truth and was fired. Didn’t stop there either it was common knowledge he was sleeping with a female staff member at the academy, whoops guess his wife didn’t know.  Most recently there was a totally hush hush deal with him on the second floor admin regarding the same antics.
Horton hears a who, same type of story there too. How well did your female trainees do on training with you Jason? As well as your wife and the Perris Sergeant? Oh that’s right she cried foul after it got exposed. Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree because daddy John was sleeping with the 18-20 secretary from Cal-ID when he was late 40s.   Do you see the pattern? If you lack ethics, morals and integrity and under the age of 50 you are a great candidate for the at will chiefs position because you will do anything your told to hang on to that cush job.  No brains or balls makes for an easily molded pile of dung.
Lt Rose if you look back far enough you will see the same loose cannon liability back in the 90’s in Lake Elsinore. There should be records of a citizen’s complaint where a victim of color was miss treated by Rose. If I remember the incident he stopped a person and preceded to tell them they didn’t fit the car because of race. But hey wouldn’t expect less out of a moron who left his gun in the 7-11 bathroom, lucky for him the clerk found it and called.
As for Aaron Kent he was such a tool and full of shit that the filing DA in Perris/Southwest rarely if ever filed his narcotics cases because they were so far-fetched and violated suspects, Miranda and Search and Seizure rights.  But heck Chief Horton’s Dad put his punk ass in for a Medal of Merit that he didn’t earn, that little weasel followed all his beat partners and special teams around and filled out their booking sheets and logged the case file numbers and what type of charges. He would then log those file numbers in his steno pad to build a hero sheet for being involved in narcotics cases. When Horton asked him about having a record of all the narcotics case he had put together Kent proudly presented everyone else’s file numbers and took credit for their hard work and arrests. Kent was awarded the Medal of Merit for his performance. He wasn’t even man enough to tell the truth that the cases weren’t even his. 
After being awarded the medal he didn’t wear it knowing he didn’t earn it. The truth got back to Horton and he did a little research and discovered the hero sheet was not his work but the work of others he got credit for.  Not having the balls to retract the award and look like the buffoon he was, he did the next best thing and ordered the little weasel Kent to wear and display proudly the medal he earned. That medal looked like a brick on that little boy’s chest.  Hope you still have that Aaron so you can tell you kids how you were unable to perform so you fabricated to become someone.  
This is the sort of stuff you will never see in the local media. This is the sort of stuff that is driving team sniff nuts because everyone knows it is true. Riverside Confidential will roll on regardless of what the local media does not do.
Mar 152018

In the survey of 1,000 likely voters done by nationally recognized pollsterDavid Binder, Newsom corrals 26 percent of the vote; Cox, 16 percent; Democratic state Treasurer John Chiang, 13 percent; former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, 12 percent, Assemblyman Travis Allen, R-Huntington Beach, 10 percent; Democratic former Superintendent of Public Instruction Delaine Eastin, 7 percent; and former Hillary Clinton adviser Amanda Renteria, 4 percent. The survey found 12 percent of respondents were undecided.

Now – the response of the Travis-Bots will be predictable, attack the pollster, cite that it is March, etc.

The problem is that the body of evidence is starting to mount up – John Cox is advertising, Travis Allen can’t. You can talk grassroots all you want, but when you can not organize an effort large enough to contact millions of voters, you can’t get anywhere.

The SF Chron article gets better:

A new poll has Republican businessman John Cox less than a single percentage point behind Democratic Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom in the race for governor, 45.1 percent to 44.6 percent.

Of course, the internal poll was paid for by Cox. And the numbers come after the 496 people in the online survey were asked about the importance of a series of issues or proposals and given undisclosed “positive arguments likely to be made” by Cox and Newsom.

But the most interesting part of the poll is that it simulates a head-to-head matchup in the November governor’s race, ignoring the still very-much-undecided June 5 primary.

No problem. The poll by Smith Johnson Research was designed to show whether Cox had a chance against Newsom in November, so mission accomplished.

“Results of the survey demonstrated the viability of a John Cox candidacy,” the poll’s directors said in a Sunday memorandum.

The brutal reality is setting in for Travis Allen, but rest assured, the kool-aid will continue flowing to the bitter end.

Mar 152018

We’ve said for a long time that Travis is soft on a lot of issues, immigration being one of them. He has bad votes and in other cases, non-votes that tell the story of his short tenure in the Assembly.

Here is one such vote. Travis Allen skipped voting on the illegal alien driver’s license. DOH. #EPICFAIL

Also, click the link to see what kind of public statements he made on the issue. (see also crickets)

Travis Allen has one of the highest absentee rates in the Assembly, but he did have enough time to be #touchy. #touchytravis

Mar 152018

Pictured is Miguelito.

Note that Miguelito’s logo is nearly identical to that of Chad Bianco.

Dave Kurly Krulowycz is the Captain of Moreno Valley, (When he is not perjuring himself on the stand in employment practices lawsuits) where both Miguelito and Ryan Huizinga do graveyard shift together!

It gets better – Kurly is married to some dude that is one of Ryan Huizinga’s best friends!

Huizinga and Miguelito work the same shift at Moreno Valley and have been seen paling around at training seminars / meetings in recent days.

The most telling thing is that Miguelito is not being retaliated against for running against his excellency.

Speaking of Janelle Huizinga, it is reputed that get this – Aaron Kent – is handling the cover-up investigation of her colossal screw up at the jail. Cozy. Kent probably needs to handle his own cover up as my tax dollars apparently paid for his law degree when they should have been paying for more officers on the streets.

For those of you just tuning in, Janelle Huizinga allowed a female inmate to go to the hospital un-escorted by a deputy. This is a major no-no and could lead to termination. However, since Ryan Huizinga carried Stan Sniff’s water in his recent bid to become the President of the Sheriff’s Association, it is clear that the pers investigation in to Janelle’s colossal screw up will go nowhere.

Perhaps Ryan Huizinga’s role in Miguelito’s spoiler campaign is how he is compensating for the issues.

Of further interest is Ryan Huizinga’s own issues. This is a situation that occurred sometime in October of 2017. (Remember in October, Mohammad Ali Mazarei wrote Stan Sniff a $9300 check and later that month a criminal case was opened in to one of his employees at his smog shop that was shut down over legal issues)

Ryan Huizinga was on duty and reputedly went to a relative’s house to retrieve some weapons. He was showing one off to another deputy and lost control of the loaded weapon. Rather than let the weapon fall, he attempted to grab the weapon and it discharged… at the County gas station in a residential neighborhood in Moreno Valley!

Worse, Huizinga is reputed to have waited 5-10 minutes to have reported the incident.

It is unknown who is doing the “Pers” (investigation) in to Huizinga’s misconduct. However, it is my opinion based on similar cases with friends of Stan that the Pers will go nowhere. The most common tactic is to string it out past its’ statue of limitations timeline. (It has come to my attention that Ryan Huizinga was recommended for discipline and the file has been in the offices of Internal Affairs since November of 2017 with no action)

Anyone that thinks either Huizinga will be disciplined for their misconduct does not know how Stan Sniff’s Riverside Sheriff’s Office Works. (Why hasn’t the file about the discharge been sent to the DA’s office?)

However, Ryan will continue his loyal service to Miguelito. Apparently Miguelito was brought in to the race for Sheriff by Stan Sniff because Sniff being old and white seems to think Bianco sounds hispanic. No hispanic I have ever met has the last name Bianco. This is further proof that Sniff really is either a mush-brain or a complete liberal democrat masquerading as a Republican.

A fun side note – Miguelito does not speak a word of Spanish and lives with his Grandparents.

Sniff does side with the ACLU quite often and has endorsed some extreme left-wing candidates so who knows. But, in his desperation to continue his $335k salary and benefits, he (Sniff) is now playing identity politics and Ryan Huizinga lacked the courage to file himself so enter Miguelito.

It won’t work. Skin Color (ahem identity) politics never works, it is all about the candidate. You know, like Stan Sniff and his tattered legacy of incompetency and corruption.

To be continued.

P.S. Anyone with any information on any of these actors or others is encouraged to come forward, you can remain anonymous.

Mar 142018

What a Great Photo, Huh? Captain Jason Huskey, a local business owner and a deserving deputy getting a $1,000 retail value prize.

I mean who wouldn’t be all for something like this? If you’re law enforcement you need to do due diligence on everything, and we mean everything.

We’ve lit up Sheriff Sniff over several questionable donors for having things like Coke possession, DUI, Prostitution, etc.

So where was Jason Huskey doing some BASIC due diligence on this wonderful local business?

Here is a link to a RipOff report complaint about El Paseo Jewelers. It looks really bad, but since it is an internet site for people to go and complain to, there is some error rate to it. The allegtion is that the Jewelry store owner did a bait and switch on the customer to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars.

So, I kept digging and here is a story that is on the Press-Enterprise (they must not have known they were “friends of stan”)

A corporate officer of a high-end jewelry retail store operating in Palm Desert, El Paseo Jewelry Exchange Inc., has been ordered to pay $184,044 in restitution to the state and spend 120 days in Riverside County jail after pleading guilty to felony charges relating to sales tax evasion.

Atulkumar Bhogilal Mehta, sentenced July 10, was also put on probation for three years, the California Board of Equalization said.

The case was prosecuted by Riverside County District Attorney’s Office. A BOE probe, launched in 2009, revealed that false records were prepared and submitted to the state and the company failed to pay $184,044 in sales taxes it had collected from its customers.

When the store was contacted to comment, an employee said the store manager was busy and would call back at a later time.

Whoops, a felony conviction? And Huskey and crew are accepting gifts from that business?

But wait, there’s more. They got sued by a competitor for damages. The allegations in the suit which were almost all upheld in the final judgement were that they were playing games with the price of gold in order to undercut the market.

FINAL JUDGMENT by Judge Virginia A. Phillips: (see document image for further details). 5. Judgment is hereby entered, in favor of Defendants onOut of the Boxs claim for violation of California Business & Professions Code § 17500, et seq.; 6. Ou t of the Box shall be entitled to recover from Defendants the amount of $1,500,000 for Out of the Boxs lost profits as a result of Defendants’ false advertising. Enhancement of this award is denied.7. Out of the Box shall be entitled to rec over from Defendants the amount of $880,355 in disgorgement of El Paseos profits earned as a result of the Defendants’ false advertising. 8. Defendants El Paseo Jewelry Exchange Inc, El Paseo Jewelry Inc, Raju Mehta, and Ivan Kalensky are jointly and severally liable for the entire judgment. (MD JS-6, Case Terminated). (ad)

In addition to a brother going to prison for felony tax evasion, the other business partners were held personally civilly liable for false advertising (aka lying on a mass scale) related to the operations of their business.

When I was alerted to this issue by another confidential source who is known to me, it was not difficult for this blogger from Northern California who is not a Private Investigator or ex-Law Enforcement to find this information. You’d think that those in law enforcement would do some basic due diligence on all potential community partners.

Then, there is this. It is reputed that this Jewelry Store gets broken in to frequently. You could certainly understand why the store owner would want to by cozy with the local law enforcement. When you add in the verifiable, terrible history, it makes sense why a few in public feel good gifts are also in order.

I’m just not so sure uniformed officers at a Christmas Party hosted by a business with this kind of baggage is a wise move, much less taking gifts from them.

Where’s the Sheriff in all of this? While it is not illegal for Captain Huskey to also be an Attorney at the same time as being a police captain, you kind of wonder if Huskey is not doing his homework or if his best efforts are focused on his legal work. Someone is asleep at the switch.

Mar 142018

Perhaps Stanley is screwing up by the numbers because he has not felt seriously challenged until recently.

We know anecdotally that they are attempting to investigate your intrepid blogger and have doubled down on threats against the rank and file in a vain attempt to get them to stop talking to rightondaily.

However, Stanley is making elementary school style mistakes, making it way too easy for your intrepid blogger to get a line on his taxpayer-funded campaign. If it is not the Sergeant assigned to “Special Projects” or the bombshell email between three members of Sheriff Stanley’s suck ups senior management looking for local groups to join and visit (featuring reimbursements for dues no less) or the photos of folks in Uniform at Chad Bianco events (Note, they are not going to Hemet Dave events) – it is Stanley’s County of Riverside Business card attached to a photocopy of an opinion piece written by his favorite cock-roach Sal Rodriguez.

Yes, Stanley hands these out in the middle of the day when he goes to events? Did my tax dollars pay for his attendance, the photocopies and the business cards?

We already know that our tax dollars are getting abused by several members of team Sniff gratuitously. Recently, we learned that the Palm Desert Station has obsolete Radar and they have to pull off a MacGyver trick to get a printer to work.

It is clear that Stanley is freaking out and is trying in vein to put the proverbial genie back in the bottle (while reportedly emptying bottles).

In the grand scheme of legal things, Stan Sniff taking money from a defense attorney that is defending a cop-killer (with complete horse—- tactics) who murdered the wife of a deputy may not be a prosecutible offense. Flashing his badge (once we can prove) multiple times to get out of traffic tickets may not be a prosecutible offense. Taking money from subordinates who should be under investigations my not be a prosecutible offense.

However, when these are all combined and added to the pattern of campaigning on the taxpayer dime, they paint a portrait of a man completely out of control in his office that has no regard for anyone else around him. (Including his pet cock-roach Salvador)

Speaking of donors under investigation, Mohammad Ali Mazarei is a well-known and public member of the Riverside County Lincoln Club. Perhaps this is why Sheriff Sniff felt it was a good idea to appear on a fundraiser flyer in uniform?

A couple of notes, it is my understanding that Neither Dave Brown nor Chad Bianco have been invited to this Soiree. I’ve also been told they have not been invited to the Lincoln Club at all.

Secondly, retired judge and former Riverside County District Attorney Paul Zellerbach (of campaign sign destroying fame) is the Secretary of this group. You’d think he’d have told his buddy the Sniffmeister not to use his uniform and badge on a Federal PAC fundraiser flyer.

Then of course is the Coup D’Etat. Stanley likes to make posters of himself imagining himself as the second coming of Wyatt Earp, when he is more like Mike Corona. (Note the headshot of Sniff is at least 10 years old.)

Sometimes these blogs write themselves.

The Tour-de-Sniff will continue.

Mar 132018

Bob Epps. Apparently he is still running seminars for the County of Riverside. A close looks shows that his next seminar started yesterday 3/12/2018! It also appears that some of the presenters are employees of the County. None of these things are wrong in and of themselves, but when juxtaposed with the scandal we’ve uncovered on Epps, you have to wonder if that complicates attempts to bring Epps to justice for what he is alleged to have done.

Another luminary in the annuals of past posts is Chief Deputy Ray Wood who posted a while back about his trip to Disneyland in some sort of lame response to his having been featured on this blog for visiting Chad Bianco for Sheriff events (but not Hemet Dave’s events). Ray Wood has a long storied history.

One of the best Ray Wood stories is a botched police chase that happened under his watch. A pursuit started in Jurupa Valley and ended in La Quinta. This is a distance of 80 miles (actual miles like we mention in the north state, not minutes which is how most people from socal measure things).

The chase featured several unmarked units. Apparently proper procedure is for two marked units and a Sergeant to participate. Now Chief Deputy Wood did not fix that situation which is a clear violation of department policy.

The suspect then barricaded himself in the car he was using for said chase. SWAT is called. They release a dog. Then a SWAT Team Member fires a beanbag. Another SWAT Team Member shoots the Suspect fatally. On Ray Wood’s watch.

The deputy that shot the suspect was cleared of wrongdoing because he indicated he thought the suspect was attacking the dog. That’s right, the dog. Bad tactics. a Chase done outside of department guidelines and Chief Deputy Ray Wood at the helm. The deputy was removed from SWAT and reputedly assigned to the court or some sort of admin job.

These are the sorts of people in leadership and some wonder why the rank-and-file deputies want Stan Sniff gone.

Jason Horton is another Chief Deputy. He is alleged to have gotten away with a DUI recently, he is alleged to have cheated on an advancement exam sometime in the early 2000’s and is also alleged to have had sex with several trainees in the academy when he was an instructor there. These are the things that many deputies believe about Horton, and the resentments are made worse when you are reminded that Jason Horton’s father John Horton is very close to the Sheriff hence the connection to his rapid rise up the ranks under the tenure of Sniff.

What we have learned about day-to-day life in the Riverside Sheriff’s Office is that the morale has been shattered as the leaders of the department have basically been allowed to live their lives with no accountability whatsoever while those out of favor are targeted for termination. In most departments, folks like Epps, Wood and Horton would have been terminated years ago and in the case of Epps at least would have been thoroughly investigated for wrongdoing. Not true in Stan Sniff’s department.

Mar 132018

Travis Allen, R-Huntington Beach, 36 absences, $2,351

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — California lawmakers are eligible to receive $176 per day for lodging and food for each day the Legislature is in session to compensate them for being away from home, on top of their annual six-figure salaries. A review by The Associated Press finds lawmakers routinely collect the payments on days they don’t go to work, under rules they set for themselves, or if they say they are working away from Sacramento.

Here is a list of current members of the state Legislature, the total number of days they were absent, and how much per diem each lawmaker collected on days they were absent during the most recent legislative session, from Dec. 1, 2014 to Aug. 8, 2016.

Whoopsie. Now you see how Travis Allen missed over 500 votes in his short tenure in the Assembly, he was out surfing. And, he ripped us off to boot!