May 222018

As is well documented, Riverside County is a leader year over year in “fed-kicks”, as in Court-Mandated Early Releases of Scum due to overcrowding in the jails.

A grand jury report from 2006-2007 obtained by your intrepid blogger indicates that the Grand Jury warned Sheriff Sniff about issues related to the jail and specifically mentioned overcrowding and measures that needed to be taken to deal with it.

All Sniff has done for years is complain about his budget as an excuse to do nothing.

Witness this prophetic and damming excerpt:

Due to overcrowding and a shortage of deputies, it is important to use whatever technology is available to maintain appropriate supervision. Inmate complaints of inappropriate treatment by  correctional staff, as well as the identification of areas not covered by surveillance cameras, have demonstrated the need for additional cameras, especially DVR cameras.

The following outlines specific locations at each county correctional facility where the addition of cameras are needed to protect deputies and inmates, as well as protecting Riverside County from liability and lawsuits.

1. Southwest Detention Center:
The transportation area and C, D, E, and F Pods, do not have cameras.

2. Blythe Jail Facility:
This facility has an area known as Holding Tank A. This area is currently housing 54 inmates and approximately 2/3 of the area is not observable from the entrance.

3. Larry D. Smith Correctional Facility, Banning:
The laundry, kitchen and perimeter fences do not have coverage with cameras.

4. Indio Jail Facility:
There are areas in the jail that have cameras but are not covered by DVR. These include: the kitchen, several cell block locations and some corridors.

5. Robert Presley Detention Center, Riverside:
The kitchen, dayroom, and transportation areas do not have sufficient camera coverage.

Get it? 12 years ago, equipment problems and overcrowding. Sniff did nothing but sit by and let the problems get worse. He has had more than enough time and thus has disqualified himself.

May 212018

Sheriff Stan Sniff has no platform from which to make any judgments about the County Budget. Let’s start in order of what we’ve chronicled about Stan Sniff and the County Budget:

We warned about the FY 2018 fiscal disaster coming on 11/15/2017.

We did an expose’ on a $104,000 (now over $120K a year) position dedicated to Legislative Affairs. That job is currently held by the wife of Jason Gore, a central figure in the cheating scandal, who is also high on the list to be “Friend of Stan” promoted to Sergeant.  Mrs. Gore and another county employee known as Eggplant Yvonne haul down a cool $250K between them. Both are reputed to be actively engaged in campaign related activity during business hours.

In 2011, Stan Sniff threatened mass layoffs and empty jail space to try and gain leverage in a county budget negotiation.

In 2016 Stan Sniff raked in $335K in total compensation!

In 2015, the overtime problem and the resulting budget issues came to light.

ON 2/8/2018 – we introduced you to the infamous Leonard Purvis and the machinations of Stan Sniff to sabotage the KPMG Audit.

Stan Sniff: I will leave the new jail empty. That’s right, he said it.

Even after getting another $18 Million from the County for the Department, Sniff Could not stop whining.

The consequences of Stan Sniff’s Jail Decisions, Empty Space, Fed Kicks and Sexual Harassment Lawsuits.

Even back in 2009, Sniff was getting blasted for things like $52-$60 an hour part time jobs that were costing Hundreds of Thousands out of the budget.

We learned that Rancho Mirage got affected negatively by decisions made allegedly related the the budget excuse.

And there is this:

3039 total offenders*

375 in current violation*

*California Department of Justice – Megan’s Law Database, December 2017

Sheriff Stan Sniff is unaware of the location of at least 375 court-certified sex offenders.

More than 12% of all the registered sex offenders in Riverside County have gone missing and the sheriff has failed to correct this embarrassing threat to our children and wives.

To put this into perspective, even Hemet, the crime violent crime Capitol of Riverside County has only lost track of 4% of their registered sex offenders.

Sniff has lost track of sex offenders at a rate three times that of Hemet.

Crime remains at unacceptable levels throughout Riverside County even as the Sheriff plays politics with Jail Staffing and staffing levels at key county sheriff stations.

Stan Sniff can not look at anyone and claim fiscal responsibility. The myriad scandals, many that relate to milking pay and misappropriating County Resources will be detailed again in a future post. Suffice to say, the scandals add an exclamation point to the disaster that has beset the Riverside Sheriff’s Office under Stan Sniff’s leadership.

Sheriff Sniff continually blames others for his inability to effectively manage and lead the Sheriffs Department while failing to keep Riverside County residents safe. Meantime, the Sheriff Sniff department is overrun with corruption and cover-ups. What else are we going to find out about Stan Sniff’s department?

Remember, as always we will talk to anyone with information and you can remain anonymous.

May 212018

Remember when we told you about the county’s maintenance contracts and vehicle lease arrangements? These have been in place for a while, which adds to the absurdity of the following article. Remember, also the run-and-gun battle between Stan Sniff and the Board of Supervisors who he has attacked incessantly over the years about his budget. Then you see things like this 5-0 vote on some stupid spending requested by Stan Sniff and start wondering if Stan Sniff suffers from schizophrenia in addition to being a garden variety Tyrant.

Riverside County Sheriff Stan Sniff today received the Board of Supervisors’ OK to make a $2 million purchase of vehicles and equipment slated for use by deputies who work in the court system.

The board without comment voted 5-0 to authorize the sheriff to draw budgeted funds from an internal account in order to acquire 36 vehicles, as well as radio gear and other hardware. In documents posted to the board’s policy agenda, sheriff’s officials said the court services fleet is in need of replacement and upgrades.

The board-approved purchase will enable the sheriff’s department to procure 28 Ford Interceptors, five Ford Expeditions, two Chevrolet Tahoes and one Toyota Camry hybrid.

The Camry retails for just under $30,000. However, most of the other vehicles average between $58,000 and $60,000 each after modifications.

Thirty vehicles will serve as standard black-and-whites, but five of the vehicles will be designated for “stealth” operations, sheriff’s officials said, without elaborating.

Court services deputies sometimes take part in undercover stings in which they stake out courthouses and wait for known unlicensed motorists or those with suspended licenses to leave hearings and attempt to drive away — only to be arrested for violating their probation.

Deputies assigned to the sheriff’s civil division are also responsible for serving bench warrants and other writs.

Some of the existing court division vehicles have not reached half the county’s 115,000-mile replacement standard, so those vehicles will be transferred to patrol stations for use after the new units arrive.

The $2.09 million purchase will include acquisition of gear to network each vehicle into the county’s Public Safety Enterprise Communication System, as well as equipment to directly  facilitate “civil process operations,” documents stated.

All the funds will be drawn from the Sheriff’s Write Assessment account. Every time a deputy serves a court order in a civil matter, the sheriff’s department collects a $12 fee, officials said.

We’ve written at length about the consequences of Stan Sniff’s fiscal bungling, so we are asking the obvious question – why are they incurring more leases of $500-$850 a month each to the county, more $60 a car parking fees, more $125 Oil Changes, $500 brake jobs and the like when criminals are being “Fed-Kicked” every day because Sniff refuses to staff the jails?

Yet, here we are buying equipment to be used to track unlicensed motorists and people with expired tags when drug dealers are released regularly 24 hours after arrest.

Then there is this:

The Board of Supervisors today approved Riverside County Sheriff Stan Sniff’s request to purchase an armored truck for SWAT operations at a cost of just under $300,000.

The Ballistic Engineered Armored Response Counter Attack Truck — BEARCAT — is needed to supplement the sheriff’s current fleet of three armored vehicles, according to Undersheriff Bill DiYorio.

“This is becoming standard equipment with SWAT units,” he told the board. “We use these vehicles because of the types of individuals we’re encountering.”

The customized BEARCAT will be procured from Pittsfield, Massachusetts-based Lenco Armor without seeking competitive bids from any other entity. Officials said Lenco is premier in the industry.

(Blogger’s Note – sounds like the overpriced drones or Bob Epp’s choice of Bomb Squad Equipment, doesn’t it?)

“Lenco’s passive multi-hit armor system provides ballistic protection and is built with military specifications,” according to documents posted to the board’s policy agenda. “With the use of the Lenco BEARCAT, law enforcement officers, crisis negotiators and tactical medics can safely roll face-to-face with an active shooter or barricaded gunman. In the past, negotiators and medics remained outside the ‘hot zone,’ several blocks away.”

The four-wheel drive armored truck features a camera system to cover all angles surrounding the vehicle, a topside turret system, bullet-proof windows, an intercom for use in and out of the vehicle and a 6.7-liter, turbo-charged engine.

The armor plating is the same used on military and U.S. State Department vehicles.

Officials said that in the last 18 months, the sheriff’s current armored vehicle fleet has been taken out of service 27 times because of maintenance and repairs, leaving tactical units with no means of heavy-duty transportation.

The new BEARCAT will help fill the gap, DiYorio said. “We have to have a reliable piece of equipment,” he said.

The total cost, with modifications, will come to $299,917, covered by asset forfeiture funds already in the sheriff’s budget.

The sheriff’s SWAT personnel are centrally located in Banning for deployment to all corners of the county, according to DiYorio.

Take careful note of the above – with their current fleet in disrepair because Sniff is not smart enough or engaged enough to recognize the broken system for maintaining vehicles, the solution is to buy another vehicle.

I also take note that Leonard “Lenny” Purvis also bought something like this when he was running the Banning PD in to the ground. It sure seems there is something in the DNA of Team Sniff.

Is it just me or does it seem felony stupid to buy more equipment when you can’t or won’t maintain what you have?

Is it just me or does it seem felony stupid to enforce traffic stuff when felons are getting released from jail before and after conviction due to budget issues?

Is it just me or does it seem felonious as in the stuff we’ve uncovered about the abuses of budget, time cards, cheating, maintenance and budgeting? Doesn’t it seem like yet another coverup with regard to the war between Sniff and the Board of Supervisors (in particular the war against the KPMG Audit of Sniff’s department)?

It seems to your intrepid blogger that just the dozen or so documented examples of fraud and waste, if remedied would free up millions.

Yet the latest reason to fire Stan Sniff.

May 202018

What happened to the smiley, muggy for the camera Stanley?

Stanley has been having a rough time lately even though he has been going back to the same well for dollars lately. It looks like Stanley has raised another $100k for his campaign. Why so upset Stanley?

There was a 25 year anniversary celebration of the death of Kent Alan Hintergart. The story is that Sniff went bonkers on the people organizing the remembrance because he was not consulted first. So, Stanley skipped the remembrance of this icon of the department.

Recently, retired Sergeant Christopher Sanford passed away less than a year in to his retirement. There was no acknowledgement of his death by the Sheriff and there was no escort of his body by the Sheriff’s Office (most heard about the lack of escort after the body was delivered) to the Corner’s Office. The Corona PD was left to do the job.

Wednesday Night at the RAGLM meeting (A homeowner’s association for an area between Riverside and Corona) – Sniff had Gregory Fellows and Christopher Brandon Ford with him. Must be nice to grab salaried employees and take them on campaign stops. He was trolled by people in attendance and reacted accordingly.

At the Sheriff’s award ceremony, Sniff was so personally disturbed that he sped by everyone in the hallway, ignoring their greetings. When he was having trouble opening the door to his office, someone opened it for him and he then pulled the door shut behind himself. People present were aghast at the rudeness.

Just yesterday, Sniff showed up late to the MADD (mothers against drunk driving) meeting with Chrisopher Brandon Ford and Lenny. He did not speak even though he was supposed to, instead he sat at his table, ate then left.

Sniff also skipped the CRA endorsement meeting that was (5/18/2018). The CRA is a group that is in the bag for Sniff, so this is quite odd.

It appears that the Sniffmeister is not having a good time these days. He could suspend his campaign and the beatings will stop, but we all know that is not going to happen.

May 192018

These are the campaign contributions made by Riverside Sheriff’s Department employees to Sheriff Sniff.  Titles are included when listed in the campaign reports.

Its curious that some contributors have bounced up and down at a fairly rapid pace.  Some employees promoted really fast, others not so much. Some appear to have been demoted and re-promoted – at least according to the campaign filings that Sniff signed under penalty of perjury that he examined his filings and they are correct based on the best of his abilities.

Either his abilities to figure out the rank of his employee donors is extremely flawed OR he simply failed to review the document for accuracy – in spite of signing these documents under oath.

Last time I checked, perjury is listed as a felony in the California Penal Code.

Over the years, Sniff has extracted $38,097 from his employees – many from those he promoted or would promote soon.

It sure looks like he was selling promotions to a number of these folks.

Of course, Sniff is likely to respond that these employees contributed freely to his campaigns because they viewed him as the best person for the job.  Fair enough.  Let’s run with that perspective.

So, in Sniff’s world, the $38,097 is just financial validation of the support he earned from these employees.

Well, this is going to sting a bit.

Sniff needs to be reminded that the $600,000+ contributed to Bianco’s campaign is just financial validation of the the bulk of Sniff’s employees telling Sniff that he has lost the support of his employees and he needs to pack his bags.

Sniff complains about unions – especially public employee unions – and how they are spending union dues to oppose his re-election.

Poor Sniffles.  His dementia must be more advances than previously reported because during his prior elections, he had no problem at all taking wads of public employee union money.  I guess now that he’s been cut off, he’s decided that union money i a bad thing.

Please see previous post about Sniff taking $193,000 from unions, with the lion’s share coming from the RSA.

Karma’s a … what?

We’ve made it easy for the world to see who is kissing Sniff’s butt and hoping for promotions before he leaves office with his tail between his legs.

The visual is hilarious, and “sniffs butt” just makes me laugh. Enjoy the numbers.

John Anderson

$100          2/1/10

$100          5/16/14 (Chf Dep)

$100          5/12/15

$100          12/7/15

$100          12/23/16

Garland Bell

$100          2/1/10 (Dep)

$125          6/14/10

Andre Benson

$150          6/11/09

Chad Bianco

$200          7/10/09

Jaime Briones

$200          5/18/10 (Sgt.)


$500           6/8/09

$500          2/1/10

$1,000       12/4/13

$100          12/8/14

$100          9/14/15

$100          12/4/15

$100          5/2/16

$100          9/20/16

$100          11/29/16

$100          4/20/17

$100          5/15/17

$150          6/17/17

$100          9/7/17

$100          11/9/17

$100          12/2/17

$150          2/26/18

$150          3/26/18

$5,000       5/14/18

$8,250       Total

Hugh Coz

$1,000       5/12 (Cpt)

Adam Decosta

$100          5/23/10


$150          9/17 (Sgt)

$100          6/28/17

$250          3/7/18

$150          3/30/18

Kenneth Ditton

$150          3/10/14

$150          5/6/15 (Lt)

$150          5/18/16

$50             3/30/18


$1,000        9/2/2008

$200          12/3/12

$100          2/13/13

$100          3/18/13

$99             6/6/13

$150          6/12/14

$200          12/8/14

$150          5/11/15 (UnderSh)

$150          9/20/16

$150          12/23/16

$150          10/13/17

Lisa DiYorio

$150           12/13/17

$150          4/2/18

$150          4/20/18

Daniel Eaglin

$500          3/19/09

Robyn Flores (NOW THE CIO)

$150          10/2/17

Christopher Brandon Ford

$100          11/26/15

$100          5/15/17 (Cpt)

$150          9/29/17 (Chief)

Gerald Franchville

$100  9/22/08

Eric Garcia

$200          9/6/13 (Dep)

Cora Gonzales

$100          12/11/14

Roy E. Grace

$150          4/25/17

$300          4/25/14

Brian Gray

$100          1/31/18

$250          3/2/118

Raymond Gregory (in 3 years, he promoted from Lt. to Asst Sheriff)

$100          9/22/08

$100           11/24/08

$125          11/5/09 (Lt.)

$250          5/17/10 (Cpt)

$100          5/12/12 (Chf Dep)

$100          12/3/12 (Asst Sheriff)

$100          2/20/13 (Chf Dep)

$100          12/4/13 (Chf Dep)

$150          2/24/14 (Chf Dep)

$200          12/1/14 (Asst. Sheriff)

$100          5/11/15 (Asst Sheriff)

$150          9/14/15

$150          10/13/15

$100          11/20/15

$150          2/21/16

$150          9/12/16

$100          12/5/16

$150          4/25/17

$100          6/16/17

Larry Grotefend

$250          10/27/09 (Lt.)

Jerry Gutierrez

$500           9/2/08

$100          12/3/12

$100          12/4/13 (C Chf Dep)

$100          3/6/14

$100          5/16/14

$100          12/11/14

$100          5/12/15 (Asst. Sheriff)

$100          12/7/15

$150          5/26/16

$100          12/12/16

$100          7/3/17

$100          10/5/17

$100          12/13/17

Rick Hall

$100          9/3/09 (Chf. Deputy)

$100          5/21/10

Ed Harvey

$100          9/16/09

Daniel E Hedge, Jr.

$100          7/3/17

John Hill

$125          11/12/08 (Lt.)

$100          11/17

Valerie Hill

$100          12/17

Jason B Horton Sr. (as in Jason “Deuce” Horton)

$100          10/17

$500          12/6/10 (Sgt)

$200          5/14/13

$150          2/17/14 (Cpt)

$150          5/12/15 (Sgt)

$300          9/30/15 (Cpt)

$150          12/7/15 (Cpt)

$150          5/18/16

$150          9/30/16

$150          12/23/16

$100          10/5/17

Jason Huskey (The Trainwreck Palm Desert Captain)

$250           11/24/08 (Lt.)

$1,000       2/22/13

$100          11/22/17

Aaron Kent (Yes THAT Aaron Kent)

$150          5/25/17

Craig Kilday

$100           9/22/08 (Asst. Shf.)

$250          3/12/09

$100          3/19/09

Jeffrey Kubel

$150          5/17/17

Michelle Larson

$150          9/15/17

Michael Lind

$250          9/16/09

$200          11/22/13

David Madden

$100  9/26/08 (Sr. Inv)

John Magnan

$150          5/25/17

Carmen Mariscal

$200          12/10/12

Cynthia Mayman

$200          12/16/09

$200          12/6/10

John McBrearty

$100          7/3/17

Douglas McGrew

$100          5/16/14

John Metroka

$100  12/2/08 (Lt.)

Virginia Busby Murdoch

$200          3/21/13 (Cpt)

$200          6/3/13

Patrick Nash

$100          10/5/15 (C Lt.)

Andre O’Harra

$1,000  11/12/08 (Lt.)

$500  11/24/08

Joe Pemberton

$200          2/28/18 (Cpt)

Robert Perdue

$100          11/2/15

$200          9/20/16

Mike Portillo

$150          12/2/16

$150          9/11/17

$100          12/6/17

$100          5/17

Leonard Purvis (LENNY!)

$100          12/17/15

$100          5/2/16

$100          12/12/16

$100          6/17

$150          3/7/18

Chris Reinhardt

$100          12/13/17

Ralph Rico

$150          9/17/16

Donald Sharp

$600          8/17/16

$150          9/2/16

$150          10/5/17

Dennis Schertell

$250          9/16/09

Larry Sherman

$150          1/25/14 (Sgt)

Steve Thetford

$100          12/3/12 (Asst Sheriff)

Terrence Tingle

$100          7/10/09

Lee Wagner

$100          9/16/09

$100          5/12/15 (Asst. Sheriff)

Colleen Walker

$125          11/13/09 (Asst. Shf)

$200          6/3/11

Gerald Williams

$200          7/10/09

$200          4/15/10 (Dep)

$200          5/19/11 (Asst Sheriff)

$200          5/16/12 


$99             2017

$200          10/13/17

$100          11/01/17

$150          11/30/17

May 182018

You have to wonder. When you see the LONG list of RSO Employees who are also donors and then correlate it to management level employees, there seems to be a pattern.

Be it Aaron Kent, Christian Dekker, Jason Huskey, Lyndon Raymond “the Executioner” Wood, Kevin Vest, Leonard “Lenny” Purvis, Undertaker Diyoyo (or his wife) or others… they are all there.

I used to think Jason “Deuce” Horton was #1 on the list, sporting $1650 “donated” over the last few years was tops on the RSO employee donor list.

Joseph Cleary has vaulted himself to the top of the list. Cleary has been an “At Will” Employee of his excellency the Sniffmeister since 2010. Some say Cleary is a nice guy, others think his personality found it’s way to the side of a milk carton “have you seen me”.

According to the department’s information ministry, Cleary was promoted to Chief Deputy in 2010 and then to Ass Sheriff in 2015. Of particular note is the following:

In November 2015, Sheriff Stan Sniff appointed Assistant Sheriff Cleary to his current rank. In this capacity, he oversees the Department’s Field Operations divisions. These divisions encompass the Sheriff’s patrol stations, contract city policing, narcotics, intelligence, homicide and gang units, search and rescue operations, SWAT, aviation, and Hazardous Device Team.

Did you catch all that?

This means Bomb the Bomber Epps committing several potential felonies happened on Cleary’s Watch.

Part of Aaron Kent ripping of $300K in overtime happened on Cleary’s Watch.

Some of Christian Dekker’s worst antics happened on Cleary’s Watch.

The broken equipment at Moreno Valley, Thermal, Palm Desert, Hemet? Yup, Cleary is the Assistant Sheriff in charge of operations.

The Contract City Overtime Ripoffs? At least since November 2015 Cleary has overseen that.

This is of course why Cleary was giving the order to two Chief Deputies to engage in “service club” activity on taxpayer time, it’s his department. At least Cleary appears to understand how to rip the taxpayers off correctly as it seems he never grasped how to deal with corruption in his departments.

This level of incompetence and/or corruption explains why Cleary has infested the second floor for 8 years.

In total, Cleary has been promoted by Sniff 3 times. Special.

My understanding of the extremely broken, overpriced public employee pension system is that Cleary is maxed out as he has already put in his 30 years. The only way Cleary’s Pension will go up is if he replaces Diyoyo or Stan Sniff. This is what  cops call motive.

It is not unreasonable to assume that Cleary is in the front of the line for Undersheriff and a potential appointment for a burnt out, wounded Sheriff who is rumored to be looking at retirement regardless of re-election.

But Cleary’s a good guy don’t you know…

To be continued.


May 172018

Yup. We’ve all seen it. Travis Allen is always “Fashionably Late”. Yesterday, he showed up an hour after the Placer Board of Supervisor’s meeting started. He showed up 2 hours late to the Sacramento GOP meeting. He’s shown up 15-45 minutes late to events. He even showed up 15 minutes late to a televised debate in Fresno.

So, why am I not surprised to learn that Travis Allen was forced to settle a claim for $8,000 related to an Annuity he sold that the client had actually decided against taking delivery of?

Wealth Strategies Group (Travis Allen’s Investment Firm) is a representative of and sells securities through Securities America Advisors, Inc. However, Allen and Wealth Strategies Group previously sold securities through Brookstreet Securities Corporation, which collapsed amidst scandal in June 2007 and was later sued by the SEC for high-risk investments to customers with more conservative investment goals.

Travis Allen has had three customer disputes filed against him according to FINRA, including one which claimed the customer was sold a high risk real estate fund;; even though they wanted investments with little risk – this is the same type of activity the SEC investigated Brookstreet over, additionally the complaint shows the actions by Allen took place while he was still working with Brookstreet.

Travis Allen was forced to pay $8,000 to settle another FINRA customer dispute in October 2004 after a customer complaint was also filed against Allen for failure to deliver an annuity policy in a timely manner.

Travis Allen promotes “environmentally responsible” investment strategies – i.e., investments that don’t support companies with irresponsible environmental or social corporate activity and
that promote progressive ideologies. This was according to archives of old websites that were captured. It certainly dovetails with his votes to ban the sale of Rhino Horn and his award from the Sierra Club after he skipped voting on the lead ammo ban.

Having been securities licensed at one point, I know that you have to be a five-star screw up to lose a complaint so bad you have to pay a fine. This complaint was 100% avoidable, but seems to be part of a pattern of poor personal discipline on the part of Travis Allen and would be an opposition researcher’s dream for any opponent of Travis Allen’s.

May 172018

In response to a request for a list of cheaters, we are posting a complete list of those named in the report. See Page 1 here and see Page 2 here. We are here to help as the Desert Sun wrote the following excuse as to why they did not name all the names:

The Desert Sun investigation into the cheating scandal was based on hundreds of pages of sheriff’s department documents and 15 hours of interview recordings obtained by the newspaper. The Desert Sun is not identifying most of the employees who were implicated in the cheating scandal because the internal affairs documents obtained by the newspaper are incomplete. The documents summarize the investigation but do not include the conclusions as to each employee, so it is not definitively clear which employees were found to have violated sheriff’s department policies and which were not.

Let me help out the Desert Sun – since there is a history of cover ups and subjective lynchings of RSO Employees by the Sniff Regime, this excuse is pure BS and rings hollow. It will never be definitively clear because the Ratt Squad (as proven repeatedly by Right on Daily) is as crooked as the highway to Idyllwild. (Wow, bet ya’all didn’t know this northerner knew where that was huh?)

So Cheater Jason Gore is making Sergeant after having made Investigator post cheating. If you think Gore’s wife being Sniff’s Legislative Liaison (aka $120k annual salary on the second floor) has nothing to do with the special treatment of Jason Gore, you guys are smoking some of that weed you favor the commercial cultivation of.

Since we have to have proof of everything beyond that of the holy see himself, here is a copy of Today’s promotion list as accurately reported on (once again) by your intrepid blogger.

The message? Cheating DOES pay if you are a Stan Sniff butt-monkey.

We broke the news of Gore’s Promotion on May 9th, a full week before the deed was done. This is after we beat the Desert Sun by three weeks on the Cheating Scandal and our coverage of the Pitchess motion filed by Donald Vincent Brooks was out a full 24 hours before the local media picked it up.

For those of you scoring at home, this means that Cheater Jason “Pitchess” Gore got TWO promotions post cheating. Special.

And that brings us to Joseph Cleary – he of the ordering two Chief Deputies to campaign on public time. (Remember that one?)

Since the rank and file are so beat down and desperate to work for people that aren’t raging jerks some have been defending Joseph Cleary.

Note that Cleary also shows up on Sniff’s donor list long before today’s update.

In 2017, Cleary, who some defend as some sort of “Good Guy” donated 6 times to Stan Sniff totalling $650.

The swamp of the second floor runs deep it appears. This exercise should make it clear to everyone, this is a black and white issue. Either you are with Stan Sniff or you are not. It is that simple. Nice guys that are aligned with Sniff are as tarred as those actively doing his bidding. (Cleary is both)

Since Cleary has been clearly implicated in doing at least one thing that may be illegal on behalf of the Sheriff, the fact that Cleary just wrote Sniff a $5,000 check right as Undertaker Diyoyo is retiring is really suspect timing. Was there a quid-pro-quo?

Kevin Vest is the other Assistant Sheriff, he is older, fatter and less liked than Cleary. Gutierrez was (in my opinion) appointed to Assistant Sheriff as a non-sworn (he is a prison guard) as a gigantic up yours to the rank and file and having a non sworn Undersheriff would be even more absurd.

Vest has not donated as much to Sniff and his age suggests that he is a short-timer.

Embedded here is a screenshot of Sniff’s latest form 497 (24 hour reporting of donations over $1,000) showing the “donation” from Joseph Cleary. It is sandwiched in with two more checks from local major donors.

You ask yourself what is going on. It stinks.

Speaking of stuff you won’t see reported on in the local papers, we will rock on burning down the house.

May 162018

Travis Allen attacked the Tea Party! See the embedded link. Apparently some of the brain donors that hatched this conspiracy have not see the advertisements on this blog since January for Cox for Governor. #FACEPALM

Well, Randall Jordan, the facilitator for the Tea Party California Caucus

Dear Fellow Tea Party Members and Supporters:
I know this is politics, but I am sickened by an anonymous scam artist calling himself “Silence is no voice”.  This person has created a Facebook page for “Cox” volunteers, claimed that Cox paid off the Tea Party California Caucus for its endorsement and that I had donated $900 to his campaign for Governor.
1. The Tea Party Caucus does not endorse in ANY race.  So, he could not “buy” an endorsement.
2. Cox did donate $1,000 the TPCC to be a sponsor of a conference we held, “The Real Resistance”, in the summer of 2017.
3. Contrary to the scamsters statement I am NOT a member of the CRP Executive Committee.
4. I did not donate $900 to the initiative campaign for a “Neighborhood Legislature” in February, 2017. Nor did I donate to Cox for his race for Governor
5. The person behind this is obviously trying to confuse conservatives and create chaos among our dedicated activists.  Please let me know who is passing these rumors and we will contact them.
The Tea Party California Caucus is holding a conservative coalition dinner on Friday night at the convention.  It will be at Phils BBQ, near the hotel.  For more information and to buy your ticket, go here:
Our Featured speaker will the America One newscaster and anchor, Graham Ledger. This is an opportunity to meet and network with like minded conservative leaders and activists.
On Saturday the TPCC is sponsoring a conference, “2019 and Beyond for the Republican Party”.  Amon the speakers will be Jon Fleischman, Linda Paine and Steve Frank.  Woody Woodrum will be hosting.
See you next week in San Diego!!
Randall Jordan
Chairman Tea Party California Caucus

When marginal candidates realize they are losing they go in to a state of feuge where they start flying apart at the seams and trying to take anyone and everyone down with them. Travis Allen’s sexualized emotional manipulation has gotten to the place where the results are toxic. Good people who are innocent and non-combatants are getting savaged.

Today, the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers endorsed John Cox. It will not be long before there are public attacks beyond the small facebook group grumblings attacking Jarvis for their choice.

“HJTA PAC Board of Directors was impressed by Cox, who has been an important coalition partner in the gas/car tax repeal effort. Jon Coupal further stated that ‘John Cox has demonstrated an ability to work with a broad spectrum of people to accomplish difficult and important goals and to articulate a limited government and pro-property rights message.’”

Travis Allen is also melting down over the increasing questions being asked about his horrendous attendance as an Assemblymember.

In fact, Travis Allen who has been campaigning on a Voter ID Law did not even show up to present his own bill!!! See the embedded tweet from the chairman of the elections committee.

To top it off, Travis Allen missed a Televised Debate, showing up late as is his custom to campaign events. He was 2 hours late to the Sacramento GOP endorsing meeting and has been 15-30 minutes late to events consistently.

In 2015 – Travis Allen missed 25% of the votes in the Assembly.

In the Assembly, Assemblyman Rocky Chávez, R-Oceanside, did not vote 14.9 percent of the time on the floor, and Assemblywoman Nora Campos, D-San Jose, had a nonvote percentage of 10.9 percent. In committee action,Assembly members Travis Allen, R-Huntington Beach, and Roger Hernández, D-Baldwin Park, did not vote about a quarter of the time.

Was Travis out buying dinner tickets for $1000 to Jerry Brown or $250 to Brad “Impeachment” Sherman?

In 2016 – Travis Allen took Per-Diem 36 Times when he was absent (meaning he likely was absent more than the 36 times documented here)

Travis Allen, R-Huntington Beach, 36 absences, $2,351


Is Travis Allen a serious candidate? Or, does he in the middle of a mid-life crisis where he needs to feel important?

May 162018

We’ve written extensively about Stan Sniff and crew hosing contract cities. We’ve detailed Palm Desert, Moreno Valley and Thermal Station in particular gaming their schedules to burn off un-used overtime hours so they don’t have to refund contract cities that money. It is a time honored tradition.

It is made even more absurd by the outrageous condition of equipment all over the Sheriff’s Department. The embedded photo is another rusted out car in service at Lake Elsinore Station.

So, the contract cities get a compounded rate increase of over 12% from FY 2017 – FY 2019 in exchange for stations mis-allocating man hours due to incompetence and cover-up (ahem) and rusty cars! What a deal!

It makes me wonder what is behind door #2.

Linked is another limp-wristed article from a local media source.

Riverside County Sheriff Stan Sniff announced today that the rates charged to 17 cities that contract with the county for law enforcement services will not jump as high as expected, despite mounting cost pressures.

According to a statement released by the sheriff’s executive staff, the anticipated rate adjustment is 6.65 percent, instead of the 8-10 percent increase that officials previously thought likely.

YIPEE. But wait – there’s more…

The rate was hiked last year by 5.14 percent, bringing the hourly cost of a patrol deputy to $168.45 per hour in the municipalities served by the sheriff’s department.

Only the city of Moreno Valley openly protested the upward revision to the rate schedule in 2017. In 2015, a 7 percent hike prompted an outcry from elected and non-elected officials from Indian Wells, Lake Elsinore, Moreno Valley, Palm Desert and Temecula, who challenged the justification for such a significant adjustment. They protested that law enforcement expenses were draining their budgets and should be capped.

Those cities are right to be upset, but for the wrong reasons. Let’s start with the dilapidated equipment, managerial incompetence, book-cooking, overtime ripoffs, corruption and myriad cover-ups. The contract cities should file a class-action lawsuit against Stan Sniff for what he has done to them.

The article concludes with a bunch of Stan Sniff’s talking points and similar to the Desert Sun and Press-Enterprise makes no mention of Sniff’s challengers in the article. (The Sun and the P-E usually throw away one sentence after using a few paragrpahs of pablum talking points)

Perhaps this is why this blog is pushing 750,000 hits since the first of the year. People want to get news from somewhere. Leave it to this “Biased Blogger” to do the job of the so-called media for them.