Mar 162017

For those of you not aware – in 2018 the Democrat Party will accomplish another one of their social engineering goals. Electricity rates will basically double statewide as the State Changes to a 2 Tier Electrical Rating System.

I recently received a notice that my water rates are going up 16% and sewer rates 14% over the next two years. The notice was clear that the rate increase was due to state mandates.

This is the psychosis of Sacramento where tin-horn demagogues like Kevin De Leon (who has illegal alien family members here in California) and Ricardo Lara are in a pitched battle to see who can get the crown for the worst bill in State History passed.

Kevin De Leon has decided to go for broke with a bill mandating 100% Renewable Energy in California by 2050. Renewable energy is stuff like Solar and Wind Power. Solar Panels wear out in 5-10 years, Wind turbines break frequently (and GASP! kill birds) and both methods are subject to the weather. Note – Dams that let water run over turbines do not count.

CA residential electricity costs an average of 42.3% more per kWh than the national average. CA commercial rates are 51.8% higher.  For industrial use, CA electricity is an astonishing 93.6% higher than the national average (July, 2016). The difference is growing between CA and the national average.

Another thing that is absurdly expensive in California? Housing. Thanks to people like Victor Bekhet, Sierra Watch and others that file CEQA lawsuits to thwart development and of course the psychos in Sacramento, there is amazingly a housing crisis in California despite the mass exodus of people. California has 38% of the Welfare cases in America and apparently, the dependent class has nowhere to live. Read more here.

The 2017-18 Governor’s Budget detailed Brown’s intention of phasing out the Middle Class Scholarship program, which assists students who come from households with a combined income of $156,000 or less with 40 per cent of their tuition costs.

But not getting cut is the funding for illegal alien DREAMers. This is where the California Left is.

Paul Golaszewski, Principal Fiscal & Policy Analyst for the LAO, told Campus Reform that the DREAM Act is going to cost California taxpayers $88.6 million in fiscal year 2017/18.

The total savings from screwing the middle class citizens? $111 Million. Total.

The state is $2 Billion in the hole still. Read the article here.

The State of CA is taking steps to make sure all the regulations Donald Trump is rolling back get re-encoded in State Law. Apparently, those in Charge of California want to have over 50% of the welfare cases in this state.

Introduced into the California Senate by Senate leader Kevin de Leon and Henry Stern, SB 49 is designed to protect California if there are rollbacks of major federal environmental laws such as the Clean Water Act, the Clean Air Act, the Endangered Species Act and the Safe Drinking Water Act by making current standards enforceable as baselines under state law.

Why am I not surprised to see Kevin De Leon as the author of this?

Read more here about this and 5 other Water-Related Bills as the insanity rolls on.

Feb 222017

Ricardo Lara – who would be a great tin-horn dictator in a third world country has introduced SB562, to create single-payer health insurance in California. This is in response to their deep fears of Donald Trump and his evil plan to repeal and replace Obamacare. The real nexus? Government Control and Health Insurance for illegal aliens.

In 2015, Brown signed into law the senator’s Health4All Kids bill, which allocates almost $280 million in the coming fiscal year to cover health care costs for 185,000 undocumented California children up to age 18.

Last year, Brown also signed a Lara bill that would have allowed undocumented Californians to buy insurance through Covered California, the state’s health insurance exchange, regardless of their immigration status. The legislation would have cost taxpayers little or nothing because the undocumented wouldn’t have been entitled to any government subsidies, and the state filed for a federal waiver under the Affordable Care Act seeking to implement it. But last month, after it was delayed by the Trump administration, Lara withdrew the waiver request.

Lara who is on a roll this cycle also introduced SB29, which basically prevents law enforcement from using independent contractors to help them deal with illegal aliens. And it gets better, if you actually do detail illegal aliens, your records are immediately subject to FOIA requests. This means internal communication (similar to what Obama holdovers are leaking to the press in real time), investigation files and other things law enforcement use to gain advantage in prosecution are now public record. Nice, huh?

SB1 is the $5 Billion Gas Tax Hike. Please also note that the car tax is going up $65 a piece and the mileage tax is in the “study phase” thanks in no small part to State Senator Ted Gaines, a “Republican” who voted yes on the bill to establish the study of the mileage tax. Note that our roads are a mess and the current tax money goes in to the general fund so people like Ricardo Lara can spend it on welfare (and single payer healthcare).

IF you think the Gas Tax will be replaced by the mileage tax, you are insane. The Mileage Tax will be in addition to.

Assemblymember Lorena Gonzalez introduced AB250 which is taxpayer subsidized trips to the beach for poor people. Yup, the state is in the hole $100+ Billion with Dams breaking and washed out roads everywhere and the priority is beach trips for the poor.

SB6 and AB3 – both bills would provide taxpayer funded legal assistance for illegal aliens in California to fight against ICE deporting them. Apparently, the psychos in the dem leadership in CA forgot that immigration policy is set by the federal government and neither law would stand up in court. (except maybe in the 9th circus)

In addition to Lara’s bill to expose law enforcement to unlimited civil liability for dealing with illegal aliens, Lara introduced to more bills. One is aimed at preventing construction of the border wall and the other is aimed at preventing a Muslim database. (Which does not exist)

SB179 is the Transgender change-your-drivers-license bill. Apparently, it is just too difficult to change all your legal documents to reflect how you feel about your genitalia as it is in its’ current state. According to Sen. Weiner, (one of the authors) “Our trans brothers and sisters are under attack in far too many parts of this country and this world.” I guess boys in the girl’s locker room is now a civil right. Note – Weiner is the guy’s actual last name.

SB2 – a tax increase on Commercial Real Estate and Rental Properties to pay for low-income housing. Like all of these bills, the money goes in to the general fund and may not be spent on its’ intended purpose (similar to gas taxes and infrastructure funds).

Lest you think bad bills are limited to democrats. Here is one with far less earth-shattering impact: Janet Nguyen wants to make campaign finance filings instantly available under FOIA. This would be especially helpful if you had the ability to go an intimidate donors and/or publicly humiliate Independent Expenditure Funders. This is SB529  It wpudl also give advantage in a campaign to the better funded candidate as the intimidation of donors has an increased effect when their is a perception of one winning versus another.

I am sure I will have an update because the democrats can’t help themselves.

Feb 202017

Unless you have been living under a rock, you’ve seen the media celebrating taking General Michael Flynn out. It is likely and will be confirmed pending an investigation that Obama holdovers in the intelligence services leaked PARTS, not the whole tape of Mr. Flynn talking to Russian officials long before Trump was inaugurated.

One after the other, the media breathlessly reported that this is a scandal. Well, it is petering out. The clear nexus is that the media and the democrats are going to play the “Russia did it” card in order to de-legitimize Donald Trump’s election. The democrats are still thunderstruck over their loss. They need someone to blame – their willing lackeys in the media are doing their bidding and have completely abandoned any pretense of Journalism.

Trump, for his part started lighting up to media from the opening bell, including forcefully ripping in to them repeatedly.

Trump referenced how his calls with Mexico and Australia were basically leaked in real time. Within hours of each call the media were breathlessly reporting the misleading excerpts of it. Both times, the lie about Trump threatening them both was quickly debunked.

The ending of this Michael Flynn saga ultimately will lead to the exposure of all the Obama holdovers that have been leaking the phone transcripts to their willing lackeys in the media.

Click here to watch the entire press conference. Trump made it clear that the Justice Department will be investigating the leaks and hunting them down. He also unloaded on a few specific outlets by name.

Note that some media outlets are reporting that Obama himself may be coordinating the leaks and the Organizing for Action Riots that are occurring. There is indeed a connection. The NY Post blasted Obama as well.

In Spite of unprecedented Democrat Obstruction of his cabinet, Donald Trump is plowing forward with his agenda.

Just today – budget Hawk Mick Mulvaney was confirmed. This despite a dedicated and determined drill by Senate Democrats against him. This is the office of management and budget post.

Trump announced Alex Acosta as the new Pick for Secretary of Labor. This immediately sent the democrats in to a tailspin again as he has been confirmed by the Senate three times in the past, once for a Cabinet position. Acosta is a Conservative former law clerk for Samuel Alito and the a US Attorney from South Florida. They hardly had time to celebrate “Getting” Andrew Pudzer.

Trump EPA Nominee Scott Pruitt advanced to a final vote on a 54-46 procedural vote with Two Democrat Senators breaking ranks, Joe Manchin (D -WV t+42% in 2016) and Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND T+40% in 2016). Charles Schumer has exerted almost stalinistic control of his caucus in a nearly psychotic rampage 100% about trying to throttle Trump’s agenda.

Mr. Trump also announced that one of the main financiers of the #NEVERTRUMP movement was at the White House for a meeting and is now part of the team. (Billionaire Paul Singer)

He referenced several plants being retained by American companies versus going overseas. In addition, he highlighted several specific examples of companies that have decided to re-invest in America. Ford, Fiat, GM, Intel and Wal-Mart led the list of specific mentions…

He spoke directly about a re-do of the so-called Travel Ban executive order. This was a contest to a lot of fake news that he was going to drop the case that is headed to the Supreme Court. He indicated that he was going to re-write the order(s) as well as continuing the court case. This flies in the face of the obama organized protests / riots going on in various places in America.

He lit up Obama repeatedly on foreign policy indicating that he inherited a Mess from Obama.

He specifically said he was going to rebuild the military.

In addition, he specifically stated that his replacement to Obamacare would be coming out in Early March. This as former Obamacare sellouts (aka the Aetna CEO) are now calling its’ collapse eminent.

Hi indicated that his Tax Reform Plan is also coming out in March and is being negotiated.

He highlighted withdrawing from the Trans Pacific Partnership, he highlighted streamlining permitting processes (a sacred cow of the left bureaucracy is massive red tape), a moratorium on new regulations (along with a massive effort to can all of Obama’s lasts minute narcissistic rage regulations), a hiring freeze for the government, the new rule about how you must withdraw 2 regulations for every new one issued, a violent crime task force, a drug interdiction task force, significant border security measures (aka the wall and ending catch and release), deporting criminal aliens, hammering sanctuary cities, a new department in the department of homeland security for victims of crimes by illegal aliens, “extreme vetting” of immigrants / refugees, constructing the Keystone Pipeline and Dakota Access Pipelines, tasking his approved cabinet members with negotiating new trade deals for America, and he referenced Neil Gorsuch as a promise kept to America.

He indicated “Some Very Big Things are Coming Next Week”… can’t wait to see them.

The key takeaway from today’s press conference, he served notice on the media that he is 100% aware of their efforts and the efforts of others to sabotage his presidency. He put them all on notice – if you track the riots/demonstrations, they all have a central nexus, protect Obama’s legacy of failure. (Obamacare, forced muslim immigration and regulatory assassination of our economy) – you’d have to be a delusional idiot to miss the deeper meaning of Trump’s words. I am pretty sure that the Media will.

P.S. This week Trump started signing legislation – two first two bills of a package of repeals of insane Obama-Era Regulations. One torching a job killing alleged transparency bill designed to hamstring energy companies and another regulation that was decimating the coal industry.

Feb 202017
I recently had dinner with a member of the State Assembly. I was told that the Mileage Tax (that was supported by none other than Ted Gaines) is going to become a reality. I was also told that the VLF increase of $65 is a done deal. A gas tax hike is a done deal.

Splitting Commercial Property and jacking the property taxes looks likely to pass as well. (This is the “Split-Roll” thing people have talked about for years)

There is a so-called “Snack Tax” that is also up for consideration.

If you were not sick enough – I had a friend send me some info:

SB-18, the Nanny State on Acid Bill. This Bill is so broad and so poorly written on purpose that it literally puts the School System and the State of CA in front of parent’s rights for good. Gun groups even believe that this law could be used to steal children from their parents over Gun Ownership.

Senator Richard Pan, who is the author of SB-18 is on a roll after his forced vaccination bill passed last year. It is my belief that Richard Pan has gone insane and would make a great despot of a small Asian Country.

Pan is also a doctor and as such, believes that Doctors should have little or no oversight and unlimited power over our lives. Not only does SB-18 empower the state, but it also gives doctors even more power to intervene in parenting as well.

So Pan decided to go postal this session:

SB-426, which expands the government’s role in home visits. It has nebulous definitions of what “At-Risk Families” are. AS in, bibles and guns could be included. It also controls more of county budgets (that are already 90% controlled by the state). How does he intend for Government to exert the control? Either do what we say or lose the funding.

SB-487 which strips hospitals of oversight of doctors. It makes it much more difficult for bad doctors to get convicted of a crime related to their surgical practices.

SB-481 allows a doctor to make care decisions for senior patients when there is no health care directive in place or a responsible party available. So, if you have a loved one in a care facility, you had better have an estate plan, and a care directive in place or the doctor in the facility could euthanize them. The bill literally gives a doctor the unilateral ability to declare a patient unfit. This is amazing and is an extension of the Physician Assisted Suicide Bill.

I am wondering if calling Senator Richard Pan, Richard Mengele is more appropriate.

SB-808 gives School Districts complete veto power over Charter Schools. Senator Tony Mendoza is a whore of the Teacher’s Union, so it stands to reason that he’d pay off his master with this gem.

This bill would repeal those provisions authorizing a county board of education or the state board to approve a petition to establish a charter school and would specify that, on and after January 1, 2018, a petition to establish a charter school may not be approved by a county board of education or the state board and may be submitted only to the school district the boundaries within which the charter school would be located. The bill would provide that charter schools operating under a charter approved by a county board of education or the state board may continue to operate under those charters only until the date on which the charter is required to be renewed.

It is my understanding that the John Adams Academy and the Western Sierra Collegiate Academy were both chartered by the Placer County Office of Education. They can both kiss their charters good bye if this passes unless the underlying school boards have had a change of heart.

The bottom line with SB 808 is that it empowers the Teacher’s Unions to spend millions electing their lackeys in to school districts so they can choke off and kill competition.

Existing School Boards with Union Majorities will be able to eliminate Charter Schools wholesale WITH NO RECOURSE FOR THE CHARTER SCHOOL after 1/1/2018.

Gotta love these democrats. Authoritarian to their core.

The last bill I am highlighting is a garden variety Welfare State Bill. This is the latest in a 20 year string of democrat voter recruiting bills that have California harboring 38% of the Welfare Cases in the nation (and rising).

AB-992 Joaquin Arambula – you will now be able to get FREE DIAPERS to go along with your Obamaphone, free health insurance, welfare checks, food stamps, free car… you get my gist.

I remember Joaquin’s dad, Juan Arambula. Juan is part of a near dead breed, a true moderate / conservative democrat. Juan was so disgusted with how far left the dem party in CA had gone, he re-registered Independent and quit the legislature several years ago. Apparently, Joaquin is living off of his last name and little more. (Where have I seen a member of the Assembly with no qualifications other than a last name before?)

BONUS – Extreme Left Wing Militant Homosexual Activist Christian Hating Ricardo Lara has introduced Single Payer Health Insurance in California as a reaction to the deep deep fear the denizens of the welfare state have over repeal and replacement of Obamacare. The state is $100B or more in the hole, but who cares! Ricardo Lara and Richard Pan had they been alive 90 years ago would have been goose-stepping in Moscow or Berlin.

I am wondering why the hell I still live in California.