Apr 242017

There is a new Riverside CRA Unit to replace the old CRA unit that died an insane asylum death. I know Riverside is not Orange County, but you Southerners all look the same to us rednecks up here in the north.

Apparently, inviting so-called conservatives with felony arrests to speak for endorsements is a time-honored CRA tradition. (see also Tim Donnelly)

I got a list of the board members of the new Riverside RA and some familiar names were on it, including a man who rides the bus to the library to check his email as he does not own a car or a computer.

The Riverside RA is actually hosting a meeting tomorrow (which in today’s CRA is optional) featuring a Moreno Valley City Council Candidate named Hector Diaz.

A check of Voter Records shows a 43 year old Hector Diaz Nava registered in Moreno Valley. There is a second Hector Diaz that is 52. A look at the photo of the man is clear he is not in his 50’s. As it is common for Latinos to have two last names (Mom and Dad) I went a little further than usual to verify that the Hector Diaz of 2014 AD61 #EPICFAILURE and the current contestant for a special election in Moreno Valley are one and the same.

They are. This leads us to today’s CRA #EPICFAIL. (Pictured, the CRA’s Pol-Pot Bellied Information Minister Thomas N Hudson)

Hector Diaz Nava was arrested on a nice felony. It looks like he beat someone up and got popped for it.

On 02/06/2016 – Diaz pled two felonies down to one Misdemeanor. He pled out to Disturbing the Peace, Instead of getting a felony for inflicting great bodily harm and assault with a deadly weapon.

Mr. Diaz received 60 days in the can, but was given 3 years of probation in lieu of incarceration.

Diaz also had to pay the victim of his rage restitution.

It is really not hard to find stuff out about people. It is called vetting, it is something the RightonDaily Blog recommends all groups do. The CRA, given their proclivity to be pious, self righteous and arrogant about their own perfection probably need to spend some of the $51k in their treasury and hire a pet monkey to do basic records checks on candidates before they get further embarrassment.

Hector Diaz (Nava) probably should not be running for Moreno Valley City Council. He holds himself out as a reputable businessman, I will grant that he is probably passionate about his business. He should probably take a break from beating people up and focus his passions on his business.

Perhaps, the Riverside RA could have their board member take the bus to the library and spend some of his ample free time using public records from Riverside County like your intrepid blogger?

P.S. for you skeptics (look at what happens when you google Diaz) – this is our guy, smack in the middle of Moreno Valley District 4. This is the only Hector Diaz anything in Moreno Valley Council District 4.

If the CRA does the usual and ignores the unsolicited advice from this blogger, its’ expected. But since I know they read this blog, I’d like to suggest at the very least they check his ankle for a bracelet.

Mar 252017

The CRA’s Pol-Pot Bellied Information Minister was the second person I met in Republican Politics way back in 1998. The first was Jeff Atteberry, the immediate past Chairman of the Placer GOP.

Thomas N Hudson, (pictured in a haze with State Senator Ted Gaines at the podium) is the current President of the CRA.

The CRA is the group that Jeff Atteberry recruited me in to back in 1998 after registering me in to the Republican Party. At one point, the CRA boasted nearly 7,000 members statewide and its’ conventions were the stuff of legend.

The California Republican Assembly used to be the endorsement to get if you were a Republican running for office.

It isn’t any more. It really wasn’t when I joined it in 1998. When I joined CRA in 1998, its’ President was the late Dick Mountjoy. Mountjoy was a barnacle stuck in the 1950’s. His protege, Mike Spence went on to serve 3 terms as CRA President.

Spence, who is currently facing felony DUI charges was the father of the pay to play endorsement scheme that beset the CRA pretty much the entire time I was involved in it. At least half of the Chapters were fake. They existed to rise up like a zombie army to influence the outcome of officer elections and endorsements. The most infamous drill were the 25 fake CRA units created to deliver a CRA endorsement to Mitt Romney in 2007.

George and I labored 15 years in vain to change that culture. We wanted to bring legitimacy to the organization, yet the organization itself had a culture that was impervious to integrity.

The wars within CRA sometimes made headlines. The genesis of the hatred between Doug LaMalfa, David Reade and others and myself was born within CRA fights.

In 2015, Both George and I were targeted for elimination. I wrote about it quite a bit. In May of 2015, they set up a board meeting in Santa Barbara, where Tom Hudson appointed 17 of the 30 votes on the CRA’s Board of Directors who voted to ban us for life from the organization.

The final straw was when we uncovered that the Santa Clarita RA, which claimed 150 members was a paper tiger. The Ventura RA, fake. The Pasadena RA, fake. The North San Fernando RA, fake. All were shepherded by Alice Khosravy, the CRA’s Black Widow. By the time we had discovered this, the die was cast. There were too many weak-minded people, conflict avoiders and others with paper thin egos that resented our leadership. They had to expel us in order to cover up for their personal corruption and failures. They did exactly what we knew they would do, wrote up bogus charges, blamed us for everything they did and lit their torches.

The leper colony rose up and threw George and I out.

Today, they are in the middle of their annual convention. It is pathetic. The only reason Ted Gaines is present at the CRA convention is because he is lining up his next office and wants the CRA endorsement for his campaign. Rumor has it that Mr. Hudson has requested a sponsorship in exchange for favorable treatment. Rumor has it that Tom Hudson has made several such requests.

The CRA had roughly 60 people for Friday Dinner. It had Roughly 60 people for Saturday Lunch. It had roughly 40 people for its Saturday AM floor session. The embedded picture is of that Sunday AM floor session.

In 2015, the last convention George and I ran – we had around 200 people who paid to attend with roughly 110 at Friday Dinner, topping out at around 180 for Saturday Dinner.

Despite an attempt to take out George at that convention he won by roughly 20% with around 180 votes cast.

Today’s convention features roughly 60 delegates. It is my estimation that the CRA has about 700-800 real members statewide. The real number will never be known because the permanent charter allows them to escape accountability. It had roughly 1200 members at the time we were expelled, including the 200 some proven fraudulent members we uncovered.

In order to assuage their bruised egos, they are blaming George and I for the demise of the CRA… see how that works? When we were expelled, the assembled board members were told that we needed to go in order to allow the CRA to grow again as an organization. They were told that every problem that beset the CRA was our doing.

Now the CRA is dead two years later, it is our fault in their minds. It is similar to Barack Hussein Obama blaming Bush for every problem he made worse.

The CRA lists 51 units on their website, yet according to leaks from within the organization, only 25-30 are in good standing. Half again of those are barely holding on with around 15 members. Fully 2/3 of the CRA’s units are dead, fake, zombies, etc. and are kept on the website for a fake appearance – the very thing George and I fought to reform, as it was that crusade to legitimize the CRA that led to our ouster.

I was leaked a copy of the CRA’s most recent financial report showing $51,000 in the bank. I raised $38,000 of it. The conventions George and I ran made huge money until the 2015 convention when the jihad against us caused many to pay registration only. In addition, I simply did not collect on many donation pledges because I had no motivation to with the self-righteous bathroom boys and others lining up to lynch us.

Many current board members of the CRA resented me for raising the money, and still more that accused me of selling influence. They ought to talk to their pol-pot bellied information minister about that. Perhaps it does not matter, as a shell of a once great organization has no resale value.

Many current board members of the CRA resented George for running a tight ship with regard to CRA units renewing. People complained a lot about the scrutiny about following the by-laws. This scrutiny cloaked as George being a meanie was a reason used to expel George.

Now half the CRA’s units have vaporized – including the 4 that we were accused of abusing and mistreating. I thought expelling us was supposed to free them to grow, endorse and live their lives out from under the tyranny of the evil Park Brothers. It never happened. They were fake. Many of the board members of CRA that expelled us knew it when they expelled us. Their egos were bruised and their ego was put ahead of the CRA.

Now the CRA is dead. The problem for the inmates is that there are no Park Brothers to blame anymore. The only legacy we left is the big bank balance.

There is a price to being right, and they are reaping it all.

Jan 232017

Will Thomas N Hudson roll for another Term as CRA President or not?

This is the question swirling around the CRA political toilet bowl. Or, will Tim Thiesen smoke him?

Your intrepid blogger has received information that Mr. Hudson has spoken to several people looking for a delegate appointment to the CA GOP. He has told people that his Term as the CRA’s Pol Pot Bellied Information Minister is coming to a late-term abortion in March. This means his automatic appointment to the CA GOP would self-immolate similar to a suicide bomber.

Why would Tom Hudson be rolling to the ends of the earth for a delegate appointment? Is he tired of being king of a leper colony? Does he know he is going to lose re-election? Or, is it something more complicated and related to his current deteriorating life circumstances?

It gets worse, the Chief Bathroom Boy of the CRA, Mark Gardner whose chicken s–t complaint over an email led to our ouster from the CRA has seen his third wife leave him, divorce him and now he is talking openly that he is not long for Fresno. Hopefully, Gardner finds his way to a nerd colony where he can live out his golden years with people as socially retarded as he is.

As written previously on this Blog, Carl Brickey, another long-time CRA officer has become a pariah in political circles as a result of consistently poor performance working on campaigns and his inability to play well with others.

CRA Executive Vice President Craig Alexander, another self-righteous warrior against his own cause, resigned from the CRA’s Board of Directors after losing a pissing match – and still has not been replaced. Is this because Thomas N Hudson knows that he lacks the board votes to install his own person, or has the brain drain from the CRA finally been so severe that the zoo is empty?

Another of the leaders of the effort to oust George and I from the CRA, Wendy Albright, fresh off of a $10,000 fine from the FPPC for being a screw up… is now a resident of Arizona.

Lastly, fresh, juicy information that your intrepid blogger has confirmed from inside sources indicates that the CRA’s Black Widow, Alice Khosravy (who was behind splitting the leadership of the CRA up and playing them off against each other), is moving out of California as well! I am sure the Republican activists of Santa Clarita will be celebrating.

Pictured here is a copy of a mailer for the City Council Campaign of Bob Kellar and Cameron Smythe for Santa Clarita City Council. Previously we in Placer had helped the CRA unit in Santa Clarita (which was later exposed as a colossal fraud) run mail against these guys. The council-member that the CRA had helped elect 8 years ago was unseated by Mr. Smythe. You will see that the CIR endorsement is featured prominently.

So – the two coup leaders from Santa Clarita who led the effort to oust George and I from the CRA to cover up their fraud are both out of California (or soon to be out of California). And, worse, their council candidate Tim BenBoydston was unseated.

I have written sparingly about the CRA as these things usually take care of themselves. The other leader of the Coup, Tim Thiesen is in Fresno, where ironically the CRA Convention is being held. Will the CRA Convention turn a profit? Or will the CRA lose its’ tail?

The CRA lists 51 units on its’ website. I know firsthand that 18 of them are defunct and at least that many more do not meet and may have less than 10 members each. In my estimation, the entire state organization has about 900-1000 members. (85 of whom are on their board of directors)

It is no secret that Mark Gardner (who is still in the Fresno area for the moment) and Tim Thiesen do not like Thomas N Hudson. Is one of them running against him or have they found a sock puppet? With the Black Widow leaving the state, how much faster will the CRA Implode?

How do people in the CA GOP at large see the CRA? Is the CRA still relevant? Should I even bother writing blogs about the CRA anymore?

These are questions your intrepid blogger will find answers to at the political buffet line of disaster.

Dec 282016

Your Intrepid Blogger received a leaked email from deep inside the bowels of BLUE Orange County. It appears that the Huntington Beach “Unit” of the CRA is doing their part to finalize the suicide of the CAGOP: (My comments are added in italics and the content of the Email is not edited at all so you can enjoy the typos – edits are to conceal the source or redact contact info)


All politics is local

Dear Savant:

I am calling a General meeting of the;

Huntington Beach Republican Assembly

Beach Pacific Escrow

7372 Prince Drive Suite 101

Huntington Beach CA 982647 (Is this a new zip code? – it is Pat Garcia’s Office)

Tuesday, January 3rd 2017 at 6:00 pm

This will be our first meeting of 2017.  Please bring your Ideas, Critiques and Criticisms.  (Light snacks and refreshments will be served.)

2016 Members that have not renewed yet please go to www.useless.US to renew or fill out the form here and mail in with a check.  Call me if you have any questions.

HBRA Proposed Plan for 2017

HBRA Purpose and Objectives

To identify and support candidates and officials who most inline with the CRA’s 14 Principles. (and perform public lynchings)

To make HBRA a model RA to be copied throughout California. (does this include medication and straightjackets?)

Proposed Enabling Objectives

Grow HBRA membership and funding.

Assign two or more people to follow each governmental entity of concern and the performance of the office holders.  These people should report on their observations at each monthly meeting. (and suggest lynchings, floggings and other methods of purification)

Identify other sympathetic groups and establish effective liaison. (including but not limited to asylums)

Establish effective liaisons with the state CRA and neighboring RAs.

Establish a website that supports these objectives.

Other Proposed Ideas

HBRA members should be required to sign a statement of support for the 14 Principles.  Exceptions to the principles should be acceptable to HBRA membership. (does this include a loyalty oath, secret handshake or a special salute?)

Volunteers should be solicited to lead a brief (5-10 minute) talk on one or more of these Principles at each meeting so as to solidify our understanding of them as a group. (read this multiple times. let your imagination run wild, this is Pat Garcia we are talking about…)

Annual “pick-a-fight” local issue we get involved in for publicity and recruiting. (YEAH TEAM! Charge a windmill! Tell everyone how right we are!)

Got it? Re-Education – then go charge windmills!

Political Action Committee? (LOL! – funded by who? And how?)

Bullet Version of CRA’s 14 Principles.

Judeo-Christian Foundation namely the moral law of the Bible

Inalienable Rights come from Creator and can’t be taken by man.

Self-Government first, then family, community, state, and nation.

Education for all with parental choice.

Taxes should move from income to sales and/or use based.

Free Enterprise is best.

Family the natural family should be supported by government policy.

Sanctity of Life preborn child’s right to life should be protected.

National Defense strong, consistent, and victory over tyranny oriented.

Right to Bear Arms support without qualification.

Victims’ Rights should take priority over criminal rights.

Term Limitation support not as an ideal but as a necessity.

National Sovereignty America first, not protectionism but fair trade.

Decentralized Government favoring self and small government.

Thanks to Russel Neal for this comprehensive outline.

HBRA 2017 Meeting Schedule: (to be anounced) (<<< Make a note)

Pat Garcia – President

Huntington Beach Republican Assembly

CRA State Assistant Treasurer

7372 Prince Dr Ste 101

Huntington Beach CA 92647-4573




“Government that governs least governs best”


Please forward this email to anyone that you think might be interested in helping us take back our Country. (while scaring the s–t out of them)

Pat Garcia – President HBRA

Join the Huntington Beach Republican Assembly HERE (Link under repair) (<<< note, the issues)

Donate to the Huntington Beach Republican Assembly HERE (Link under repair) (<<< note, the issues)

Website HERE


Blogger’s Notes: Who the hell in their right mind would want to join this? It looks like more of the same circular firing squad, purity police and treatment facility escapees that have plagued the CAGOP for years. Nice to see in raised relief part of the disaster in Orange County that helped deliver it for Hillary Clinton!

Sep 292016

How do you know when an organization is in a death spiral? When personal picadillos govern endorsements and the groups are progressively smaller and more insular.

In Murrieta, the CRA unit endorsed embattled Harry Ramos for Murrieta City Council. Ramos is in deep legal trouble for sexually harrassing city staff, having sexual relations with city staff and the like. Ramos was removed as mayor due to his foibles and of course is playing the race card and suing everyone that held him accountable for his actions.

Following the release in October of an investigator’s findings – which concluded he made inappropriate advances on women, used his position as mayor for personal gain and made inappropriate comments to city staff – the council voted to strip him of his mayoral title.

Family Values.

In Placer County – The CRA’s Pol-Pot Bellied Information Minister, Thomas N Hudson’s home unit endorsed a bunch of Pro-Choice Republicans along with 2 democrats for local office!

The CRA’s Pol-Pot Bellied Information Minister is a member of this local skeleton chapter. He of all people would know that section 17.05a of the CRA’s By Laws is explicit about the following:

“Only Registered Republicans May Be Endorsed for ANY Office”

However, since only the CRA’s Pol-Pot bellied information minister can invalidate endorsements done in violation of the CRA’s By-Laws, I doubt that he will do the right thing. (The CRA’s by-laws state that the State President can invalidate local endorsements after an investigation) However, It is still appropriate to point out the hypocrisy of the PCRA.

There is a second layer – they (the PCRA) are also allegedly socially conservative.

In the Roseville Joint Union High School District – there are 5 people running, yet only 3 are Republicans. Only 1 of the 5 running is a social conservative and he was not endorsed in favor of a democrat who is not. The two Republicans who actually did get endorsed are not social conservatives.

In the Roseville City School District – a labor union leader democrat was endorsed amongst two Republicans.

If you look at their flyer, it gets even more absurd as it highlights “Pro-Life, Pro-Family, Pro-Taxpayer” candidates.

All but 2 of the people endorsed for City Council Support Placer County Measure M. (A transportation Measure)

All of the people endorsed for Roseville School Boards support Measure D (A High School Bond) and two of the endorsed Republicans (and both dems) are pro-choice, and over half of all endorsed support Gay Marriage.

Strange things happen when you are trying to send a message, it is kind of like detonating your bomb vest in your own living room. (and getting wine everywhere)

Aug 212016

The slow motion #trainwreck continues in the leper colony known as CRA. It appears that Alice Khosravy, the CRA’s Black Widow is slowly starting to weed out CRA Board Members.

Craig was described as a “Disgusting, Sweaty Pig” by Khosravy deputy Wendy Albright (she of the $10000 FPPC Fine). (I have the screenshots of the texts somewhere, but how could I forget this?)

When I first heard the news, I was hoping that maybe some time away from Politics would help Craig deal with the pious, pompous, self-righteous arrogant streak that has characterized him for years. Maybe a more balanced and mature Alexander would transform from a pariah to someone who used their talents for productive good.

Then I read his resignation email. While he had valid points, the highlights of his character flaws were evident.

Craig pointed out that the CRA needs to get younger and get more members. Alice and crew will never let the CRA grow, a larger organization will be more difficult to control. The two most recent CRA units are fraudulent shells in my opinion and are already beset with infighting.

Craig Alexander was indeed ideally suited for CRA. It appears that Craig has come out on the losing end of an internal pissing match and has decided to take his ball and go home. Such is life in the ineffective debating society known as CRA.

The CRA’s Pol-Pot Bellied Information Minister Tom Hudson – who was recently at the CRA’s OC BBQ (attended by roughly 30 people despite representing 7 remaining CRA units) – is finding himself increasingly isolated.

Hudson, as you may recall is the executive director of a shell organization that is effectively a PAC that endorses and does the usual pay-for-play crap that “Republican Taxpayer Groups” do. While Hudson is emptying the boxes of wine at home, his business partner Mike Spence got in to a major accident and appears to be in major trouble.

Craig Alexander was, until yesterday, Tom Hudson’s firewall and biggest ally in the CRA.

Hudson is privately disdained by most people on the CRA’s board that I know. Most of them lack the character to be honest and open about it until, of course the opportunity arises to participate in the next purge. The Game of Thrones has nothing on the CRA – because at least some of the characters portrayed in the Game of Thrones can function in normal life.

Apr 242016

20160424_112521As expected, the CRA did indeed charter a couple of dubious new units. It is extremely important to save face and do what is necessary to avoid having to admit fault (or change behavior). This is after all, politics.

One of the units the “new” Yorba-Placentia CRA is already a dysfunctional mess. The “Establishment” part of the unit led by a Greg Gianelli are selectively admitting members. It appears that the portion of the would-be-CRA membership that are friendly toward Desiree Ferraro are being excluded. Where have I seen this before???

(Pictured – CRA 900 Club Charter Member Craig Alexander)

Business as usual. Fights for Control.

CD45: People are expecting me to endorse Greg Raths. I am not there yet. I do know that Mimi Walter’s team have been engaging in some pretty hard-hitting tactics against Mr. Raths. I’ve written about some of it.  I am indeed very sad about her “D” rating from Heritage, however. Anyone with a memory should remember that I had some not-so-nice things to write about Mr. Raths in the past.

The main thing that has Mimi Walters off of my “Bad Incumbent” list is her party-building efforts. She deserves credit for it. I am just not sure that the blatant hypocricy of the OC GOP Cent Com is her fault.

All that said, seeing the fear that Rath’s candidacy has put in to the OC GOP is quite exhilarating. The loss of control alone has been worth it.

CD48: Dana Rohrabacher. He is the collateral damage of the pseudo conservative ideological narcissist opportunist class in Orange County.

AD68: Harry Sidhu. He is the adult in the room. Harry is a good man, good businessman and despite some of his past misgivings on the Anaheim City Council (or the yawn, residency BS) he is a conservative.

Sidhu also knows how to drive. He also has been consistent. <<< These two qualities alone make him worthy of everyone’s support.

AD55: Phillip Chen AND Steve Tye. There is an old adage in politics – if you want to piss everyone off, dual endorse. This I rarely ever dual endorse. So, let me sum it up:

Mike Spence is a conservative. I have done business with Mike Spence on several occasions to purchase his slates when he is mailing to Placer County or other parts of the north. My fear with Mr. Spence is that he will govern in the mold of Tim Donnelly or John Moorlach – since Spence has received theirs and the endorsements of other do-nothing self-promoting Conservatives. We need party builders, not more No voters that do nothing else but.

I could not pick Phillip Chen over Steve Tye for a key reason. I consider Tye a friend and have had some pretty cool chats with him. He is a good man of character and while he is another “Old White Guy”, his character and heart are too compelling to subordinate to…

… Phillip Chen who is also a solid human being who I don’t know as well as I do Steve Tye. Candidates like Phillip Chen are indeed the future of the California Republican Party. Chen is solid on every issue I care about and I believe he would indeed be a party builder.

I know that Tye would also be a team player as he is the rare candidate who has his ego in check.

I simply could not pick between the two, so I am telling you that either one would be a great rep for AD55. Decide which factors are the most important and vote your conscience.

12622564_485801971628359_778986137229611539_oLastly – Two Items: I would also encourage the conflict avoider caucus to take out Adam Nick and his ass monkey on the Lake Forest City Council in their next election. Maybe this could help break new ground for the OC GOP, actually calling BS on bad incumbents and clipping them out of office. In the North, we call this leadership – but we usually get the dump truck long before a nutwad self-funds a recall effort. If the OC GOP did this, I’d lend this blog to help the effort.

#2 Dear OC GOP – set fire to Scott Steiner. Endorse his opponent Karen Schatzle. Do it now. Don’t wait until he loses re-election.

Mar 012016

These sorts of things happen when you need to save face.

The scandal-ridden CRA was to have held an endorsing meeting for #AD55 via their board meeting.

However, there are plans to attempt to legitimize their expected endorsement of Mike Spence. Rather than telling the candidates not to come and that the endorsement meeting would be held at a later time, they did not.

Phillip Chen and Steve Tye learned at the convention that they burned part of a Friday for nothing and that two new CRA Units were in the works. One is in Mike Spence’ backyard and the other is being led by a long-time acolyte of Spence.

Somehow, the sudden giant paper growth is supposed to make the inevitable CRA endorsement of Mike Spence look legitimate.

But – hey, they’re not just right, they’re really  right!

Feb 082016

There is a price to being right. Wendy Albright was one of those sending self-righteous emails and telling people about all the money that was allegedly stolen by George and others from the CRA.

Now Wendy Albright has to come up with $10,000 to pay her fppc fine for get this, not doing her paperwork for AD38 GOP Central Committee and for also refusing to respond to multiple attempts to contact.

We warned you about the CRA’s leadership. And their assistant treasurer just got jack-slammed by the FPPC for willful negligence. I wonder what she has done to the CRA’s books in the meantime?

They covered up membership fraud and threw us out in order to try to close the lid on it. Wendy Albright is a close associate and lieutenant of the CRA’s Black Widow Alice Khosravy (whose name you see on every letter, email, blog post and social media function of CRA now).

The Saddleback RA had its’ own $12,000 debacle

And now, their assistant treasurer gets the FPPC death penalty of $5000 per violation for refusing to return letters or phone calls from the LA County Registrar and the FPPC.

Unfortunately for Wendy, they were able to prove their case and the documentation in the 94-page document linked here is legion. It lists dates of contact and types of contact and the entire process leading to the $10,000 fine.

Good things happen to good people.

Perhaps Wendy can get the Pol-Pot Bellied CRA Information Minister to plead her case as he is a government election law lawyer. Whoops, that’s right, Wendy Albright hates Thomas N Hudson. #epicfail.

Reports have come in from around the state that several CRA units have collapsed, yet the CRA is still showing them as active. The organization is overrun with fraud and Wendy Albright is in the middle of all of it.

Get some marshmallows people, there is a nice bonfire burning just waiting for you.

Jan 312016

There is a price to being right. The CRA attempted unsuccessfully to cover up the rampant membership fraud in their organization.

As of this date, several CRA units have collapsed, do not meet and about half the existing CRA units are fraudulent.

In Thomas N Hudson’s CRA – meetings and membership are optional. What matters is having everything looking good on paper.

The CRA’s board needs to be right at all costs. When CRA VP Dale Tyler was commissioned to investigate the fraud within the CRA, it was supposed to be a fair and impartial investigation. He had copies of the rosters and signed affidavits of fraud. Tyler chose instead to whitewash the whole thing and one of his fellow committee members, Greg Powers resigned from the CRA and its’ board due to the dishonesty of Dale Tyler.

Dale Tyler’s home unit, the Saddleback RA has a $12,000 problem.

Last year, the unit held a series of fundraisers where people donated their own personal goods and sold them – ostensibly to raise money for the club.

Instead, at the direction of former Saddleback RA Secretary and her friends that included noted activist Larry Gilbert – the money, all $12,000 of it was sent to the “Community Common Sense” newspaper / website. The CCS as they call it is a marginal publication that apparently has a small fringe following in Southern Orange County.

The current president found out that the $12k was missing only once elected and getting the bank records. Whoops.

Connie Lee went berzerk over being questioned an apparently she and Larry Gilbert began smearing the current leadership of the Saddleback RA. Gilbert has since disappeared from the CRA scene again and Lee has since resigned as Sec/Trez of the unit.

Enter Dale Tyler. Guess what he did? Attempted to cover up the disappearance and the unethical manner of the allocation of said funds. Even he had to admit that the end game of Lee was never clearly disseminated to those donating their own personal goods to raise funds.

But – it did not matter. Dale Tyler’s pattern is to avoid conflict at all costs and make it go away – similar to the OC GOP. At least the narcissists and nerds on the State CRA board had the internal fortitude to cover up their lie by throwing more people out of the organization.

It is my understanding that the Saddleback RA is growing once again with Connie Lee and Larry Gilbert gone – however, they still practice exclusionary membership practices and are small and insular.

The unethical behavior and the cover up by a man who served at least two terms as a CRA Vice President? That is the price of admission to be in the CRA itself.

… and people wonder why the OCGOP has slipped from 68% down to 56% of the vote?