Feb 042018

Remember when Devon Mathis was accused of sexually assaulting a woman at the house of a staffer after hours? Remember the defense argument there was no actual victim (which is why we never heard much from the assembly investigator about it)?

Here’s the rub – It is common knowledge that jilted former Mathis Chief of Staff Sean Doherty has been shopping negative stories about Mathis, with considerable success. All of AD26’s inside crowd is talking about the sexual assault charges made against Devon Mathis.

Well, there is a problem. The offender may well have been Sean Doherty by virtue of these documented complaints. Ouch. And the documents recently dumped by the Assembly Caucus in response to a Capitol Public Radio sexual misconduct settlement inquiry are clear Mr. Doherty got TERMINATED straight out by the Assembly Rules Committee. It is irrefutable. (The victim’s name is withheld on purpose)

When you are prepared, read the documents related to Doherty, they are disturbing and graphic. It is my understanding that there are more women who declined to even allow redacted copies of their complaints against Doherty to be published. The substantiated allegations that led to Doherty being terminated included F-Bomb laden comments about staffer’s sex-lives and requests for staffer to wear shorter skirts, etc. The two listed complaints were in 2017. They also included documented instances of physical contact by Mr. Doherty.

So there is your revenge nexus for Doherty, he was fired by Devon Mathis and the rules committee for his misconduct.

Despite the allegations being pushed, Assemblyman Devon Mathis is not on the list. If the allegations were true, Mathis would likely have joined Travis Allen on the list with the 4 other democrat members. Think it through, given the democrats forced to resign, the leadership really want to nail a Republican to the wall. If there was something there, Mathis would have been crucified already.

If challenged, I can prove that Doherty has been pushing most all the negative stories floating around, especially including the alleged sexual assault which I can say with 99% certainty did not happen, not even close.

The stories I have been told about Mr. Doherty are as bad, if not worse, than those surrounding disgraced former Ted Gaines Chief of Staff and current campaign consultant Steve Davey. (who despite his long, sordid resume is working on Gaines’ Board of Equalization campaign)

I will conclude this by saying that Devon Mathis does indeed have quite a few issues, not the least of which is his “yes” vote on cap and trade. And, I will repeat that the way his campaign people handled the crisis communication basically validated the lie being spread about the alleged assault and that alone may have mortally wounded Devon Mathis. While Devon appears to be completely innocent of the assault, he may still lose for a variety of reasons that pre-existed Sean Doherty’s rampage to get him.

The State level media is obviously unaware of this nexus, and has not picked up on the significance of Sean Doherty being on the report. Hopefully, some of them will see this blog and follow up on it.