Sep 132017


There is a lawsuit working its’ way through the courts related to due process for the State of Jefferson. It appears that they are getting their way on some preliminary motions. This is good news for that long shot effort.

Nothing grassroots is without controversy. It appears there is an offshoot of SOJ, called CCR. They are having their own meetings and are basically bad-mouthing the SOJ side of things. It is too bad there is not unity in the SOJ effort.

BTW – any rumors of Steven Baird and Terry Rapoza being at odds were also dispelled as I was sent photos of them together at the last SOJ meeting.

As of this time, I remain a supporter of State of Jefferson / SOJ movement.

Prop 14:

I received an email from some former Assembly / Senate Leaders urging delegates to the CAGOP to continue supporting Prop 14, because Prop 14 is costing Labor Unions a ton of money in elections. Mind you, the current Assembly Minority Leader is a tyrant that most in the rank-and-file GOP dislike… so invoking leaders may not have been a wise strategy. Secondly, one such leader invoked was George Plescia. Mr. Plescia lives in Arizona and has for several years, meaning he’s never been in CA for a Prop-14 affected election.

Why people think having no GOP candidates on the fall ballot for statewide offices is a good thing is beyond me. Maybe they all supported the Cap and Trade disaster too? I am befuddled by the logic.

World-famous #NEVERTRUMPER Ron Nehring, who will lead the #NEVERTRUMP effort in 2020 in California responded with an email of his own decimating the argument of the first email. Hopefully that means there will be a floor fight at the CAGOP convention, confusion and those who have spent tons of money trying to control the CAGOP have the same feelings they had when a ton of people went rogue on Chad Mayes. People thinking for themselves is a good thing and we need more of it.

Placer GOP:

I was informed that several tea party / conservative aligned members of the cent com and other volunteers from a similar universe suddenly bailed out on their commitments to work at the Gold Country Fair, leaving the organizers scrambling to find help to fill slots. I am not sure how this helps register Republican voters, elects conservatives and the like. What do I know? I am just an attack blogger.

While I take turns taking shots at people who deserve them, I also try to provide balance. In this case, the legislative staffers on the Placer GOP Cent Com did the right thing by helping with the effort at the Gold Country Fair.

There is a lot of residual bad blood, however related to the 2012 and 2016 efforts to spend a ton of money on the outcome of the Placer GOP Cent Com race. As I have written before, said efforts were directed by Senator Jim Nielsen’s Chief of Staff (please note while working as an independent consultant outside of his duties in the State Senate) David Stafford Reade. People like Landon Wolf and others that work for legislators end up bearing the brunt of the ill will from said effort due to their proximity to folks like Reade and others that earn large amounts of consulting fees for their participation in these efforts. It is what it is.

Given that most of those staffers have never met me, yet glare at me from across the room, (think about what Reade and others may have told them about this meanie blogger or others on the opposite side of them) I can’t say that I 100% disagree with the “resistance” on the Placer GOP Cent Com. Legislative staff are rarely activists and are never independent. It is simply impossible.

That said, I expect to be endorsing many of the “resistance” all over the state and attempting to help them simply because the amount of money being spent to control the state party (and subsequently shrink it, to make it easier to control) is dead wrong. After seeing how difficult the drill against Chad Mayes was to run, I’ve drawn the conclusion that there needs to be a house-cleaning of party leadership with a few exceptions.


There is an event featuring Mike Pence tomorrow in Beverly Hills to raise gobs of money for targeted GOP Congressmembers. I hope it goes well, as I have heard mixed reports about the interest level in it. I’ve also heard that most of the CAGOP Congressional Delegation have convinced themselves that the sky is falling and they are all going to be hunted down. I seriously doubt any seats change hands until the next sham citizens redistricting commission meets and draws the GOP in to oblivion.

Tyler Diep, one of my newly minted favorite tackle dummies, had an event last night in Orange County. A lot of luminaries were there. It was his kick-off as young Tyler is expecting a coronation. I intend to help inform people that Tyler is a disaster, at least that is what I think of him, and when I am done many others will also.

There is a neat aside out of this is the angling and posturing to replace Dana Rohrabacher. It has been put to this blogger that one or more recognizable names in OC were being rather chummy with some of OC’s favorite liberals. Further, some of them appear to be just fine with the concept of Rohrabacher being unseated by a democrat in order to open up the seat. When I have on the record sources, I will name names and their actions publicly in hopes that the OC GOP Establishment continue shedding their fealty to incumbents in favor of doing the right thing.

I think it is safe to assume that those conspiring to help elect a democrat over Rohrabacher were part of the thousands of #NEVERTRUMP nimrods that helped Hitlary win the OC by a significant margin in 2016. They should just get out of the GOP now, and join Chad Mayes in a leper colony.

Speaking of Chad Mayes:

Mr Mayes has raked in a ton of PAC Money. We like to refer to this is his 30 pieces of silver. Be sure to scroll pages in the link so you understand why Mr. Mayes delusions of perfection run so deep.

It is indeed clear that Mayes believes he is bullet-proof for re-election as he can call his PAC Donor Masters and cash in for his behavior.

Mayes has been on a Narcissistic Rage on his way out the door. It has become clear to this blogger that in addition to stripping opponents of their committee assignments and offices, he has also been on a rampage against donors to the California Republican Party. The goal is to punish the disloyal, because he is right and they are all wrong. This is the behavior of a tyrant and a narcissist.

His grotesque arrogance was on display at the CAGOP board meeting this past weekend. Multiple accounts indicate that Mayes was boastfully telling the board that the party would raise no more than $200k a year. It was also clear to those paying attention that he was the cause.

Because the Assembly Repubicans lacked the courage to vacate the chair, they are all left with the consequences as the Narcissist is meeting out revenge on everyone. This sort of failure to lead is what gave these very people who despise President Trump, President Trump.

Speaking of Narcissists and #NEVERTRUMPERS , Kristen Olsen – who like Chad Mayes has never acknowledged anything she has done wrong and like Chad Mayes is incapable of seeing her own faults – has made it clear she is staying on as Vice Chair of the California Republican Party. She ran the meeting on Saturday during a couple periods of Jim Brulte’s absence. She has also appeared at at least one county party event and people in Stanislaus County have told me that she brazenly has gone back to her church seemingly immune to the Church’s desire to see her leave or anything regarding her affair with Mayes and its’ effect on the community there. This is the classic behavior of Narcissism, something people screamed about with Obama for years.

In case you have not had enough drama and bad news, the Democrats are already busy screwing business in the wake of Chad Mayes’ Cap and Trade Deal. (Remember, it is all about him so he can own it every time stuff like this happens.)

According to the Sacramento BS, the democrats chose the labor unions over left-wing poster child company Tesla. This is a repudiation of everything Chad told us about the “deal” done related to Cap and Trade. This bill is designed to force Tesla to unionize, the exact sort of anti-business crap Chad Mayes told us his sell-out would prevent. The Narcissist was wrong, lied or did both.

My summary on facebook of this was as follows:

#1 Tesla gets screwed (see also Elon Musk, a left-wing Trump hater) #2 Chad Mayes looks like an even bigger idiot/narcissist than he already is as this validates the criticisms of us little people against “His Deal” (because, remember, it is all about him). #3 Labor Unions > Environment in the Dem Party – confirming who their daddy is.

These updates will continue as events warrant.

Aug 012017

Those of you that read this blog know I have been fiercely critical of the OCGOP and their fealty to incumbents. It appears that may be changing. All that said, Fred Whitaker deserves credit and the OCGOP itself deserve credit for doing the right thing here.

As outlined on Joseph Turner’s BlogFred Whitaker signed a letter calling on Chad Mayes to resign over his failed leadership selling out the taxpayers of California with the “Cap and Trade” deal.

I try to give recognition to people that show leadership despite past criticism. Mr. Whitaker and the OCGOP deserve some respect for doing what they did.

Bonus: Another group I have torched, the OC Lincoln Club (speaking of incumbent fealty) also lit Chad Mayes up.

Thank You Fred Whitaker
Thank You OCGOP
Thank You OC Lincoln Club

Side note: Not one member of the Orange County Republican Delegation voted in favor of Cap and Trade. It was rumored that one member was a potential yes vote due to his perceived affinithy for Mr. Mayes.

Aug 012017

A lot of local activists are fixated on their local Central Committees. It is easy to see why as there is perceived power in the local County Party apparatus.

A local County Party can vet and endorse candidates and with that comes a lot of perceived power.

In practice, most County Central Committees are debating societies with people that are barely civil toward each other. Most County Central Committees raise no money, have few if any events and accomplish next to nothing. I am aware that even today many County Central Committees can’t make quorum. (meaning that the minimum number of members required to be present are not, thus no legal meeting can occur) Most all accomplish nothing.

The fixation on Central Committees by activists has allowed the Swamp to keep activists distracted while they go out and spend massive amounts of money electing unprincipled puppets.

So, part 2 of the Burn Down the California Republican Party series is to put Central Committees in proper perspective. They can be an effective tool in forcing accountability from elected officials and they can be a gigantic, ineffective waste of time.

If you want to take over a local County Party, you are going to have to have a plan. (If you are in a large county, this will have to be replicated across each Assembly District)

  1. You will need a plan to raise money for the committee itself so that endorsements made mean something
  2. In order to raise money, you need something to sell meaning:
  3. You need to have a plan with volunteers or paid staff that registers voters
  4. You need real, participating volunteers that will seek out candidates for local office
  5. You need a real plan to reach out to people in the community to get them to buy in to your vision for the future
  6. Do you have a cohesive vision for the future? If not, why do you want to take over a County Central Committee?
  7. Will the people involved in this effort be cohesive with each other? Are they healthy people with their egos in check? Are they kind of people that you’d be proud to be with in public?

It makes no sense whatsoever to try and take over a County Party Committee if you do not have enough active participants that will engage and make the control of the Party Apparatus mean something. It also will fail if the effort is led by nerds, malcontents or otherwise unhealthy people. You must have ethical, balanced, healthy people at the head of any effort. Remember – the money is against the Conservatives so our effort has to be efficient, well run and mistake free or “the Swamp” will win.

I don’t know of many groups, let alone conservative groups capable of mustering this sort of plan or vision. It can, however be done with discipline, commitment and focus.

The Third House spent money in 40+ county party races in an effort to neutralize County Parties or in some cases to be able to use them as funding conduits for their anointed legislative candidates in future elections. They don’t need to have a group of activists or a vision – with no cohesive opposition they can spend their way to what they want.

If the Conservatives can unify and focus, then taking over a County Central Committee can be devastating. A body that can recruit and fund candidates for office, with a volunteer army can not be stopped by the Third House because Conservatives have the passion of their conviction. When conviction is combined with a few dollars and a few boots, it is a winner in an election.

So how do you take over a County Central Committee in 2017? The elections are not until 2020.

  1. You need to know the rules in your county. How many per supervisor district (or Assembly District in certain larger counties)?
  2. Recruit a candidate for EVERY open seat there is. Get the exact number, don’t recruit too many or too few as this will cause you to lose seats
  3. Get each person running to commit $250 – $500 to the effort, create a PAC if needed for everyone to chip in to. This way you can buy advertisements. (those annoying slate mail cards)
  4. You can buy the voter file in your county cheaply and use it to find people to talk to. You have 3 years to start developing a support base that will withstand the thousands spent against you
  5. Join a volunteer club and get active. (this will be the subject of another post)

If you spend all of your time on social media are not out in the community meeting people, don’t bother even trying to file for Central Committee or any other office. It is completely unfair that Conservatives have to run actual campaigns to counter the wads of money being spent by the “third house” trying to control the County Parties, but until we beat them they will continue spending the money.

Think it through as an unprincipled business decision for the Swamp / Third House. They are looking for a result from their investment. If they start losing, they will go away.

County Central Committees only mean something if there are real volunteers doing community outreach, recruiting, fundraising and campaigning. Having Conservatives in charge of County Central Committees with a real plan and real results will cause those in office to start thinking twice before supporting insane bills like “Cap and Trade”. Effective Central Committees are a counter balance to unprincipled leadership – and so are Volunteer Clubs…

Up next in the series, Volunteer Clubs

Apr 112017

This Blogger recently became aware of a secret meeting held in Orange County related to trying to shore up Orange County in an attempt to forestall the free-falling Republican Registration and the electoral disaster in 2016. Hitlary won Orange County by 8.5% (Trump won my home county by 14, BTW)

Ling Ling Chang lost her State Senate race. John Newman responded by voting yes on the largest tax increase in State History.

Young Kim lost her Assembly Seat. Sharon Quirk-Silva repaid the voters of Orange County by walking out of her hospital room to the floor of the Assembly to cast her yes vote (after campaigning to defend Prop 13).

Dana Rohrabacher is said to be vulnerable.

Stephen Choi is said to be vulnerable.

Darrell Issa is indeed Vulnerable.

Janet Nguyen holds a dem-leaning State Senate Seat.

Ed Royce may be Vulnerable as the two above losses for the GOP occurred in districts that underlie his Congressional seat.

Mimi Walters has also made the DCCC candidate Abortion list for 2018.

This leaves the GOP with a handful of safe seats in Orange County. While Senator John Moorlach has stepped up his game raising more money than he ever has before (and giving it to other Republicans), still others in safe seats like Matthew Harper struggle to raise enough money to buy groceries. Pat Bates and Bill Brough are playing key roles, while Travis Allen is trying to make noise on the State Stage. Does this mean Travis is getting ready to leave the Assembly to run for higher office, or is he trying to build the team?

I wish I could say news of this meeting was causing me great feelings of hope and joy. But, my response was more sadness and questions as I’ve seen the disaster of 2016 in the making for 10+years.

Why did it take until now for members of Congress from Orange County to engage at this level?

The main thrust of this meeting was getting money IN to California to run voter registration and grassroots organizing. This is an apparent short-term response to the democrat propaganda publication known as the Hill bragging that a top Dem operative has been sent to Orange County to oversee attacking 6-8 Republicans in CA, holding 2 Nevada seats and attacking 2 Republicans in Washington State. I wish him luck as apparently the dems still think they can “Get Trump”.

Why did it take until now for members of Congress from Orange County to engage at this level?

For years, I’ve despaired of a generation of Republican Partisan Electeds who could care less about the political disaster around them as long as their own district was safe and their new run for office was on track. The timing of this meeting with the circumstances surrounding it causes me to ask the obvious question, are they doing it because of their own self interest? Or, has it finally gotten that bad that they have to act?

Then there is the OC GOP itself. There is a desperate need for a cultural change. Separate my disdain for a few individual members and take a look from 30,000 feet. Something broke 20 years ago. This is not Fred Whitaker’s Fault, this is a cultural issue. Has the current leadership of the OC GOP taken a good thorough look at what broke? Can they fix it? Do they have a plan? Has anyone been honest with themselves long enough to allow their ego to accept the reality of the current situation? <<< This is a serious question, not some sort of blogger slam.

I’ve been told by friends in Orange County that they do have a plan. This is good. How do they fund it? What are they going to do and where? Are they going to do something different with it?

Senator John Moorlach has demonstrated that an old dog can learn new tricks as he has transformed himself in to a donor. Will others follow that lead? Can others learn new stripes?

I was told that there was a small program worth about $500k that did targeted voter registration in 2016. I can only imagine how much worse it would have been without that.

So Mimi Walters, Ed Royce and others are engaging now that they are threatened. (This is my opinion and I am open to being challenged with facts that suggest otherwise) In California, we will take it. We will take any activity by anyone regardless of motive as we need to stop the bleeding that has our registration number down below 26% statewide.

Dear OC GOP – the ball is in your court. If there is going to be wads of money spent, please make a plan and identify where lost ground can be regained. Please see if you can find angry NPP voters that left the GOP and minister to them. Please find the #nevertrumper folks that I believe contributed to the margin in 2016 and see if they are responding to the facts about what Trump is doing. Don’t read the Hill and other publications that say Trump is unpopular, the election proved people lie to pollsters. If the OCGOP leads, as in breaks the set-in insular culture of the last 20 years, the results will become self-evident at the ballot box.

The good news? I do believe that the OCGOP has it within them to repair the damage and get back on a winning streak. Will they admit fault where necessary, ask and answer the hard questions and then finish the job with the hard work necessary?

Aug 132016

FullSizeRenderThe California Impact Republicans are very real. We are recruiting new blood, not just former CRA Members tired of the debating society.

Here you have a real picture of real people – some of whom came 400+ miles to attend. We had a board meeting and a general membership event. The CIR has two active chapters in Orange County with a third coming.

AS you may or may not be aware – the LAGOP recognized the South Bay Impact Republicans recently, giving us our first county charter.

I would like to thank Tim Whitacre and Mike Munzing for showing up to rep the OCGOP at our meeting. Tim shared with me some encouraging news about a seed change in the direction of the OCGOP back to grinding out voter registration and grassroots.

I have been witheringly critical of the “Cocktail Party” and “Self-Preservation” culture that has taken over the OCGOP where local electeds participate with self-interest in mind first. Still other participate to social climb – hence the “Cocktail Party” reference.

In Placer County – we have a whopping 330,000 people county-wide, less than Anaheim or Santa Ana by themselves. It is a lot more simple, we have to get the work done with no time to preen for the camera. My sincere hope is that the protect-incumbents at all cost mentality gets discarded with an expectation of people in office being expected to work as much as the activists. I am also hopeful that a good dose of losing has shocked the do nothings in to action.

Lastly, I am hoping that the new Central Committee is willing to do some controversial things to show leadership. Things that may involve risk of loss in order to advance the cause – that action alone may reverse the disastrous slide of the last 20 years.

Jun 252016

Every election cycle – I get tea party updates about the bizarre consequences of their undisciplined actions.

In Placer – some of their leaders supported a Bay Area Dem turned DTS against the most Conservative Member of the Placer Board of Supervisors. Why? One of their leaders has a 14 year grudge. It is a similar dynamic, grudges, incumbency, etc trumping principle.

So, why was I not surprised to hear that elements of fringe groups in Western Orange County were out on Freeway overpasses in the Primary? Tea Partiers LOVE overpasses. Most TP groups I know LOVE sign waiving (While I am out walking precincts winning elections).

So I was told that the Teacher’s Union appears to have unseated a Conservative off of the OC Bd of Ed in District 1.

Vote Count Percentage
* ROBERT M. HAMMOND 31,878 40.4%
PAUL ZIVE 13,199 16.7%

In my neck of the woods in 2014, 6500 people left their ballots blank for both Neel Kashkari and Doug Ose in CA07. Ami Bera – who is in the middle of a scandal over structured and hidden campaign cash – was re-elected by about 4,000 votes in 2014. (Do the math, they screwed Doug Ose and re-elected Ami Bera because of their faux principle) Typical of the Tea Party, they organized on facebook and their keyboard commandos vowed #NEVEROSE – so why am I not surprised about the #NEVERTRUMP garbage in 2016?

Some people are malcontents who refuse to acknowledge the rules. It is called a primary. You usually end up with a D and an R at the end of one. (Unless you live in CA46, where 147 Republicans filed for a D+20 seat and helped a second dem in to the runoff with a whopping 14% of the vote…)

Back to the OC Bd of Ed – I don’t know who Paul Zive is or why he ran. It does not really matter as these races don’t go to runoff. What does matter is the defeat of Robert Hammond while the Tea Party were out on Freeway overpasses waiving signs for Ted Cruz – instead of helping conservatives who were on the ballot. That is felony stupid.

Perhaps instead of threatening Don Wagner, Greg Raths and others in safe GOP seat races, the leadership of the OCGOP could have attempted to reach out to these people to try and get them focused. Or, perhaps it was because of the nearly psychotic need to try to control stuff that the Tea Party rebelled and went off half-cocked.

Whatever the #EPICFAIL of OC GOP leadership was… It looks like the windmill charging pseudo-Conservative puritan anarchist wing of the Tea Party was very effective at screwing the GOP again in 2016.

While Hammond was being unseated by a Teacher’s Union Moonbat – the Tea Party were out making themselves feel good campaigning for Ted Cruz who had suspended his Presidential Campaign. Kinda sounds like having cocktail parties, conference calls and meetings about meetings. The results are the same – except Sign Waiving is probably more useful than the previous list of items.

Some of these people need to be replaced with a rally monkey.

Jun 242016

Blogger’s Note: As the chaos expands related to the bungled Trump delegation by Tim Clark, I’ve found myself on the email list of the OC GOP. Today’s email is posted for your perusal. You may even want to sign up and help the OC GOP do something about the fact that the dems hammered them in the primary – the links in the email are still active on purpose.

Aaron F.,

We are less than 6 months away from the most important election of our lifetimes.

This has been a record breaking cycle already, and all of our polling is indicating the general election will be no different. That means we can’t afford to miss a single day.

Your contribution will help ensure that we maintain our critical lead in voter registration over the Democrats and get the word out about the principled Republicans we are working to get elected this cycle.

$25 = 15 phone calls
$50 = 25 stickers
$75 = 50 yard signs

The higher than expected turnout of Democrat voters in the June primary election demonstrated that we will have to fight twice as hard to keep Orange County red. We need Orange County conservatives like YOU to step up, right now and contribute to our fight to keep our county firmly in Republican hands.

This is unlike any election cycle I have ever seen, Aaron F., and I am sure you can say the same. But, we can’t let these uncharted waters distract us from what we know to be true: Orange County is the final line of defense against a Democrat super-majority in Sacramento. We must protect it.

The dedicated conservatives that we help to elect are those who are helping to right the massive failures that liberal policies have dealt our state for decades, and they are helping to keep those on the left from enacting more harmful policies.

Every single dollar makes a difference going into this crucial election cycle.

$25 = 15 phone calls
$50 = 25 stickers
$75 = 50 yard signs

November may seem like a long way off, but trust me, every single day will make a big difference, and we can’t afford to waste time.

We need to start focusing on November today. I hope I can count on you to make a contribution of $25, $50, or $75 right now. I hope we hear from you today,

Hon. Fred M. Whitaker
Republican Party of Orange County

P.S. In less than five months the future of our country will be changed, and trust me, the future of our county hangs in the balance too. What we do now – and how much we are able to raise – will determine how Republicans fare in November.


Jun 222016

Pauly ScreenshotIt looks like DUI Debbie was in a celebratory mood the other night. Perhaps after having some cocktails she posted a mini rant on her facebook page celebrating the impending victory of Stephen Choi for Assembly. Pauly got smoked. Maybe a few dozen reminders will catch her in a moment where her memory is functioning properly.

The biggest criticism of Choi is that people think he will raise their taxes if he is elected. Apparently that fear was not enough to stop the “Where does Harry Live” obsession. I don’t know Choi that well, but if he had enough in him to win this election, I believe he could indeed be equal to the task of being an Assembly-member.

There is a recount going on today as the race is at 151 votes difference. I have no clue how it ends up – but if Choi is elected and if he does raise taxes – DUI Debbie just took ownership of it all. That rocks.

In the OC Bd of Ed D4 race – Zonya Townsend filed and split enough votes off of Chris Norby to help the teacher’s union capture that seat. She also filed for and lost her bid for Central Committee.

I saw a few similar circumstances in other races – 4 Republicans filed for CA46 enabling a D vs D runoff there. Great Teamwork.

Perennial hopeless candidate Sanford Kahn scored an all time high percentage of the vote in CA47 on his 15th run for Congress. Fortunately, this was not open like CA46 and only one Dem Filed thus enabling Andy Whallon to make the runoff with the incumbent.

The crooked and ethically challenged Scott Steiner was re-elected. I did learn after finding out what a slimebag Steiner is that his opponent may have been as insane as DUI Debbie. I say may as I have never met Karen Schatzle and the accounts of her may well have been biased by Pauly-haters that I know in OC. Schatzle also lost her bid for OCGOP Cent Com – as I am sure even she was subjected to scorn for having the audacity to run against an incumbent. (though the OCGOP did endorse her late)

In SD29, it appears that Prop 14 bit the dems pretty bad. Sukhee Kang lost to Josh Newman for the privilege of getting a Ling-Ling administered ass-whupping in November. It was widely thought that Kang would have been formidable, however Orange County voters must really be fixated on residency.

In AD55 – it looks like Phillip Chen has a large enough lead that the recount should not change the outcome we are seeing. As I have written, Chen is the future of the GOP and is a huge addition to our delegation. Yes, there was a large expenditure on his behalf that was likely brought in by Mike Spence’s actions and words. With the bizarre electorate, it is impossible to tell if any of those outside expenditures moved the needle at all. BTW – Spence was in a serious auto accident, make sure you wish him well and keep him in your prayers.

I looked at the turnout numbers – the Dems beat the hell out of the GOP. 70% of dems voted and 51% of reps voted. This is an #EPICFAIL for the OCGOP again. Let’s see what happens in the fall before we really unload, however.

The final analysis of the OCGOP Central Committee Race shows that the CRA lost pretty badly.

AD65: It has been a bad election cycle for Steve Spanky Sarkis. Spanky was tossed from the CRA over the Anaheim RA Caper. The CRA’s 900 club attempted to get him reinstated, because membership fraud is now accepted practice in the CRA. That failed. Spanky ran for OCGOP Cent Com, that failed. I guess Spanky will have to find the next Shawn Nelson for Supervisor Campaign to filch free internet off of…

13241214_10154226317777082_4295867015999501935_nAD72: Two members of the CRA Rabid Dog coalition, Pat and PJ Garcia finished last and damn near last in their Cent Com Race. Quoting Office Space – good things can happen, look at me!

AD68: Jon Fleischman finished 7th. He is far enough back that the recount likely will not get him to sixth. Mr. Fleischman has been the gatekeeper of the Slate Cards in Orange County. He is best known for his blogsite. Flash as he is known is noted for his arrogance and condescending behavior against other people. He is also known for being pay for play while railing for purity in the political process.

Perhaps his pattern has finally caught up enough that he was defeated. Perhaps this defeat will humble him enough that he changes his tune. Don’t count on it, most people in politics would rather be tortured by ISIS than ever admit fault.

You can only abuse so many people and delude yourself about how right you are for so long before it costs you things you really value.

So, what is the next move for the OCGOP Cent Com? There are a lot of races in a tizzy. There are a lot of bruised egos. It is going to be a long summer with a lot of cocktail parties coming. Maybe it is time to drop the martini glasses and get to work.