May 132017

One of the alleged reasons to expel George and I from CRA was a post on this blog that had redacted checks from fake CRA units. (Remember, Santa Clarita RA went from 16 delegates in 2015 convention to 0 in 2017, Ventura RA is gone, N SF RA is gone and Pasadena is on life support)

Carl Brickey and William Tolson – two of the CRA’s Bathroom Boys spent countless hours rallying people in a vainglorious crusade over the release of “PII” as if this veteran of 20 years in Insurance knew nothing about HIPAA laws or what  “PII” is.

Well, your intrepid blogger has a copy of an un-redacted check from the CRA. You too can click the hyperlink and then search the archives of this blog to see what redacted checks look like.

It appears that the CRA is going to have to notify its vendors and members that their information is exposed.

Secondly, you can also see the $54k the CRA has in its bank account. $38k of it I raised. Even at only 600 members, the CRA will take in $9000 a year in dues. This also means that the CRA’s Pol-Pot Bellied Information Minister can not raise money. Anyone that served with him in Placer would have been able to tell you that 20 years ago.

I will not hold my breath waiting for the day when the CRA officers tell the truth about why they expelled George and I. It is however clear to sane, healthy people why the CRA expelled us. The raised relief is when you see the collapse of all the units that were being maintained on paper, people being exposed for doing the same things as other expelled former members were doing, the stagnation of the group, the failure to raise money, get candidates elected, infighting continuing, and of course now their own extra special data breach.

May 122017

I had a very hard time coming over to Donald Trump.

The biggest issue I had were his early supporters, many of whom I saw as fringe wackos, malcontents and otherwise people out of the mainstream. There were exceptions as some long time political allies (and friends) of mine were with Trump from the start.

However, Ann Coulter, Paul Joseph Watson and others whose existence is in an esoteric part of the universe they call their own were the early sirens of Make America Great Again. Mike Cernovich, Milo and others were people I’d never heard of before until the national media started focusing on them to marginalize Donald Trump. Now they are all re-marginalizing themselves a mere 3.5 months after Trump was sworn in.

In the campaign of 2016, one by one these folks were being proven right for supporting Trump and true about their conspiracy theories as a result of events, the behavior of John Kasich, Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney and others on the campaign trail, the revelations of Wikileaks that provided a window in to the inner workings of the Dems, Obama’s temper tantrum in his waning days in office just to muck things up and of course the Russia did it gas-lighting operation created by President Obama weaponizing the intelligence services and using them against Trump and his team.

I’ve written ad naseum about the fake news and the rigged polls being done by the national media establishment. I knew Trump was going to win as I was eviscerating polling samples daily.

Donald Trump knew what to do in order to take center stage. He became a voice for everyone’s anger (even many that voted for Hillary Clinton, by the way) and parlayed that in to successful run for President. People focused on Trump’s bombast while ignoring what was happening strategically.

Trump was outspent 2-1. 90+% of all media about him was negative. Trump beat 16 GOP Contenders. Some in the GOP establishment recruited a Judas Goat, Evan McMuffin to try and steal Utah, Wyoming and Idaho from Trump. Even today, humiliated candidate John Kasich is trying to raise money in the waning days of his governorship so he can run against Trump in 2020, while sending endless emails criticizing Trump at every chance.

The critics that irritate me the most are not the National Media (who I call whores for the left), the #Triggered Democrats who are committing ritual suicide hellbent to “get trump”, and not even the Jeb Bush / John Kasich isolated fringe of the establishment. The critics that irritate me the most are the “Chicken Little” Malcontents that were key early supporters of Trump who have been screeching every time trump deviates slightly from the path they think he should take in order to govern.

I’ve coined a term for them – wrist slashers.

They cut their wrists in a virtual form of political suicide without pausing to wait for the other shoe to drop. I’ve become a complete Donald Trump sycophant not because I agree with everything he does, but because he is willful, deliberate and is one of the most effective leaders I’ve ever seen.

I’ve written ad-naseum about what Trump has accomplished in such a short time in office, but I want to focus on a few items directly for the benefit of the wrist-slashers (as this is the proof of Trump’s amazing effectiveness):

  1. Trump shot 59 Tomahawk Missiles at Syria because of a chemical weapon attack on a hospital. The screeching wrist-slashers claimed Ivanka Trump talked her dad in to doing it, others like Coulter and Watson went in to a meltdown claiming Trump had been sucked in by the NWO Globalists. The Media and Democrats were in a state of confusion offering grudging praise. The Result? Iran, Turkey and Russia are now setting up safe zones in Syria. Refugee Crisis Solved. Assad Problem Solved. Screeching anti war sirens silenced as the same 1,000 Americans there before are still there now, no more, no less.
  2. Trump sent a fleet to North Korea and Anti Missile defense systems to South Korea in response to the little fatso trying to launch ballistic missiles. The American Media responded by gleefully reporting that the fleet was somewhere else as their desire to “Get Trump” caused them to undermine Trump’s strategy. Despite the best attempts of the media and the screeching sirens who were once again cutting their wrists in a paranoid World War III fantasy, there is no war and the Chinese and Russians now look poised to take out the trash in North Korea. Despite the withering criticism, the Chinese started negotiating with the US immediately due to Donald Trump’s very real leadership and putting everything on the table, including trade.
  3. The hard right freaked out over the spending bill. They claimed that: A) it funded planned parenthood, B) it did not fund the wall and C) it lacked the spending cuts of the proposed budget. They would have rather had a government “shutdown” now at a time when it would not play out well. The reality? There is a $1.5 Billion down payment on the wall and this “spending bill” is the first time in 50 years that the federal government has not increased overall spending in any bill.
  4. The AHCA. You’d swear that the RINO’s won everything. It was a $1 Trillion Tax Cut and it de-funded Planned Parenthood to the tune of 86%.

When the facts are aggregated, the flaky, malcontented (as in never satisfied) fringe early Trump supporters are showing their real colors. They don’t know how to govern. They don’t understand governance and are unable to digest facts, patterns of strategy.

You’d think that SCOTUS Justice Neil Gorsuch would be enough? Betsy DeVos gutting Common Core? Illegal Immigration down 60+%, deportations up 35%? Real support for law enforcement? Real investigations and accountability at the VA? Going after Presidential Land Grabs? Pipelines? 15000 more Ice Agents? Overturning industry destroying regulations by the dozen?

Donald Trump continues to lead. The question to the wrist-slashers is this: If you keep cutting your wrists (figuratively) every time something goes wrong in your mind, will anyone pay attention to you and will you be able to make any difference when the left finally regroups?

May 072017

Hector Diaz first hit my radar screen because of the Riverside CRA and their sudden interest in him. Given the coin-operated nature of the CRA, it merits a double take when the flavor of the month arrives out of nowhere at a CRA meeting.

Your intrepid blogger learned that Hector Diaz (Nava) was arrested for two felonies related to him beating up a patron at his restaurant in Moreno Valley. Diaz is serving probation as part of a plea deal and is on probation even as he is a candidate for Moreno Valley City Council.

The would-be Council Member is out telling people he is a “Reputable Business Owner”. This could be true despite his penchant for playing Judge Dredd on drunk patrons at his restaurant.

However, a second look reveals there is a major problem with the assertion by Diaz (Nava) that he is a “Reputable Business Owner” – the California Department of Real Estate has a nice, fat open file on him:

License Type:

Diaz, Hector N. 

Mailing Address:
PO BOX 23099

License ID:

Expiration Date:

License Status:

MLO License Endorsement:  

NMLS ID: 274642 (Click here to check the status of the MLO License Endorsement )

Salesperson License Issued:

Broker License Issued:

Former Name(s):
Nava, Hector Diaz 

Object Mortgage
ACTIVE AS OF 06/07/2005

Supremacy Realtors
ACTIVE AS OF 06/07/2005

Affiliated Licensed Corporation(s):
01521111 – Officer Expiration Date: 01/11/14
The Diaz Group Inc


Disciplinary or Formal Action


>>>> Public information request complete <<<<

Three things should jump out at you about “Reputable Businessman” Hector Diaz Nava:

Why did he change his name? Note – when I first wrote about his felony arrests, I had to do extra leg work to verify that Hector Diaz (Nava) identified in the arrest records and the Hector N Diaz running for City Council were the same person. Here is more proof they are the same person and the public records from the Department of Real Estate also suggest that this two names thing was deliberate to hamper efforts by people to research him.

He ran a Real Estate firm that lost its’ license. Perhaps this is why he changed his name and is holding himself out as a reputable businessman?

He lost his own Real Estate Broker’s License and is restricted to being a Real Estate Agent Only. This is key, because if you read the linked documents you will understand why the Department of Real Estate was keen on making sure he could not do anything related to mortgages.

Hector Diaz lost his Real Estate Broker’s License and Corporate Real Estate License because someone under his supervision was running a Mortgage modification scam and got caught by the Department of Real Estate. A victim of the scammer actually got a job in the scammer’s office and once it became clear what was going on, the victim turned them in.

According to the documents obtained by Right on Daily – Diaz denied any wrongdoing repeatedly. The documents reference an unlicensed DBA being used and Diaz’ failure to supervise a subordinate as the causes for the suspensions of the licenses. There is no indication of the people running the scam were prosecuted within the documents, (but they suggest something was in process), the issue is that Diaz had someone under his supervision that was engaging in illegal activity while Diaz was asleep at the switch.

“Respondent Diaz’ denial of wrongdoing suggests that he is not amenable to correction…”, says the documents.

In fact, Diaz’ license was restricted on 2/24/2012 and Diaz was eligible to apply for an un-restricted license four years later (2/24/2016). As you can see, Hector N Diaz AKA Hector Diaz (Nava) still has a restricted real estate license suggesting that he continues to be unrepentant to this day.

As a bonus, Diaz petitioned for reconsideration of the decision made against him further buttressing the notion of his refusal to accept responsibility for his negligence. His petition was rejected flatly.

The source documents are linked here

Hector N Diaz aka Hector Diaz (Nava) is not qualified to hold office.

This is demonstrated by his attitude as related by the department of Real Estate in 2012. It is reinforced by his vigilante justice episode in 2016 that has him on current probation. When you add in the name change, you have a pattern that indicates that Hector Diaz, Nava, Diaz-Nava, N Diaz, etc. has character issues that are a work in progress. It is the opinion of this blogger and should be the opinion of the voters of Moreno Valley that Hector N Diaz aka Hector Diaz (Nava) should be rejected in his bid for City Council.

Apr 242017

There is a new Riverside CRA Unit to replace the old CRA unit that died an insane asylum death. I know Riverside is not Orange County, but you Southerners all look the same to us rednecks up here in the north.

Apparently, inviting so-called conservatives with felony arrests to speak for endorsements is a time-honored CRA tradition. (see also Tim Donnelly)

I got a list of the board members of the new Riverside RA and some familiar names were on it, including a man who rides the bus to the library to check his email as he does not own a car or a computer.

The Riverside RA is actually hosting a meeting tomorrow (which in today’s CRA is optional) featuring a Moreno Valley City Council Candidate named Hector Diaz.

A check of Voter Records shows a 43 year old Hector Diaz Nava registered in Moreno Valley. There is a second Hector Diaz that is 52. A look at the photo of the man is clear he is not in his 50’s. As it is common for Latinos to have two last names (Mom and Dad) I went a little further than usual to verify that the Hector Diaz of 2014 AD61 #EPICFAILURE and the current contestant for a special election in Moreno Valley are one and the same.

They are. This leads us to today’s CRA #EPICFAIL. (Pictured, the CRA’s Pol-Pot Bellied Information Minister Thomas N Hudson)

Hector Diaz Nava was arrested on a nice felony. It looks like he beat someone up and got popped for it.

On 02/06/2016 – Diaz pled two felonies down to one Misdemeanor. He pled out to Disturbing the Peace, Instead of getting a felony for inflicting great bodily harm and assault with a deadly weapon.

Mr. Diaz received 60 days in the can, but was given 3 years of probation in lieu of incarceration.

Diaz also had to pay the victim of his rage restitution.

It is really not hard to find stuff out about people. It is called vetting, it is something the RightonDaily Blog recommends all groups do. The CRA, given their proclivity to be pious, self righteous and arrogant about their own perfection probably need to spend some of the $51k in their treasury and hire a pet monkey to do basic records checks on candidates before they get further embarrassment.

Hector Diaz (Nava) probably should not be running for Moreno Valley City Council. He holds himself out as a reputable businessman, I will grant that he is probably passionate about his business. He should probably take a break from beating people up and focus his passions on his business.

Perhaps, the Riverside RA could have their board member take the bus to the library and spend some of his ample free time using public records from Riverside County like your intrepid blogger?

P.S. for you skeptics (look at what happens when you google Diaz) – this is our guy, smack in the middle of Moreno Valley District 4. This is the only Hector Diaz anything in Moreno Valley Council District 4.

If the CRA does the usual and ignores the unsolicited advice from this blogger, its’ expected. But since I know they read this blog, I’d like to suggest at the very least they check his ankle for a bracelet.

Apr 242017

Source: John Cox for Governor 2018

For Immediate Release

April 23, 2017

Contact:          Tim Rosales


Statewide grassroots organization-California Impact Republicans-endorse and unite behind Businessman John Cox for Governor 2018

San Diego, CA – Republican businessman and candidate for Governor John Cox received a key endorsement Saturday from the statewide Republican grassroots organization, California Impact Republicans.  TheCalifornia Impact Republicans (CIR) is a statewide organization that notes their mission is to recruit candidates, equip leaders, expand the Republican Party and give real support to electing Republicans to office. Cox is the first Republican candidate for statewide office to be endorsed by CIR for the 2018 election.

“Democrats are in control of the Governor’s office and hold supermajorities in both the Assembly and Senate, and California has the highest state income tax in the nation, the highest poverty rate, and not surprisingly ranks dead last in friendliness to business. Their answer is a new $52 billion tax increase,” noted John Briscoe, President of the California Impact Republicans.

“John Cox represents the change and new approach that is desperately needed. He is not only a solid Republican, but John is a small businessman who started from the ground up, creating jobs and working within budgets. His CPA approach will appeal not only to Republicans, but all voters fed up with what is happening in Sacramento.”

With this endorsement, the California Impact Republicans became the first statewide Republican organization to endorse John Cox for Governor, and joins a growing list of Republican grassroots leaders and local elected officials that are supporting his candidacy.

John Cox is a Republican businessman from San Diego who announced his campaign for Governor in February with a message of ending the corrupting influence of special interest money. Information about John Cox and his campaign can be found at

The California Impact Republicans ( endorsements of candidates are based on a thorough evaluation of several factors including “commitment to expanding the Republican Party, the candidate’s past decisions and actions (if already in office) and commitment to expanding the Republican volunteer base.”

Apr 242017
4/22/2017 was a momentous day for California Republicans. The California Impact Republicans officially removed “Interim” from everything and the organization adopted by-laws, a mission statement, and elected the inaugural board of 22 members.
In all, the California Impact Republicans were represented by about 20% of their statewide membership at the first-ever California Impact Republicans Convention. In the CIR, everyone is a delegate, meaning everyone who shows up to participate gets a voice with no proxy voting allowed. These are some of many ways the CIR has departed from the old paradigm of doing business. 
The CIR also chartered two new chapters expanding the size of our organization by 1/4 even as we were officially adopting our founding documents – welcoming the Kings County Impact Republicans and the Southwest Riverside County Impact Republicans in to the fold. 
The keyword is “Impact”, showing leadership, taking effective action to change the paradigm in California. 
In line with the newly adpoted mission statement and statement of values – we took the following actions at our convention:
The CIR opposed SB 18 and SCR 41 – the so called “Children’s Bill of Rights” overreach by Sacramento designed to put the government in the Child-rearing business. 
The CIR took a support position on AB 1052 – authored by Travis Allen requiring bills and individual state expenditures to be put in an on-line searchable database.
The CIR called on Tax-Raising “Republican” Senator Anthony Cannella to re-Register as a democrat
The CIR endorsed the State of Jefferson Movement in Concept and in Spirit
The CIR made two key and early “Statement Endorsements” for 2018:
The CIR endorsed Conservative hero Shannon Grove for State Senate District 16. No one has been a stronger, effective, personally consistent advocate of Conservative Values in the state legislature. Learn More About Shannon Grove here:
The CIR endorsed Businessman John Cox for Governor. The CIR recognized that an outsider with a message against corruption and for economic prosperity is a winning message anywhere. We felt that endorsing John Cox would send a strong message that it is time to shatter the paradigm of past statewide elections. Learn More here:
Apr 132017

I still remember the 2011 CRA Convention fight and being accused of selling CRA endorsements. That issue was the central issue of that fight.

I never sold a CRA endorsement, or attempted to. I did get paid by consultants / campaigns many times to influence outcomes in the course of everything else I was doing. That is a very different thing as I never guaranteed or promised an outcome, manipulated CRA Records, Delegates, etc in order to win an endorsement.

The CRA currently has $51k in the bank. 38K of it I raised by selling sponsorships and soliciting donations. This was another thing the people that expelled me roundly criticized – perhaps I should have pocketed the money and done what has been the time-honored tradition of CRA versus trying to raise operating captial for the organization.

The mentality and the reputation of the CRA is well earned. The few real groups they have are made up of the fringes of politics. They had a 9-11 Truther Table at the most recent CRA Convention. Thomas N Hudson never met a check he would not take. When I participated in staging CRA Conventions, I turned down similar would be vendors.

Given that the CRA attracts people like this, it is a reasonable question to ask, “why wouldn’t a group made up of people that can’t function in the real would fight amongst itself all the time?”

Karen England, a woman I have lit up many times on this Blog was running for CRA President in 2011. Her psychotic rants and accusations are still parroted today by some. Late every October, I celebrate “FBI” day in honor of her straight-faced allegation at the 1/2011 Placer GOP Cent Com Organizing meeting that the FBI was investigating the Placer GOP. What was at stake in 2011 was control of the lucrative endorsement mill known as CRA. She lied, multiple times in an attempt to gain political advantage and had a decent group of dupes. Many have recovered from their brainwashing at the hands of Karen England, but those still can’t help but light a torch have found a home in CRA.

I personally wanted to see the CRA be a group for Real Conservative Activists. I had seen the fraud in front of my face for years and was very much personally frustrated to see the Placer CRA, a real unit of CRA with real members getting screwed by fake units controlled by political consultants and staff. The fake units got as much weight in an endorsement as the real ones.

In 2007, the Mitt Romney for President Campaign in an effort run by Mike Schroeder, Brandon Powers, Scott Voigts, David Reade and others created a string of 25 fake CRA Units in order to produce convention delegates to engineer a CRA endorsement of Mitt Romney. I remember that convention well. I remember voting to endorse Mitt Romney on the second ballot. I did not know at the time that 75 of the 148 votes Romney got were produced by this operation.

With a fresh batch of 25 bogus CRA Units, a series of events occurred that forced the internal corruption of the CRA to the forefront. At that time, I had no real idea that people like Steve Frank, Mike Spence, Jon Fleischman, and a couple of other allies at the time (whose names escape me) were all profiting (or had profited) personally (directly or otherwise) from manipulation by fraud or straight up rigged fabrication of CRA endorsements.

I’ve had political consultants tell me they did business with both Jon Fleischman and Mike Spence (both former CRA Presidents). I served under several CRA Presidents and I can tell you with certainty that neither John Briscoe nor Ken Mettler participated in leveraging CRA. I can’t say that about any of the others I served with.

David Stafford Reade and Mark Spannagel – both current Chiefs of Staff for Current Republican officeholders were expelled from CRA for fraud. As it turns out, they got screwed. They did nothing different than several of the people that voted to expel them. What they did was wrong, but getting disciplined and publicly railed by people doing the exact same thing was and is absurd.

Scott Voigts, A man I consider a friend today got expelled for fraud. He got screwed, see above.

In retrospect, I get why a bunch of them sued the CRA. I’d have done the same damn thing given that my 20/20 hindsight is clear on this.

Everyone on the current CRA board should be nervous about lawsuits. Why would someone care about getting banned from CRA for suing the organization at this point? Thomas N Hudson, the current President of the CRA was a vociferous opponent of taking out Directors and Officers Insurance for the group as he, get this, argued that it would INCREASE the chances the CRA would get sued. Guess what, enough board members bought that argument that they voted the idea down. This is the mentality of the CRA today. Those sitting on the CRA board are uninsured and will have to come out of pocket should the $51k in the CRA’s Treasury get exhausted in the next lawsuit.

Of all the people expelled from CRA in my lifetime, I do believe that only Karen England and Tim LeFever deserved their expulsions. It is clear to me that they wanted to take CRA to the next level for their commercial enterprise. The problem is that my side of that fight had people like Steve Frank, Tom Hudson and other on it that were scarcely different than those that lost and later got expelled. Many times over the years, I acted on the advice of Steve Frank and Thomas N Hudson without question, speaking of dumb things to do…

In retrospect, (to cite a recent example of a CRA lynching), I don’t think Steve Sarkis deserved much more than a 1 year suspension or perhaps just a prohibition from serving on leadership for what he did in Anaheim. That said, the morally corrupt Thomas N Hudson believes that Sarkis did nothing wrong and has raged on multiple people over it, (even though Sarkis was caught with falsified membership records, etc. over a three year period) apparently defending the time-honored practice of CRA Fraud.

Perhaps Hudson’s rage over what happened to Sarkis, is because Mr. Sarkis bad behavior mirrored his own bad behavior within CRA? If Sarkis got screwed so badly, Hudson should lead the fight to reinstate him. Thomas N Hudson needs to man up instead of raging on people like a bully.

Trying to reform the CRA has proven to be a fool’s errand. The bathroom boys and narcissists did George and I a huge favor by expelling us in the manner we did. We had proof of even more fraud. Those caught had to gaslight us and employ the pigpen strategy of writing specious, lengthy manifestos (that included bringing in our disdain for some so-called conservative officeholders in to the matrix amongst other things) to cover for their bad behavior when they expelled us.

The unbelievable truth is that whole thing was ignited by us sending in a Spam complaint against an email sent out by Mark Gardner in defiance of the then President John Briscoe’s wishes. From there, the leper colony erupted. Gardner has since announced he has moved to Nevada. Two of the other leaders of the effort to expel us moved to Florida. A fourth board member who voted to expel us moved to Florida. 17 of the 30 votes to expel us were appointed the day of the lynching to the CRA Board by Thomas N Hudson. Many are not on the CRA’s board anymore.

Some people have said that George and My expulsion from CRA was payback or “what comes around”. The smart people who did not have their ego in a wad or who were not trying to avoid conflict saw it as a takeover for Thomas N Hudson and his merry band of Bathroom Boys (many of whom don’t really like Hudson all that much).

Now that Thomas N Hudson is in “control” of the CRA and according to my belief is attempting to leverage it, the organization is basically in a free fall. Its’ membership is about half of what it was when I was expelled and it is continuing to get decimated despite whatever spin may be coming out of the ministry of information. Hudson has built his own reputation, the CRA has its’ own reputation. George and I were freed from the baggage and poor reflection of the CRA’s reputation on ourselves by their own stupidity when they expelled us.

Anyone seeking a CRA endorsement should adhere to the old adage, let the buyer beware. It is similar to willingly injecting bacteria in to your campaign.

P.S. Much of the proof of the contents of this blog is from personal experience, anecdotal stories and the like as most political types try to minimize their email/paper trail. The most common refrain when I blog about stuff is for those affected to call me a liar. Let em. They know what they did. The accounts of this post are things I believe to be true.

Apr 122017
Obama set the bar low. Economists everywhere knew that a major part of any smart person’s agenda would be to gut what Obama did. Donald Trump has been using a provision in the law only used once before to override regulations shoved down our throats by un-elected political appointees.

4 more Obama Era Regulations went up in smoke with congressional action. The mainstream media is lying as they deceptively make it look like these are all executive orders.

Two department of education mandates effectively trashing charter schools and giving the government power were trashed. A land use regulation giving the incompetent fools at the BLM dictatorial power over land-use was trashed and the world famous Obama “Blacklisting” rule was trashed.

Many of the Obama Era Regulations attacking the Coal and Oil Industry have been overturned by congress, but the latest executive order by Trump effectively guts what Obama did unilaterally. The Coal and Oil industry in America will explode and once again evil energy companies will be able to lease federal lands amongst other things.

In what should be the first of many Obama Era Internet Rules, a so-called Privacy Regulation that favored Obama Donors like Google and Facebook over Cable Carriers was repealed.


Trump signs two executive orders to jump-start the Trade Agenda:

The first executive order aims to ensure that duties are fully collected when imposed on foreign importers who cheat.

“They are cheaters,” the president said forcefully.

The second order directs Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross and the U.S. Trade Representative to compile a report within 90 days to identify a broad range of trade abuses, country by country and product by product.

The next thing you know, Trump is meeting with China, the number one abuser of our trade policy. Trump’s policies have had an immediate and dramatic effect on our trade deficit with China.

In February, the trade deficit to China fell by a record amount and American exports increased for a thrid straight month, according to ABC News.

The deficit fell to $43.6 billion, 9.6 percent below January’s deficit of $48.2 billion, while imports on Chinese goods fell by $8.6 billion.  The overall trade deficit with China narrowed in February to $23 billion, 26.6 percent below the January total.

National Trades Unions are feeling the love for the President. They stood and applauded him several times when he appeared at their convention.

Regarding his infrastructure plan take a look at this:

Speaking at a town hall in Washington, D.C., Tuesday, President Donald Trump stated that in order for his $1 trillion infrastructure to succeed, he plans on cutting regulations preventing states speedily enacting new building projects.

After pointing to a chart illustrating the legislative process states must undergo prior to beginning highway construction projects, POTUS added “it can take anywhere between 10, if you’re really good, 10 years to 20 years, and then they vote and you lose.”

Read more:


GASP! Trump had golf with Rand Paul, the favorite of Republican-Hating “Libertarian” liberals everywhere. Those cloaking themselves in the Constitution to dislike conservatives should now be in a state of confusion as their imam is now involved in the AHCA effort. (you should see social media, trump hating “liberty Republicans” are in a state of fugue)

VP Pence went straight to the Freedom Caucus – the hard right group that was “credited” for derailing the first attempt to deal with Obamacare – with a series of compromises to get a deal done.

Meantime, after Anthem’s national announcement of withdrawing from Obamacare exchanges, the State of Iowa is now down to two exchange carriers with the withdrawal of two more. Remember, you can only get free —- through an exchange plan. You can’t get it if you buy from a carrier directly. This is why Obamacare is collapsing, the plans with free federal welfare attached to them are collapsing.

Speaking of Collapsing – ISIS is getting hammered. IT almost makes you think Obama wanted them in place, doesn’t it. Two months in to Trump admin and ISIS is getting pushed out of most of its’ key areas. This is an excellent report on the Trump Strategy to deal with ISIS.

Meantime – Trump met with Egyptian President Sisi. Sisi’s government threw out the Obama-backed Muslim Brotherhood from Egypt. Sisi is also friendly to Israel.

And, in Syria, there was a chemical weapon attack leaving over 100 dead. This was the worst such incident in years. Trump rightfully laid it at the feet of Obama’s weakness.

TO be continued…

Apr 112017

This Blogger recently became aware of a secret meeting held in Orange County related to trying to shore up Orange County in an attempt to forestall the free-falling Republican Registration and the electoral disaster in 2016. Hitlary won Orange County by 8.5% (Trump won my home county by 14, BTW)

Ling Ling Chang lost her State Senate race. John Newman responded by voting yes on the largest tax increase in State History.

Young Kim lost her Assembly Seat. Sharon Quirk-Silva repaid the voters of Orange County by walking out of her hospital room to the floor of the Assembly to cast her yes vote (after campaigning to defend Prop 13).

Dana Rohrabacher is said to be vulnerable.

Stephen Choi is said to be vulnerable.

Darrell Issa is indeed Vulnerable.

Janet Nguyen holds a dem-leaning State Senate Seat.

Ed Royce may be Vulnerable as the two above losses for the GOP occurred in districts that underlie his Congressional seat.

Mimi Walters has also made the DCCC candidate Abortion list for 2018.

This leaves the GOP with a handful of safe seats in Orange County. While Senator John Moorlach has stepped up his game raising more money than he ever has before (and giving it to other Republicans), still others in safe seats like Matthew Harper struggle to raise enough money to buy groceries. Pat Bates and Bill Brough are playing key roles, while Travis Allen is trying to make noise on the State Stage. Does this mean Travis is getting ready to leave the Assembly to run for higher office, or is he trying to build the team?

I wish I could say news of this meeting was causing me great feelings of hope and joy. But, my response was more sadness and questions as I’ve seen the disaster of 2016 in the making for 10+years.

Why did it take until now for members of Congress from Orange County to engage at this level?

The main thrust of this meeting was getting money IN to California to run voter registration and grassroots organizing. This is an apparent short-term response to the democrat propaganda publication known as the Hill bragging that a top Dem operative has been sent to Orange County to oversee attacking 6-8 Republicans in CA, holding 2 Nevada seats and attacking 2 Republicans in Washington State. I wish him luck as apparently the dems still think they can “Get Trump”.

Why did it take until now for members of Congress from Orange County to engage at this level?

For years, I’ve despaired of a generation of Republican Partisan Electeds who could care less about the political disaster around them as long as their own district was safe and their new run for office was on track. The timing of this meeting with the circumstances surrounding it causes me to ask the obvious question, are they doing it because of their own self interest? Or, has it finally gotten that bad that they have to act?

Then there is the OC GOP itself. There is a desperate need for a cultural change. Separate my disdain for a few individual members and take a look from 30,000 feet. Something broke 20 years ago. This is not Fred Whitaker’s Fault, this is a cultural issue. Has the current leadership of the OC GOP taken a good thorough look at what broke? Can they fix it? Do they have a plan? Has anyone been honest with themselves long enough to allow their ego to accept the reality of the current situation? <<< This is a serious question, not some sort of blogger slam.

I’ve been told by friends in Orange County that they do have a plan. This is good. How do they fund it? What are they going to do and where? Are they going to do something different with it?

Senator John Moorlach has demonstrated that an old dog can learn new tricks as he has transformed himself in to a donor. Will others follow that lead? Can others learn new stripes?

I was told that there was a small program worth about $500k that did targeted voter registration in 2016. I can only imagine how much worse it would have been without that.

So Mimi Walters, Ed Royce and others are engaging now that they are threatened. (This is my opinion and I am open to being challenged with facts that suggest otherwise) In California, we will take it. We will take any activity by anyone regardless of motive as we need to stop the bleeding that has our registration number down below 26% statewide.

Dear OC GOP – the ball is in your court. If there is going to be wads of money spent, please make a plan and identify where lost ground can be regained. Please see if you can find angry NPP voters that left the GOP and minister to them. Please find the #nevertrumper folks that I believe contributed to the margin in 2016 and see if they are responding to the facts about what Trump is doing. Don’t read the Hill and other publications that say Trump is unpopular, the election proved people lie to pollsters. If the OCGOP leads, as in breaks the set-in insular culture of the last 20 years, the results will become self-evident at the ballot box.

The good news? I do believe that the OCGOP has it within them to repair the damage and get back on a winning streak. Will they admit fault where necessary, ask and answer the hard questions and then finish the job with the hard work necessary?

Apr 112017

Most major California Newspapers will not write about internal polls, but Politico will. The most recent installment of that is the Antonio Villaraigosa Poll designed to make him look like a better challenger to Gavin Newsome.

There was a poll two weeks ago that has Gavin anytowsome Newsome at 28, John Cox at 18 and Antonio Suave at 11. Read more about John Cox here.

Enter Politico:

By now, the early polling in the 2018 gubernatorial race is fairly consistent: Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom is out in front, followed by a Republican (John Cox or, if he runs, San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer), then every other Democrat in the race or mulling it. For former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, the goal is to persuade potential donors and party activists that he is a strong No. 3.

His campaign last week released an internal poll by The Feldman Group, Inc., that puts Villaraigosa’s support at 20 percent — behind both Newsom (26 percent) and Cox (22 percent). That’s a tighter margin than in public polls (IGS last week had Villaraigosa at 11 percent). But Villaraigosa is betting on a different turnout model in the primary. The campaign is counting on the possibility that Latino voters who have not turned out in previous gubernatorial primaries will turn out in 2018, motivated in part by President Donald Trump.

So, Villaraigosa had to inflate latino turnout in order to get a better result for himself. Just how much? His own polling summary shows that they went fishing for latino voters an inflated them to 23% of the electorate in a non-Presidential year election by looking for people that may have voted once in the last 4 elections, or something like that.

The overall sample was not released, calling the whole summary in to question.

It has the usual pablum about how much people hate trump and how much Californians want more social justice (you know, like 52 Billion dollar tax increases, broken dams and the like).

What all polls lack mention of is the following: If John Cox is the only Republican in the running, he makes the Top Two. If another credible Republican files, they might as well endorse Antonio Villariagosa. Antonio Suave own pol lhas proven, the only way Antonio can get in the runoff is if he takes Gavin anytwosome Newsome down a couple notches and there is one Strong Republican on the ballot. Cox has dropped a million dollars in to his campaign on his way to still more.

It is also very interesting that none of the dems are polling the sanctuary state, the $52 Billion Dollar Tax Increase and any of the other extreme left wing issues on the floor of the State Legislature today. Actually, it is not.

If the populous in general gets the least bit informed of what the democrats did to them with their supermajority, Gavin Newsome will be returned to his Mansion in Marin County in pieces, as would Antoino Suave to his Mansion in Central LA.

Lastly, Antonio Suave says that the math dictates that you need to get to 33% in order to make the runoff. That in and of itself should have told him NOT to release this internal poll. 26 is a lot closer to 33 than 20 is, especially when there are all kinds of pigs running to the political buffet table. With Cox staked to 22% of the vote in a turnout environment over sampled with minorities, the chances of a D vs D runoff are not as good as pundits would expect.

If John Cox is the only funded, credible Republican that files, we have a great chance to break the top-two curse and actually be able to have a real contest of values in the fall of 2018. I hope this is not lost on the rest of the interested parties within the CAGOP.