Mar 132018

Travis Allen, R-Huntington Beach, 36 absences, $2,351

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — California lawmakers are eligible to receive $176 per day for lodging and food for each day the Legislature is in session to compensate them for being away from home, on top of their annual six-figure salaries. A review by The Associated Press finds lawmakers routinely collect the payments on days they don’t go to work, under rules they set for themselves, or if they say they are working away from Sacramento.

Here is a list of current members of the state Legislature, the total number of days they were absent, and how much per diem each lawmaker collected on days they were absent during the most recent legislative session, from Dec. 1, 2014 to Aug. 8, 2016.

Whoopsie. Now you see how Travis Allen missed over 500 votes in his short tenure in the Assembly, he was out surfing. And, he ripped us off to boot!


Mar 122018

Thanks to some extremely bizarre legislation in California, you can self identify as anything these days. It does indeed appear that my friends within the Riverside GOP have failed to do their due diligence on the Sheriff who is self-identifying as a Republican.

Mr. Sniff appears to be all over the board on a variety of issues. When doing research on the Sheriff, I learned that he appointed an LBGT Liaison Officer. I wonder if this was widely advertised?

It was buried in a retirement announcement for the assistant sheriff. (Click the picture of the officer to enlarge the text)

Whether or not gay rights is your issue, the point here is one of priorities. The Good Sheriff has a bizarre set of them. A brand new jail has been languishing for quite a while due to “budget cuts”, yet we have an LGBT liaison officer. I’d assume to deal with the after affects of felons allowed to go free who assault them?

As I’ve been looking in to the Sheriff, I’ve identified a slew of things that are causing me to question everything everyone thinks they knew about him.

Let’s start at a basic question, Is Stan Sniff a Republican?

He is deign to give out CCW Permits, this is a proven fact we will discuss later, he has also given short shift to jails and corrections, another fact we will discuss later. Guns and Law / Order are two pillars of even the most moderate Republican’s platform.

It gets better – in the competitive State Senate District 31 in the middle of Riverside County, tax-raising left-wing “General” Richard Roth can count of Sheriff sniff to endorse and help re-elect him. Richard Roth voted to jack up your vehicle registrations, jacked up your gas taxes twice and helped usher in Cap and Trade which will light up the sky with your energy bills. Cap and Trade is the reason why Riverside County “Republican” Chad Mayes became public enemy number one and is expected to be in the fight of his life for re-election. So why not Stan Sniff? Sniff endorsed Roth in September of 2015, some 10 months before election day, in an effort to discourage any viable Republican from running against Roth, while in the same area Republican Assemblymember Eric Linder was ousted from office.

Sniff called Richard Roth a “True Champion for Public Safety”, yet Roth supported Prop 47 and Prop 57, get out of jail free cards for habitual career criminals. Under those propositions, you can visit the local markets and steal up to $950 worth of stuff and get an infraction. You can then do it repeatedly as those crimes do not pile up. Roth also supported making transmitting HIV a misdemeanor.

Lest you think Stan Sniff’s democrat tendencies are limited to the above, the good sheriff also added another disaster to his endorsement quiver. In 2012, he endorsed leftist democrat Cheryl Brown. Ms. Brown has been like Richard Roth on acid. Brown is so far out there that she has supported legislation so bad that even Governor Moonbean has vetoed it.

It is fair to say that Sheriff Sniff has no clear core convictions. It is also fair to say that Sheriff Sniff aided and abetted the largest tax increases, fee increases and regulatory increases in state history, in addition to the disasters known as Prop 47 and 57.

Does the Sheriff believe that the leftist Social Justice Warriors will come to his aid now that his tenure is seriously threatened? We are seeing an emerging pattern with Sheriff Sniff… stay tuned for more.

Mar 092018

Another well-known cheating scandal within the department is the Lt’s exam. Apparently, sharing test questions is commonplace. Chief Jason “Deuce” Horton managed to finish in first place most of the times he went for promotion. It is no coincidence that Chief Deuce’s Dad, John Horton was the original pre-Leonard Purvis architect of the decimation of the Banning PD and is you guessed it long time buddies with Sheriff Stan Sniff. As you recall, the rightondaily blog broke the investigator cheating scandal 3 weeks before the local media.

Pictured is Aaron Kent. Another donor to Sheriff Sniff. Kent has issues. First of all, his first name is the same as mine and that is more than irritating, but I digress.

When Aaron Kent was a Sgt. on the Moreno Valley SET Team (special investigation team) he is reputed to have ordered subordinates in to the office to milk overtime so he could get overtime.

He is also alleged to have done the exact same thing Lt. Rose is alleged to have done, study for a Master’s Degree (Rose a PHD, too) on the clock.

Another particularly frustrating incident is when he sent deputies to his house to wait for a shipment of Bose Speakers and then had a deputy install the surround sound system in to his house, while on the clock.

Lt. Hernandez (a friend of Kent) miraculously was in charge of the resulting investigation after the deputies complained. Hernandez sent the file to PSB in an attempt to choke off the investigation only to have PSB return the file with more questions. (rare indeed) Hernandez sent the file to then Chief Deputy Kennedy-Smith who did the ritual team Sniff thing. Aaron Kent received nothing more than a written reprimand for ripping off the taxpayers. In 2013, Kent was paid $113K in regular time and an astounding $91K in overtime pay. This is unheard of and shows that Kent’s actions were deliberate. Also note that this rate is over double what Christian Dekker pulled off. Meantime, Sheriff Sniff is complaining about his budget all the time.

Now, let’s fast forward to 2016-2017. Kent finds himself being investigated once again as a result of his good buddy Lt. Hernandez being investigated. The investigator pulled both Hernandez and Kent’s emails.

(in 2014, Aaron kent earned $121K in regular pay and an astounding $96K in overtime)

In the treasure trove the investigator found an email from now Assistant Sheriff Kevin Vest who sent then Sgt. Aaron Kent the Lt’s exam test questions. (Sound familiar?) You will see Vest on Stan Sniff’s donor list and you also saw a photo of Vest who drove across town with Ray Wood to spy on a Chad Bianco event. This is the latest evidence of Vest’s role in the corruption of the Sheriff’s Department.

Aaron Kent? Yup, he scored 29 out of 30 on his advancement exam. While I have no evidence to prove that Jason Horton Cheated in a similar manner, it is widely known that Horton’s career has been aided mightily by his Father’s relationship with Sniff.  It is also widely known that Kevin Vest and Aaron Kent are academy buddies and this could be a nexus. (according to my sources)

Aaron Kent was investigated for cheating. Apparently that investigation is still open.

Now, let’s tie in Stan Sniff’s endorsement list. Corona Mayor Dick Harris is on Stan Sniff’s endorsement list. He just so happens to be Aaron Kent’s Father in law! Ruh-Roh. Mr. Kent himself bragged to people that Mayor Scott traded an endorsement of Sniff in exchange for Aaron Kent making Lt. If true, this may be a felony called influence peddling. Similar to most of my information, the source is anonymous because of fear of retaliation. Given what I have learned about the operations of the Riverside Sheriff’s Department, I believe this to be true as it is consistent with so many other verified facts learned.

The significance of the deal becomes clear when you remember that Aaron Kent’s cheating investigation is still open. He could not make rank until the investigation was cleared, yet he did anyway.

Take a look at the screenshots of Transparent California to see how much overtime Aaron Kent has been ripping us off for. Sniff could hire another deputy easily with that money.

(2015 – 128K in regular pay and $70K in overtime pay)

(2016 – 134K in regular pay and $64K in overtime pay)

If I did not have a strong respect for the badge, I’d look at people like those I’ve been writing about and completely lose faith in law enforcement. It also eviscerates any argument that Stan Sniff could even make about his budget. This kind of fraud and abuse is an outrage.

Mar 082018

First off – yesterday morning, the Sheriff detonated over the LT. Rose expose’. Apparently Lt. Rose (who also has a history of racial incidents) is one of the butt monkeys of the Sheriff.

There was this gem sent to me by one of the MANY confidential informants:

Apparently word got back to Sniff this morning about Ali refusing to help, or maybe he was just angry that his employees are so tired of him that this blog just keeps getting fed information. According to one of his “trusted Chief’s” the newly promoted investigators this morning were welcomed into the admin building with Stan yelling in the background dropping F-bombs about leaks, and blogs, and firing people. Wait till he finds out which Chiefs are contributing to this blog!!!! Three more months of this Stan, Three more months.

As of the writing of this blog, Major Donor Mohammad Ali Mazarei (he of over $50k to the sheriff and an investigation related to Smog Check Fraud) has yet to assist homicide detectives with the surveillance tape that may help them solve a murder that happened on his premises. Apparently your intrepid blogger finding out about this annoyed his excellency.

I received a call today that confirmed the following email related to the 1-4-2018 Press Enterprise story related to the article on Chad Bianco being retaliated against by the Sheriff.

FYI…  Aaron, the John Bender, Editor for the Press Enterprise of Riverside was in charge of making sure this story came out.     After it came out (01-04-18) sometime in late Jan 2018, he was transferred to the PE Rancho Cucamonga Office (located in San Bernardino County).   He was with the PE of Riverside for 15 years.

When I spoke to him….  I asked him:  Did they transfer you because of the Chad Bianco story.?    His response: “Appears to be.”

Starting a week ago, some anonymous and bogus social media accounts started popping up trolling the Right on Daily Page, both of my facebook accounts and leaving would-be blog comments on this website. One of the fake profiles also attacked my Insurance Business Page. (BTW – I am licensed in five states if you are looking for help with your insurance, Facebook pulled the bogus 1-star review down after a few hours following my inquiry to Facebook regarding it.

In addition, someone attempted to hack the blog and attempted to attack the Park Family Insurance website as well. There are several people within Stan Sniff’s Team with the wherewithal to do such a thing. One of the anonymous troll profiles was quoting scripture out of context and sent facebook messages to several people in some sort of vain desperate attempt to slow down the flow of information on this blog. It is clear that the information being disseminated on this blog is having a profound effect on the tyrannical Sheriff.

There are risks indeed to taking on a tyrannical sheriff. Stan Sniff will be held accountable and I am coming for him and will not be deterred by his lackeys. That’s right – I’m coming for you Stan. Sincerely Yours Aaron F Park, Editor and Therapist, Right on Daily Blog.

Mar 082018

We’ve detailed how the upper management of the Riverside Sheriff’s Office at the direction of Sheriff Stan Sniff and Undertaker Diyoyo (Undersheriff DiYorio) were manipulating overtime to stick the municipalities contracting with the Sheriff for police services with the more expensive overtime hours.

We’ve detailed how the Sheriff manipulates staffing at various stations in order to try and gain leverage over the Riverside County Board of Supervisors in budget arguments.

We’ve talked about how upper management including Diyorio are loathed by the rank and file. Christopher Brandon Ford, Joseph Cleary, Kevin Vest, Jason Horton, Ray Wood and others just to name a few have received therapy and attention here on the right on daily blog for their actions.

Let’s introduce Geoff Raya, another of Stanley’s Chief Deputies. It is widely known that Geoff had a major medical issue in recent months that is being covered up, similar to the situation with Captain Tripod. The issue raised in this post is not about Mr. Raya’s stroke or the cover up of it. Rather, in March of 2017 when Raya was healthy, he was involved in a terrible law enforcement decision that had real world and almost immediate negative results for Rancho Mirage.

On or about 3-13-2017 the following happened:

646 Hours – Home Invasion Robbery Arrest: Rancho Mirage Police responded to the 100 block of Royal St. Georges Way (Mission Hills Country Club) in reference to a burglary in progress call. The victim found an unknown male inside her residence, stealing property. The suspect threatened the victim and then fled on foot.  Patrol units quickly established a perimeter around the country club, with several additional units circulating inside.  The suspect was located and apprehended at 0847 hours within the Mission Hills CC.  The suspect, Andrew Hebert, age 18 a transient of Cathedral City, was arrested and transported to a local hospital for an existing injury.  Due to the seriousness of the injury, Herbert was admitted into the hospital for further treatment.  Herbert will be booked into the Riverside County jail upon his release. File number S170720008

So the suspect perpetrated a home invasion (a felony), threatened to kill the homeowner (a felony) and then fled from police (a felony). In the course of the crimes, he cut his hand and it got infected. So what did Chief Deputy Geoff Raya do? Ordered him released after he was treated at the hospital.

What did the grateful suspect do?

On or about 3-19-2017:

20 Hours – Burglary Arrest: Rancho Mirage Police responded to the 100 block of Via San Lucia (Tuscany Country Club) in reference to a burglary in progress call.  The victim located the suspect inside his garage carrying property from the residence. The suspect dropped the property he had stolen and fled the area on foot. After an extensive search to include bloodhounds, a helicopter and calls from residents, the suspect was located hiding inside tamarisk trees at the cemetery west of Tuscany.  The suspect, Andrew Hebert, age 18 a transient of Cathedral City, was arrested for burglary and booked into the Riverside County Medical Ward in Moreno Valley. File number S170780014.

It is apparent that Chief Deputy Geoff Raya screwed up as he is alleged to have ordered the felon released to try and save money. Felons do what Felons do, re-offend.

The next question is where was the Rancho Mirage City Council in this? They have oversight of the contract. Councilmember Iris Smotrich is now running for re-election in Rancho Mirage where she is supposed to have direct oversight of the Sheriff’s Department as a whole. This is going to be a campaign issue, especially since it is reputed that Iris is close to Sheriff Sniff and Ali Mazarei. Personally, I don’t really care who her friends are but the fact that she has been pictured prominently with Stan Sniff, has endorsed him and donated to him is a concern when juxtaposed with the fact that her own city has been negatively affected by the decisions made on his watch.

You can expect that if Iris gets elected to her next office, she will support the Status Quo and the abuses of Rancho Mirage will continue unchecked.

Michael Harrington is challenging the establishment in Rancho Mirage. If you desire a real change in Rancho Mirage, you need to reject Iris and elect someone from outside the in crowd of politics in the desert.

Bonus, Rancho Mirage, Indian Wells and Palm Desert combine to contribute 30% of the Sheriff’s Budget and the above is what they get in return. Perhaps this is why ‘the desert’ is the one area of the county where Stan Sniff appears to care about. Interesting, isn’t it?

Riverside Confidential rolls on soon…

Mar 072018
An anonymous source that has been confirmed accurate, emailed again:
There is another cheating scandal that came after “Investorgate” that is smaller and stupider. Lt. Ron Heim at the Moreno Valley Station tested for Capt. And after testing he was speaking with 3 other Lt’s from Moval. One of them, Lt. Lorin Tyler Clark pressured Heim for answers, after lots of pressing Heim gave up the info. Clark immediately told on him for cheating! The investigation was done and the other 2 Lt’s backed Heim up. He was still disciplined and word is he’s suing.
Tyler Clark, as he’s known, has burned more deputies than most. He’s former internal affairs and relishes in getting people fired. MoVal station hates him. Rumor was when Purvis was to make Chief, Clark would make Capt and take over Hemet to watch Bianco.
There is so much crap that goes on its hard to keep track of it all. It is really sad, this used to be a great agency.
People like Sgt. Dekker and Lt. Mark Bostrom are not unique. It appears that Stan Sniff breeds these people and those on the PSB (Internal Affairs) team are hand-picked to do the bidding of the second floor gulag. (The 2nd Floor is where people like Jason Horton, Ray Wood, Chris Ford, Kevin Vest, Undertaker Diyoyo and others have their offices)
Then there is the embedded text message exchange related to Lt. Rose. Lt. Rose who is alleged to have milked the taxpayers to get his PHD while studying and doing classwork on the taxpayer dime. So the Palm Desert Station must be the place to go for people that like carrying hand held recording devices to burn fellow deputies, or were people who solicit convicts for info on other deputies (see also Dekker) or where you go for study hall. It appears however that Lt. Rose has an anger management issue as well.
Lt. Rose pulled his gun on a couple civilians who beat him to a parking stall. Guess what PSB(Internal Affairs) did? That’s right, nothing.
Note – RPD=Riverside Police Department, RSO=Riverside Sheriff’s Department
Apparently Lt. Rose has a history of road rage / anger management issues. In 2008, when he was then a Sgt. he cut some people off in the Lake Elsinore Area and then pulled his gun on them too. What did PSB do? Nothing. The police report on that incident is a “Lincoln” report number that begins with L, apparently most deputies with knowledge of then Sgt. Rose drawing down on innocent civilians in the Lake Elsinore are still on the force. These are the kinds of people Stan Sniff has his PSB cover for.
Then there is this: Remember last week when we torched Sheriff Sniff for taking money from a cop-killer’s defense attorney who also got a child predator off with a misdemeanor? It appears that Sniff’s record on dealing with anything related to sex offenders is suspect.
One of Sniff’s endorsers listed on his campaign literature is Roger Denman, a former law enforcement top brass. Denman was popped in a 2014 Moreno Valley prostitution sting.

3039 total offenders*

375 in current violation*

*California Department of Justice – Megan’s Law Database, December 2017

Sheriff Stan Sniff is unaware of the location of at least 375 court-certified sex offenders.

More than 12% of all the registered sex offenders in Riverside County have gone missing and the sheriff has failed to correct this embarrassing threat to our children and wives.

To put this into perspective, even Hemet, the crime violent crime Capitol of Riverside County has only lost track of 4% of their registered sex offenders.

Sniff has lost track of sex offenders at a rate three times that of Hemet.

Crime remains at unacceptable levels throughout Riverside County even as the Sheriff plays politics with Jail Staffing and staffing levels at key county sheriff stations.

Sheriff Sniff continually blames others for his inability to effectively manage and lead the Sheriffs Department while failing to keep Riverside County residents safe. Meantime, the Sheriff Sniff department is overrun with corruption and cover-ups. What else are we going to find out about Sniff’s department?

Mar 062018

Cop-Killer defense attorneys? Check.

Business Donor under investigation for Smog Check Fraud? Check.

A man who got popped for Prostitution? Check.

Another rich dude with a history of drug and alcohol related issues and domestic issues? Check.

A laundry list of subordinates? Check.

So why not add another to the hall of fame?

This stellar donor to Stan Sniff seems to have money for the Sheriff’s political campaign, but when it comes to paying his taxes?  Not so much.

Over $25,000 in tax liens!
He eventually paid off most of the tax liens (unsure if the Colorado lien was paid)
Mar 062018


In an article entitled “HEMET POLICE CHIEF BROWN SENDS OUT A “CALL TO ACTION” FOR ALL CITIZENS“, everything you need to know about Hemet Dave’s legacy (beyond community forums for dealing with spraypaint in Hemet) is contained in this article.

According to a recent press release from the City of Hemet, those respondents who felt crime was a growing problem in the city of Hemet are correct.

Crime and fire statistics recently revealed the following:

  • Violent crime is up 50% since 2010.
  • There are 25% fewer police officers on the street today than there were in 2006.
  • Last year, Hemet Fire Department responded to 16,171 calls for service.
  • Gang members and drug dealers continue to enter Hemet from Los Angeles and other communities to commit crime.
  • The number of parolees and sex offenders being released into Hemet is increasing.


In a press release from the City of Hemet, officials admitted, “It’s no secret, Hemet has serious crime and public safety issues.”

Then there is this:

(Hemet Dave) continued, “The fact is, we’re not getting a handle on it.

So the solution proffered was measure U. This is a 1 cent sales tax earmarked for public safety. Hemet Dave’s solution to the woes of Hemet was a massive tax increase. Note, there is a voter-led insurrection against a 12c gas tax and a doubling of car registration fees. Does Hemet Dave think the voters will give him a pass?

Check out this Million Dollar urban assault vehicle. It costs a ton to maintain, it is a sad commentary as it is likely you need one of these in parts of Hemet in order to get around. It is also a waste of money, like the Chief’s massive salary. Think of the number of cops you could hire with even Half of Brown’s $345k salary plus the Million Dollar vehicle that costs thousands to maintain?

Yes, the meeting talked about the article happened and it was an entree in to guilting the voters of Hemet in to a massive tax increase. Oh, and Hemet is still under siege even post tax. Ouch.

Mar 052018

Why not? Sniff sides with the ACLU over deputies, endorses democrats and is deign to give people CCW permits, so why not take money from a former New Mexico Democrat Party Chair?

Perhaps Sheriff Sniff should have his donors investigated, like taking money from the attorney for the man who murdered the wife of one of his deputies and his endorsers like Roger Denman who got popped for Prostitution. And, of course there is always the mainstay, Mohammad Ali Mazarei.

Now, let’s add Johnny Cope to the list. He went in for $2,000 to the top law enforcement official in Riverside County. Cope is a major democrat donor. He is a past chairman of the Lea County New Mexico Democrat Party.

WE found a nice article about Mr. Cope. Let’s quote the article, shall we?

From a 2007 article about Cope:

But his rise to the top hasn’t been without troubles: business setbacks, a drug problem that led to jail time and a couple of stormy marriages that involved allegations of abuse.

He has also found himself under scrutiny in connection with a couple of state deals. One involved his work as a lobbyist for a prison contractor; the other a failed attempt by Cope and business associates to line up a $30 million loan guarantee for a fish farm in southern New Mexico.

When it comes to giving money to politicians, Cope doesn’t stop at the top. For last year’s elections alone, he and his companies contributed more than $170,000 to candidates for state office. All but one of the recipients was a Democrat. Because no good deed goes unnoticed in politics, Richardson made Cope the chairman of the powerful commission that oversees state road work.

Not a bad start, huh?

Cope’s cocaine use landed him in U.S. District Court in October 1987, charged with two misdemeanor counts of possession as a result of a federal sting. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to four months, spending his time in the Lea County jail in Lovington and at a Salvation Army halfway house in Roswell.

As someone sober over 15 years, I’d probably not make an issue of this, except that it appears Cope is still getting in trouble years later. Enter Wife #2:

During a separation, Rebecca Cope reported to police in November 1993 that she went to Cope’s home to discuss a settlement on a vehicle. She told police Cope had been drinking, became upset with her, pulled her into the living room area, choked her and struck her in the face.

A police report said Rebecca Cope had a swollen right cheek and eye area that was turning blue and that she had several scratch marks on the left side of her neck. The police officer who filled out the report said he didn’t contact Cope, and a search of court records didn’t turn up any charges in the incident.

Yikes. Then there is this much more recent issue.

A DUI in 2014. (The same year as Roger Denman getting popped for Prostitution)

Now, we have a pattern of substance abuse over 30 years complete with the legal issues that usually accompany it.

So, then what is the nature of Sheriff Sniff’s relationship with this guy? Why is Sheriff Sniff taking his money?