May 152018

Up until today, we had been singularly focused on taking down the corrupt Sheriff, Stan Sniff. Having seen the Desert Sun “Endorse” Sniff and knowing that the Press-Enterprise has basically endorsed Sniff with their almost Zombie-like repeating of his talking points and their refusal to cover the slew of scandals in his administration, the Right On Daily Blog believes it is time to take a stand. Despite the opinions of some, we are not affiliated with the Chad Bianco for Sheriff Campaign.

As of the writing of this post, we have received nearly 800,000 hits since 1/1/2018 and are approaching 2.5 Million page views. There is a reason – while some want to know about the Governor’s Race or Lt. Governor’s Race – many are flocking to this blog to learn more about the Stan Sniff regime in the Riverside Sheriff’s Office.

Sniff’s legacy is one of fiscal mismanagement, corruption, leftist activism and systematic extermination of dissent. We’ve made a clear case that Sniff favors people that have ethical issues for promotion. We’ve made a clear case about crimes, misdeeds, malfeasance and the cover ups of it.

My first clue that the Desert Sun was compromised was when I obtained the entire copy of the Investigator Cheating Exam investigation document and realized how much of it the Desert Sun glossed over. Given that Brett Kelman, the reporter that covered the scandal has demonstrated a clear anti-cop nexus with a consistent stream of stories aimed at undermining law enforcement, he must have known this was a golden opportunity that was passed up. The endorsement by the Desert Sun of Stan Sniff, complete with meaningless words at the end of it demonstrating “concerns” over the Cheating Scandal made it 100% clear that they allowed themselves to get too close to Sheriff Stan Sniff.

I’d been warned by people who had been seeing the interactions of Desert Sun reporters with the Sheriff that they were too cozy. The excuse they used to disregard Chad Bianco? He was “too combative” in the interview. In political parlance, we call this the doctrine of false equivalence. This is when you look for an excuse to justify supporting a position you know is flawed. (See also the media trying to use the porn-star debacle to distract from the rampant corruption in government for example)

The Press-Enterprise? They transferred a long time editor out of the Riverside operation over to Rancho Cucamonga apparently, because Sniff flipped out over a milquetoast article about Chad Bianco being locked in the Leonard Purvis cooler in Hemet Station. They have consistently refused to criticize the sheriff or demonstrate balance in their stories.

It has been quite easy to show overt bias on this blog as it is a counterweight to the Riverside County media, save KMIR that have basically been a communication arm of Stan Sniff’s second floor gulag.

Let’s take a look at the issues:

Stan Sniff has ordered his department NOT to cooperate with ICE – media agrees

Stan Sniff’s fiscal mismanagement has contributed to almost 40,000 Early Releases of Felons since 2012 – media usually supports coddling criminals

Stan Sniff has taken several stances in line with the ACLU, including onerous profiling orders and body camera orders. Of course the media agrees with the ACLU

Stan Sniff has covered up dozens if not hundreds of potential crimes, a handful of which we have documented here on this blog. Crickets from the media (with the partial exception of the cheating scandal and KMIR blowing the lid off the Kevin Duffy Scandal)

We’ve uncovered 4! cheating scandals. The local media has been silent outside of the grossly understated report on the investigator exam scandal.

Stan Sniff has consistently blamed others for his failures to manage his budget – the media repeats his talking points incessantly while the situation gets worse.

We’ve documented multiple instances of broken down, dilapidated equipment. The local media has ignored it.

The grand jury has lit up Sniff repeatedly, the local media has been deign to report a thing.

CCW Permits? Stan Sniff calls them a liability and we’ve demonstrated Sniff set up a coin-operated system to get one. Crickets from the local media, save for misleading talking points calling Sniff “Pro-Gun”

Sexual Harassment / Misconduct is rampant. Media Silent while mostly straight female victims are retaliated against.

Sniff flashes his badge to get out of Traffic tickets? Media Silent.

Demonstrated examples of racism despite the attempts to create a misleading image of diversity? Media Silent.

250 Deputies left last year and some 70-80 so far this year. Media Silent.

Crime is escalating. Instead – the media reported some extremely suspicious stats barbecued by the second floor.

If it takes a blogger from 500 miles away to do their job for them we will. The average story about Stan Sniff has 50-70% of its’ content dedicated to Sniff and his spun talking points. Are the Desert Sun and the Press-Enterprise scared of him or has something else happened we are not aware of?

There are three opponents to Sniff.

Miguelito – Miguel Garcia. This guy is a joke and it is widely believed Stan Sniff himself bought him in to the race to sponge votes. It is particularly ironic considering we learned that then Deputy Sniff ran against Ben Clark in 1982.

Hemet Dave Brown. Spent $80K on Signs. Spent $50K or more paying two consultants. #EPICFAIL He is also the former Police Chief of a War Zone.

Then there is Lt. Chad Bianco. Stan Sniff’s people have no clue how competent this guy is or how much the rank and file love him for having the courage to stand up to the tyrant.

The dirty little secret of the media endorsements of Stan Sniff is that were they to endorse Chad Bianco, it would be an admission they had been wrong in the past, as most people would rather get tortured by Isis than admit fault. This character flaw is not present in Bianco.

From the limited knowledge I have of Bianco he has several attributes that are polar opposites of Sniff.

The “Combativeness” that the Desert Sun used as an excuse to sell out to Sniff is actually called passion and fire to serve.

The hubiris that has characterized Sniff is not present in Bianco. The loyalty and the things said about him by the rank and file are simply not possible for an egomaniac.

Chad Bianco is a man of faith. Stan Sniff is not. This matters insofar as an indicator of where the grounding and personal values of a candidate come from…

… which is why Sniff’s patterns of promotions and his alleged sexual forays do indeed matter. Who does Stan Sniff serve? Himself.

Who does Chad Bianco serve? God. Then us.

If you want to clean up the Riverside Sheriff’s Office, you need one of their own to do the job plain and simple. Bianco has paid a heavy personal price since 2013 for standing up to the Sheriff and continues to do so. Bianco is the only candidate running with significant experience within the department.

The media have been largely forced to ignore this issue as they continue to take the path of least resistance avoiding the real issues of the department.

If you want to drain the Riverside Sheriff’s Office of the myriad issues that have beset it, then your only choice out of those running is Chad Bianco.

The local media in Riverside County have abdicated any moral authority they once had as it does not take much critical thought or real investigation to ascertain the issues. They either did not or they refused to look at the issues and with this decision, there goes any credibility they once had.

May 142018

Travis Allen, R-Huntington Beach, 36 absences, $2,351

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — California lawmakers are eligible to receive $176 per day for lodging and food for each day the Legislature is in session to compensate them for being away from home, on top of their annual six-figure salaries. A review by The Associated Press finds lawmakers routinely collect the payments on days they don’t go to work, under rules they set for themselves, or if they say they are working away from Sacramento.

Here is a list of current members of the state Legislature, the total number of days they were absent, and how much per diem each lawmaker collected on days they were absent during the most recent legislative session, from Dec. 1, 2014 to Aug. 8, 2016.

Whoopsie. Now you see how Travis Allen missed over 500 votes in his short tenure in the Assembly, he was out surfing. And, he ripped us off to boot!

May 142018

The case of Donald Vincent Brooks is the latest example of the absolute and complete failure of Stan Sniff’s leadership. The issues that have permeated the department. In this case it is rampant racism.

I’ve heard about Chief Deputy Lyndon Raymond “The Executioner” Wood’s notorious racism from almost day one of my efforts to take down Stan Sniff. I knew of Wood using the N-word, using words like slant, spick, etc.  long before I ever learned about his skull tattoos commemorating those he clipped in the line of duty.

I was alerted to Donald Vincent Brook’s case a while ago (not by him, by the way). Apparently, Brooks got in to an altercation and it was used to fire him. Anyone reading this blog will realize that there are several potential felons still on the county payroll who did things far worse than Brooks is accused of. (Making threats, or something like that)

The investigators on Donald Vincent Brooks’ Case? None other than Tony Pelato and Robert Cornett.

A pitchess motion is a defense motion where personnel files are requested as they speak to the voracity of the investigator involved in the case.

You will recall that Cornett was up to his gigantic neck in the cheating scandal. Whoops.

Linked here is Page 1 of Robert Cornett’s Interview. Page 2 is here. The final snippet Page 3 is here.

Robert Cornett’s story looks pretty similar to that of Lance Colmer. Colmer got disciplined and Cornett got promoted. Robert Cornett is now a “Master Investigator” as is Tony Pelato.

Robert Cornett is reputed to be a strange man, amongst his picadillos is that he has a full crime scene tattooed on his back as a commemoration of the one time in his life when he felt like Rambo.

In Brooks’ Pitchess motion, it references the Desert Sun article, but for the benefit of Mr. Brooks and his attorney, I have provided them with an advance copy of Mr. Cornett’s interview. I hope it assists them in nailing Stan Sniff and his department to the wall. (I’m here to help)

As you recall, we blasted Tony Pelato here on the Right on Daily Blog as he betrayed several friends and associates, selling his empty soul to Stan Sniff. (Who ironically is a reputed Atheist)

In the previous article – we detailed how Tony Pelato was terminated for use of excessive force. As we learned from the Picthess motion, Pelato beat up a black suspect.

Donald Vincent Brooks is black.

In the pitchess motion, Brooks’ defense counsel details Cornett’s role in cheating on the advancement exam as a basis. But the primary basis for the motion is racism.

The motion cites the following:

Pelato beat a black suspect calling him a nigger.

Cornett referred to Sgt. Victor Tejada, a black dominican as a nigger.

They indicated that Cornett and Pelato teamed up to get Terry Jones, who is black, fired by lying about him.

Now your intrepid blogger understands why the Donald Vincent Brooks pitchess motion has the second floor in a tizzy.

You can read the entire filing here as I got it off of the County of Riverside’s Website. It was filed on 5/7/2018. My sincerest hope is that Cornett, who appears to have been rewarded for dishonesty and Pelato who should not be a cop ever again anywhere are both held accountable.

Ultimately, both owe their positions on the force to their fealty to the tyrant Stan Sniff and the culture that has coddled these white sheet wearing slime (at least that is what I think of them, and hopefully as you are reading about their history, you will also).

As a civilian, perhaps I have a naive idealistic standard about cops… you know expecting them to behave to a higher standard. In Stan Sniff’s Riverside Sheriff Department there are a lot that are anything but. Worse, Sniff seems to reward corruption.


Cornett may have falsified evidence by omission. (read Page 6)

It is clear from the motion that Cornett may well have altered text messages obtained using a tool known as “Cellbrite”. Cellbrite is supposed to crack open a phone and get its’ contents in their entirety. The allegation made is that Cornett may well have been cutting and pasting selected bits of text messages to create a false narrative against Mr. Brooks. Since Brooks has his phone he’d be able to tell right away what Cornett did.

It was made clear to this blogger that the Cellbrite report was not entered in to evidence as a Cellbrite report is not alterable. However, it is possible to cut and paste and manipulate the information in a written report (without the Cellbrite report being entered in to evidence).

The wording of the motion says the following ” … are taken out of context, out of chronological order, and are sampled from complete sentences which provide contexts that reframe the meaning of the phrases…” Referring to what Cornett put in his report in order to get Brooks arrested twice. It appears that Brooks has had to post two very large bonds, adding further insult to the apparent railroading. (I’d really like to know what Brooks did to piss of the Sheriff)

The issue is that if they could nail him to the wall for a domestic incident (misdemeanor or felony), he’d lose his ability to carry a gun and then would get fired.

If Cornett is guilty of any of this stuff, Brooks has a lawsuit stone cold and Cornett should be sitting in a Jail Cell (before he gets fed-kicked due to Sniff’s mismanagement).

The same culture that covers up a serial child molester has given rise to Cornett and Pelato. God help us all. This is the Stan Sniff legacy.

P.S This type of stuff is the part of the Cheating Scandal that Desert Sun ignored on their way to endorsing Stan Sniff. I guess they took ownership of this too…

May 132018

Leonard Purvis is well-known for having a hair-trigger to fire people. I guess it only applies to certain people.

Leonard Purvis is the Captain of the Hemet Station and is one of Sheriff-Coroner Stan Sniff’s top butt monkeys. Pictured is Purvis performing Chauffeur duties on behalf of his master. Purvis is reputed to have lost a promotion due to exposure on this blog. As you recall, Leonard Purvis and Stan Sniff may well have worked together in a failed scheme to destroy the Banning PD to turn it in to a franchise of the Sheriff.

There is a Sergeant Frank Tiburzio who is known as Frank Perversio within the Hemet station. Apparently, Perversio is one of Purvis’ butt monkeys because he appears to be under the protection plan.

Perversio got rung up by an exasperated female employee at the Hemet Station after Perversio was seen changing in the parking lot, apparently showing off his junk (or other assets, who the hell knows in the RSO anymore as crap like this is a daily occurrence).

Lt. Zach Hall, recently transferred in to Hemet Station promptly wiped his derriere with the complaint and an emboldened Sgt. Perversio started retaliating against the female employees he has been leering at for years.

Sgt Frank Tiburzio is also a local realtor.

Zach Hall apparently, has a long storied career as a ladies man. A possible nexus for his transfer to Hemet is the well-known fact that his current girlfriend is a Corporal at the Lake Elsinore Station. It is also known that while there Hall reputedly had a tryist with the then Mayor of Lake Elsinore. (It is really difficult to keep up with this stuff) However the cover-ups are standard procedure in Stan Sniff’s Riverside Sheriff’s Office.

So, Captain Leonard Purvis (also the LGBT Liason) has a personnel mess in his own station that is being covered up in real time by reputed man-whore Lt. Zach Hall. The beneficiary of the cover-up is of course Stan Sniff who can not handle the slightest revelations of truth and a Sergeant whose nickname is Perversio. This stuff writes itself.

Purvis, Hall and Perversio should all be fired and prosecuted along with the Sheriff. The constant revelations of misconduct are really getting old. (Sometimes it makes me want to fetch a beer bong, but I digress…)

This story, while infuriating is not a surprise to any seasoned observer of the Riverside Sheriff’s Office. It is an election year so it makes perfect sense that anything remotely negative is going to be covered up at he behest of Stan Sniff. Hopefully, your intrepid blogger can bring some justice to the beleaguered female employees of Hemet Station.

May 122018

Screw the kids, I have an election to win. That is the theme of Stan Sniff’s regime in the Riverside Sheriff’s Department.

An inside source came forward with explosive info via text message. The screenshots are embedded here.

Read the embedded screenshots carefully. They illustrate several key points.

  1. Stan Sniff sent his best investigators all over the US to interview kids, at least those on the list. The goal was to suppress release of information and lawsuits
  2. This source confirmed what I knew about the case being put as Open/Suspended in order to prevent the file from being accessed VIA Freedom of Information Act.
  3. Kevin Duffy had a VHS tape in his desk (think 10-20 years prior to 2009) of him raping another kid. This is an inside detail only people with direct knowledge of the case would have. 
  4. Another source told me that sometime within +/- 24 hours surrounding the breaking of this case, the second floor had Captain Leonard Purvis retrieve any and all files from Hemet Station regarding this case and deliver them to the second floor.

Is the second floor destroying evidence as I type this blog? Where is the VHS Tape? What did they retrieve from the Hemet Station?

Many local media outlets are either in the bag for Stan Sniff or too cowardly to cover this story.

KSEQ and the Riverside Press-Enterprise should both hang their heads in shame as they have become accessories to re-victimizing the children affected by this monster. Those children were denied the help they needed because of the cover-up these two outlets are now aiding and abetting.

In case any of you have any doubt, please also look at these screenshots from 2012 that are still up on the internet. A lot of people know about this and have known about it for a long time.

Riverside Confidential will roll on.



May 122018

Coverups. Aaron Kent, Christian Dekker, Mismanagement, Lt. Rose, Lt. Bostrom, Kurly, Lyndon Ray Wood, Christopher Brandon Ford, Kevin Vest, Captain Tripod, cheating, overtime abuse, subjective terminations, sex abuse and the list goes on…

In Riverside County, the story of the founder of the Sheriff’s Activity League who was a serial child molester is exploding. An investigator came forward to the local media.

Sniff’s response was horrific politically.

The facts of the case are disturbing, former Master Investigator Kevin Duffy was molesting children in the Sheriff’s Activity League for years. It came apart on him in 2008 and the investigators were starting to piece together details of his double life. They had a total of 7 confirmed victims with as many as 250 more children defined as high risk.

With the walls closing in on him Kevin Duffy committed suicide. Note, if you watch the video, you learn that Duffy was not arrested and attempted suicide twice before actually killing himself. It is also clear that the second floor at the time was hoping he’d off himself ostensibly to be able to close the thing down and make it go away.

The details of this case are critical –See Stan Sniff’s response:

Sniff claims 2 confirmed victims, there were 7.

Sniff claims the case was closed properly, it was not. It currently shows as Open/Suspended which is why no one can do a “Freedom of Information Act” to get the file. THIS IS KEY

Sniff claims the case was closed properly, yet the investigators at the time were ORDERED to end the investigation. THIS IS ALSO KEY

Sniff’s response indicates he is quite upset about this revelation and it shows in the press release where he attacks the private investigator. The problem for Sniff is that the retired people and people on active duty that worked this case are still angry about being ordered off of it and still remember it. I’ve communicated with more than one person with direct knowledge of this case.

For 9 years Stan Sniff has been quiet about this case, but has been forced to double down on the cover-up. More will be revealed, including details of actual lawsuits that followed in 2009, including what county staff and admin staff did to try and keep the lid on it. (Yes, Sniff lied about that as well in his press release)

Stan Sniff has himself a major-league issue that he has made worse with a lie-infested 10PM press release.

Note: As of this post, the Riverside Press-Enterprise has written nothing about this story, continuing their clear pattern of being in the bag for the corrupt Sheriff.

May 112018

Former Sheriff Cois Byrd is on the county payroll for $52-$60 an hour. No wonder he has publicly endorsed and is publicly defending the Sheriff.

The defense attorney for a cop-killer who murdered the wife of an RSA Deputy? Yup, there he is. Nothing tells your deputies what you think of them better than that.

A man with 4 tax liens, yet has $1000 for the Sheriff?

Roger Denman who got popped for Prostitution. is on his endorsement list. It is also alleged that Denman also got popped for shoplifting as well

Then there is Mohammad Ali Mazarei. He has gone in for nearly $52K, recently chipping in another $1k. His issues are the stuff of legend.

DUI, Cocaine Possession, Domestic Abuse, former NM County Dem Party Chair Wrapped in to one. <<< Yup, that is a $7,000 donor to the Sheriff.

This is not the sort of list you would expect from the Sheriff of one of the largest departments in America.

You’d expect more run of the mill stuff, like Rancho Mirage Councilmember Iris Smotrich who has given $6200. (And she got an autographed picture too!)

The Stan Sniff experience will be continued…

May 112018

Mohammad Ai Mazarei is a real piece of work, at least that is what I think of him and hopefully most of the 300,000 visitors to this blog will also.

Mazarei is also Stan Sniff’s second largest donor and becomes a central campaign issue for the Sheriff… as in the top law enforcement official in Riverside County. It is the opinion of this blogger that Mazarei should be a customer of the Riverside Sheriff and not a donor.

Mohammad Ali Mazarei sent a poorly written legal demand letter in January that was signed by a millennial attorney who is an officer in the local Young Republicans. Mohammad is reupted to have used them to do all sorts of jobs for him with the promise of donations. One such job was moving cars around for him. According to confidential informants, Mazarei never donated after the work was done. I can draw the conclusion that the young lady likely was not compensated for signing her name to Mohammad’s letter either.

In the letter, Mohammad threatened to sue me because:

  1. He never got preferential treatment from Stan Sniff for a CCW Permit. We have thoroughly shredded that assertion.
  2. He is not under investigation, it is his business. We have also shredded that assertion repeatedly.
  3. He did not know Stan Sniff until 2011, that assertion gets shredded in this post (read on)

This legal demand letter was shared on facebook by several people, among them local electeds in Riverside County. I will be hunting them all down at a time of my choosing, because this is how you deal with bullies. I am motivated even more so now that the entire premise and all points of Mazarei’s letter are being proven untruthful.

We’ve learned that it is likely that Mazarei attempted to get his employee at the Smog Shop prosecuted in an attempt to save himself. A commenter on the blog indicated that Mazarei is refusing to let the terminated employee recover his tools even though he is not going to be prosecuted. Since Mazarei has donated over $52,000 to Sniff, the employee has no help from law enforcement to recover his property.

Perhaps Mazarei needs to give Walter Cole (the employee he tried to screw) a $1000 reward for his tools? Perhaps Stan Sniff needs to come clean about his role in all of this as he took a $9300 check around the time Walter Cole’s CCW expired and the case was opened on Cole.

Perhaps Mazarei needs to pay his bills? He has a $726 Tax lien to Riverside County and there is this:

Ali got sued for $15,051.01

It appears from reading the text of the lawsuit that Mr. Mazarei (ahem via business entities) was looking at starting up a Baja Fresh Mex Franchise. He was well in to the process and decided to withdraw. It looks like he paid only $2K of the $17K related to startup costs and the bank he left holding the bag sued him via several business entities for breach of contract.

You can read the entire lawsuit document here.

You will note that the AM/PM Travelzone (Ali’s Main Business) that is also the subject of the current Smog Check Fraud investigation is central in this lawsuit.

Ali Mazarei also sued the Perris Chamber of Commerce attempting to get all of his donations to them back. I am sure the Perris Chamber of Commerce does not like Stan Sniff very much either after this caper.

Given this bizarre pattern of behavior, and a demonstrated lack of ethics and integrity in business practices, I was not surprised as one after another Mazarei’s claims in his threats were shredded. It is clear to me that Mazarei lied and several people bought the lie.

Now here is a link to Stan Sniff’s endorsement list in 2010, BEFORE the time that Mazarei claims to have met Sniff.

Not only does it show Mohammad Ali Mazarei (note, I call him this because in his legal demand letter he made a point of mentioning his legal name. Since we care about such things here on the rightondaily blog, Mohammad is getting his wish) on the list of endorsements, it is also a list that is double the size of what it is in 2018.

Don’t forget that Stan Sniff is also alleged to have arranged a police escort for Mohammad Ali Mazarei when he moved from Woodcrest to Perris.

Stan Sniff’s world is shrinking and he is completely dependent upon folks like Mohammad Ali Mazarei to get re-elected. Now, we’ve established their long relationship back to 2010. What’s next on the hit parade? Riverside Confidential will roll on…

P.S. My favorite part of Mohammad Ali’s legal demand letter (we did not edit the typos):

You also imply that Mr. Mazarei is a violent and dangerous man because he has been photographed posing with a variety of weapons. That he would be photographed like that is not surprising given that he is a Federally Licensed Class III Firearms Dealers supplying weapons to local Law Enforcement and Homeland Security officers. (In case you are wondering, I note that he has not sold weapons to the Riverside County Sherif s Department, though he proudly counts many individual officers and deputies as customers and friends.)

May 102018

When an article starts out with this:

Immigration rights advocates are praising the recent decisions by the San Bernardino and Riverside county sheriff’s departments to no longer detain undocumented immigrants for the federal government without sufficient probable cause.

It is not a good thing. This twisted logic sounds like Sniff’s “Good Cause” BS related to CCW Permits.

Stan Sniff once again shows his true stripes when the chips are down – politics first, public safety last.

Riverside County has also stopped honoring the federal government’s request to hold inmates whose citizenship is questioned.

“It is up to ICE to work toward a reinstatement of immigration holds,” said Deputy Albert Perez, a spokesman for the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department.

Got it? The Feds are supposed to know who is illegal, so we won’t help them anymore. Stan Sniff in 2014 contributed to the jail overcrowding and the crime problem. It is possible that part of the hatred between Dave Brown and Stan Sniff is the illegal alien crime wave that has hit Hemet as a result of Sniff’s policies that allow them to hide from ICE in Riverside County.

Enter the ACLU:

Tens of thousands of people statewide are detained under the 287(g) program daily, and the actions of the San Bernardino and Riverside county sheriff’s departments, as well as other law enforcement agencies following suit, will have a tremendous impact, said Jennie Pasquarella, a staff attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California.

“It’s the right decision in regards to policy,” Pasquarella said. “This helps to ensure that the sheriff’s departments can continue to do their job, rather than expending their resources doing the work of the federal government.”

Stan Sniff has aligned himself with the ACLU an alarmingly high number of times. This should give anyone pause and should also inform everyone of Sniff’s lack of core principles. The ACLU is not a friend of law enforcement at all.

Pictured: Sgt. Jeronimo Contrares taking a break from screwing over RSO employees to pose for a photo with a prominent local illegal alien’s rights activist Nancy Gonzales. She is a chapter president of Lideras Campesinas, one of the leading lobby groups advocating for illegal alien farm labor.

May 092018

Pictured: Sgt. Jeronimo Contrares taking a break from screwing over RSO employees to pose for a photo with a prominent local illegal alien’s rights activist Nancy Gonzales. She is a chapter president of Lideras Campesinas, one of the leading lobby groups advocating for illegal alien farm labor. (Such as the kind of employees Sniff’s family utilized on their date farm)

Many of you remember the famous Arizona Immigration Law passed sometime ago that the Supreme Court ended up gutting. Long before the left won their Judicial victory (establishing legal precedent to gut California’s Sanctuary State), Sniff took a side. He sided with the ACLU, MEChA and the extreme left wing

Instead of cooperating with ICE, Sniff said the following:

The most overriding concern we have is the “Chilling Effect’ on crime victims coming forward…

This is a cowardly excuse to take the side of extreme left wing open borders activists.

In the 1980’s when immigration laws were still somewhat enforced, illegal aliens were frequently taken advantage of and still would never come forward for fear of deportation. Sniff’s position is consistent with every left-wing Sheriff out there.

The smokescreen of not doing the Fed’s job is absurd. The Feds don’t patrol the streets and in most law-abiding states and counties the day-to-day officers / deputies are the first response.

Given that a large amount of the prison population and a disproportionally large amount of offenders are illegal, you’d think someone serious about reducing crime would participate and cooperate with ICE. Not Stan Sniff.

Sniff whines about his budget, fed-kicks and empty jail space, yet one of the main things he could be doing to deal with some of those problems he refuses to, choosing to pander to the extreme left and against American Citizens.

Lastly, the concept of Community Oriented Policing is another filed left-wing social experiment. Community Oriented Policing is a grant program created under the Clinton Administration (before the Republicans took control of the House in 1994) that was in a package of bills including the so-called “Assault Weapons Ban”.

I do take note that once again, the lack of personal core convictions is coming out of Stan Sniff. I can only draw the conclusion that he has his hand out for grant money and is using the buzzwords to this day in order to get more. He’d scream deport them all if he thought that would profit the department, law enforcement principles be dammed.