Feb 202017
I recently had dinner with a member of the State Assembly. I was told that the Mileage Tax (that was supported by none other than Ted Gaines) is going to become a reality. I was also told that the VLF increase of $65 is a done deal. A gas tax hike is a done deal.

Splitting Commercial Property and jacking the property taxes looks likely to pass as well. (This is the “Split-Roll” thing people have talked about for years)

There is a so-called “Snack Tax” that is also up for consideration.

If you were not sick enough – I had a friend send me some info:

SB-18, the Nanny State on Acid Bill. This Bill is so broad and so poorly written on purpose that it literally puts the School System and the State of CA in front of parent’s rights for good. Gun groups even believe that this law could be used to steal children from their parents over Gun Ownership.

Senator Richard Pan, who is the author of SB-18 is on a roll after his forced vaccination bill passed last year. It is my belief that Richard Pan has gone insane and would make a great despot of a small Asian Country.

Pan is also a doctor and as such, believes that Doctors should have little or no oversight and unlimited power over our lives. Not only does SB-18 empower the state, but it also gives doctors even more power to intervene in parenting as well.

So Pan decided to go postal this session:

SB-426, which expands the government’s role in home visits. It has nebulous definitions of what “At-Risk Families” are. AS in, bibles and guns could be included. It also controls more of county budgets (that are already 90% controlled by the state). How does he intend for Government to exert the control? Either do what we say or lose the funding.

SB-487 which strips hospitals of oversight of doctors. It makes it much more difficult for bad doctors to get convicted of a crime related to their surgical practices.

SB-481 allows a doctor to make care decisions for senior patients when there is no health care directive in place or a responsible party available. So, if you have a loved one in a care facility, you had better have an estate plan, and a care directive in place or the doctor in the facility could euthanize them. The bill literally gives a doctor the unilateral ability to declare a patient unfit. This is amazing and is an extension of the Physician Assisted Suicide Bill.

I am wondering if calling Senator Richard Pan, Richard Mengele is more appropriate.

SB-808 gives School Districts complete veto power over Charter Schools. Senator Tony Mendoza is a whore of the Teacher’s Union, so it stands to reason that he’d pay off his master with this gem.

This bill would repeal those provisions authorizing a county board of education or the state board to approve a petition to establish a charter school and would specify that, on and after January 1, 2018, a petition to establish a charter school may not be approved by a county board of education or the state board and may be submitted only to the school district the boundaries within which the charter school would be located. The bill would provide that charter schools operating under a charter approved by a county board of education or the state board may continue to operate under those charters only until the date on which the charter is required to be renewed.

It is my understanding that the John Adams Academy and the Western Sierra Collegiate Academy were both chartered by the Placer County Office of Education. They can both kiss their charters good bye if this passes unless the underlying school boards have had a change of heart.

The bottom line with SB 808 is that it empowers the Teacher’s Unions to spend millions electing their lackeys in to school districts so they can choke off and kill competition.

Existing School Boards with Union Majorities will be able to eliminate Charter Schools wholesale WITH NO RECOURSE FOR THE CHARTER SCHOOL after 1/1/2018.

Gotta love these democrats. Authoritarian to their core.

The last bill I am highlighting is a garden variety Welfare State Bill. This is the latest in a 20 year string of democrat voter recruiting bills that have California harboring 38% of the Welfare Cases in the nation (and rising).

AB-992 Joaquin Arambula – you will now be able to get FREE DIAPERS to go along with your Obamaphone, free health insurance, welfare checks, food stamps, free car… you get my gist.

I remember Joaquin’s dad, Juan Arambula. Juan is part of a near dead breed, a true moderate / conservative democrat. Juan was so disgusted with how far left the dem party in CA had gone, he re-registered Independent and quit the legislature several years ago. Apparently, Joaquin is living off of his last name and little more. (Where have I seen a member of the Assembly with no qualifications other than a last name before?)

BONUS – Extreme Left Wing Militant Homosexual Activist Christian Hating Ricardo Lara has introduced Single Payer Health Insurance in California as a reaction to the deep deep fear the denizens of the welfare state have over repeal and replacement of Obamacare. The state is $100B or more in the hole, but who cares! Ricardo Lara and Richard Pan had they been alive 90 years ago would have been goose-stepping in Moscow or Berlin.

I am wondering why the hell I still live in California.

Feb 122017
Gallup – the granddaddy of US polling says it all. 84% of Americans see Trump as Legitimate. This includes 76% of Clinton Voters.

So who is rioting? Why do they seem to migrate from protest to protest? It is a clear fringe of society, 24% of 48% of the electorate.

As I have written previously, the left knows that they have willing accomplices in the American Media (witness the 5 blogs about fake news in just the last week alone) and as such, they are staging events for the Camera Eye. The internet allows the right to quickly debunk outright lies being propagated by the left and the media – but in the case of the #muslimban which is not a muslim ban, the Media deception machine still works.

The left has overplayed their hand. They are unable to tell the truth about their opposition to Trump’s policies, so let me spell it out:

  1. Immigration. The left sees immigrants as welfare recipients and as a result democrat voters.
  2. Trade. The left wants lopsidedly anti-american trade deals in order to weaken America globally. America’s very existence is an anathema to global socialism.
  3. Tax Reform. The left wants regressive taxation to keep people poor and dependent on government. A more prosperous people get more conservative.
  4. Jobs. The left prefer insane regulation and outsourcing to economic prosperity. A more prosperous people get more conservative.
  5. Religious Freedom. The left hate Christian Values, because they are an anathema to the platform of the democrat party.
  6. Gun Rights. The left oppose them as guns = power to the people, not government.

The deceptions used in order to avoid telling the truth?:

  1. If you want any sort of control or immigration enforcement, you are a racist.
  2. If you think government regulation has gone too far, you hate the environment.
  3. If you are pro-life, you hate women
  4. If you want to reform welfare, you hate black people
  5. If you want tax reform, then you support tax cuts for the rich. (Marxist class warfare argument)
  6. If you support religious freedom, then you hate LGBTQ
  7. if you support Gun Rights, then you support more crime

Get it? De-humanize your opponents. Once you strip your opponents of their humanity, then you can justify anything. This would include riots, destroying property, threats (internet or otherwise), censorship (a la facebook, twitter, etc), lying in place of news stories, and in extreme cases imprisonment, torture and mass murder. (See Also Mao Tse Tung, Josef Stalin, etc.)

The American left know that a unified America is a Conservative America. The American left know that a Christian America would cause the influence of Judeo-Christian morality to increase at the expense of the welfare state.

Look at what the left is freaked out over:

A riot/march called the women’s march was hosted by a Muslim Woman with ties to Hamas. So, it is clear that the left has thrown in with Islam (radical and otherwise). It is also clear that Abortion is an issue that democrats will ironically fight to the death over as they have successfully pedaled a lie that Abortion is Women’s rights. Unfortunately for them – even biased polling shows they are finally losing the effectiveness of that lie. Marist was consistently favorable to Democrats in their 2016 polling. 54-57% of White Women voted for Trump, this fact apparently has terrified democrats to the point of the disgusting spectacle of Women marching in costumes dummied up to look like female genitalia. (That ironically is mutilated in 80% of the cases of Muslim women worldwide)

They have bet almost all of their political capitol on the #Muslimban lie. This shows that the race card and the demagoguery of splitting people along racial lines is a key cornerstone to their future relevance. They are losing that battle too, 66% of Americans agree with Banning Muslim Immigration and majorities across the board in polling data favor stricter enforcement of immigration laws. Exit polls show that across the board, Donald Trump did better than Mitt Romney with all demographic groups, this despite my firsthand knowledge of democrats telling Mexicans they will get deported if Trump wins. (Note that ICE is indeed doing raids, and are deporting convicted felons that Obama’s illegal executive order in 2013 allowed to stay – this is quite different than the lie that people with green cards and/or citizens would be deported)

The democrats have turned the confirmation of Trump’s Cabinet appointments in to a historically slow partisan dog and pony show. This is for two reasons: 1. They have a deep, inner need to “get trump” somewhere, just to stop something he is doing. The second reason dovetails with my above list.

They smeared Tom Price – ironically, one of the club because they want to keep Obama’s disastrous socialized medicine program in force. Rather than be honest, they smeared the Congressman with unrelated issues.

They smeared Betsy DeVos because she supports School Choice. She will help break the stranglehold Public Employee Unions have over brainwashing our children.

They smeared Senator Jeff Sessions with the race card, going all out to stop him, because they know that their advances of the 8 years under Obama were due to his refusal to enforce existing laws and the enforcement thereof will reverse it.

They smeared Rex Tillerson because he is such a departure from John Kerry and Hillary Clinton that his success will make them look bad.

Donald Trump is literally attacking the foundation of liberalism:

  1. Creating Prosperity and Jobs – People get more conservative as they get further away from dependence on government
  2. Promoting liberty and freedom – this comes at the expense of government control
  3. Promoting religious freedom – People of Faith are by definition more conservative
  4. Promoting a national identity – returning to a unified melting pot versus a hyphenated separated society.
  5. Promoting competitive and dynamic education – instead of liberal one-size-fits-all outcome-based education
  6. America First – a strong America will cause other countries under brutal dictatorships to lose influence globally

The left is boxed in. They will be forced to protest and riot because their playbook has worn that thin. Their latest stunt of Blocking Education Secretary DeVos from a Washington D.C. School seems to have finally gotten the attention of some of the smart people within their ranks.

The left is boxed in. They will be forced to lie and smear their opponents because a divided America is their only hope for success. The Media will never discuss this, but as I was watching the tapes of the coverage on election night, at those moments it dawned on most of them what had happened. Their egos and personal biases took over quickly and they returned to their bubbles.

I will conclude by saying that I believe the leaders of the left understand everything I have written. I am just not sure if they can do anything about it other than what they have been doing that seems to no longer be working. It was my opinion that both Bushes hurt the GOP because of their failure to lead. Watching Donald Trump lead and watching carefully what he is doing shows me that a strong conservative leader transcends years of societal programming.

How sweet it is.

Feb 082017

Apparently, Roger Hernandez did a little more than chase tail and drink alcoholically. He had enablers in Assembly leadership that covered for his bad behavior.

It would appear that Sexual Harassment training only applies selectively. Such is the world of the democrat party. Attack female nominees you dislike, support a religion that mutilates women and stones them to death for refusing sex and of course call someone you disagree with on the floor of government a whore.

This is the democrat party of 2017 in America and they wonder why they lose elections?

Feb 032017

The Media is on the ropes and they know it. For the first time since Ronald Reagan, they have not been able to lie and have it stick. One of the major reasons Donald Trump got traction and ultimately led a movement was the underlying anger over the repeated lies.

One of the tenants of the 1990’s era playbook of the Democrats was to lie about something until it becomes real. See also the “Muslim Ban” it is not a ban, and it is not unpopular either. Even grotesquely biased pubic polls reveal that a Ban (if it was one) would have majority support. Heck, Kuwait followed suit with a “BAN” of their own!

This is underscored by another Terrorist attack in France just hours before my writing of this blog.

Make America Safe Again. This is something the democrats know is a loser for them and they will fight it to their demise.

We are back to 2000 all over again where what was good for America was bad for them. Problem – Donald Trump is not going to back down like G W Bush did. Trump will respond to his critics and will not allow media lies and the lies of the left to get legs.

Predictably – the left is wearing out the race card.

They ran a Fake News story about the SCOTUS Pick Neil Gorsuch starting and running a fascist club at his high school. This lie took several hours to debunk and the media whores and social media whores reported on it breathlessly.

The Media is attempting to force home their fake image of Trump being a bully and a demagogue. Witness their accusation that Trump threatened war with Mexico and that he hung up on the Australian PM over an immigrant deal Obama made as he was on his narcissist rage in the last two months in office.

Mexican PM Nieto lit the Media up for lying.

Trump took to twitter once again to tell his side of the story and as I type this administration officials are en route to Australia.

The Trump admin also drew out ABC News with a leak of their own. ABC news bit, playing the homophobia card. The scary part about this is that the left sees anything defending religious freedom as anti LGBT. Let that sink in.

This is another tenant of the 1990’s era playbook. Divide. The liberals know 100% that they can’t win in a unified America.

The media also lied over Israeli Settlements trying to make it look like Trump Backed off and agreed with Obama’s anti-Israel sentiments. No, he did not. They lied again .

What Trump’s letter does, in effect, is return the United States to the status quo ante before the Obama administration—specifically, to the policy outlined in a letter sent from George W. Bush to Ariel Sharon in 2004.

The Media and the left were hoping beyond hope that they could slow down or derail the blizzard of Trump. No.

Their #TRUMPERTANTRUMS resulted in GOP Committee Chairs in the US Senate suspending the rules in order to advance nominees as the democrats were left to boycotting votes in order to act out on their rage over being in the minority. Remember, the same media that has been lying in epic proportions told everyone that the Democrats would win control of the US Senate (in addition to Hillary Clinton winning). The violation they feel must be extreme.

Trump is already bringing Jobs back to America and has been systematically gutting the deliberate economy-killing regulations and edicts of Barack Hussein Obama.

Oil Drilling and Oil Pipelines are Back.

Wall Street Journal Headlines just this morning:

Trump Plans to Undo Dodd-Frank Law, Fiduciary Rule

President Donald Trump on Friday plans to sign an executive action to scale back the 2010 Dodd-Frank financial-overhaul law, in a sweeping plan to dismantle much of the regulatory system put in place after the financial crisis.

Mr. Trump also plans another executive action aimed at rolling back a controversial regulation scheduled to take effect in April that critics have said would upend the retirement-account advisory business.

Dodd-Frank was a left-wing overreach to the Mortgage Crisis and the Obama admin attempted to regulate Investment advisers out of business, focusing on their compensation instead of real issues.

U.S. Adds Better-Than-Expected 227,000 Jobs

U.S. employers hired briskly in January and more Americans joined the workforce, suggesting the labor market still has room to grow after years of expansion. Jobs outside of farms increased a seasonally adjusted 227,000 last month, the best gain since September, the Labor Department said.

Meanwhile, an increase in the share of Americans working or actively seeking work caused the unemployment rate to rise to 4.8% from 4.7% a month earlier. Economists predicted a gain of 174,000 jobs and a 4.7% jobless rate. The report also offered signs the labor market may not be as tight as thought. Wages, for example, rose only modestly after signs of a pickup last year, with the average hourly earnings of private-sector workers climbing 0.12% from the prior month.

The Obama admin was cooking the unemployment books – they excluded workers who had given up trying to find jobs from the calculation. This is why the unemployment numbers will increase despite the growth in Jobs.

The democrats will try to oppose or muck up all of this.

Trump is also well on his way to implementing his immigration reform agenda, despite the paid riots and the all-out lie barrage.

The Wall will be built. The democrats will play the race card and try to stop it and will wonder why the race card is not working.

The Border Patrol was able to get rid of an Obama political appointee as their head and replace him with one of their own.

I missed a lot of stuff here – but this is the Blizzard of Trump. Sit back and watch in awe as he checks off his to-do list with the Media and the Left kicking and screaming as they are powerless to do anything about it.

Feb 022017

Scam, a pretty strong word. What else would you say about an organization that has tried initiatives and referenda several times and failed to qualify any of them?

SB48? The Capitol Resource Institute did not even file a campaign finance report. This is my opinion was done to avoid having to deal with an FPPC complaint as much as it had to do with the complete failure of the effort.

AB1266? Raised lots of money, did not even come close. Here is a post about the FPPC Complaint. Here is part 1 of an expose I did about the fraud that was the AB1266 effort and part 2 of said effort.

To this day, there has been limited, if any accounting for the money raised.

To this day, volunteers involved with both efforts are still surprised at how it seemed the staff of CRI did not care about petitions coming in or their accuracy.

Of course the Coup D’ Etat was the $120,000+ that they pilfered from the Proposition 8 effort.

If the Capitol Resource Institute is consistent with their pattern – you can make bank that their current effort against SB18 is a fundraiser and will die like the rest.

Please don’t think that I write this willy-nilly. I’ve been threatened and an organization I was an officer of at the time was actually sued by their founder twice. The Capitol Resource Institute on the surface is a Conservative Values Group, but beneath the surface, my 15 years of dealing with their employees / directors shows them to be a fraud.

Jan 232017

Will Thomas N Hudson roll for another Term as CRA President or not?

This is the question swirling around the CRA political toilet bowl. Or, will Tim Thiesen smoke him?

Your intrepid blogger has received information that Mr. Hudson has spoken to several people looking for a delegate appointment to the CA GOP. He has told people that his Term as the CRA’s Pol Pot Bellied Information Minister is coming to a late-term abortion in March. This means his automatic appointment to the CA GOP would self-immolate similar to a suicide bomber.

Why would Tom Hudson be rolling to the ends of the earth for a delegate appointment? Is he tired of being king of a leper colony? Does he know he is going to lose re-election? Or, is it something more complicated and related to his current deteriorating life circumstances?

It gets worse, the Chief Bathroom Boy of the CRA, Mark Gardner whose chicken s–t complaint over an email led to our ouster from the CRA has seen his third wife leave him, divorce him and now he is talking openly that he is not long for Fresno. Hopefully, Gardner finds his way to a nerd colony where he can live out his golden years with people as socially retarded as he is.

As written previously on this Blog, Carl Brickey, another long-time CRA officer has become a pariah in political circles as a result of consistently poor performance working on campaigns and his inability to play well with others.

CRA Executive Vice President Craig Alexander, another self-righteous warrior against his own cause, resigned from the CRA’s Board of Directors after losing a pissing match – and still has not been replaced. Is this because Thomas N Hudson knows that he lacks the board votes to install his own person, or has the brain drain from the CRA finally been so severe that the zoo is empty?

Another of the leaders of the effort to oust George and I from the CRA, Wendy Albright, fresh off of a $10,000 fine from the FPPC for being a screw up… is now a resident of Arizona.

Lastly, fresh, juicy information that your intrepid blogger has confirmed from inside sources indicates that the CRA’s Black Widow, Alice Khosravy (who was behind splitting the leadership of the CRA up and playing them off against each other), is moving out of California as well! I am sure the Republican activists of Santa Clarita will be celebrating.

Pictured here is a copy of a mailer for the City Council Campaign of Bob Kellar and Cameron Smythe for Santa Clarita City Council. Previously we in Placer had helped the CRA unit in Santa Clarita (which was later exposed as a colossal fraud) run mail against these guys. The council-member that the CRA had helped elect 8 years ago was unseated by Mr. Smythe. You will see that the CIR endorsement is featured prominently.

So – the two coup leaders from Santa Clarita who led the effort to oust George and I from the CRA to cover up their fraud are both out of California (or soon to be out of California). And, worse, their council candidate Tim BenBoydston was unseated.

I have written sparingly about the CRA as these things usually take care of themselves. The other leader of the Coup, Tim Thiesen is in Fresno, where ironically the CRA Convention is being held. Will the CRA Convention turn a profit? Or will the CRA lose its’ tail?

The CRA lists 51 units on its’ website. I know firsthand that 18 of them are defunct and at least that many more do not meet and may have less than 10 members each. In my estimation, the entire state organization has about 900-1000 members. (85 of whom are on their board of directors)

It is no secret that Mark Gardner (who is still in the Fresno area for the moment) and Tim Thiesen do not like Thomas N Hudson. Is one of them running against him or have they found a sock puppet? With the Black Widow leaving the state, how much faster will the CRA Implode?

How do people in the CA GOP at large see the CRA? Is the CRA still relevant? Should I even bother writing blogs about the CRA anymore?

These are questions your intrepid blogger will find answers to at the political buffet line of disaster.

Jan 082017

The Placer GOP is a microcosm of what is going on in the State GOP.

ON Wednesday, the Placer GOP will meet to organize. This includes electing officers.

It is not clear who is going to win. This is a sad irony as in 2012, 100K+ was spent on Mail and Slate Mail Cards attempting to influence the outcome of the election. In 2012, the Tea Party were supported by the consultants and donors over then members of the CRA. In 2016, the Tea Party were largely passed over by the Donors/Consultants in favor of Staffers and a collection of local moderates and country-clubbers.  As a result, there has been paralysis within the Placer GOP since the jihad against the Andy Pugno supporters from 2012 was launched.

Those of us that supported Andy Pugno have been vindicated as the Tea Partiers have turned on their masters because they (even though they have been extremely slow on the uptake) have learned the truth about the Gaines who we rebelled against in 2011. In 2012, Myself and others were punished by the Consultant Oligarchy for not supporting the incumbents.

Today’s Placer GOP fight pits a team of pseudo-conservative malconents, and real conservative activists against a coalition of Legislative Staff, Country-Clubbers and Moderates. It is amazing as the good people on the opposition side are not the leaders of it.

This sort of bizarre dynamic is playing out all over the State. Placer is an exception to the rule as the CRA’s Pol-Pot Bellied Information Minister, the Neurotic Former Placer GOP Chairman and the former Police Detective are actually organized and have a group with regular meetings. This is an amazing accomplishment that I give a non-sarcastic hat-tip to as most groups of conservatives devolve in to pseudo-ideological battles for superiority of purity. California has dozens, if not hundreds of tea party and Conservative Splinter Groups. The Conservative side is not organized as a rule and this is one of the reasons that the Moderates / Consultant Oligarchy control everything (such as it is) in the CAGOP.

There are about 4 moderate groups and one oligarchy of Consultants surrounding one mega-donor Charles Munger.

In 2016, Mr. Munger paid a who’s who of Republican Consultants, many of whom have lost a ton of races in recent years, a ton of money to influence the results of safe-seat primaries and county party elections. Mr. Munger also spent money attempting to save liberal Republican David Hadley, who was defeated. He spent heavily on another moderate, Ling-Ling Chang for State Senate who was defeated by 3,000 votes. There were others, as well.

Amazingly, locally, they spent about $200k on Bill Halldin before coming to the conclusion that Halldin was not going to beat Kevin Kiley. But they spent over $300k attacking Andy Pugno.

Without belaboring the effectiveness of the mail (or lack thereof), etc. that these consultants were paid thousands to run, let’s take a look at the numbers (which are my estimations):

Appx $1.7 Million spent on County Party Races. They mailed in to counties from Shasta all the way to San Diego. The targets were long time known Conservative Activists in many places. In other places, the targets were people that the consultant oligarchy had a personal beef with. I am not sure if Mr. Munger was fully aware of the second nexus when he wrote the checks. The beneficiaries in all cases were the moderates, country clubbers and conservatives seen most likely to align with the interests of the consultant oligarchy.

Appx $500k was spent putting a string of Republican Candidates on the ballot in hopeless districts. Each of these will get 1-5 Convention Delegates to the State Party. In some cases, slate mail cards were purchased.

The above two expenditures are the reason why I estimate that the Consultant Oligarchy has direct control of half the delegates to the CAGOP and has sway over another 25%.

Appx $6 Million was spent on an array of legislative races. AD12 saw Mr. Munger invest heavily defeating stalwart Conservative Ken Vogel in favor of the socially liberal Heath Flora. AD12 is one of a handful of safe Republican Assembly seats. I also mentioned three other races that saw significant expenditures – there were others.

To the best of my knowledge, there were few, if any other significant independent efforts on behalf of Republicans by other groups (other than CREPAC). It could be said that Charles Munger is about the only game in town for Republicans looking to do independent (or benefit from) expenditures. The usual suspects participated with Munger on a much smaller scale.

Everyone has a theory for why the CAGOP has gone in to the toilet. Let me summarize the most popular:

  1. Pro-Life is a loser
  2. Yes on Prop 8 is a loser
  3. Prop 187 (the English Only thing) from 24 years ago stil haunts the GOP
  4. Failure to do minority outreach

But the one you never hear is about the shrinking oligarchy that has systematically centralized control over candidate recruitment, finance and the day to day operations of the party itself. The California Republican Party has become the Consultant Party, not the Activist Party.

The problem is, when so many of the activists are flawed, contemptible, personally corrupt people – can you blame those with Money for spending a ton of it trying to keep them out? Their unstable behavior certainly makes those seeking to buy control of everything have a much easier time justifying why.

Welcome to the Placer GOP Cent Com fight. The leaders of the opposition – who I agree with on the issues of the day (even though at least two of them were not Trump Supporters) are people I neither trust nor respect.

In Ohio, just yesterday, the John Kasich team was swept out of power by the Trump supporters. In the prior election, Trump decimated the democrats from top to bottom in Ohio. In California, many on the Conservative side and liberal side missed the Trump Train completely. In fact, the new CAGOP Vice Chair was a nevertrumper, a former CAGOP Chair was the leader of it in California and still another Conservative Blogger/Consultant from Orange County admitted in his recent post advocating for people to unify behind Trump that he did his part to help Trump lose California by 4.28 Million Votes! (He also lost his seat on the OCGOP courtesy of the effort led by the Consultant Oligarchy)

California is Special. We seem to be immune from what other states are learning and figuring out. Ohio and Iowa don’t look to be so swingy any more, they look light red. Wisconsin has gone GOP top to bottom because of strong leadership with a clear vision…

… I believe Jim Brulte has a vision. I support his re-election as State Chair. But, beyond him where is it?

I am not sure if Kristen Olsen the newly appointed CAGOP Vice-Chair has such a vision as she was virulently Anti-Trump.

I take note that Anti-Trump David Hadley was unseated. Anti-Trump Scott Jones lost a Congressional Race he should have won. Jeff Denham and David Valadao – who were hammered by the dems over trump – never publicly bailed on trump and both survived.

Has Kristen Olsen figured this dynamic out yet? Has the consultant oligarchy figured this out yet?

What are any of the aforementioned going to do to invigorate the party? Or is it simply about control as I am of the belief that it is.

And back again to the Placer GOP. The three “conservative leaders” also fail both of the above tests. They lack vision, but crave control. However, the actions of the Consultant Oligarchy have basically justified their behavior, reinforcing the concept of the donors and party insiders taking over everything. What a great circle. The Consultants taking control of everything and the Activists fighting against it, causing the consultants to use their insane, unstable behavior as a justification to spend more money.

AS I wrote at the beginning, I have no idea who will win the leadership war in Placer. I am publicly supporting the “establishment guy” Dennis Revell.

What I can tell you  with certainty is this. If the opposition wins, there will be no money for the Placer GOP, because these so-called fiscal conservatives are deign to put their own money behind their activism (even though in my estimation, both Ken Campbell and Thomas N Hudson are multi-millionaires). If Mr. Revell and company win, will the Consultant Oligarchy abandon him once again as they did in 2012 when he was first elected?

You know what I think the answer is. Look at California – if it was not for Jim Brulte, the CAGOP would be dead. And, ironically, if it was not for millions spent registering voters by Charles Munger, the state GOP would already be at 20%.

Dec 282016

Your Intrepid Blogger received a leaked email from deep inside the bowels of BLUE Orange County. It appears that the Huntington Beach “Unit” of the CRA is doing their part to finalize the suicide of the CAGOP: (My comments are added in italics and the content of the Email is not edited at all so you can enjoy the typos – edits are to conceal the source or redact contact info)


All politics is local

Dear Savant:

I am calling a General meeting of the;

Huntington Beach Republican Assembly

Beach Pacific Escrow

7372 Prince Drive Suite 101

Huntington Beach CA 982647 (Is this a new zip code? – it is Pat Garcia’s Office)

Tuesday, January 3rd 2017 at 6:00 pm

This will be our first meeting of 2017.  Please bring your Ideas, Critiques and Criticisms.  (Light snacks and refreshments will be served.)

2016 Members that have not renewed yet please go to www.useless.US to renew or fill out the form here and mail in with a check.  Call me if you have any questions.

HBRA Proposed Plan for 2017

HBRA Purpose and Objectives

To identify and support candidates and officials who most inline with the CRA’s 14 Principles. (and perform public lynchings)

To make HBRA a model RA to be copied throughout California. (does this include medication and straightjackets?)

Proposed Enabling Objectives

Grow HBRA membership and funding.

Assign two or more people to follow each governmental entity of concern and the performance of the office holders.  These people should report on their observations at each monthly meeting. (and suggest lynchings, floggings and other methods of purification)

Identify other sympathetic groups and establish effective liaison. (including but not limited to asylums)

Establish effective liaisons with the state CRA and neighboring RAs.

Establish a website that supports these objectives.

Other Proposed Ideas

HBRA members should be required to sign a statement of support for the 14 Principles.  Exceptions to the principles should be acceptable to HBRA membership. (does this include a loyalty oath, secret handshake or a special salute?)

Volunteers should be solicited to lead a brief (5-10 minute) talk on one or more of these Principles at each meeting so as to solidify our understanding of them as a group. (read this multiple times. let your imagination run wild, this is Pat Garcia we are talking about…)

Annual “pick-a-fight” local issue we get involved in for publicity and recruiting. (YEAH TEAM! Charge a windmill! Tell everyone how right we are!)

Got it? Re-Education – then go charge windmills!

Political Action Committee? (LOL! – funded by who? And how?)

Bullet Version of CRA’s 14 Principles.

Judeo-Christian Foundation namely the moral law of the Bible

Inalienable Rights come from Creator and can’t be taken by man.

Self-Government first, then family, community, state, and nation.

Education for all with parental choice.

Taxes should move from income to sales and/or use based.

Free Enterprise is best.

Family the natural family should be supported by government policy.

Sanctity of Life preborn child’s right to life should be protected.

National Defense strong, consistent, and victory over tyranny oriented.

Right to Bear Arms support without qualification.

Victims’ Rights should take priority over criminal rights.

Term Limitation support not as an ideal but as a necessity.

National Sovereignty America first, not protectionism but fair trade.

Decentralized Government favoring self and small government.

Thanks to Russel Neal for this comprehensive outline.

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Pat Garcia – President

Huntington Beach Republican Assembly

CRA State Assistant Treasurer

7372 Prince Dr Ste 101

Huntington Beach CA 92647-4573




“Government that governs least governs best”


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Pat Garcia – President HBRA

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Blogger’s Notes: Who the hell in their right mind would want to join this? It looks like more of the same circular firing squad, purity police and treatment facility escapees that have plagued the CAGOP for years. Nice to see in raised relief part of the disaster in Orange County that helped deliver it for Hillary Clinton!

Dec 132016

Tim Clark was hired as the Trump Western Region Coordinator. There was never any public indication that had changed to just California after the RNC, but that is what I was told had happened. After August, there were a series of operatives in Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona and otherwise.

Mr. Clark had advocated for the termination of at least one of my friends from the Ben Carson team that came over to Trump after Carson suspended his campaign (who ended up getting fired) and also was less than ethical in his dealings with another Carson alum, attempting to shortchange a previously negotiated deal. These are consistent with the Tim Clark patterns from several campaigns I have seen him on – he takes them over and runs out everyone that was there. It is also consistent to see him attempt to reduce and/or shortchange deals after the fact with campaign operatives. Clark’s behavior was part of a string of anecdotes I gathered from friends across the west.

While Clark was overseeing a brain drain in Nevada and other parts of the West, the groundwork was being laid for the stunning trump victory in the rust belt.

The media was abuzz that team Trump was making a play for New Mexico. The Trump campaign had a revered Navajo Code Talker on their side and had made several stops in New Mexico.

It turns out that the real focus was on Utah and Arizona. In Utah, Trump had suffered the most damage from the Billy Bush tape. Republican voters tend to be reactionary and the typical 1990’s liberal democrat playbook was at work to play on that. Many so-called values voters in Utah were completely distracted from Hillary Clinton’s corruption and desire to end religious freedom and instead were on a pious rampage to support Evan McMullin.

Insiders were telling me that the gambit was if Gary Johnson could win New Mexico or Evan McMullin could win Utah then the electoral college could punt Trump and elect one of them.

Fortunately for America, McMullin folded like a cheap lawn chair as Republican voters returned home in droves. Unfortunately democrats did too and Gary Johnson collapsed in Colorado and New Mexico, failing to reach double digits in the final tally in either state.

Nevada was a disaster. Joe Heck bailed out on Donald Trump after the Billy Bush tape and refused to re-endorse Mr. Trump. I did a short-term job for Mr. Heck and made my opinion on this matter known to the campaign. I am of the belief that the decision was the difference maker in his loss.

Beyond Mr. Clark’s treatment of my friends in the Carson Campaign, his failure to do his job was most evident in Nevada. I saw no one from California in Washoe County when I was there. The Trump effort was almost all volunteer. The Heck Campaign, Trump Campaign and the RNC were on separate missions and were not working together. The Heck office I was in was around the corner from the Washoe County GOP HQ and I still remember the dirty looks I was getting as they drove by the office. (I’ve still never met most of the people that were glaring at me)

You would think that a Trump California Chairman who lives about 95 miles from Reno (Washoe County) would be interested in getting bodies up the hill to help. I guess not as nothing other than token efforts were made.

Nevada was the biggest failure of the Trump campaign beyond California. The RCP average had Trump up .8%. Trump lost by 2.4%. Yes, there was indeed registration fraud in Clark County, but not enough to account for 3.2 points.

In addition, the GOP got slaughtered at the state level in Nevada. Why? in 2014, when they won big – the first act of the next legislative session was a massive tax increase. What a way to use your majority. So – the lack of a team effort, public betrayal of the GOP’s Presidential Nominee, Tim Clark and Tax Increases were the Nevada Toxic Cocktail.

Trump lost Colorado. The stories I heard from there were pretty bad as well. It is clear that the best operatives for the RNC and the Trump campaign were in the Eastern US.

The RCP average had Hitlary up 2.9 in CO, she won by 4.9.

The RCP average had Hitlary up 5.0 in NM, she won by 8.3 (a bigger swing by .1 than Nevada)

George Soros spent $35 Million taking out the 84 year old Sheriff Joe Arpaio. The dems got mexicans to vote in record numbers with fear of deportation being the biggest motivator. This and the issues trump had with Mormons caused the margin in Arizona to shrink to 3.5% (Romney won by 9.1 in 2012). This will invite big dem spending in 2020 in AZ, even though Trump beat the race card.

In the final analysis – New Mexico was a distraction. Hitlary was forced to spend money in NM. It is possible that the Trump campaign decided to do the bare minimum to keep AZ from flipping dem despite the $45 million spent there on the aggregate by the left.

The disaster of the west, however was one of organization. There was none. Given how close Nevada was, it was winnable. Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona were very poor results. This was the one area of the country that was not kind to Donald Trump at all and further serious analysis needs to be given to it in order to advance in 2018 and beyond.

Dec 102016

Not everyone that reads the Right on Daily Blog is a friend of mine on Facebook. I spent a couple months writing rants about polling there. So, let’s have a look at a nice post-mortem of the polling data here on the blog now that the results are basically finalized everywhere.

The conundrum for pollsters was their inherent bias towards Hilary Clinton and the basic problem of trying to figure out who was going to vote.

The most common thing biased pollsters do is screw with the samples. In the case of many polls, they were overweight with Democrats 7-10 points. Meaning, they were polling 7 to 10% more democrats than Republicans. They were also keen on oversampling women, who were less likely to support Trump than Clinton.

Let’s have a look at some of the National Polls the week before and the week of election day:

Name of Poll          Week Before          Week of Election

ABC/WaPost                     T+1                             H+4                          Democrat +7 Sample

Bloomberg                         H+9                            H+3                          Did not publish details

Economist / YouGov       H+3                            H+4                          Consistent Poll Heavy on Dems

Fox News                           H+2                            H+4                          Consistent Poll, Heavy on Dems

Gravis Marketing             H+2                            H+4                        Used bizarre model that featured a lot of “soft” voters

NBC/Wall Street Journal H+6                          H+4                          One of the consistently highest numbers for Clinton (hit +11 more than once)

Reuters                              H+8                            H+3                          They changed their methodology midstream when their numbers were showing Trump leading

CBS                                    H+3                            H+4                           Consistent Poll

IBD                                    H +1                            T +2                           They were one of the most favorable to Trump

Rasmussen                      H+3                             H+2                           They nailed it. H+2 actual result.

I did not include Monmouth University who were so biased against trump that they blew 2/3 of their polls. So did Marist.

Look at The italicized polls – they all showed a collapse of Gary Johnson and Jill Stein and a surge for Clinton. This is what happened. Johnson had been pulling 5 points or more in every poll, he got a little more than 3 as Republicans and Democrats returned home. This is why I was not as cocky on election day.

Rasmussen used a D +4.5 model and the actual, final result was D+3.8. This is why he nailed it.

IBD missed because of the late surge of dems.

Democrats turned out in massive numbers, higher than in 2012 when Obama won by 3.8. Dem turnout drills were motivating low propensity voters with loss of welfare, deportation and war fears.

Trump was able to win despite this because evangelical voters also voted in record numbers, plus grossly inaccurate exit polls missed the obvious fact that a lot more Democrats voted for trump than anyone wants to admit.

See the consistent 2 point difference between the final numbers and the actual result? This is the silent trump vote – I had figured it to be 2-3% and it ended up on the low end of that.

Remember, polls can only track the popular vote – which is why I am going to break some state polls down in a bit.

This election has also proven a polarization of population. Dark Blue States like California, New York, Illinois, Massachusetts and Maryland spot a dem candidate an 8+ million vote lead. Trump took advantage of the system in place and beat Clinton in 30 states. Let that sink in… welfare recipients know where the easy money is. Illegal aliens know where the sanctuaries are.

The State Polls were awful. The pollsters in my opinion knew that the state polls were more important to the narrative about Hillary Clinton and what happened with them is legendary. Those are coming up next…