Feb 082018


On 1-26-2018, an article popped up in the local paper about a press release from the Sheriff’s office unilaterally declaring the KPMG audit to be a failure. The money quote is here:

In a news release issued Friday afternoon, sheriff’s officials announced that an experiment by consulting firm KPMG that changed the scheduling patterns at the sheriff’s Hemet station had resulted in longer response times and was a failure.

Missing from the article are two key points:

  1. Amazingly right before the auditors showed up to the Hemet Station, the staff was cut from 24-31 deputies down to 16. It is believed and is the opinion of this blogger and several unnamed people with direct knowledge that this was done to tank the audit and make data metrics near impossible.
  2. The Captain of the Hemet Station? None other than Leonard Purvis who is reported to be in line for a friend-of-Stan-promotion to Chief Deputy.

You will recall that Purvis was the Chief of Police in Banning whose tenure was marred by failure. He was terminated / resigned (depending on who you talk to) in a cloud of issues that were well documented in the local papers.  Then he was re-hired by the Sheriff.

It is a fair question to ask if Mr. Purvis, who is reputedly quite close to the Sheriff, was brought in to Hemet in order to tank the KPMG audit. (and of course to keep Lt. Chad Bianco locked in the cooler there as well)

While the P-E may not been aware of the above, or omitted those items in their article, they did give space to the County for a response:

“The optimized schedule reduced residents’ wait times for priority 1 calls (crimes in progress) by 43% during the pilot in the Hemet Station and 16% during pilot in the Lake Elsinore Station,” the county response read. “The optimized schedules reduced resident wait times for all priority types of calls by greater than 20%, and reduced the waiting time on weekend calls by as much as 65% at peak times.”

The dueling statements are part of a larger dispute between Sniff — an elected official who can’t be fired — and the executive office, which reports to the county’s five elected supervisors.

And here we go again, kicking and screaming despite the best efforts of the Sheriff, the Riverside County Board of Supervisors is delivering for the people of Riverside County. This is a legacy of failure for Stan Sniff again and again.

If you read the quotes from the Sheriff, they show an abject disconnect from reality.

Then a second article from the local paper came out. This article featured more comments from the Sheriff whining about the budget he refuses to manage and despite the paper giving the Sheriff more ink than his two opponents combined, there was still this gem:

In an email and in a phone interview, Bianco said there were inaccuracies in the both sheriff’s release and the statement issued by the county.

“The sheriff’s memo blamed KPMG for overtime costs and response times but he was the cause of both. Staffing was purposely lowered to ensure the KMPG pilot would fail,” said Bianco, who is backed by the union representing deputies.

“The Hemet schedule was based on a purposeful ‘county drawdown’ to put the Hemet station at minimum staffing,” Bianco said. “KPMG did not have any impact on overtime or staffing levels. They attempted to adjust shift start times and heavy staffing days. They even thought staffing levels were dangerous.”

Bianco added: “Hemet Station administration had been asking to return to previous schedules since July. But it is my opinion the sheriff refused to allow the change for political reasons. Deputies’ lives and lives of residents were pawns in a political strategy to play the victim to the public and blame the board for budget woes.”

Here is the bottom line. Sheriff Stan Sniff has to much too defend and too many people to blame. The local paper shows a bias by giving the Sheriff the last word in most every article we have read from them, and they refer to the RSA as a Union. Contrast this to my local paper, the Sacramento Bee, which is deign to use the term union when writing about races in mixed or Republican areas. We track these things on the RightonDaily Blog as these subtle editorial decisions are telling.

While we focused on Leonard Purvis, he is a mere example of management’s complicity in the failures of the Sheriff and the crushed morale of the rank and file. As we get concrete evidence, we will name names.

While the Press-Enterprise either misses or chooses not to report on some critical issues dogging the Sheriff, we will continue to do so as our expose on the Sheriff Continues.

Feb 062018

For some strange reason the Chief of Police in Hemet is also running for Sheriff.

Everyone in Riverside County knows Hemet is a war zone with a spiraling crime rate, even worse than the crime rate of Riverside County as as whole.

It is reputed and well-known that Hemet Dave Brown and Stan Sniff hate each other. Perhaps that is all it took.

While Brown has a few endorsements, he has a paltry $67K in the bank which was drawfed quintupled by the recent addition of $300k to Chad Bianco’s Sheriff Campaign. Even the feckless Sheriff has 6 times the money available than does Hemet Dave.

Hemet Dave Brown wants to become the next sheriff, the chief law enforcement officer in Riverside county.  Cheif Hemet Dave Brown has based his campaign on his “experience” serving as the police chief in Hemet for the last six and a half years. Ouch.

Hemet Dave is running on his experience, but is ignoring the results he achieved while he was in charge of public safety in Hemet.

According to the most recent figures from the Department of Justice, crime – especially violent crime – in Hemet increased dramatically between 2011, when Hemet Dave became police chief and 2016, the most recent full year of available crime stats.

Here are the results of Hemet Dave’s Failed Leadership in Hemet:

         * 37% Up =  robberies

         * 70% Up = total violent crimes

         * 83% Up = increase of aggravated assaults

         * 272% Up = rapes / forcible rapes

The last thing we need is Hemet Dave leading our law enforcement and public safety services throughout Riverside County, which is about the size of New Jersey with millions of residents.

Hemet Dave Brown failed miserably at his job of police chief for a city of 60,000+ residents.  Can you imagine how crime-infested Riverside County would become with Hemet Dave in Charge?

By nearly all accounts, Hemet Dave is a nice guy.  However, being nice has never protected the residents of Hemet and will not protect the residents of Riverside County.

Feb 042018

Remember when Devon Mathis was accused of sexually assaulting a woman at the house of a staffer after hours? Remember the defense argument there was no actual victim (which is why we never heard much from the assembly investigator about it)?

Here’s the rub – It is common knowledge that jilted former Mathis Chief of Staff Sean Doherty has been shopping negative stories about Mathis, with considerable success. All of AD26’s inside crowd is talking about the sexual assault charges made against Devon Mathis.

Well, there is a problem. The offender may well have been Sean Doherty by virtue of these documented complaints. Ouch. And the documents recently dumped by the Assembly Caucus in response to a Capitol Public Radio sexual misconduct settlement inquiry are clear Mr. Doherty got TERMINATED straight out by the Assembly Rules Committee. It is irrefutable. (The victim’s name is withheld on purpose)

When you are prepared, read the documents related to Doherty, they are disturbing and graphic. It is my understanding that there are more women who declined to even allow redacted copies of their complaints against Doherty to be published. The substantiated allegations that led to Doherty being terminated included F-Bomb laden comments about staffer’s sex-lives and requests for staffer to wear shorter skirts, etc. The two listed complaints were in 2017. They also included documented instances of physical contact by Mr. Doherty.

So there is your revenge nexus for Doherty, he was fired by Devon Mathis and the rules committee for his misconduct.

Despite the allegations being pushed, Assemblyman Devon Mathis is not on the list. If the allegations were true, Mathis would likely have joined Travis Allen on the list with the 4 other democrat members. Think it through, given the democrats forced to resign, the leadership really want to nail a Republican to the wall. If there was something there, Mathis would have been crucified already.

If challenged, I can prove that Doherty has been pushing most all the negative stories floating around, especially including the alleged sexual assault which I can say with 99% certainty did not happen, not even close.

The stories I have been told about Mr. Doherty are as bad, if not worse, than those surrounding disgraced former Ted Gaines Chief of Staff and current campaign consultant Steve Davey. (who despite his long, sordid resume is working on Gaines’ Board of Equalization campaign)

I will conclude this by saying that Devon Mathis does indeed have quite a few issues, not the least of which is his “yes” vote on cap and trade. And, I will repeat that the way his campaign people handled the crisis communication basically validated the lie being spread about the alleged assault and that alone may have mortally wounded Devon Mathis. While Devon appears to be completely innocent of the assault, he may still lose for a variety of reasons that pre-existed Sean Doherty’s rampage to get him.

The State level media is obviously unaware of this nexus, and has not picked up on the significance of Sean Doherty being on the report. Hopefully, some of them will see this blog and follow up on it.

Feb 032018

Back in January of 2016, we broke the sensational story of State Senator Ted Gaines Chief of Staff Steve Davey getting fired by the Senate Rules Committee for a slew of sexual harassment and misconduct complaints.

The recently released document dump has Steve Davey all over it.

This is a personal sense of vindication as I had been told by two capitol insiders that Davey had been terminated. The document dump shows only 2 of the 7 complaints I was told about and does indeed show he was terminated on 2/8/2016.

The LA Times wrote about this story and the got half the story correct and half wrong. It is the clear opinion of this blogger that Dave Titus, Gaines’ current Chief of Staff is working overtime to try to kill the story.

A third capitol insider confirmed recently that the Senate Rules Committee was going to fire Davey, however they let him quit. Ted Gaines had nothing at all to do with Steve Davey quitting as Davey had a string of verified complaints going back to almost the beginning of his reign of terror working for both Gaines. The Gaines knew and did nothing about this monster.

The LA Times was correct that Davey was kept on as a consultant for Beth Gaines’ ill-fated Supervisor Race and he is currently working for Ted Gaines’ Board of Equalization race. We have proof that we will share at a time that suits us, especially if the Gaines respond to this allegation by attacking the accuracy of this blog similar to when I broke the story of Davey’s termination.

In a follow up post on 2/7/2016, we went in to further detail with a former staffer that went on the record to fill in some details:

I always wanted to try to like Steve and Ted, and push aside those negative things people told me. The cumulative effect of things like Steve “ordering” me to move his ball closer to the pin so he could win a putter, and the two of them handicapping the date of the late Senator Cox’s demise with glee and laughter whilst in their capitol office was but one of many nails in the coffin that eventually convinced me that it is indeed true what people say about Steve Davey and Ted Gaines. And the stuff about Steve harassing fellow female employees is all too true. I saw it, many times. How’s about that for trusting in elected officials!

Had the LA Times done some due dilligence, they’d have understood that their story was woefully incomplete. The monster known as Steve Davey was doing this stuff for years as the staffer I spoke to back in 2012 worked for the Gaines operation from 2007-2012 and had a front row seat. In addition, this staffer is no longer a Republican. (I can’t blame him can you?)

Ted Gaines is currently running for Board of Equalization. Steve Davey is STILL involved in the Gaines political operation and affairs. They knew. They did nothing, therefore the Gaines own Steve Davey’s behavior.

Feb 022018

Travis Allen’s nascent campaign for Governor was mortally wounded today.

Added to the laundry list of issues is the fatal wound – Travis Allen stands alone on the #METOO list as the only Republican Member of the Assembly to qualify for the honor.

Cases released to the news media on Friday, more than three months after requests for the public records, were for instances in which discipline was imposed or allegations against elected officials or their employees was deemed well-founded.

▪ In 2013, a staff member complained that Allen had seemed to “make a practice of being unnecessarily close to her” and it made her uncomfortable. She described a briefing where they sat next to each other and he slid his foot over to touch hers, and an another incident in which he came up behind her in the cafeteria and squeezed her shoulders. She said she heard from another woman in the office that when she shook hands with Allen, he held onto her hand and “petted it.”

Jon Waldie, former chief administrator of the Assembly, spoke to Allen after the complaint was filed and “reminded him to be very conscious of his conduct.” He said Allen “could not recall a time when he might have been too familiar with staff,” but did remember two women being overly friendly with him at an event outside of work.

Got it – Travis Allen’s response? It was their fault. Travis Allen is going to have way too much explaining to do to all but the most unreachable. It is probably too large a list off issues to have to explain in order to save his campaign that is $207,000 in the hole.

Let’s be overly friendly with the list of issues Travis Allen has.

Two verified sexual misconduct complaints

Two Assembly Campaigns in the hole a combined $88,000

A Governor Campaign in the hole $207,000

$42,000 in tax liens

A nice list of donations to democrats:

His donations started in August 2010, when he gave $100 to Newsom’s campaign for lieutenant governor. Newsom is now one of his rivals in the 2018 governor’s race. Allen, who lives in Huntington Beach, also gave $250 to the Democratic Party of Orange County’s federal political action committee.

In October 2010, Allen gave $250 to California Sen. Barbara Boxer, $250 to the state Democratic Party and $1,000 to Brown. The donation to Brown was made in the name of the financial planning firm Allen owns, Wealth Strategies Group. All of the other contributions to Democrats were made in his own name.

Allen also gave $250 to “4 for Senate Victory,” a committee that supported Democratic U.S. senators and Senate candidates, in October 2010 — although it’s unclear whether that was a separate donation from the $250 he gave to Boxer. The committee bankrolled candidates like Boxer, Michael Bennet of Colorado and Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut.

Finally, in June 2011, Allen donated $500 to the campaign of Rep. Brad Sherman, D-Sherman Oaks, who made headlines this year for becoming the first member of Congress to introduce articles of impeachment against Trump.

In addition, Travis Allen has missed over 500 votes in the State Legislature, including skipping voting on the lead ammo ban and subsequent accolades from the Humane Society.

Lastly, Travis Allen is getting hammered almost daily by the California Pro-Life Council over his Pro-Choice record as a legislator.

Some Conservative.

Travis Allen has issued some weak responses including explaining away his financial largess to democrats as “Buying Event Tickets” and being “Before he was in office”. Well, the sexual misconduct explanation is outrageous and the behavior happened once he was in office, just like the tax liens. Now his governor campaign is running on fumes and those fumes just caught fire. It is time for Travis Allen to go home for the good of California.

What’s next? Taking a gun onto an airplane? #NOTMAGA #EPICFAIL

Feb 012018

Travis Allen would have you believe he is the premier conservative in the race for governor. We’ve seen that he does not pay his bills, garnering some $42,000+ in Tax Liens.

Travis Allen is carrying debt from his 2012 Assembly run, still, 6 years later. Try $13,091 in debt. Who is still waiting on payment? <<< Click the hyperlink for the Secretary of State’s Report

Travis Allen is carrying massive debt from his 2018 Assembly Campaign account – showing $82,520 in debt against a meager $7400 in cash, a deficit of $75K

He starts $88,000 in the hole unless he has no intention of paying his bills.

Then we have this gem from the Los Angeles Times:

Cox’s cash on hand puts him far ahead of GOP rival Travis Allen, who entered 2018 more than $200,000 in debt. The other top Republican in the race, former Rep. Doug Ose, won’t have to disclose finances until the spring because he entered the contest only this month.

He reported raising $518,446 in 2017, on top of the $3 million the Rancho Santa Fe businessman donated to his campaign.

Travis Allen used his failed gas tax measure to raise $368K, not bad until you look at his report. Since many of his supporters think the LA Times made the numbers up, similar to the above links to data straight off of the actual filings, here we are again with a copy of the actual report. WHOOPS. 135,585 in cash, and 342,850 in the hole. For those of you scoring at home that pretty close to $207,000 in the hole.

What is $207K + 95k? 302K. This is called a financial train-wreck and anyone working for him or doing business with him should take serious pause.

The reality is that Mr. Allen has left the two old accounts open, one for 6 years as he has neglected or intended to not pay back the debts in either of them. The fact that his governor account is in the hole $200K when Mr. Cox is sitting on $2MM begs the obvious question – is facebook the only place Travis Allen will be campaigning? Will he get invited to future debates where he can try to earn media by fighting with the moderator? That’s it, Facebook and making bombastic moves at pubic forums appear to the the Travis Allen strategy as it does not appear he can afford the slate mail cards he alleges to have put deposits in on.

When you add to this that Travis Allen has a horrific attendance record to the legislature, missing large numbers of important votes over the years – the tax liens, the campaign debt and the lackadaisical attendance to the job he got elected to and paid for suggest a man who is neither a conservative by life choices nor ready for the Governor’s office.

Feb 012018

Blogger’s Note: While I disagree vehemently with the deputy’s characterization of the KPMG Audit of Riverside County’s Finances, however that is really aside from the main point. We will highlight the key parts for emphasis:

As we conclude our negotiations and are likely to be imposed upon; I noticed a change in demeanor amongst our sergeants and station administrators.  More so, as we enter an election year with Sheriff Sniff being challenged by Lieutenant Chad Bianco.  Supervision have made it clear that no political discussions are to take place while on duty.  No verbal endorsement expressed to the public or campaign signs. Okay, I understand and will comply with these directives. But off-duty advocate for who you support as it is our right free from intimidation to promote the candidate each of believe in.

However, I have over heard a few of our sergeants and lieutenants talking within ear shot about negotiations and what is anticipated to be a very heated election for Sheriff. I concluded that LEMU is concerned how bad a contract they will get and believe KPMG is dictating the course of negotiations with the county’s approval.  If I may opine off topic, KPMG is making a lot of money off the backs of all county employees.  Really, the Board of Supervisors isn’t intelligent enough to do their own audit in an effort to save money?  Instead they pay KPMG millions of dollars…

I have read a lot about rumors in the RSO Reader and wonder where are these rumors were originating from.  At my station I never heard of these rumors and frankly don’t care.  But since we are on the topic of rumors, I heard Sheriff Sniff directed his captains to speak with their lieutenant have them sign a 3×5 card pledging their support.  This rumor quickly became fact when I overheard lieutenants talking about feeling pressured to sign the card.  I felt bad for the lieutenants because as an RSA member, I am not intimidated to support anyone, I am just asked to vote on whom to endorse without fear of retaliation. I Guess LEMU is an arm of the Sheriff to do what he wants with, like demand an endorsement.

Another rumor I heard is that those who supported Lieutenant Chad Bianco in past and honorably retired were not afforded a retirement badge.  The speculation is that being presented a retirement badge is Sheriff Sniff’s decision to or not to.  Well, after 25-30 years of honorable service a retiree should get a badge regardless of the candidate he or she supports.  It’s about protecting and serving the community, citizens and our Department.   If unfortunate and I apologize for not signing my name, but I don’t want to get transferred from my current station for expressing my opinion as afforded to me under the United States Constitution.  I hope you understand my position.  As an employee, do you feel you are being intimidated to support Sheriff Sniff?  Especially, if you are on the promotional list…Vote who you believe in and keep it to yourself.

This is clear:

  1. Sniff is strong-arming Lt’s to sign endorsement cards (remember LT’s and Captains are considered “management” thus they are not union members).
  2. Sniff is retaliating against retirees by withholding common honors from them. This would be similar to not presenting a 20 or 30 year military man with a flag at their retirement ceremony.
  3. This employee is clearly fearful of intimidation and is also clear he has seen others get forcibly transferred to worse duty stations.

Now ask yourself, how can Sheriff Sniff be an effective Sheriff with this kind of culture? Perhaps this is why crime is spiking up significantly in Riverside County.

Jan 292018

There is a clear edict. Anyone that is in the Sheriff’s Office that supports Chad Bianco is to be identified, reported back to central command and then dealt with.

On Sunday 1/28/2018 in the mid afternoon, Chad Bianco had an event at Romano’s in the City of Riverside in the Canyon Crest Neighborhood.

Not coincidentally, Chief Deputy Ray Wood and Assistant Sheriff Kevin Vest decided to bring their wives to dinner at the very same restaurant at the very same time! (Imagine that)

It gets better, they both live in the Woodcrest neighborhood of Riverside. If you look on a map, Woodcrest is 25 Miles away from Canyon Crest. Worse, there is a second location of Romano’s that Mr. Wood and Mr. Vest (with their wives in the car) would have had to pass in order to get to the location they went to. (UPDATE: We are now being told they may live even further away in Hemet – a 45 minute drive, with the Romano’s in Woodcrest still 20+ miles closer to Hemet than the one they went to)

This is a long-winded way of saying their choice of location for dinner was not an accident. Secondly, how many of you eat dinner at 2:30? Not very often, do you?

Pictured behind the middle-aged woman in the foreground is a young woman with a hat on offering Chad Bianco campaign swag to the aforementioned foursome, note that the restaurant is empty (except for the 50ish people that came to participate in supporting Chad Bianco in an adjacent room).

This activity should not surprise you as Captain Gregory Fellows was dispatched to monitor the Bianco event the previous week in Mead Valley. More of the same will continue, and perhaps the scrutiny will make the rats scurry back down their holes. These people know that their fealty to Sheriff Sniff has been a requirement of them keeping their high-six-figure salaries and benefits.

Embedded in this blog post is a late reported (note the date stamp by Riverside County) $9300 check from Mohammad Ali Mazarei (ahem) Riverside Travel Zone Center, Inc. DBA Arco Travel Zone Center Inc. You may recall that this is the same entity that got lit up for 15 counts of smog check fraud by the bureau of automotive repair.

The Bureau of Automotive Repair filed their complaint on 9-14-2017. This check was written on 10-5-2017 (according to this filing). Records and sources said that a criminal complaint by Mazarei against a former employee was made in October of 2017. Mazarei said publicly in writing he filed charges against a former employee, Walter Cole.

Mohammad Ali Mazarei can’t file charges. Only the DA can. The internal machinations of this case are the stuff of legend in insider circles, and it appears that there has been sudden insider interest in the case in the 13 days since our first expose on Mr. Mazarei / His Business appeared.

This check puts Mohammad Ali Mazarei over $50,000 in total donations to Sheriff Stan Sniff, with the latest installment coming right around the time that the Bureau of Automotive Repair complaint erupted. Now, this latest check certainly becomes a campaign issue for the Sheriff.

Similar to the two Riverside Sheriff Department senior officials driving some 25 miles across the City of Riverside to have a middle-of-the-day dinner at the same restaurant as Chad Bianco’s event, this latest certainly does not appear to be coincidental.

The Riverside Sheriff’s Association had a wholesale change in leadership with the retirement of their Past President. The new leadership are as committed to a change of Sheriff, if not more so than the prior. Due to the timing of the season and the fact that the Sheriff attempted to meddle in the transition, there was a delay in action. The breaking insider news which you are reading first on the Right on Daily Blog is that the “RSA” will be writing Chad Bianco for Sheriff another check for $300,000 and it will be done this week.

There is a full-scale insurrection going on all over the county. The rank-and-file resent the police state of Sheriff Sniff as evidenced by the above actions of upper management.

Perhaps this is why the latest anti-Sniff memes are so explosive.

This stuff is happening organically as people are trying to find ways to cope with what they have been put through. With the RSA coming forward with another $300,000 to Chad Bianco, it should be a clear sign that the rank and file are having their voices heard. Soon the people of Riverside County will too.

Stan Sniff has no one to thank but himself for the mess he is in.

To Be Continued…

Jan 222018

What If I told you that there is an unspoken rule in Riverside County that deputies are not supposed to pursue suspects on to local Indian reservations?

See the text message exchange between officers that were told to let a suspect get away. In this particular case the tribal security people managed to apprehend the suspect…

This is not an uncommon occurrence at all as I’ve been told several similar stories. Then there is this one in a local city, apparently letting bad guys get away is a county-wide problem on Sniff’s watch:

…I tackled an attempted murder suspect off a dirt bike that was running from xxx pd. They suspect just shot the homeowner 5 times and was still armed with his gun. I was told by a corporal not to respond when the allied agency asked for help. And when I found the suspect I was told not to pursue by a sgt. I am not that guy I went anyways and chased him and jumped out tackled him and retrieved the gun that was still in his back pocket. From the top down their all scared to be cops.

It is every man for himself in Riverside County. Remember, we’ve written about the spiraling crime rate, so these stories inform us as to why it is happening.

Then we have other issues, such as favoritism being displayed to towing companies. Remember, Towing companies can make lots of money off of law enforcement contracts.

Then we have the well-known case of a cheating scandal on advancement exams, Note, once again people worried about being identified. What is central in this cheating scandal is Jason Gxxx being promoted, as his wife is a $120k a year administrative assistant to the Sheriff. The correspondence I got continues:

(Source deleted) …150 deputies were caught up in it. Because of the scope of it, admin stopped the Investigators from identifying more and told them to only investigate the ten worst offenders. All offenders were given 16 hours of discipline including one who was caught outright lying, normally a firing offense. Included in this group was a Deputy named Jason Gxxx. Gxxx is married to (XX), Sniff’s $120k a year secretary. Not only was Gxxx allowed to stay on the promotion list, he was promoted to the very rank he cheated to get in November. The promotion list just came out for this last testing cycle, and Gxxx finished very high on the Sergeants list and will likely promote to that rank.
Are you getting a flavor for why the rank and file are acting like abuse victims? Here is a re-post of a comment (unedited) on a recent blog about intimidation and retaliation:
I’m currently a retired Investigator from the Sheriffs Department of 30 years. I helped Chad Bianco when he ran agains Sniff in 2014 and I was very vocal about it. I posted several comments supporting Bianco on my Facebook account and they were clearly monitored. I was told by supervisors and co-workers I was doing career suicide and I was blind. I thought nothing would happen to me, I had a great career and had never been disaplened in my 30 years. I was wrong, a few months after the election my Sgt and Lt came into my office and told me I was being transferred to the jail. The jail Investigator position was routinely used for newly promoted Inveatigators or if an employee was being punished. To my knowledge I have never seen a Investigator in good standings and with as much training in child crimes along with others be placed I tithe jail. All my training went to waist. Thousand of dollars of training went to waste to punish me and it was absolutely because I publicly helped Bianco with his campaign. I retired earlier then I was planning but I couldn’t take working for a Sheriff that was so vendictive and could care less about his employees.
All this and more than one deputy / county employee has told me about the Thermal Station caper where Several Thousand Cases were literally laying on tables and desks and had not been prosecuted, referred, re-investigated, etc. Many of the criminals got away with their crimes because the statute of limitations expired by the time people sent there TDY had been able to review them.
Last but not least is the case of Sgt/Lt/Captain Coby Wxxx. She is now severely disabled after an accident. She should have been medically retired where she’d have received really good compensation and lifetime benefits. Instead, she has been promoted twice while not being able to stand without a cane and can not fire a weapon unless seated. Think of this from the paradigm of law enforcement and the needs of a Captain to be reasonably mobile. Instead of paying two officers what she is being paid, there she sits growing her pension while unable to perform the usual duties of a captain. Worse, according to stories, she has been an instrument of Sheriff Sniff’s revenge against the disloyal. Again, this sort of personnel decision furthers the resentment and further decimates morale.
Don’t forget – there is a hiring freeze. This means the taxpayers are paying 150% of the normal hourly rate for hundreds if not thousands of hours of police work AND the cops themselves are routinely forced to work 16 hour shifts because of the extremely high rate of people calling in sick.
If anyone reading has any further information on these stories or similar stories please reach out to us, we are on facebook and YOU CAN REMAIN ANONYMOUS. Thank you… to be continued…
P.S. The sources for the information in this post are known to this blogger. They wished (for the most part) to remain anonymous. They are current and former employees of the Sheriff’s Department in Riverside County
Jan 182018

The source of this letter asked for anonymity due to their fears of being retaliated against similar to Chad Bianco. It is clear in the rank and file that unless you are on bended knee in front of the Sheriff, you are wearing a target.

Over the past two-decades social media has changed the way we communicate with one another.  The various communication platforms, such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook continue to be used not only by citizens, but law enforcement agencies throughout the nation, including the Sheriff’s Department.  Social media can have both a positive and negative influence on one’s career.   Specifically, Facebook affords a way for people to communicate with friends, co-workers and family. Facebook is used by our Department to inform the communities we serve on crime prevention programs, significant arrests and community events.

Caution, the Sheriff Department has made it clear there should be no nexus on an employee’s personal Facebook account and the Department.  A profile photograph of you in uniform or listing the Sheriff’s Department as your employer creates that nexus.  Thus, from Administration’s perspective any perceived negative, or criticizing comment posted on your personal Facebook account could be viewed as a violation of General Orders.  Therefore, you could be subject to a personnel investigation and potentially disciplined.

The Department is without a doubt monitoring many of our employees Facebook accounts for such a nexus.  I arrived at this conclusion based on a number of co-workers describing how a supervisor admonished them about a criticizing post or an election related comment.  Also, sergeants, lieutenants and the captain warned us to delete any reference to being employed by the Department on Facebook at numerous briefings.

Based on comments by peers and their counseling experience, it my opinion that Department resources are being inappropriately used to monitor personal Facebook accounts with to goal of identifying employees who post criticizing comments about the Department, or expressed support for Lt. Chad Bianco.The reality is we are in an election cycle and I have opined the monitoring of personal Facebook accounts appears to be for the sole purpose of identifying Lt. Chad Bianco supporters and intimidating them. If you were on the Department four years ago, then you might recall the perceived retaliation after the election cycle, such as unwanted transfers and hopefully understand what I am talking about. 

To avoid a negative experience for exercising your right to free speech afforded under the Constitution of the United States, remove any nexus identifying your employer.  Replace your photograph with one where you are not wearing a uniform.  List your occupation as, “Law Enforcement,” “Peace Officer” or “Public Servant.” Do not use Riverside County on any posts. Set your settings to private to allow only family and friends to read your honest posts without fear of retaliation.  Do not post comments from a county computer or while on-duty.  Take the necessary steps to protect yourself, protect your rights and don’t be subject to any form of intimidation.

Chad Bianco challenged Stan Sniff in 2014 and has been on the receiving end of retaliation ever since. Others that supported Bianco then have also had their careers affected. There is more to this series coming. If you have been retaliated against by this Sheriff, we want to hear from you. Comments are moderated and do not display publicly – let us know what happened to you, you can remain anonymous and we will delete the comment rather than display it. We are also on Facebook and you can message us there as well.