Mar 192017

Donald Trump’s Administration is draining the swamp. Similar to Bill Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama, the Trump Administration has fired all of the US Attorneys. Not similar is the media outcry over what is basically standard practice. See the difference in headlines as written by the same reporter 8 years apart.

Speaking of Swamp-Draining, Obama bureaucrats with the same far-left agenda are being forced out. One such bureaucrat is someone from the Department of Homeland Security who openly defied Donald Trump’s temporary travel restrictions.

Lori Scialabba, the Acting Director at the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) in the Department of Homeland Security, “announced her coming retirement from federal service” on Tuesday, a spokesperson for the department has confirmed to Breitbart News.

Good riddance.

GASP! Trump’s education adviser promotes PRIVATE SCHOOLS. The nerve of him promoting competition versus unionized brainwashing of our children!

One of the reasons the democrats savaged Jeff Sessions (the Attorney General), Detsy DeVos (Secretary of Education) and others is because they will be able to decimate the status quo. This is what is desperately needed.

Speaking of DHS and the Swamp – how would you like a list of “Charities” that get federal funding that is used to harbor illegal aliens? Your tax dollars have been used to create the next generation of democrat welfare-recipient voters.

Between the years 2012 to 2016, it’s been estimated that taxpayers spent more than $291 million funding “eight nonprofits that serve, protect or advocate for illegal immigrants,” according to an analysis of federal spending data and tax documents released by the Daily Caller News Foundation Investigative Group on Friday.

At least one of those eight groups endorsed Hillary Clinton for president in 2016.

Data obtained from and IRS Form 990s show that “94 percent of the public funds — nearly $274 million — came from the federal government.”

Why is Trump’s “Border Surge” and “Border Wall” such a big deal? 224 tunnels, that’s why. Think of all the dope coming in through those tunnels! Human Trafficking? That too. When ABC news is the original source, you KNOW it is bad.

On the subject of sex trafficking, over 1500 arrests have been made and scum are being prosecuted. Why did this not happen under Obama? #PIZZAGATE? #DRAINTHESWAMP The mainstream American Media are silent. Why? The Johns up to this point are democrats and probably are amongst their ranks… these are beyond the usual “we won’t report what makes Trump look good”.

How about a department of the interior update? A judge just tossed a lawsuit aimed at preventing grazing on public land. The back story is previously the Obama administration was not defending against the lawsuit, but the Trump admin did and the judge hammered the enviro groups.

Ryan Zinke promises big changes at the department of the interior. Previously he talked about something near to my heart, dealing with the Obama-Era $12 Billion backlog of maintenance. The Obama admin had an unspoken policy of trying to discourage use of public lands.

Obama era micromanagement regulations on teachers were overturned by the US Senate 59-40. With more gutting of education mandates coming, a second gutted mandate caused Patty Murray complains that the overturned regulation gives Betsy DeVos a blank check to promote her “anti public schools agenda”. That means America just won.

Donald Trump is sending Judges to illegal alien detention centers in order to speed up deportation hearings.

Probably you didn’t know that the EPA had a head of Environmental Justice, but you should because you’ve been paying his salary since the George H.W. Bush era. His name is Mustafa Ali, and, according to a tearful requiem in Inside Climate, he has resigned in protest at EPA budget cuts, which will see the agency lose 20 percent of its 15,000 staff and $2 billion from its $8 billion.

EPA Chief Scott Pruitt was fought vociferously by the democrats as well. He is already hammering the EPA in to submission, ending years of that departments out of control social justice warrior culture. George W Bush did not get rid of Mustafa Ali who used his position to threaten corporations and drive costs up. Ali was in his position since George H W Bush. #DRAINTHESWAMP

Abortion and transgender bathrooms

Although not known to be overtly socially conservative, Trump has taken action to protect the rights of the unborn. In his first week, Trump signed an executive order restoring the Mexico City policy, which bans federal funds from being used to fund abortions at organizations such as Planned Parenthood.

Trump has also revoked Barack Obama’s federal guidelines forcing public institutions to let transgender people use the bathroom of their choice, even if it is not that of their biological sex. This decision will now be left up to the states and school districts.

The final piece is a summary of Trump’s first 50 days. No one can keep up. How sweet it is.

Stay Tuned as I do the best I can to keep up with what is going on! #MAGA #WINNING


Mar 182017

Want to know why the economy is starting to amp up despite no major legislation being passed?

Jobs and wages surged in the first full month of Trump.

The first monthly jobs report under President Trump Friday showed a strong economic performance, with employers adding 235,000 jobs in February and the unemployment rate falling slightly to 4.7 percent.

The Labor Department said wages also grew 2.8 percent from February 2016.

Trump has been asking US Companies to stay. Obama never did – which suggests that Obama was trying to tank the US Economy all along.

45,000 new Jobs from Evil Oil Company Exxon Mobil.

Here is a list of 10 major US Companies that made new plans to stay in the US or create new jobs in the US. Amazon, Ford, Sprint, WalMart, IBM and others….

While left-wing fact checkers are trying to make hair-splitting ego-saving claims that Trump had nothing to do with this, in multiple cases Mr. Trump intervened and the companies acknowledged it.

Illegal Border Crossings hit a five year low after Trump’s executive order.

As is well known right now, Trump issued an executive order mandating government enforce the law, build the wall (that was funded already) and hire more Border Patrol, Marshalls and ICE Agents.

Donald Trump has been going after Government Regulation.

He issued an executive order requiring each agency to repeal 2 regulations for every 1 new one issued.

He issued an executive order creating a Regulatory Reform Officer in every department whose goal it is to repeal regulations.

Obama-era OSHA rules making it easier to sue employers have been overturned. More are coming.

Obama-era job killing environmental insanity is getting gutted piece by piece.

The insane Waters of America Rule is gone. This was the rule that allowed the government to take people’s land away for building a pond on it.

Regulations that killed the Coal Industry are gone.

Republicans have sought to partner with centrist Democrats, many of whom represent states won by Trump in the presidential election, to enact regulatory reform.

Sen. Heidi Heitkamp (D-N.D.) teamed up with Sen. James Lankford (R-Okla.) on three regulatory reform measures in the last Congress that they plan to bring back: the Smarter Regulations Through Advance Planning and Review Act; Early Participation in Regulations Act; and Principled Rulemaking Act.

Another executive order — which the Trump administration will couch as reducing U.S. dependence on other countries for energy — will instruct the Environmental Protection Agency to begin rewriting the 2015 regulation that limits greenhouse-gas emissions from existing electric utilities. It also instructs the Interior Department’s Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to lift a moratorium on federal coal leasing.

Read the biased drivel from the WaPo for more.

Another key issue is bills have passed Congress and are waiting on the Senate overturning regulations strangling the Oil and Gas Industry. Again, these were rules done while Obama was on a narcissistic rage at the end of his term.

What remains to be seen is if any of the 34(!) National Monuments decreed in to existence by Obama get voided by Mr. Trump. Several were created specifically to hinder exploration of Oil and Gas.

Remember – government Regulation has been the only effective way for the left to advance its’ agenda for years. The second most effective way have been arrogant judges that create law at a whim from their bench.

Remember – the top way democrats recruit new voters is through mass immigration. The second way is through getting felons the right to vote.

The above two paragraphs should explain to you why the democrats are on tilt. The immediate impacts of simple actions by Mr. Trump should also show you just how devastating those policies have been…

Mar 172017

#RINOCARE #TRUMPCARE #RYANCARE, whatever you call it, you’ve seen the wailing and gnashing of teeth over it.

Let’s talk about why this Insurance Agent (Did you know that is my day job? is a fan of this replacement bill.

All the tax increases are gone – a couple I highlight specifically later.

The devastating slash to Health Savings Accounts is gone, they will be restored to what they were before Obama’s back-door tax increase at the expense of the middle class occurred.

Subsidies are replaced with Refundable Tax Credits. The means testing for how much is based on your age. Gone is the carrot and stick of government picking winners. The Tax Credits will allow a whole bunch of people to write-off the cost of their premiums versus a select few getting welfare.

Obamacare included the following sinister provisions that are gone:

4% per year profit mandate on Insurance Carriers, with no limit on how much you could lose – imagine being prevented from reserving for really bad years? Obama mandated that evil insurance companies issue a dividend when they made more than 4%. This provision was the single biggest driver of the massive rate increases.

Expense ratio mandates on Health Insurance Carriers are gone. This means long waits on the phone for service could be a thing of the past as they will be able to properly staff again.

ACA dictated Territories to Health Insurance Carriers, forcing odd geographical groupings and resulting in circumstances where a move of 2 miles could cause dramatic premium increases.

ACA dictated the ENTIRE outline of coverage. While un-discerning people blamed Insurance carriers for massive deductibles and copays, it was ACA mandates not Insurance Carrier decisions.

ACA dictated that Insurance Premiums index every year versus in 5 or 10 year age groupings, and that rates could only be triple at 64 as what they were at age 18. This caused everyone under 40 to get hammered.

ACA Dictated that families get charged per child versus on a family rate. This sinister provision disporportionally affected married families (think Republicans) with more than 3 children, because…

Subsidies (think Premium welfare) were based on income and the caps for a married couple were only 125% higher than a single person. This was indeed a form of the Clinton-Era “Marriage Penalty” that was built in to the tax code. Therefore, ACA encouraged divorce in order for cash-strapped families to afford health insurance for large families.

ACA forced people of all ages to pay for maternity coverage…

… and everyone regardless of faith to pay for Abortion Coverage, Contraception and of course the all important Sex Change Operations at $500k a piece plus all the drugs that go along with it.

The chilling attack on Religious Freedom was litigated many times with the Obama Administration making extremely scary arguments in court against the First Amendment.

I am not a fan of the Refundable Tax Credits, but let me tell you that they are a far better way of helping people afford Health Insurance as they eliminate the carrot and stick and are calculated on your tax return, not by a liberal activist Social Justice Warrior.

Gone is the 3.5% Real Estate Transfer Tax that was a direct assault on inheritances, businesses and land owners.

Added is the flexibility for insurance carriers to offer varied outlines of coverage.

Gone is the deliberate flaw in ACA that allowed dishonest states like California to flaunt the paperwork, instead requiring real proof of Citizenship or legal alien status to get Tax Credits and also mandating a 6 month review in order to keep cases from getting buried. This provision is the single most important in the whole replacement bill.

Feb 122017
Gallup – the granddaddy of US polling says it all. 84% of Americans see Trump as Legitimate. This includes 76% of Clinton Voters.

So who is rioting? Why do they seem to migrate from protest to protest? It is a clear fringe of society, 24% of 48% of the electorate.

As I have written previously, the left knows that they have willing accomplices in the American Media (witness the 5 blogs about fake news in just the last week alone) and as such, they are staging events for the Camera Eye. The internet allows the right to quickly debunk outright lies being propagated by the left and the media – but in the case of the #muslimban which is not a muslim ban, the Media deception machine still works.

The left has overplayed their hand. They are unable to tell the truth about their opposition to Trump’s policies, so let me spell it out:

  1. Immigration. The left sees immigrants as welfare recipients and as a result democrat voters.
  2. Trade. The left wants lopsidedly anti-american trade deals in order to weaken America globally. America’s very existence is an anathema to global socialism.
  3. Tax Reform. The left wants regressive taxation to keep people poor and dependent on government. A more prosperous people get more conservative.
  4. Jobs. The left prefer insane regulation and outsourcing to economic prosperity. A more prosperous people get more conservative.
  5. Religious Freedom. The left hate Christian Values, because they are an anathema to the platform of the democrat party.
  6. Gun Rights. The left oppose them as guns = power to the people, not government.

The deceptions used in order to avoid telling the truth?:

  1. If you want any sort of control or immigration enforcement, you are a racist.
  2. If you think government regulation has gone too far, you hate the environment.
  3. If you are pro-life, you hate women
  4. If you want to reform welfare, you hate black people
  5. If you want tax reform, then you support tax cuts for the rich. (Marxist class warfare argument)
  6. If you support religious freedom, then you hate LGBTQ
  7. if you support Gun Rights, then you support more crime

Get it? De-humanize your opponents. Once you strip your opponents of their humanity, then you can justify anything. This would include riots, destroying property, threats (internet or otherwise), censorship (a la facebook, twitter, etc), lying in place of news stories, and in extreme cases imprisonment, torture and mass murder. (See Also Mao Tse Tung, Josef Stalin, etc.)

The American left know that a unified America is a Conservative America. The American left know that a Christian America would cause the influence of Judeo-Christian morality to increase at the expense of the welfare state.

Look at what the left is freaked out over:

A riot/march called the women’s march was hosted by a Muslim Woman with ties to Hamas. So, it is clear that the left has thrown in with Islam (radical and otherwise). It is also clear that Abortion is an issue that democrats will ironically fight to the death over as they have successfully pedaled a lie that Abortion is Women’s rights. Unfortunately for them – even biased polling shows they are finally losing the effectiveness of that lie. Marist was consistently favorable to Democrats in their 2016 polling. 54-57% of White Women voted for Trump, this fact apparently has terrified democrats to the point of the disgusting spectacle of Women marching in costumes dummied up to look like female genitalia. (That ironically is mutilated in 80% of the cases of Muslim women worldwide)

They have bet almost all of their political capitol on the #Muslimban lie. This shows that the race card and the demagoguery of splitting people along racial lines is a key cornerstone to their future relevance. They are losing that battle too, 66% of Americans agree with Banning Muslim Immigration and majorities across the board in polling data favor stricter enforcement of immigration laws. Exit polls show that across the board, Donald Trump did better than Mitt Romney with all demographic groups, this despite my firsthand knowledge of democrats telling Mexicans they will get deported if Trump wins. (Note that ICE is indeed doing raids, and are deporting convicted felons that Obama’s illegal executive order in 2013 allowed to stay – this is quite different than the lie that people with green cards and/or citizens would be deported)

The democrats have turned the confirmation of Trump’s Cabinet appointments in to a historically slow partisan dog and pony show. This is for two reasons: 1. They have a deep, inner need to “get trump” somewhere, just to stop something he is doing. The second reason dovetails with my above list.

They smeared Tom Price – ironically, one of the club because they want to keep Obama’s disastrous socialized medicine program in force. Rather than be honest, they smeared the Congressman with unrelated issues.

They smeared Betsy DeVos because she supports School Choice. She will help break the stranglehold Public Employee Unions have over brainwashing our children.

They smeared Senator Jeff Sessions with the race card, going all out to stop him, because they know that their advances of the 8 years under Obama were due to his refusal to enforce existing laws and the enforcement thereof will reverse it.

They smeared Rex Tillerson because he is such a departure from John Kerry and Hillary Clinton that his success will make them look bad.

Donald Trump is literally attacking the foundation of liberalism:

  1. Creating Prosperity and Jobs – People get more conservative as they get further away from dependence on government
  2. Promoting liberty and freedom – this comes at the expense of government control
  3. Promoting religious freedom – People of Faith are by definition more conservative
  4. Promoting a national identity – returning to a unified melting pot versus a hyphenated separated society.
  5. Promoting competitive and dynamic education – instead of liberal one-size-fits-all outcome-based education
  6. America First – a strong America will cause other countries under brutal dictatorships to lose influence globally

The left is boxed in. They will be forced to protest and riot because their playbook has worn that thin. Their latest stunt of Blocking Education Secretary DeVos from a Washington D.C. School seems to have finally gotten the attention of some of the smart people within their ranks.

The left is boxed in. They will be forced to lie and smear their opponents because a divided America is their only hope for success. The Media will never discuss this, but as I was watching the tapes of the coverage on election night, at those moments it dawned on most of them what had happened. Their egos and personal biases took over quickly and they returned to their bubbles.

I will conclude by saying that I believe the leaders of the left understand everything I have written. I am just not sure if they can do anything about it other than what they have been doing that seems to no longer be working. It was my opinion that both Bushes hurt the GOP because of their failure to lead. Watching Donald Trump lead and watching carefully what he is doing shows me that a strong conservative leader transcends years of societal programming.

How sweet it is.

Feb 032017

The Media is on the ropes and they know it. For the first time since Ronald Reagan, they have not been able to lie and have it stick. One of the major reasons Donald Trump got traction and ultimately led a movement was the underlying anger over the repeated lies.

One of the tenants of the 1990’s era playbook of the Democrats was to lie about something until it becomes real. See also the “Muslim Ban” it is not a ban, and it is not unpopular either. Even grotesquely biased pubic polls reveal that a Ban (if it was one) would have majority support. Heck, Kuwait followed suit with a “BAN” of their own!

This is underscored by another Terrorist attack in France just hours before my writing of this blog.

Make America Safe Again. This is something the democrats know is a loser for them and they will fight it to their demise.

We are back to 2000 all over again where what was good for America was bad for them. Problem – Donald Trump is not going to back down like G W Bush did. Trump will respond to his critics and will not allow media lies and the lies of the left to get legs.

Predictably – the left is wearing out the race card.

They ran a Fake News story about the SCOTUS Pick Neil Gorsuch starting and running a fascist club at his high school. This lie took several hours to debunk and the media whores and social media whores reported on it breathlessly.

The Media is attempting to force home their fake image of Trump being a bully and a demagogue. Witness their accusation that Trump threatened war with Mexico and that he hung up on the Australian PM over an immigrant deal Obama made as he was on his narcissist rage in the last two months in office.

Mexican PM Nieto lit the Media up for lying.

Trump took to twitter once again to tell his side of the story and as I type this administration officials are en route to Australia.

The Trump admin also drew out ABC News with a leak of their own. ABC news bit, playing the homophobia card. The scary part about this is that the left sees anything defending religious freedom as anti LGBT. Let that sink in.

This is another tenant of the 1990’s era playbook. Divide. The liberals know 100% that they can’t win in a unified America.

The media also lied over Israeli Settlements trying to make it look like Trump Backed off and agreed with Obama’s anti-Israel sentiments. No, he did not. They lied again .

What Trump’s letter does, in effect, is return the United States to the status quo ante before the Obama administration—specifically, to the policy outlined in a letter sent from George W. Bush to Ariel Sharon in 2004.

The Media and the left were hoping beyond hope that they could slow down or derail the blizzard of Trump. No.

Their #TRUMPERTANTRUMS resulted in GOP Committee Chairs in the US Senate suspending the rules in order to advance nominees as the democrats were left to boycotting votes in order to act out on their rage over being in the minority. Remember, the same media that has been lying in epic proportions told everyone that the Democrats would win control of the US Senate (in addition to Hillary Clinton winning). The violation they feel must be extreme.

Trump is already bringing Jobs back to America and has been systematically gutting the deliberate economy-killing regulations and edicts of Barack Hussein Obama.

Oil Drilling and Oil Pipelines are Back.

Wall Street Journal Headlines just this morning:

Trump Plans to Undo Dodd-Frank Law, Fiduciary Rule

President Donald Trump on Friday plans to sign an executive action to scale back the 2010 Dodd-Frank financial-overhaul law, in a sweeping plan to dismantle much of the regulatory system put in place after the financial crisis.

Mr. Trump also plans another executive action aimed at rolling back a controversial regulation scheduled to take effect in April that critics have said would upend the retirement-account advisory business.

Dodd-Frank was a left-wing overreach to the Mortgage Crisis and the Obama admin attempted to regulate Investment advisers out of business, focusing on their compensation instead of real issues.

U.S. Adds Better-Than-Expected 227,000 Jobs

U.S. employers hired briskly in January and more Americans joined the workforce, suggesting the labor market still has room to grow after years of expansion. Jobs outside of farms increased a seasonally adjusted 227,000 last month, the best gain since September, the Labor Department said.

Meanwhile, an increase in the share of Americans working or actively seeking work caused the unemployment rate to rise to 4.8% from 4.7% a month earlier. Economists predicted a gain of 174,000 jobs and a 4.7% jobless rate. The report also offered signs the labor market may not be as tight as thought. Wages, for example, rose only modestly after signs of a pickup last year, with the average hourly earnings of private-sector workers climbing 0.12% from the prior month.

The Obama admin was cooking the unemployment books – they excluded workers who had given up trying to find jobs from the calculation. This is why the unemployment numbers will increase despite the growth in Jobs.

The democrats will try to oppose or muck up all of this.

Trump is also well on his way to implementing his immigration reform agenda, despite the paid riots and the all-out lie barrage.

The Wall will be built. The democrats will play the race card and try to stop it and will wonder why the race card is not working.

The Border Patrol was able to get rid of an Obama political appointee as their head and replace him with one of their own.

I missed a lot of stuff here – but this is the Blizzard of Trump. Sit back and watch in awe as he checks off his to-do list with the Media and the Left kicking and screaming as they are powerless to do anything about it.

Dec 132016

Tim Clark was hired as the Trump Western Region Coordinator. There was never any public indication that had changed to just California after the RNC, but that is what I was told had happened. After August, there were a series of operatives in Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona and otherwise.

Mr. Clark had advocated for the termination of at least one of my friends from the Ben Carson team that came over to Trump after Carson suspended his campaign (who ended up getting fired) and also was less than ethical in his dealings with another Carson alum, attempting to shortchange a previously negotiated deal. These are consistent with the Tim Clark patterns from several campaigns I have seen him on – he takes them over and runs out everyone that was there. It is also consistent to see him attempt to reduce and/or shortchange deals after the fact with campaign operatives. Clark’s behavior was part of a string of anecdotes I gathered from friends across the west.

While Clark was overseeing a brain drain in Nevada and other parts of the West, the groundwork was being laid for the stunning trump victory in the rust belt.

The media was abuzz that team Trump was making a play for New Mexico. The Trump campaign had a revered Navajo Code Talker on their side and had made several stops in New Mexico.

It turns out that the real focus was on Utah and Arizona. In Utah, Trump had suffered the most damage from the Billy Bush tape. Republican voters tend to be reactionary and the typical 1990’s liberal democrat playbook was at work to play on that. Many so-called values voters in Utah were completely distracted from Hillary Clinton’s corruption and desire to end religious freedom and instead were on a pious rampage to support Evan McMullin.

Insiders were telling me that the gambit was if Gary Johnson could win New Mexico or Evan McMullin could win Utah then the electoral college could punt Trump and elect one of them.

Fortunately for America, McMullin folded like a cheap lawn chair as Republican voters returned home in droves. Unfortunately democrats did too and Gary Johnson collapsed in Colorado and New Mexico, failing to reach double digits in the final tally in either state.

Nevada was a disaster. Joe Heck bailed out on Donald Trump after the Billy Bush tape and refused to re-endorse Mr. Trump. I did a short-term job for Mr. Heck and made my opinion on this matter known to the campaign. I am of the belief that the decision was the difference maker in his loss.

Beyond Mr. Clark’s treatment of my friends in the Carson Campaign, his failure to do his job was most evident in Nevada. I saw no one from California in Washoe County when I was there. The Trump effort was almost all volunteer. The Heck Campaign, Trump Campaign and the RNC were on separate missions and were not working together. The Heck office I was in was around the corner from the Washoe County GOP HQ and I still remember the dirty looks I was getting as they drove by the office. (I’ve still never met most of the people that were glaring at me)

You would think that a Trump California Chairman who lives about 95 miles from Reno (Washoe County) would be interested in getting bodies up the hill to help. I guess not as nothing other than token efforts were made.

Nevada was the biggest failure of the Trump campaign beyond California. The RCP average had Trump up .8%. Trump lost by 2.4%. Yes, there was indeed registration fraud in Clark County, but not enough to account for 3.2 points.

In addition, the GOP got slaughtered at the state level in Nevada. Why? in 2014, when they won big – the first act of the next legislative session was a massive tax increase. What a way to use your majority. So – the lack of a team effort, public betrayal of the GOP’s Presidential Nominee, Tim Clark and Tax Increases were the Nevada Toxic Cocktail.

Trump lost Colorado. The stories I heard from there were pretty bad as well. It is clear that the best operatives for the RNC and the Trump campaign were in the Eastern US.

The RCP average had Hitlary up 2.9 in CO, she won by 4.9.

The RCP average had Hitlary up 5.0 in NM, she won by 8.3 (a bigger swing by .1 than Nevada)

George Soros spent $35 Million taking out the 84 year old Sheriff Joe Arpaio. The dems got mexicans to vote in record numbers with fear of deportation being the biggest motivator. This and the issues trump had with Mormons caused the margin in Arizona to shrink to 3.5% (Romney won by 9.1 in 2012). This will invite big dem spending in 2020 in AZ, even though Trump beat the race card.

In the final analysis – New Mexico was a distraction. Hitlary was forced to spend money in NM. It is possible that the Trump campaign decided to do the bare minimum to keep AZ from flipping dem despite the $45 million spent there on the aggregate by the left.

The disaster of the west, however was one of organization. There was none. Given how close Nevada was, it was winnable. Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona were very poor results. This was the one area of the country that was not kind to Donald Trump at all and further serious analysis needs to be given to it in order to advance in 2018 and beyond.

Dec 102016

Not everyone that reads the Right on Daily Blog is a friend of mine on Facebook. I spent a couple months writing rants about polling there. So, let’s have a look at a nice post-mortem of the polling data here on the blog now that the results are basically finalized everywhere.

The conundrum for pollsters was their inherent bias towards Hilary Clinton and the basic problem of trying to figure out who was going to vote.

The most common thing biased pollsters do is screw with the samples. In the case of many polls, they were overweight with Democrats 7-10 points. Meaning, they were polling 7 to 10% more democrats than Republicans. They were also keen on oversampling women, who were less likely to support Trump than Clinton.

Let’s have a look at some of the National Polls the week before and the week of election day:

Name of Poll          Week Before          Week of Election

ABC/WaPost                     T+1                             H+4                          Democrat +7 Sample

Bloomberg                         H+9                            H+3                          Did not publish details

Economist / YouGov       H+3                            H+4                          Consistent Poll Heavy on Dems

Fox News                           H+2                            H+4                          Consistent Poll, Heavy on Dems

Gravis Marketing             H+2                            H+4                        Used bizarre model that featured a lot of “soft” voters

NBC/Wall Street Journal H+6                          H+4                          One of the consistently highest numbers for Clinton (hit +11 more than once)

Reuters                              H+8                            H+3                          They changed their methodology midstream when their numbers were showing Trump leading

CBS                                    H+3                            H+4                           Consistent Poll

IBD                                    H +1                            T +2                           They were one of the most favorable to Trump

Rasmussen                      H+3                             H+2                           They nailed it. H+2 actual result.

I did not include Monmouth University who were so biased against trump that they blew 2/3 of their polls. So did Marist.

Look at The italicized polls – they all showed a collapse of Gary Johnson and Jill Stein and a surge for Clinton. This is what happened. Johnson had been pulling 5 points or more in every poll, he got a little more than 3 as Republicans and Democrats returned home. This is why I was not as cocky on election day.

Rasmussen used a D +4.5 model and the actual, final result was D+3.8. This is why he nailed it.

IBD missed because of the late surge of dems.

Democrats turned out in massive numbers, higher than in 2012 when Obama won by 3.8. Dem turnout drills were motivating low propensity voters with loss of welfare, deportation and war fears.

Trump was able to win despite this because evangelical voters also voted in record numbers, plus grossly inaccurate exit polls missed the obvious fact that a lot more Democrats voted for trump than anyone wants to admit.

See the consistent 2 point difference between the final numbers and the actual result? This is the silent trump vote – I had figured it to be 2-3% and it ended up on the low end of that.

Remember, polls can only track the popular vote – which is why I am going to break some state polls down in a bit.

This election has also proven a polarization of population. Dark Blue States like California, New York, Illinois, Massachusetts and Maryland spot a dem candidate an 8+ million vote lead. Trump took advantage of the system in place and beat Clinton in 30 states. Let that sink in… welfare recipients know where the easy money is. Illegal aliens know where the sanctuaries are.

The State Polls were awful. The pollsters in my opinion knew that the state polls were more important to the narrative about Hillary Clinton and what happened with them is legendary. Those are coming up next…

Oct 222016

This post is dedicated to Trump-Haters and the pious self, righteous pseudo conservative #nevertrump morons that refused to accept the results of the primary. It is also dedicated to Republican sell-outs that have endorsed Hillary Clinton.

I worked for Dr. Ben Carson in Nevada. I beat on Trump mercilessly and when I was in Nevada in February of this year, I had a good idea that Trump was going to get nominated and would be a extremely viable candidate for President.

I also have known as has any honest, rational person that the Clinton’s are basically an organized Crime Syndicate.

Wikileaks and Project Veritas have provided us with a window in to who Hillary and Bill Clinton really are. It has also confirmed a lot of my worst fears in terms of conspiracies and how contrived many things in politics are.

My #Nevertrump friends are obsessed with Donald Trump being an asshole. I wonder if they forgot about this blog? If I was held to that standard, go ahead and shoot me now.

My #Nevertrump friends are obsessed with Donald Trump being undefined on the issues. Well, he is talking tax cuts, bringing jobs, dealing with the deliberately busted immigration system, lighting up terrorism and addressing rampant corruption.

When you live in fear of a maniac killing you and those in power call you a racist for being afraid, it is infuriating. When you have a crappy job you hate and you can’t find a better one – yet you’re lied to by the media whores about how good the economy is, it is infuriating. (Wikileaks has shown that the dem leaders know the economy is horrendous)

Hillary Clinton is a democrat stuck in the 90’s. Her campaign was scripted and planned in a 1990’s paradigm. The #wikileaks emails have shown clearly that everything she says in public is pre-planned and focus-group tested. People are puking that out.

Donald Trump will be the first President in American history that has never held elected office, been in an appointed office or served as a senior General in the armed forces before election. Let that sink in.

The only reason Trump had a chance is his personal fortune. Running for President is not the common man’s game, yet here is this Billionaire Usurper who did not come up through the ranks who is derided for talking at a 4th Grade Level within 3 weeks of being elected President.

What the Media Whores and the so-called elites don’t get is that 4th Grade language is actually a smart man breaking stuff down in to sound-bytes that people can easily understand. Hillary Clinton does it too, she has 17 people working on her twitter account and everything she says is strained and filtered by these same overpaid crooks.

So people don’t like Donald Trump? Why? He strikes a nerve with his bombast. People dislike Hillary Clinton because she is a proven liar and a crook.

Which brings me to the rest of the case as to why Trump was the best choice of the GOP.

  1. The Race Card. Trump is the first GOP candidate in my lifetime that tears in to people that call him a racist with ferocity.
  2. The Woman Card. Gloria Allred destroyed Meg Whitman and Herman Cain – but not Donald Trump. The Clinton campaign, as proven by #wikileaks had pre-planned to smear Trump with apparently false charges of harassment. It has been done to dozens of Republicans over the years and has always worked because the idiot consultants overthink their response. Trump did not – he apologized for what he did and called BS on what he did not do and defied them to provide evidence. Even without the proof of Wikileaks, Trump still handled the coordinated attack by the media whores better than any GOP candidate before him.
  3. The Border Card. Trump has refused to back down from his stance on that issue despite withering attacks and misinformation from all sides. The issue is proving to be a winner – even with Hillary Clinton supporters.
  4. Consistency of message. Trump repeats himself constantly. This is what a marketer does, we all know the rule of 7. It takes 7 times for a marketing message to fully arrive in the minds of the intended target. How many over-consulted train wreck GOP candidates changed their messages often?
  5. Bashing the media. Trump has gone for broke on this. The media has responded by completely abandoning objectivity. They have been the losers – their trust levels are at record lows and they are hemorrhaging customers. Given the proven collusion between the media, CNN, NBC, Politico, Ny Times, Washington Post and others with the Clinton Campaign – Trump has been proven right again for doing this. He has given voice to the masses who know intuitively in the absence of evidence they were being manipulated.
  6. #RIGGED system. What other GOP Candidate would straight up bring election fraud in to the mainstream? When you add in the proof we now have that Dem PACS and the Hillary Campaign itself was paying for violent protests, again Trump was proven right for railing on this.

A lot of people point to Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio as having been a better option and we just woulda coulda shoulda… Both men have skeletons of a sexual nature in their closet. You could make bank that Gloria Allred and the Clinton Crime Family had them lined up.  Neither would have taken on the media or the rigged system the way Trump did. Neither would have been able to dig in to the democrat base the way Trump has. Period. End of Story.

The failure of the feckless cowards who are now aghast over Donald Trump’s bombast still don’t get it. It is that bombast that people wanted. It is someone not afraid to say America First in the face of the race racket, the professional vagina politicos and the so-called “globalists”.

The same feckless cowards in their intransigent arrogance will never see their own part in this election. Their failure created the ideal circumstance for a well-meaning unpolished loudmouthed Billionaire with some ideas of his own to drop $250 million of his own coin and make a legitimate run (that I believe will be successful) for President.

This is why the 1990’s style slime machine of the Clinton Crime family only temporarily slowed Trump down. Only the hard-core values voters Republicans were affected by it. The smears are now getting fully vetted and the pattern is now clear.

Hillary Clinton is in serious trouble. She has come to represent everything real Americans resent in politics – fake contrived public personas, personal corruption, a sociopathic lack of empathy and a a clear pattern that she will stop at nothing to get what she wants. It is like a real-life year of House of Cards.

She is in a place now where they are leveraging their remaining political capital to keep squeamish donors on board. The messiah, Obama raised over $1Billion. Hillary Clinton will be lucky to have $600million and a ton of the PAC Money that was in abundance is drying up over revelations her campaign had been illegally coordinating with PACs. Donors are a unique breed and are VERY risk adverse – which is why the Clinton Campaign is 100% reliant on the American media whores to keep the false narrative going along with their inaccurate and falsified polls.

078Donald Trump is going to be elected President. The Narcissism of the establishment will completely prevent them from being able to understand why. The people of America will know why…

… make bank that there will be more 90’s style dirty tricks by the Clinton Crime Family along with breathless coverage of them by the media whore establishment before 11/8/2016 gets here. They won’t work. People have had it – even while many hide their true feelings from pollsters (see my previous comments about being brow beat for their opinion).

The pall of the corruption of the Obama-Clinton free-stuff dynasty will be broken… for a time by Donald Trump. If Trump does half of what he has talked about, this country will be far better for it.

The #nevertrump crowd have marginalized themselves because they refused to accept reality and the results of the GOP Primary. I am proud of my fellow grown-ups that joined me on the #trumptrain, we will be on the right side of history.

Aug 272016

The first clue there may be a problem was that the idea was allegedly suggested by NBC that Trump attend a candidate forum hosted by Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America. The Forum is Scheduled for September 7th.

Just who is IAVA – a look at their IRS Form 990 gives us some clues.

Look at their major donors – several foundations whhose websites show their tilt towards coddling criminals (aka Justice Involved People), social justice and green initiatives.

You can look up the four family foundations listed and see for yourself their carefully worded websites that yield several left-wing talking points. A search of the principals on Open Secrets type campaign sites yields the predictable donations to a variety of Democrat Candidates for Federal Office.

You can look at the website of IAVA and if you read carefully – you will see that they advocate for more Government programs for Veterans and have a section for LGB veterans. Most veterans groups do not go that far.

Some more skeptical people may dismiss my above statements because I am a Donald Trump supporter or because they may not see the same left-wing buzzwords in the information that are so clear to me.

CaptureI decided to some research on the Consultant that this group pays $140k a year to.

Mr. Dorman is a left-wing liberal democrat whose past list of clients indicate that he is a consultant that you hire if you are a front group for the left.

So – you have a veteran’s group that lists a who’s who of donors from the left, with a San Francisco based MoveOn.Org Alum as a $140k a year consultant, and a website replete with a liberal grab bag of social justice initiatives holding a candidate forum? Trump may as well request Donna Brazille to moderate.

Oh and leave us not forget, they are a 501(c)3 non profit with an associated 501(c)4. Cozy, I bet Lois Lerner fast-tracked their applications as opposed to all those right-leaning Vets Groups.

This seems to be as objective as CNN’s election reporting. I am not sure how Donald Trump’s campaign staff allowed him to get roped in to this as this seems like a setup.

My source for this tip was a Gary Johnson supporter who asked that I remind people that this group has not invited Gary Johnson to participate in their September 7th Forum. If you are so inclined, you can sign their petition.

Jun 202016

If this is true and Clark is indeed gone never to be rehired, I will discontinue further disparaging of the Senator as he will have shown wisdom and maturity in this decision. Tim Clark and John Moorlach have a lot of history together and Moorlach was one of few people that Clark has known any length of time that still associated with him. Apparently, that list has now shrunk.

Check out this Bio on Current Chief of Staff Lance Christensen:

Lance Christensen has earned a national reputation as a government budget and finance policy expert.  Prior to joining Senator Moorlach’s staff, Mr. Christensen served as the Director of the Pension Reform Project for the nationally respected Reason Foundation. His budget and finance analyses have been published in multiple national and local publications, and he is a sought-after expert presenter on government finance and debt issues.  Mr. Christensen also spent nearly a decade working as a legislative consultant in the California State Senate, as well as a finance budget analyst at the Department of Finance.  Mr. Christensen earned his English Degree from Brigham Young University and Masters of Public Policy from Pepperdine University’s School of Public Policy.

This is what we call a damn good hire, this guy is 100% consistent with who Moorlach says he is. Christensen looks like he has more qualifications in the first sentence in his Bio than his predecessor has accumulated in 48 years of living.

John Moorlach has joined the ranks of people that have decided to no longer enable Tim Clark’s behavior. Here is hoping that Mr. Clark finds a new career in an occupation where he can not hurt any more good Republican Candidates for office. Let’s also hope that Republican leaders discontinue enabling Tim Clark’s bad behavior.

That said, there is still the matter of his “employment” with Donald Trump. Many of you sat in horror as Clark’s incompetence and malfeasance made national news. What is not widely known is that several GOP insiders had to help both with the delegation list and the alternates list because Mr. Clark was unable to do the job… thus validating the criticisms leveled against him at the time he was hired.

Read more on the Nazi that Tim Clark appointed to the RNC for Donald Trump

Read here to see how Tim Clark’s hire by the Trump Campaign caused a major rift within the campaign and how back in 4/28 an ousted Trump advisor predicted disaster.

Read here for more on the “Legitimate Rape” delegate to the Trump Campaign that was appointed by Tim Clark.

I have been told by reliable sources that Clark’s incompetence and bungling of the California Delegation led to the termination of his retainer with the campaign and that he is being relegated to fundraising duty. If true, Clark is generally reviled by the donor community in California. This will be a potentially bigger disaster for Trump than the delegation freakshow.

Tim Clark was one of the biggest reasons why I tore in to John Moorlach. It is sad, really that I felt like I had to perform cancer surgery – but Clark has been a skilled con artist for a long time. These opinions of Clark in this blog appear to go beyond just mine as I have little trouble finding anyone with any political heritage in California that has not been scourged by him. John Moorlach got out and the sooner Trump gets out, the better.