May 182018

You have to wonder. When you see the LONG list of RSO Employees who are also donors and then correlate it to management level employees, there seems to be a pattern.

Be it Aaron Kent, Christian Dekker, Jason Huskey, Lyndon Raymond “the Executioner” Wood, Kevin Vest, Leonard “Lenny” Purvis, Undertaker Diyoyo (or his wife) or others… they are all there.

I used to think Jason “Deuce” Horton was #1 on the list, sporting $1650 “donated” over the last few years was tops on the RSO employee donor list.

Joseph Cleary has vaulted himself to the top of the list. Cleary has been an “At Will” Employee of his excellency the Sniffmeister since 2010. Some say Cleary is a nice guy, others think his personality found it’s way to the side of a milk carton “have you seen me”.

According to the department’s information ministry, Cleary was promoted to Chief Deputy in 2010 and then to Ass Sheriff in 2015. Of particular note is the following:

In November 2015, Sheriff Stan Sniff appointed Assistant Sheriff Cleary to his current rank. In this capacity, he oversees the Department’s Field Operations divisions. These divisions encompass the Sheriff’s patrol stations, contract city policing, narcotics, intelligence, homicide and gang units, search and rescue operations, SWAT, aviation, and Hazardous Device Team.

Did you catch all that?

This means Bomb the Bomber Epps committing several potential felonies happened on Cleary’s Watch.

Part of Aaron Kent ripping of $300K in overtime happened on Cleary’s Watch.

Some of Christian Dekker’s worst antics happened on Cleary’s Watch.

The broken equipment at Moreno Valley, Thermal, Palm Desert, Hemet? Yup, Cleary is the Assistant Sheriff in charge of operations.

The Contract City Overtime Ripoffs? At least since November 2015 Cleary has overseen that.

This is of course why Cleary was giving the order to two Chief Deputies to engage in “service club” activity on taxpayer time, it’s his department. At least Cleary appears to understand how to rip the taxpayers off correctly as it seems he never grasped how to deal with corruption in his departments.

This level of incompetence and/or corruption explains why Cleary has infested the second floor for 8 years.

In total, Cleary has been promoted by Sniff 3 times. Special.

My understanding of the extremely broken, overpriced public employee pension system is that Cleary is maxed out as he has already put in his 30 years. The only way Cleary’s Pension will go up is if he replaces Diyoyo or Stan Sniff. This is what  cops call motive.

It is not unreasonable to assume that Cleary is in the front of the line for Undersheriff and a potential appointment for a burnt out, wounded Sheriff who is rumored to be looking at retirement regardless of re-election.

But Cleary’s a good guy don’t you know…

To be continued.


May 172018

In response to a request for a list of cheaters, we are posting a complete list of those named in the report. See Page 1 here and see Page 2 here. We are here to help as the Desert Sun wrote the following excuse as to why they did not name all the names:

The Desert Sun investigation into the cheating scandal was based on hundreds of pages of sheriff’s department documents and 15 hours of interview recordings obtained by the newspaper. The Desert Sun is not identifying most of the employees who were implicated in the cheating scandal because the internal affairs documents obtained by the newspaper are incomplete. The documents summarize the investigation but do not include the conclusions as to each employee, so it is not definitively clear which employees were found to have violated sheriff’s department policies and which were not.

Let me help out the Desert Sun – since there is a history of cover ups and subjective lynchings of RSO Employees by the Sniff Regime, this excuse is pure BS and rings hollow. It will never be definitively clear because the Ratt Squad (as proven repeatedly by Right on Daily) is as crooked as the highway to Idyllwild. (Wow, bet ya’all didn’t know this northerner knew where that was huh?)

So Cheater Jason Gore is making Sergeant after having made Investigator post cheating. If you think Gore’s wife being Sniff’s Legislative Liaison (aka $120k annual salary on the second floor) has nothing to do with the special treatment of Jason Gore, you guys are smoking some of that weed you favor the commercial cultivation of.

Since we have to have proof of everything beyond that of the holy see himself, here is a copy of Today’s promotion list as accurately reported on (once again) by your intrepid blogger.

The message? Cheating DOES pay if you are a Stan Sniff butt-monkey.

We broke the news of Gore’s Promotion on May 9th, a full week before the deed was done. This is after we beat the Desert Sun by three weeks on the Cheating Scandal and our coverage of the Pitchess motion filed by Donald Vincent Brooks was out a full 24 hours before the local media picked it up.

For those of you scoring at home, this means that Cheater Jason “Pitchess” Gore got TWO promotions post cheating. Special.

And that brings us to Joseph Cleary – he of the ordering two Chief Deputies to campaign on public time. (Remember that one?)

Since the rank and file are so beat down and desperate to work for people that aren’t raging jerks some have been defending Joseph Cleary.

Note that Cleary also shows up on Sniff’s donor list long before today’s update.

In 2017, Cleary, who some defend as some sort of “Good Guy” donated 6 times to Stan Sniff totalling $650.

The swamp of the second floor runs deep it appears. This exercise should make it clear to everyone, this is a black and white issue. Either you are with Stan Sniff or you are not. It is that simple. Nice guys that are aligned with Sniff are as tarred as those actively doing his bidding. (Cleary is both)

Since Cleary has been clearly implicated in doing at least one thing that may be illegal on behalf of the Sheriff, the fact that Cleary just wrote Sniff a $5,000 check right as Undertaker Diyoyo is retiring is really suspect timing. Was there a quid-pro-quo?

Kevin Vest is the other Assistant Sheriff, he is older, fatter and less liked than Cleary. Gutierrez was (in my opinion) appointed to Assistant Sheriff as a non-sworn (he is a prison guard) as a gigantic up yours to the rank and file and having a non sworn Undersheriff would be even more absurd.

Vest has not donated as much to Sniff and his age suggests that he is a short-timer.

Embedded here is a screenshot of Sniff’s latest form 497 (24 hour reporting of donations over $1,000) showing the “donation” from Joseph Cleary. It is sandwiched in with two more checks from local major donors.

You ask yourself what is going on. It stinks.

Speaking of stuff you won’t see reported on in the local papers, we will rock on burning down the house.