Apr 112018

Last week, we introduced you to Stan Sniff spending $58,000 with a registered sex offender for campaign advertisements.

We’ve also been all over Stan Sniff’s endorsement and donor list that features active investigations against them, tax liens, lawsuits, cocaine possession convictions, Prostitution convictions, spousal abuse, dui’s and a host of dishonest, flawed employees.

The most egregious of all is taking money from a Cop-Killer’s defense attorney. (He is defending a guy that murdered the wife of one of his own deputies…) The defense attorney also managed to get a child predator off with just a misdemeanor as well.

So why wouldn’t Stan Sniff engage in questionable campaign advertising?

Introducing the “Continuing the Republican Revolution” Slate. I call it the continuing the RINO revolution slate as it frequently is completely at odds with the California Republican Party – yet claiming to be Republican. Tony Quinn – himself a far-left Republican who frequently attacks and chides Republican candidates tore in to this slate mail card in 2010 as their tactics were too far even for him:

“The bad faith of your mailer is evident on many levels, first in your false implication of RNC sponsorship, and again in your disgraceful ‘recommendation’ to vote the opposite the Republican position on every ballot measure…. The RNC will not allow you to use the symbol of the Republican Party in order to misinform and deceive the public. Therefore the RNC demands that you cease and desist from using the official Elephant Logo, or any derivation thereof, now or anytime in the future,” RNC chief counsel John Philippe wrote Mr. Hart.

Here are the positions of the “Continuing the Republican Revolution” slate card:

• Proposition 20 – congressional redistricting, card NO, party position YES
• Proposition 21 – raise car taxes for parks, card YES, party position NO
• Proposition 23 – suspend global warming law, card NO, party position YES
• Proposition 24 – huge business tax increases, card YES, party position NO
• Proposition 25 – majority vote budget, card YES, party position NO
• Proposition 26 – hidden taxes vote, card NO, party position YES
• Proposition 27 – abolish redistricting commission, card YES, party position NO

You won’t be surprised to learn that every one of these “recommendations” was bought and paid for; sleazy slate cards like this one just sell their positions. Lady Gaga could have bought her way on to one of these cards as a GOP candidate if she’d paid enough.

There is also vast monkey see-monkey do in this business. Another card “Voting Guide for Republicans” has the same anti-GOP recommendations, again all bought and paid for. This card, put out by Tim Carey of Torrance, has already sent me three “Attention Republicans: Election Day Voting Guide” cards urging Republicans to vote against their own best interests.

That’s right – the Continuing the RINO Revolution Slate opposed the CAGOP across the board and got blasted by the National GOP for their deception. It seems that a liberal democrat masquerading as a Republican (Stan Sniff) would be right at home purchasing this disaster.

Long time GOP activist, later turned political consultant Jon Fleischman has been an outspoken critic of slate cards for years.

The first example, is a slate called Continuing the Republican Revolution.   This slate boldly proclaims on its front, beneath faux GOP elephants (for which the Republican National Committee has issued a cease and desist order), “President Ronald Reagan will be forever remember on his upcoming 100th Birthday.  His ideals if limited government, lower taxes and personal freedoms are as important today as they were during his lifetime.  God Bless him and God Bless America.”

Of course, when you open the slate card, it recommends that you celebrate Ronald Reagan by voting to raise your own taxes.  This slate takes the opposite position from the GOP on virtually every ballot measure…  The party is Yes on 20 and No on 27 – seeking a fair reapportionment process.  This slate says vote the opposite.  The GOP is yes on 23 to suspend the Global Warming Solutions Act, this slate says vote no.  The GOP says oppose hiking the car taxes to fund parks, this slate:  yes.  But wait, there’s more…  The party is no on 24 ($1.3 billion in new taxes), this slate is yes.  The party opposes reducing the vote to pass a budget in Prop. 25, and the party opposes it.  And the GOP supports Prop. 26 to make it harder to raise taxes by calling them fees – this slate recommends you vote no…   Some Republican revolution!   To add to it, this slate urges a vote for Larry Aceves for Superintendent of Public Instruction.  It fails to mention to Republicans that Aceves is a lifelong Democrat who re-registered DTS this year!  I will add as a footnote that this slate used to be called the “Continuing the Reagan Revolution” slate until Reagan sent them a lawyer-letter. 

In 2005, the slate card was fined $17,000 for ethics violations in San Diego.

Continuing the Republican Revolution was blasted by the Marin GOP (the Marin GOP openly supports Gay Marriage so it is not exactly a right-wing group) in 2011 over the same hoaxes the slate card perpetrated.

This is special as a liberal democrat Mayor Candidate bought on to the slate mailer:

Candidates pay to appear in slate mailers that are targeted to select groups of voters. Despite his liberal credentials, [Los Angeles Mayor Eric]Garcetti paid $8,000 to appear on a mailer that is titled “Continuing the Republican Revolution.”

Did Garcetti switch his party affiliation? No, according to the campaign.

Ironically, Stan Sniff paid, you guessed it – $8,000 to appear on the Continuing the RINO Revolution Slate! See his first payment of $4,000 here and his second payment of $4,000 here.

The RINO revolution Slate has been panned by the LA Daily News, the Orange County Register and the San Diego Union Tribune for its’ history of deception.

If the RINO Revolution slate was a human being, it would have the qualifications for the Second Floor management team.

The story of Sheriff Stan Sniff – to be continued.

Apr 102018

I 100% concur with Omar Navarro’s take in his comments. With some exceptions, the people I have dealt with that are Travis Allen supporters have been like a pack of rabid dogs. As it becomes clearer that Travis Allen is not getting the kind of Traction he saw himself getting they are getting worse. I’ve had people in the Travis Allen camp attack my wife and my Father in addition to me. Travis Allen is launching an emotional appeal similar to a cult leader, imbuing people with a false hope that he is going to save them and is almost 100% reliant on fire and brimstone with his good looks added in and the results are toxic.

I do know that most all of Travis’ supporters will go home and will do their part to sabotage John Cox if Cox makes the runoff. This is the sort of scorched earth that marginal candidates that get a little bit of traction engage in.

Then there is this from Omar Navarro who is running against Maxine Waters. He has little chance of beating Waters, but that has not stopped a pack of rabid dogs from going after him because he is supporting John Cox. Navarro, not one to back down from a bully, lit Travis Allen up good on social media.

Omar Navarro

To Travis Allen:

Tell your supporters to worry about the Democrats instead of taking cheap jabs at Republicans running for California.

I won’t be bullied by anyone into endorsing any candidate. I endorse because it’s my fee will. At this point Travis Allen’s Campaign has been campaigning against me a Republican running against Maxine Waters.

This tells two things Travis Allen is weak candidate that needs to bully people for support. I been at Rallies and Protests since 2015 supporting Donald J. Trump who is now our President. I been attacked for going out. When has Travis gone out? What happened to the Travis who wasn’t tied to Trump in 2016? When Travis was endorsing David Hadley a Republican in my district. Who denounced Trump. What happened to that Travis? Cox might not of voted for Trump but he’s supportive now. I rather see no Republican then have someone using the movement for personal gain.

I been going to Council meetings across California before the Trump movement was in existence. I was 19 years of age. Now I’m 29 years age. I’m running the most corrupt politician in the country. One thing I promise you. I won’t be bullied by no one or members of my own party who don’t respect the freedom of choice. My family escaped communism for freedom of choice.

So Travis Allen. Take a hike

I hit harder when you hit hard

Continue to send cronies to attack me.

I’ll tell people in the 43rd not to vote for you.

Hey Omar – you just earned my endorsement. You rock.

Apr 102018

Stan Sniff loves to blame the Riverside County Board of Supervisors for all of his self-inflicted problems. If Sniff actually paid attention to good advice he may be able to come up with some real, legitimate gripes. Allow your intrepid blogger to point out something OBVIOUS. However, the problem for a tyrant like Sniff is that his ego is such that when something is not his idea, it is immediately disregarded.

There is no other explanation for the condition of equipment all over Riverside County (Pictured is a cruiser at the Lake Elsinore Station) than either Stan Sniff does not care or he is too incompetent to fix the problem.

In Our investigations to verify the disastrous state of equipment all over Riverside County (See Palm Desert Station Here and Thermal Station Here) we’ve received a ton of feedback.

Remember, Moreno Valley’s Captain is Dave “Kurly” Kurylowicz. Kurly’s head Lieutenant is none other than (drumroll) Loren Tyler Clark! Remember, Clark is nice and close to the ratt squad (his name appears in the cheating scandal report) and Clark is well-known to be on Stan Sniff’s short list for promotion to Captain.

Allow your intrepid blogger to add to Kurly and Tyler Clark’s advancement credentials, as neither appear to be able to manage their way out of a wet paper bag. AND – the equipment at their station is a shambles as well.

According to Confidential Informants – Moreno Valley is short 700-800 hours of overtime that has to be burnt up by the end of June. So they are doubling up and due to the shredded morale, forcing people to work double shifts because there are not enough bodies to work normal hours.

Kurly and Clark know they have to use the hours or it means a refund to the contract city. They have joined the ranks of those that waste taxpayer resources because of the punitive nature of the way the contracts for service are written. If Stan Sniff was competent or cared, he’d have these contracts re-written to encourage efficiency.

Instead, Sniff prefers to blame others and aggressively fight any attempts to reign in waste. Meantime, Clark and Kurly are participating in the incompetency and abuse of the Sniff regime.

It gets better. Moreno Valley’s equipment is a disaster, too.

I have looked around but our units look “visibly” okay. Problem is the pics don’t show how the seats are hard as a rock from lack of padding, the brakes are used up, steering is sloppy and the stench of spilled coffee. We don’t have units with duct tape and stuff as I seen at other places.

It’s bad. Spotlights are dull because the glass is old and etched. Headlights pointing either straight up or down. Imagine running Code 3 at night with headlights that aren’t even adjusted correctly.

Lovely. Computers wired using the force, body cameras not being used because they can’t get charged, and vehicles all over the county are rolling disasters…

Then, you add in Stan Sniff always whining about budget cuts and for more money. He’s been doing it for years. Sniff never makes specific suggestions to the Board of Supervisors. Here are two:

  1. Change the way contract city contracts are handled to eliminate the incentive for fraud and waste
  2. Change the way vehicle maintenance and leasing is handled.

Maintenance and leasing?

Did you know that the Riverside Sheriff’s Office (RSO) pays $500-$850 per month vehicle lease fee? That’s right – even the above vehicle is costing the Sheriff’s department as much as $10,200 a year for the privilege of having in their fleet. (While it is rotting out)

Where is Stan Sniff on this? Is he unaware of this? Does he even care? Or is he too much of a coward to take this on in public?

IT gets better – Sheriff’s vehicles that are in more urban areas (such as Downtown Riverside) get charged $60 a month parking fee. Until recent layoffs, county code enforcement used to shake down the Sheriff’s department by writing parking tickets on vehicles not parked in their exact designated slots.

Where is Stan Sniff on this? Is he unaware of this? Does he even care? Or is he too much of a coward to take this on in public?

So you want to get the duct taped trunk fixed? The electrical taped steering wheel fixed? The oil changed? The tires changed? Well guess what, you can ONLY go through the County Maintenance facility. The minimum charge is $125. Kind of like the pentagon’s $500 hammers. Oil Change? $125, cha-ching. Going to Jiffy Lube is not allowed. A Brake Job? Try $500+

Where is Stan Sniff on this? Is he unaware of this? Does he even care? Or is he too much of a coward to take this on in public?

The RSO is also required to use the county for janitorial services at the cost of 5-10 times what it would be from a private firm.

An anecdote that will complete the mental picture is a story about an assistant DA (yes different than the RSO’s office) is that the employee wanted to get their office re-painted as it was peeling and faded. The County told him it would cost $1600 and there was a backlog so they would have to schedule it for some nebulous date in the future. The employee spent $40 of their own money and went in to his office on an off-day and painted the room himself.

If Stan Sniff had a clue about the broken system (or cared about it) and took a break from posing for pictures or catering to interest groups long enough to engage, this would be an effective argument to find money to put cops on the street in good, functional equipment. I am sure if he was not such a jerk to the County Board of Supervisors, he could get the 3 votes to allow outsourcing this stuff.

Get it? Broken equipment. Mass abuses of overtime. Grotesquely overpriced maintenance contracts. Absurd lease terms. Fighting efficiency audits. Whining for more money. This is Stan Sniff.

Why did this never appear in the Press Enterprise? 

John Bender, Editor for the Press Enterprise of Riverside was in charge of making sure the Chad Bianco retaliation story came out.  After it came out (01-04-18) sometime in late Jan 2018, he was transferred to the PE Rancho Cucamonga Office (located in San Bernardino County). He was with the PE of Riverside for 15 years.

When I spoke to him….  I asked him:  Did they transfer you because of the Chad Bianco story.? His response: “Appears to be.”

Apr 092018

Miguelito works at Moreno Valley Station with Kurly, Loren Tyler Clark and Ryan Huizinga. For those of you just joining the RightonDaily hit parade, Miguel Garcia is Stan Sniff’s vote sponge recruit candidate for sheriff. There is no other explanation for his late entry in to the race.

It appears Miguelito fits right in to the Team Sniff culture. See the attached list of late reports (as in reports that are due that Miguelito has not completed).

I’d suggest Miguelito have Huizinga help him with his reports, but it appears that Huizinga has the same problem with paperwork (and completing sentences).

The two reports that are a month late? A DUI and a Hit and Run.

The PC273.5? Domestic Violence. It is in Red due to urgency.

The PC488? Theft. It is also in Red.

Based on this performance, I am pretty sure that Miguelito will be management material in no time. I can also rest assured that my tax dollars will be squandered trying to eat up the 700-800 hours of overtime Loren Tyler Clark is trying to burn off before June 30th, in the form of Miguelito being chained to his desk to finish his paperwork.


Apr 092018

Despite the legal threats from Mohammad Ali Mazarei and repeated denials, the stories keep coming. 

First – I was sent a screenshot (redacted to protect the source) of Sniff straight up telling someone that he refuses to issue CCW Permits for self-defense. This is the standard liberal democrat position.

Sniff’s supporters like to point out that California is a “May Issue” state, not a “Shall Issue” state. This is the excuse that Sniff hides behind to deny CCW permits to people with valid, legitimate reasons.

I have actually become convinced that CCW Permits are used as leverage by Sniff.

Secondly, is one of Sniff’s Butt Monkeys using the budget defense again on Sniff’s Facebook page, and spinning an additional lie claiming cities that are processing their own CCW applications are not issuing permits.

Sniff and crew love to use the County Budget situation as their primary reason for refusing to issue CCW permits to otherwise qualified people. I recently was made aware of yet another story – beyond Mohammad Ali Mazarei.

Before I get in to that story – I should remind you that Walter Cole, the employee of Mohammad Ali Mazarei that was named in the smog check fraud complaint was a CCW holder until October of 2017. He got his permit at the behest of Mohammad Ali Mazarei – who is also reputed to have bragged openly about being able to get people CCW permits.

Now for the latest:

A source known to me but requesting anonymity related to me a story about the wife of an RSO (Riverside Sheriff’s Office) employee who went through the Spousal Training Course at BCTC. While taking said course, Stan Sniff shows up and tells all there that they will be “Fast Tracked” for a CCW Permit. After taking the class the wife applies and is told that it will take 21 instead of the usual 24 months.

The RSO employee’s wife in a conversation with a friend tells her that she is applying for a CCW Permit. The friend mentions that she wants one as well and they should go through the process together. The wife of the RSO employee tells the friend how long the wait is. The friend of the wife of the RSO employee informs the wife that her husband has donated to Stan Sniff and it will not take that long.

Six months later, both women got their CCW permit.

(Please note, I have stripped out details and am using pronouns because Sniff and crew are reacting to this blog in real time and are actively trying to hunt down sources for this blog. I appreciate the stories and am taking pains to not expose these courageous people to any more retaliation that is their day-to-day life under this Tyrant)

If you’ve applied for a CCW permit and have been denied, you should file a class action lawsuit against the Sheriff. Their argument about the budget and state law is a complete lie. When Sniff wants to get someone a CCW permit, it happens.

Apr 082018

Blogger’s Note: The following is a summary of issues in the case of Gabe Dennington against the Riverside Sheriff’s Department. Dennington appears to have been railroaded by his Captain. This is standard practice under Stan Sniff. Also pay attention to the players involved. You will recall that Brandon Ford was involved in the leaked email that shows the open corruption of Stan Sniff’s management team conspiring to campaign on government time. Dennington prevailed in his case despite the appearance of County Admin and Sniff Subordinates committing felonies in an attempt to defend against the lawsuit.

The then Captain that railroaded Dennington retired and is leeching a massive pension off of the taxpayers when he should be prosecuted for what he did in his career (as should Brandon Ford and Stan Sniff). It is clear that Captain / Chief Deputy John Anderson (promoted by Sniff) was friends with the tow truck company owner and wanted to destroy Dennington for pulling over one of the tow trucks for making illegal tows. This sort of behavior is commonplace in Stan Sniff’s department.

Source documents: Appellate court decision became final on 02/17/2018 upholding the trial court’s decision. The trial court granted the Writ of mandate reinstating Dennington,

The initial complaint encompassed 3 incidents that occurred with Hook and book towing. The complaint was written by the owner, Daniel Morales and his wife. Neither had firsthand knowledge of any of these events and relied on employees who were less than honest.  Sgt. John Whitting, who was a participant in two of the incidents, was initially assigned to handle the personnel investigation and was later removed due to his involvement.

So the first issue is for some reason (Pretty much a personal vendetta of at the time Captain John Anderson of the Moreno Valley Station) Dennington’s incident was the only incident investigated.  Why were the rest ignored?

Second issue, this case was investigated in house at the Moreno Valley Station and not turned over to internal affairs. Odd considering there were criminal implications alleged and by department policy should have been handled by internal affairs. Seems that Anderson, who initiated the PERS, wanted to keep it under his control to get the result he desired (Investigate to terminate).  The investigation is supposed to handled, without any interference to ensure an independent and unbiased investigation, by whoever it is assigned to. Yet Sgt. Gyll met with Anderson and Lt. Brandon Ford (Also promoted to chief deputy after the sheriff was made aware of his involvement and possible criminal acts during this investigation) after each interview and was instructed how to proceed with his investigation, a major POBRA (Police Officers Bill of Administrative  Rights)violation.

Third issue, when Dennington was notified that he was being investigated, the department notified him of all the allegations but left out the most serious charge of destroying evidence. I believe if this allegation was made that Dennington would have brought an attorney with him to his interview and that is why the department omitted it from the notice. This is a major POBRA violation. (The notification is in the Exhibits from the record of appeal)

Fourth issue, the only person to be interviewed twice was the department chaplain who was riding along with Dennington during the incident. Chaplin Jones fully corroborated Dennington’s accounts of the incident in his initial interview.   During his second interview Jones was interrogated rigorously without counsel but did not waiver much from his initial interview other than the doubt the investigators psychologically beat into him about minor details. For this the department (John Anderson after promoting to Chief Deputy) called him a liar and relieved him of his voluntary status as a CHAPLIN. (Investigate to terminate???)

Fifth issue, John Anderson held onto the completed investigation from the beginning of march to the end of June after making his commander recommendation to terminate Dennington, A major POBRA violation. Could this be because he already knew that as soon as Boris Robinson’s retirement was final, he would get promoted to Chief?  Considering that his first act as chief was to put Dennington on administrative leave and ultimately terminate him, one might draw that conclusion.

Sixth issue, Dennington, RSA, and his attorney made two written requests prior to his Skelly hearing, and a verbal request at the Skelly hearing with now Chief John Anderson (I know, you’re thinking the same John Anderson that initiated, supervised, and made the recommendation to terminate based on the investigation after holding it for several months after the investigation  was already complete, then made the final decision to terminate Dennington  John Anderson?  Are you kidding me?) to preserve the camera and SD card after making the argument that there was exonerating proof that could be forensically verified on that evidence.

Then after making the final decision to uphold his self-recommended and determined termination of Dennington, did not preserve the evidence which was argued to him that would exonerate Dennington when examined forensically. When in fact he had the evidence returned to the owner and when they retrieved it for the purpose of examination by Dennington’s forensic expert, the SD card was wiped clean in a way that their own forensic testified would take a special type of program and extensive effort that a normal person would not have access to, essentially destroying exculpatory evidence as was the finding of the trial court of the actions of the department. Evidence “accidently” destroyed AFTER three attempts and the argument made that it was exonerating?

Seventh issue, during the arbitration, the passenger of the tow truck told a very different story than he initially told investigators. When he was questioned on the discrepancies he claimed that he was told what to say by his boss Daniel Morales. My question, one that according to the record was never asked by Dennington’s former attorney, how Morales knew what the questions were going to be? Oddly during Morales’s belligerent testimony, He and John (Yes he and Anderson are on a first name basis) had talked several times DURING the ONGOING investigation (Pretty unethical and illegal I might add) and how he assured him that Dennington would be held responsible. (Investigate to Terminate).

Eighth issue, John Anderson maintained authority and control over the case determining that the department should appeal the decision of the trial court, even after the sheriff was made aware of the corrupt actions of Anderson and Ford during the investigation and destruction of evidenceAnderson maintained this authority and control until he retired. I bet you won’t believe it, but he handed that control over to none other than Chief Ford……Hmmmm I wonder why.

Blogger’s Note – It should be noted that even after Dennington won his case in resounding fashion that Chief Ford and crew are administratively putting up roadblocks to Dennington returning to work or receiving his settlement in defiance of the court. 

Ninth issue, Appellate court decision became final on 02/17/2018 upholding the trial court’s decision. The trial court granted the Writ of mandate reinstating Dennington, compensating him for lost wages and lost benefits, paying his attorney fees, and remanded the case back to the arbitrator for only determining proper punishment for the remaining allegation, which Dennington openly admitted to without hesitation, which is 8 hours according to the discipline matrix and past practices (Pretty sure this can be handled with a couple emails). Yet Dennington is not back to work or even on administrative leave. He has not been compensated for back wages or benefits. It has been 30days since the court’s decision has been final and un-appealable, yet the Department is blatantly not complying with the courts orders? Is it possible he (STAN SNIFF) doesn’t want to explain having to pay a huge sum of money to a deputy because he was aware of criminal acts committed by his Executive Staff  and did nothing to remedy the situation so close to the election?

How many people did John Anderson destroy in his reign of terror? When I read the complete shellacking the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department took at the hands of the California 4th Circuit Court of Appeals, it was clear that twice that John Anderson and Christopher Brandon Ford got shredded by the judges involved. Yet, here is Brandon Ford in the middle of Stan Sniff’s second floor, still up to his neck in corruption. Of course John Anderson was part of the second floor before he retired, he appears to be the kind of scum that Sniff promotes.

What about the Tow Truck company? Were they illegally towing cars to shake people down for money? Why did John Anderson care so much about Gabe Dennington pulling over a tow truck and arresting the occupants? Was John Anderson making money off the tow operation? Why did Stan Sniff allow the blatant corruption and conflicts of interest to exist? 

Do you see the pattern? There are constants, the investigators try to trick those they are investigating in to talking without representation. In this case, it is likely that John Anderson coached witnesses to perjure themselves. (Btw, the trial judges said as much in their rulings) 

Is Hook and Book towing a County Contractor? If so, why

Chief Deputy Brandon Ford – already burnt to a crisp on this blog for campaigning on public time, should be fired and prosecuted for corruption. John Anderson should be brought out of retirement and the same done to him. 

Meantime – in my opinion, due to Brandon Ford’s continued involvement in this case, the county is stonewalling complying with the writ of mandate from the 4th Circuit Court. 

You will never see stories like this in the Riverside Press Enterprise, but I am happy to write them here. Have you been screwed over? Contact RightonDaily, tell your story, you can remain anonymous. Do you know about corruption in the department?, same thing, come forward and tell the story. You can remain anonymous.

P.S. My source(s) for this story do not include Gabe Dennington himself, as typical of the cover ups that have defined the Stan Sniff era, Mr. Dennington is under a Gag Order, which I believe County Admin is taking advantage of to try and defy the court’s ruling. 

Apr 072018

Police are warning San Jacinto residents about an attempted kidnapping of a 16-year-old girl.

Investigators said the alleged incident happened around 12:16 p.m. Wednesday as the teen was walking home from school in the area of Sagecrest Drive and Chase Street.

The girl said she noticed a man following her in a newer, red four-door compact vehicle. The suspect got out, grabbed the victim and attempted to carry her away, according to detectives.

Police said the victim screamed for help, so the suspect let her go, ran back to his car and fled the area.

The suspect was described as a Hispanic male in his early 20s with brown hair, standing about 6 feet tall and weighing 230 pounds. He was wearing thick black framed reading glasses.

Purvis probably weighs 160 LBS sopping wet and while he looks creepy, I am not sure he is in to diddling kids. The other bizarre coincidence is that Purvis lives in San Jacinto apparently not far from the scene of this. Yikes.
The sketch just made me do a double-take.
Apr 062018


I’ve written before that Stan Sniff is an extreme left-wing liberal democrat. We’ve hammered him repeatedly for his “Good Cause” lie related to the issuance of CCW Permits and his affinity to take the same side as the ACLU on several key issues.

Here is another place where Stan Sniff and the ACLU are aligned. Gay employees can do no wrong. At least that is how it appears to me and I waited an extra long time to write about this because of the psychotic over-the-top political correctness that has plagued society. Aka, telling the truth about certain people gets you reflexively labeled sexist, racist, xxxist, etc. Come get some, because the truth is disgusting and absurd.

A now former deputy of 13 years who is straight, details outright harassment of her by a lesbian deputy named Shamhart: (Our informant had never been in trouble before)

1. Failed to report the hostile work environment and sexual harassment case to the county that was created by Deputy Shamhart and Lt. Spivacke against myself
2. Failed to investigate PERS against Deputy Shamhart as hostile work environment and chose to only investigate as “Rude and Discourteous Conduct”
3. Failed to protect myself from further incidents by not removing Deputy Shamhart from the station after the hostile work environment claim
4. I was them removed from the traffic team for unknown reason, and moved to Norco Station, all while Deputy Shamhart remains on the traffic team, along with now her girlfriend is her immediate beat partner as the other AI car
5. Captain Hedge tried to cover up that Deputy Shamhart illegally recorded a confidential conversation when she verbally attacked me, which proved the hostile work environment case also. When I discovered the crime on my own through an anonymous letter I received,  I  demanded a criminal report be taken and I was told they are aware of the recording, but they refused to write a criminal report
6. Notified PSB Sgt. Vickers, who went to sheriff’s admin and demanded a criminal report be investigated against Deputy Shamhart for 632 PC and both refused. I eventually had to wait for the case to close to call dispatch and report it like a normal civilian, and now hope the statue of limitations does not expire before report is completed and submitted (Not holding my breath of course)
7. PSB asked for an electronic copy Sgt. Torrenti’s final report and then falsified the PERS report where I was the victim of Deputy Shamhart’s anger and hostile work environment to change to context of my response so they could then disciple me and since their is a recording to prove what I said is what I said and not what the department is claiming they are refusing to provide the evidence of Deputy Shamhart’s recording in arbitration
8. Failed to inform me I ever became a focus of an investigation before trying to discipline me on PERS regarding illegal recording and I was the VICTIM
9. Before workers comp case deposition Lt. Bostrom tried calling me to revoke my order not to speak about my pers so i would disclose everything to the county without union attorney present
10. Technically, my dishonesty investigation (which was started due to retaliation for placing pressure on the department over Deputy Shamhart) fell under Lt. Bostrom and his regime that was to “investigate to terminate.” I feel I was targeted unlawfully and did not receive a fair and unbiased investigation
11. When brought back to work from Admin Leave, I  was sent to the Moreno Valley Station and made to feel extremely uncomfortable by the Captain Kurly and him explaining to me I am coming to the station with an unflattering reputation due to having allegations of dishonesty, which he was told by PSB and Sheriff’s Admin. He also stated his station is in 100% cohesion and if that were to change he feels it would be due to me coming to the station and poisoning it due to my resentment to the department, which created undue stress and anxiety when I was supposed to go to the station with a clean slate.
So what was the specific incident? Read on:

She got mad at me over supposedly moving a box of pencils and stickers she claimed was hers and went 415 on me in our traffic office after she intentionally watched as the Sgt walked out before she starting threatening me to never touch her shit because something might happen to me if i do and as I am being the bigger person and telling her to calm down and let’s talk this out like adults she brings telling me she fucking hates me and she doesn’t have to fucking listen to what i have to say but i have to listen to her. I told her then to stop “acting like a bitch” which that’s where the department changed the report and said i called her a bitch so they could discipline me due to the context change. I got a written reprimand (which i am fighting) she then told me to shut the fuck up and go suck my sgts cock and lay on my back and get fucked by him because that’s all i am good at anyway

Our informant was on admin leave for 10 months.

She [Shamhart] said that and illegally recorded it and she only got 8 hours but if i were to reverse that and say something about her and a girl you know my ass would have been fired

My husband and i laughed when they then let me come back and send me to moval with a gay captain. Tell me they aren’t setting me up when i have issues with him and complain that’s it’s me who has the problem with homosexuality

That’s right they sent the victim of harassment by a lesbian employee who has severe anger management issues to Moreno Valley Station whose captain is none other than Dave “Kurly” Kurylowicz (who is openly gay and married to Ryan Huizinga’s workout buddy). “Kurly” is on a cowardly jihad to avenge his butthurt over being featured repeatedly for his unethical behavior on this blog, perhaps he should avail himself of the mental health benefits in the RSO benefits package. Our source added this gem (speaking of coverups by Sniff’s department):

Oh and this isn’t her [Shamhart’s] first blow up on a female deputy. I am #3 but the only one to come forward. She has gone off on several supervisors and has huge anger issues and they are covering it up

Pictured in the embedded photo is Raymond Gregory who is now retired. At the time, he was the LGBTQIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ liason for the Riverside Sheriff’s Office. The new LGBT Liason? None other than Leonard, “Lenny” Purvis on the dope rhyme! (also in the photo)

Given that Purvis is one of the official chaperones of the Sniffmeister on his speaking circuit and Purvis is responsible for keeping Chad Bianco locked in the cooler in Hemet, I am not sure how Purvis has the free time to go to Harvey Milk Day events. With a last name like Purvis, I’d stay locked up in a leper colony, but that’s just me.

Now, regarding Harvey Milk, there is significant controversy about him – beyond his one claim to fame being the first openly gay elected official in America – Milk was alleged to have an affinity for homeless teenage boys. It is documented and most people that talk about it are mercilessly attacked as homophobic. IT sounds similar to the sniff regime where the victims are retaliated against and honest people are fired.

It is clear as I am assembling a history of Leonard, “Lenny” Purvis that he is on Stanley’s short list of suck-ups to make the Second Floor. One of the worst kept secrets is the widely disdained Loren Tyler Clark is supposed to become Captain of Hemet Station and Purvis is supposed to be promoted to Chief Deputy.

Speaking of Teenagers, this gets me to Paula Birch. A source known to me, but off the public record has spoken to me at some length about a variety of things RSO, I’ve used their accounts to fill in the gaps in several items. This individual related stories to me about Birch dating back to her days at Blythe. She apparently, according to this source (who has first-hand knowledge of it) had a sexual relationship with a teenager who was 16-17 at the time.

Why she passed the background years ago to get in the the Riverside Sheriff’s Office is beyond me.

Birch continued her sexually aggressive ways according to numerous accounts from anonymous, yet known to me, employees of the department. During Sniff’s tenure, despite her well-known sexually aggressive behavior, Birch was promoted at least once, if not twice. (Lt to Captain, I know for sure… Sgt to Lt, I think happened under Sniff as well)

Birch is alleged to have punched a deputy over a love triangle. Nothing happened as Lt. Bostrom seems to have forgotten investigate to terminate (except in the case of straight harassment victims, I guess). Birch’s promotion to Captain happened AFTER she punched the deputy.

For at least the last 4-6 years, female deputies had a text message code system they would use in order to keep female deputies from being cornered or put in physically compromising situations with Birch. This text-message system was also a widely known thing in the department.

Pictured is Leonard “Lenny” Purvis at the White Day Parade (or something similar). It is a “Parade” noted for it’s wild public sex acts. Let me repeat that again, it is a parade noted for its’ wild public sex acts.

I’ve heard stories about the White Parade that include “butt bombs” that involve petroleum jelly and methamphetamine. Apparently someone died in the act of getting butt bombed one year. Now, just why the hell is the Riverside Sheriff’s Office a part of this?

For a Sheriff that whines about his budget all the time, it is sure easy for this blogger to find a ton of things I’d not be doing in the interest of saving money. One would be terminating the actual harassers off of staff, another is defending female employees from aggressors of either sex and another is assigning Leonard “Lenny” Purvis to process the backlog of CCW applications. The parades can wait.

Riverside Confidential will roll on…

Apr 052018

Prologue – your intrepid blogger was provided the documentation and the base draft of this post from a confidential informant interested in aiding our efforts against Stan Sniff. I did edit the post before publishing.


No, this is not the title of a defunct new wave band of the 80’s.  It refers to the current sheriff and his business partner. Given that Sniff has endorsers with Prostitution Busts, and Donors with criminal records, there is an emerging pattern.

After the bombshell revelation last week that Stan Sniff oversaw the “catch and release” of documented child sex offender, we began to recognize a pattern when its comes to Sniff and Sex Offenders.  Sniff released a documented pedophile into the county without oversight or regard to the safety of the identified child victims and potential victims at risk of being assaulted by “Sniff’s Sex Offender Buddy.” Sniff has inexplicably and repeatedly sided with child sex predators over the interests of Riverside County residents.

Last month, we also informed our readers about the status of missing sex offenders and Sniff’s failure to locate them in Riverside County.  According to the Department of Justice website “Megan’s Law Sex Offender Database, the number of Riverside County child  sex offenders in current violation of their residence and registration requirements has increased on his watch to over 350 as of March 2018!

See for yourself at https://www.meganslaw.ca.gov

When we first posted about “Sniffy and the Pedophiles,” we called out Sniff’s own supporters to refute our accusations if they refused to believe that Sniffy would play so nice with these child predators.  This blog did not receive ANY comments from Sniffy’s stooges calling our claims into questions.  By now, even the most blindly-supporting Sniffers must have known that “Sniffy and the Pedophiles” is a real problem for the soon-to-be ex-sheriff.

What we did learn is that Sanctuary Stan Sniff is just fine cutting illegal alien sex offenders loose as well.

Unsatisfied with simply letting documented and convicted child sex offenders run amok throughout Riverside County, Sniff has now made a deal with the devil.

According to his own campaign reports, Sniffy sought out a convicted, registered sex offender.  Sniff paid this pedophile $58,102 to trick Riverside County voters into voting for him!  The child sex offender will be sending campaign mailers to hundreds of thousands of Riverside County homes.  With deceptive titles such as “Budget Watchdogs” and “Attention Republicans: Your California Voter Guide” and “California Senior Advocates League” and “Election Digest,” the child sex offender hopes you’ll never find out about the truth behind these fraudulent campaign mailers coming into your homes.

What Is A Slate Mailer?

Let’s start with a little background – Sniffy bought a bunch of slates.  These are campaign mailers that highlight his name (and sometimes photo) and advertise the purchaser (Sniff) with other candidates who also buy onto the mail piece.  Some slate mailers are legit, others, like the ones Sniff purchased from the sex offender are not.

Mr. Timothy M. Carey.

Tim Carey runs a bunch of slates from his Torrance office and sometimes from his Redondo Beach home. As discussed, expect to see his “Budget Watchdogs” slate mailer with Sniffy’s shiny red face on it soon.  For a man who has repeatedly blown his county-issued budget over and over and ruthlessly fought any attempts to reign it in, it seems like another grotesque lie to many that an organization called “Budget Watchdogs” would be recommending a vote for Sniffy.

As you can tell from the article above, Mr. Carey sells recommendations to pretty much anyone who will pay. Here are the deceptive slates Sniff paid $58,000 Mr. Carey for. See some supporting evidence that proves the payments linked here and linked here, linked here, linked here and linked here.

                                                                                    Sniff               Sniff               Sniff

Carey / Sniff Slate Mail Title                                Payment       Payment       Total

“Budget Watchdogs Newsletter”                            $5,522            $16,566          $22,088

“CA Seniors Advocates League Voter Guide”    $3,401            $10,206          $13,607

“California Voter Guide”                                          $2,425            $7,276            $9,701

“Election Digest”                                                       $3,179            $9,537            $12,716

 TOTAL                                                                     $14,527          $43,575          $58,102


Please remember . . .  This is NOT some type of recent discovery.  See the LA Times article below that highlights a lawsuit by Carey against a man who shared the public information about Carey’s conviction in 1992 for committing lewd acts on a 12-year old girl.

Political Consultant Protests Airing of His Criminal Past

Courts: Letters sent to his clients ruined his business, onetime child molester alleges.


Can a convicted child molester successfully sue someone for damaging his reputation?

That is the overriding issue in a lawsuit filed by political consultant Timothy M. Carey of Torrance against former state controller candidate William Snow Hume of Fullerton.

Carey, 40, contends in the Harbor Justice Center suit that Hume, 41, destroyed his business by sending four defamatory letters beginning last October to clients of Carey’s California Voter Guide, which is a political advertisement sent to voters before each election.

Hume’s letters informed them of Carey’s criminal past: conviction of three felonies in 1992 for committing lewd acts on a then 12-year-old girl.

After receiving Hume’s letters, Carey said, several candidates withdrew from the guide, saying they didn’t want the political risk of being associated with him. Many demanded refunds.

Carey’s lawsuit alleges defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress and unlawful business interference. He said Hume’s actions harmed his reputation and triggered an undisclosed medical condition for which he is seeking “lifelong physical therapy, counseling and incidental expenses.”

Hume, a frequent candidate for local office, said he sent the letters because he was “horrified” to learn last year, months after asking Carey to advise his campaign, that the consultant had been convicted of molesting a girl.

“I look at it as a consumer protection thing,” Hume said. “People have a right to know who they’re doing business with. Also, I will admit that I don’t want to help child molesters make a fortune. I’d never voluntarily give my business to someone who’s a scumbag like that.”

Neither Carey nor his attorney, Renee Garcia of Santa Ana, returned calls seeking comment.

One legal expert said Hume’s letters could be compared to Megan’s Law, which allows the addresses of registered sex offenders to be made public.

The problem for Carey is persuading a jury that Hume overstepped his bounds of free speech and made statements that were more damaging to his reputation than information in the public record, said Robert Pugsley, a constitutional law professor at Southwestern University School of Law in Los Angeles.

Finding sympathetic jurors will be tough, he said.

“A jury’s going to hear ‘child molester’ and they’ll puke,” Pugsley said. “They’ll be back in five minutes.”

However, that doesn’t mean a child molester can’t be defamed or prove injury to his reputation. “You still have some rights,” Pugsley said. “Nobody is totally thrown off the planet.”

California Voter Guide is mailed to Republican voters and promotes candidates through slate cards, which list preferred candidates for state and local offices. Though some candidates are listed free of charge, others, including legislative, city council and school board hopefuls, pay for placement on the slates.

Newport Beach political consultant Frank Caterinicchio said the guide is a reputable slate mailer used by candidates and consultants statewide.

Some political insiders know of Carey’s past, but “I wouldn’t say his personal problems tarnish the viability of the slates,” Caterinicchio said.

“There are a lot of people involved in making it successful.”

(except ended)


Sniff needs to hang it up now, as in drop out of the race before he gets prosecuted for what has happened in his regime as Sheriff. Beyond activity your intrepid blogger believes to be criminal, He’s lost the support of the men and women he is supposed to lead. He’s lost the confidence and respect of the voters.

Stan Sniff’s buffoonery, laziness, personal corruption and incompetence has resulted in scandal after scandal.

Riverside voters will not take kindly to the fact that Sniff has hired a convicted child sex offender to send mail from bogus groups to their homes.  To send out these deceptive mailers for Sniff, this convicted felon has obtained voter lists that include phone numbers, email addresses, age, sex, party affiliation and home residence.

Will Sniffy do the right thing and protect Riverside County voters by cancelling the 600,000 pieces of sleazy and deceptive slate mail that the sex offender will begin sending out within two weeks?

Or will Sniffy simply hope that no one else finds out and his sex offender sleight-of-hand and send out the sex offender slates?

Your move, Sniffy . . . I mean, AFTER you get permission from your child sex offender slate associate.

Just to complete the picture, the same slate mail vendor got popped for campaign violations a few years ago. I am surprised Sniff did not interview him for a job.