Mar 022018

When we accuse someone of committing a felony, we understand that accusing someone of a felony can both be libel and a crime. This is why when we first learned of this story, we waited for documentation because the allegations we are going to level are specific and devastating. Like almost all stories of malfeasance within the department, it was covered up as well.

The RightonDaily Blog broke the cheating scandal three weeks before the Desert Sun, we broke the story on 1/29 about the next $300K given to Chad Bianco which arrived on 2/14/2018, we opened up the Banning PD scandal surrounding Leonard Purvis and have ripped the cover off of the CCW Favoritism scandal of the Sheriff. We’ve allowed RightonDaily to become the voice for honest law enforcement that want to clean up the department.

What you are going to learn about Sgt. Epps is that he is paid $250K a year by the taxpayers, he runs the Bomb Squad like it is his own department including forcing competent people out and getting subordinates to participate in actions that could very well be felonies.

Recently Epps was investigated by the Investigate to Terminate Department for a laundry list of issues and similar to other scandals within the department, it was covered up. Quoting my source:

Sgt Bob Epps has come under Personnel Investigation starting Nov 20th, 2017 for the following: hostile work environment, striking a subordinate on duty, falsifying a Form 11 for a training class (Request for County Funds over $25,000), receiving a kick back of $5,000 from same training class, gifting Dept of Homeland Security Grant Funded equipment to a private party  (a felony), he has also sent a Med Eng Bomb Suit valued at $30k, which was assigned to a team member, out of state for three weeks while a competing bomb suit company examined it and or copied it.

Let’s start with the fact that according to my sources all of the Bomb Suits are expired. It is alleged that Sgt. Bob Epps talked openly about investing in a company known as Dragon Skin Armor. One of the alleged felonies (or at a minimum industrial espionage) is that Epps had a Bomb Suit made by Med-Eng shipped (worth some $30K) to Dragon Skin’s Headquarters.

The proof of that allegation is embedded in this post. North American Development Group so they could copy it. Why else would Epps have a subordinate send a Suit manufactured by Med-Eng sent to the Montana factory of a competitor? They were supposed to ship prototype to the RSO for testing and evaluation, then Epps was alleged to be investing in the company.

It is alleged that the bomb suits were not replaced and allowed to expire because Epps was lining up business for the company he talked openly about investing in (North American Development Group aka Dragon Skin Armor). They never ended up making a bomb suit.

This alone should have gotten Epps in serious legal trouble. But if you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you will understand that EVERYTHING is covered up.

Next, A remote firing device was sent to the Riverside Sheriff’s Office Bomb squad by the Department of Homeland Security. This is a key detail.

Secondly as you will see from another embedded screenshot, the RFD device was sent to Texas A&M Engineering Extension. If true, and I believe it is by virtue of the evidence I have, this is a felony. You are not supposed to send / give DHS Grant-Funded equipment to a private party. This is exactly what Epps had done.

Similar to the expired bomb suits, note the comment in this screenshot… set #5 was sent to Texas A&M because it was a Military Model furnished by DHS and was not compatible with other sets. 

It should be noted that the equipment was not returned to the RSO until the PSB Officers investigating the above claims ordered him (Epps) to have it returned. It was returned in late January.

If these two issues are not bad enough, there is a third issue which is probably the easiest to understand.

Epps straight out lied to get a $40K government contract. At least this is what I believe and you can look at why I drew this conclusion as I lay out the evidence.

First off, the FBI teaches ECM training to law enforcement agencies for free according to my sources. Yet, Epps wrote up a sole-source contract to the County of Riverside that bears the signature of Chief Deputy John Anderson and Assistant Sheriff Lee Wagner.

EOD Concepts is owned by a mystery Deputy in LA County. Epps’ side company is Powder Train Solutions that did a similar class in LA County at the same time. They worked together and are alleged to given each other $5K out of each of the $40K contracts. Epps’ company got a contract in LA County to hire EWS and the mystery deputy in LA County got a contract in Riverside County to hire EWS. listing each other as the sole source vendors in each case.

The crime, if true, is that Epps and the Mystery Deputy from LA County stipulated that the England Based Firm called EWS was the only source for the class and that they (EOD Concepts and Powder Train Solutions) needed to be paid to bring EWS out to run the class. This is a form of Fraud and a material misrepresentation. I am not sure if the two men giving each other $5K out of the proceeds of the contracts is a crime, but it sure looks like a kickback.

In roughly 1000 words I’ve laid out a clear case that Sgt. Epps has likely committed at least one felony, maybe as many as five. I am not sure why the PSB department could not make the same determination unless their mission was to cover up this scam. I was also told by the same sources that Epps offered to share his bank records with PSB and they declined saying it was too much work.

As a bonus, Epps is abusive in the way he treats the members of his team. Similar to others I have written about (Like Sgt Dekker who used to solicit inmates at the Jail for dirt on other jail staff or Lt. Mark Investigate to Terminate Bostrom) Epps has a long trail of mistreating other employees of the RSO. Recently, he is alleged to have struck a member of his team while on a call. PSB did nothing. (Epps is pictured to the right)

County HR was never notified of the hostile work environment. Neither Epps nor any other member of the team was placed on administrative leave pending an investigation further reinforcing evidence of a cover up.

To Be Continued…