Apr 202018

On of the manifestations of Racism is when you make judgments and decisions based on people’s ethnicity. In today’s America, Affirmative Action is an outstanding example of it. It implies that Latinos and Blacks are somehow inferior and need “extra credit” on employment applications to level the playing field with Asians and Whites. It seems that weak-kneed corporations all have “diversity policies”, code word for quotas for LGBT, etc etc etc. From where I sit, this furthers the inferiority complex and resentments between races. It is also a despicable way to rule through division.

As you’ve read on this blog, I have come to the belief that Stan Sniff is a liberal democrat, because his decisions and thought processes are not those of a Conservative. One graphic example is how he plays identity politics. He recruited Miguelito to come in as a 4th candidate in the idiotic belief that Latinos would vote for Miguelito based on his ethnicity. That is racism pure and simple.

As you read on, I am going to make the case that Sniff is also a racist in the way he has made some of his promotions. It is my opinion backed up with evidence that Sniff promotes people and/or protects people who are Gay or of certain ethnic groups.

Stan Sniff just tapped a marginally qualified woman to be the public information officer over other, more qualified applicants. According to several department sources, in 2014, Sniff did similar things with latino(a) employees in order to gain political advantage. Robyn Flores was the choice despite reputedly interviewing poorly. It was put to me that Yvonne “Eggplant” Varela had a lot to do with Robyn Flores’ predecessor being removed as the PIO and Sniff picked the successor from a short list whilst ignoring qualifications.

In April of 2014 Stan Sniff promoted Shelly Kennedy-Smith to Chief Deputy. In April of 2018, Sniff promoted Misha Lewis to Chief Deputy. These are the only two Black Female promotees in his 11+ year reign of terror to the second floor. Both have come in April of an election year. You tell me what that is not an accident?

It gets better – look at his neat facebook ad. Is Misha Graves being used as a political prop by Stan Sniff? Sniff is not even coy about it in the advertisement.

If I was Graves, I’d demand the ad get pulled immediately – this is demeaning and is racist at its’ core being used like this in a political campaign.

People have told this blogger that Graves as a “Nice Person” yet most that know her say the knock on her is that she is not a leader and is terribly indecisive. I hope she does well in her position but starting off as a political prop is sickening.

I was contacted by Non-White employees of the Sheriff’s office expressing their outrage over this caricature of Graves by Sniff.

The previous appointee Kennedy-Smith had some interesting issues of her own. They included helping the careers of several employees that lacked work ethic, talent, integrity or a combination of the three.

One such example is Lt. Danny Young.

Young was a lateral from the CHP. He first came on to the radar of my informants (both non-white themselves) when his kids got in to a strong armed robbery of a cell phone from a white student they were bullying. Young attempted to play the race card against the non-white officer that took the call. The white kid’s folks just wanted the cell phone back from the group of black students that attacked him and took it. Two of the kids were Young’s Son and Daughter.

In another incident, Young was caught on camera simulating a sex act with a female cadet and as a result Kennedy-Smith moved him away from the training command. A short time later, Kennedy-Smith then transferred Young to the Modular Academy. I wrote that correctly. Similar to so many other stories, this is how the second floor protects their favorites, they move them around.

Young, despite having a reputation for performing poorly on exams, was able to get in to the Sherman Block Leadership Institute. This is a school Sergeants are sent to that are in the pipeline for making Lieutenant. Young, who should have never made Sergeant, was striking for Lieutenant and was openly asking participants in the school for the test question and for their class papers. It never occurred to Young that was a problem.

Perhaps this sense of entitlement was furthered by Kennedy-Smith. Young took the Lt’s exam some months later and was witnessed by several people bragging about how well Kennedy-Smith had prepped him for the test. I guess Kevin Vest giving then Sergeant Aaron Kent the Lt’s test questions was not an isolated incident and is a time-honored tradition from the second floor.

Given that I’ve seen disturbing patterns related to gay employees, it is not out of the realm that I have correctly diagnosed another pattern in the tenure of Stan Sniff.

Riverside Confidential will march on as there is no topic off limits for this blogger thanks to the behavior of Sniff and his minions…

Apr 192018

As expected, there was little or no follow up from the local media about the unbelievable serial child molester Kevin Duffy. The original source, KMIR did have an Amy Murray on for an interview.

KMIR is dead-bang right on in their pursuit of this bombshell. We learned here some deeply disturbing details about the extent of Duffy’s sickness and the sickness of Stan Sniff’s cover up of the entire saga.

Amy Murray (who now has a new married last name) is a character that is apparently well-known in local circles and not in a good way. Quoting a confidential informant:

Amy Murray who’s on the video concerned her son might have been assaulted by Duffy…..has 2 sons and a daughter who work in the porn industry.  She’s a proud mother of these young adults.  She allowed Eddie George/Hemet News, a flunky, white trash self proclaimed news reporter to air one of her daughter’s video’s giving a man a blow job.  Proud mother was sitting in the background smiling.  I saw the video in living color.   It made quite a stir in Hemet.  George is the idiot that Dave Brown allowed to chase fire, police and ambulances for news until they became a liability.

Dave Brown? What did he know and when did he know it?

It is a well-known fact that children who are molested are 7 times more likely to become gay and most ultimately end up being promiscuous as adults. Did Kevin Duffy molest Murray’s Son(s) and did that play a role in them becoming porn stars? Most male porn stars get their start in gay porn before they do hetero porn.

Just like with Walter Cole, the employee of Mohammad Ali Mazarei who was rigging smog checks, his guilt or innocence has no bearing on Mohammad’s part in the caper. It is possible to rape or molest a porn star.

However, there should be cause for concern with Murray. What kind of mother would participate in filming her daughter performing oral sex on camera. Someone who has a pathological need for attention? Is she proud of her kids being porn stars? Does she even care about her kids at all (unless they bring her attention)?

This is where Dave Brown comes in (again):

Amy Murray was also living with a Christopher Walker, a Hemet real estate broker who was a mover and shaker in fighting the crime and blight in Hemet.  Murray worked with him.

Chris was alleged to have committed suicide in his home with Amy in the next room.  She claimed he was taking drugs and had been drinking heavily all evening and they had been fighting.  She said he had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s but his sister didn’t know this.  It all happened around 3 a.m. By 7 a.m. Murray had a trailer at his home stealing ALL of his personal effects and valuables from the home.  Even took his car, claiming they were engaged and she was entitled to these things. 

That same morning, before the ‘suicide’ hit the streets, Murray was writing on FB details about the incident and whining ‘oh Chris, how could you do this to us” at the hospital with him when they called his death, …blah blah blah.  It was very clear to us that she was establishing an alibi. And this went on for weeks.  [Hemet] PD would not look into our scenario inasmuch as the sister asked me to send the info I had to the detective.   I was ignored by Hemet Police Department

Dave Brown was in senior leadership of Hemet PD at the time and had knowledge of this case. Is this sort of indifference what we can expect from Dave Brown as Sheriff?

(we) could not get ANY information from Hemet PD and the detective would not cooperate with (us) to continue the investigation.  The Coroner told (us) that Chris did not have drugs in his system and the alcohol level was far below legal limits.  So, Murray lied.   HPD didn’t care.

This is the same story that I told on FB about how Dave Brown and his officers screwed up this suspicious deathNo Gun Shot Residue on her or him, and they didn’t search the house for the shell casing for 5 months.  

Murray would not leave the home, did not make the mortgage payments, it went into foreclosure. The family asked her for his personal items to give to his son.. she refused.  Chris had the home tastefully decorated with a lot of expensive antique furnishings.  Murray stripped the house of any copper i.e, copper doorknobs, hinges, gate fixtures, antique stove, lighting… you name it.

A retired RS deputy and I put the story together and we are convinced that Murray had everything to do with Chris’s death if not the one who shot him in the head.

Murray’s behavior is far from that of a grieving fiancee or a mother that gives a damn about her kids. Dave Brown also has some explaining of his own to do, where was the leadership and where was the oversight?

Then there was the case of deputy Shamhart as detailed in a long, graphic post that also featured Captain Paula Birch. Others came forward with their Birch stories and it appears that Stan Sniff enabled Birch almost from the beginning of his tenure. However, my confidential informant regarding Shamhart seemed to have a long list of her own issues.

While the informant made it 13 years without discipline, it appears that this is yet another example of the lack of leadership and morale in Stan Sniff’s department. Employees such as my informant that yell at others and get in people’s faces, and fraternize on the clock would not be tolerated in any well-run company (or sheriff’s department). The fact that Shamhart got only 8 hours for basically doing the same (minus the fraternization) while this employee got quasi-terminated is the second issue of the unbalanced nature of Stan Sniff’s PSB and Admin department’s reign of terror. Both should have received equal punishment (which in my opinion should have been termination)…

Then the fact that so many employees (like Chad Pelato) get their jobs back in arbitration after clear-cut violations of the rules is another area for reform. However, the only thing Sniff knows how to do effectively is whine about his budget as his lack of understanding of day-to-day operations (or his disdain for it) is quite clear.

Then there is former Assistant Sheriff Raymond Gregory, who got a brief mention in the previous (Birch/Shamhart) post. Gregory was investigated for behavior like Birch for molestation / misconduct with underaged same sex youngsters (ironically, like Birch in Blythe) and investigations went nowhere. Gregory, as a senior manager in the RSO had more than one police call in Cathedral City out to his house for domestic disturbances with his husband. As related to me, he always pulled rank on the Cathedral City Officers and was always the aggressor. Any resulting police reports went nowhere. While the alleged sexual misconduct stuff pre-dates Sniff’s reign of terror, his domestic disturbance calls are much more recent (and frequent).

If I did not have such a strong since of law and order, I’d probably be out rioting with people destroying property in the name of social justice based on what I am learning. Worse, Paula Birch and Raymond Gregory along with Kevin Duffy appear to have escaped justice while Stan Sniff (and crew) covered it all up.

Apr 182018

Ever Heard of the COPS Slate Mail Card? It comes out very late in the election cycle and presents itself as if it is a law enforcement slate.

You gotta read the fine print, it is made in Folsom, CA. (For those of you obsessed with where I live, Folsom and Roseville are only about 2 miles apart at the closest parts of their city limits)

See the red circle – it says clearly “0 Members”. For those of you on the second floor that means the “COPS Slate” represents 0 Cops. Since Stan Sniff represents no cops, it seems to be a match made in hell.

Like so many other of Stan Sniff’s campaign “Investments” this slate mail card has been RIPPED in the press as well:

COPS Voter Guide now is a pay-to-play mailer run by Kelley Moran of Folsom, who did not return my call, just as a representative of the stated nonpartisan public advocacy organization failed to respond to then-Bee reporter Adam Ashton’s inquiry for a news story in 2008. The guide rakes in millions of dollars statewide by selling advertisements under the guise of “endorsements,” and is just one of many slate mailers operating legally in the state and targeting specific groups of voters.

This is just another piece of evidence in the sad, shrinking world of Stan Sniff who has to buy endorsements like the RINO Revolution or the Sex Offender Slates.

Most REAL cop groups despise this slate because it claims to be an official law enforcement endorsement, and it is not.
COPS Voter Guide was paid by the Prop. 47 campaign to trick voters into supporting this early release from prison measure for career felony criminals
COPS Voter Guide was paid by the Prop. 57 campaign to trick voters into supporting this reduction in sentences and more early prison releases for violent felons.
COPS Voter Guide was paid for by Sniff to trick voters into thinking that Sniff is endorsed by a police and sheriffs organization.
Don’t take my word for it – here are some more photos for your consumption:
Once Again Stan Sniff finds himself on the side of the ACLU! 
How about No on Sniff?

Apr 162018

It appears that there are more than one employee of the Riverside Sheriff’s Office who were railroaded by Lenny Purvis, Lt. Mark Bostrom and others in the last couple of years. Without direct evidence, I’ve drawn the conclusion there was some sort of edict handed down to terminate a bunch of people based on whatever in order to reduce the budget.

Posted here is proof that Captain Leonard Purvis signed off on the report. Again, this is a highly unusual thing as Captains never sign off on reports, suggesting that the cover-up was fully engaged.

This whole set-up reminds me of 1993 when Sniff’s fellow democrat Bill Clinton did something similar to the military and people were getting discharged and separated from service en masse. It also reminds me of when Obama took over GM and was shutting down dealerships run by Republican Donors in favor of others.

Some of the employees are fighting back. In an attempt to assist them with Pitchess and Brady motions, we are going to post more information so that the victims of Stan Sniff’s tyranny will be able to understand what kinds of people get promoted and what kind of people get destroyed by PSB at the behest of the Tyrannical Sheriff.

Especially egregious is that Joseph Sinz and his Wife Veronica Amparo both got promoted to Sergeant AFTER being identified as participants in the cheating scandal. When you read their testimony as given to the ratt-squad, it does not pass muster.

Of note – Cole Simon whose portion of the report was previously posted was Joseph Sinz’ source for the exam questions. Somehow, Sinz thought it was believable to say that he did not notice the words “2015 Investigator Questions” on the document he was sent. Yeah, right.

Read Amparano’s Report REPORT PAGE 1, REPORT PAGE 2


Allow me to now quote a confidential informant about Sinz and Amparo:

Amparano always finds a way to skate, but shes a shady one too. She hates white girls, makes lots of nasty remarks about them and to her female partners,intentionally bitchy, unless they are hispanic. Real cozy with the men though.

Hmmm… so it looks like racists are those in line for promotion. (Like Mike Cornett) Some people may not understand why I am writing about so many specific employees, the issue here is who gets promoted and what kind of behavior is rewarded under the Stan Sniff regime. Honest, ethical employees get fired and attacked while ethically and morally challenged employees end up on the Second floor / fast-tracked for promotion.

Joey Sinz is a piece of shit too. He was having an affair with one of his beat partners wives, who’s name escapes me at the moment. That deputy was an accomplished professional or semi pro boxer. Very talented guy. Joe was married to Amparano, horrible racist troll in her own right, and also sworn RSO. The four of them, Joe, Amparano, Deputy boxer and his wife were all friends and hung out quite extensively.

Anyway, Amparano caught wind of the affair between Joe Sinz and deputy Boxer’s wife. In fact, Sinz was intending to leave Amparano for this woman. Amparano, viper that she is, didn’t tell Deputy Boxer.

Instead, she learned of a planned outing between her husband, Sinz, and the deputy’s wife, at Party City in Temecula, where they were shopping for an upcoming children’s event. Armed with this knowledge, Amparano, invites Deputy boxer to accompany her to Part City where they set upon their spouses canoodling with one another.

Shocked and inflamed, Deputy boxer proceeds to confront Sinz, whereupon Sinz begins to shade boxer and call him a bad husband, that he is in love with boxer’s wife, etc. Joe Sinz, having been caught in flagrante delecto, gets the beating of his life. Deputy boxer proceeds to rearrange Sinz face so badly he puts him in the hospital and he no longer looks the same as he did before.

Everyone ends up on Administrative leave. Of course, Amparano is being fingered for setting both men up, which she absolutely did, but during her investigation, somehow (liar) convinces them she is the victim in all of this. Probably when she realized that supporting kids when your husband is in the hospital and you have a mortgage and neither of you can work, is hard. Joe Sinz is a POS who has nothing coming. You can use the above all you want.

Nice, huh? They both got promoted to Sergeant.

In true team Sniff fashion, there’s more:

Sinz was also known for padding his stats. He would arrest a guy on a misdemeanor at the beginning of the week, book him, not get the paperwork in on time and the guy would get a kick. Joey would rearrest the guy on his friday and rebook the guy. Since all paperwork has to be in, he would milk the overtime too. Either that or he’d file paperwork late, let it go to warrant and the do the arrest. Either way, he would double stat the arrest to make him look busy. Reality was he spent a lot of time at Coldstone Creamery or Starbucks.

Sounds like Dekker or Kent.

We also had a request to post the portion of the report on Joshua Hephner who apparently is not liked by his colleagues very much. It is provided here for your review. Hephner was named in the previous blog as a major player.


Apr 162018

He doesn’t care about the abuses of overtime. If he did, people like Aaron Kent and Christian Dekker would be fired. Lt. Rose (similar to Kent and Dekker) is alleged to have gotten a college degree on public time.

Could you imagine how much money we’d save if these three men were actually working? Were actually working a “normal” amount of overtime? Broken Cop cars could be replaced, new recruits could be hired. These three men are not alone in their abuses of the system, we’ve been told that goldbricking, studying for exams, etc and milking overtime is a systemic problem.

No wonder why the KPMG audit has been fought tooth and nail?

Just one of the Cheating Scandals came out in to the open in the local media – the detective’s exam.

We’ve uncovered the Lt’s Exam cheating by the aforementioned Aaron Kent. We were told by several anonymous sources that there is rampant cheating on the Sgt’s and Lt’s exams.

Heck we even uncovered a county document indicating the Captain’s test in 2016 had been compromised. That document is re-linked here.

Under Stan Sniff, the culture has become one of Cheating. The supervision has become lax or incompetent allowing the unscrupulous to rip off the taxpayers. Under Sniff, the name of the game is cover everything negative up, which only makes the problem worse. This in my opinion is why Sniff is fighting the KPMG audit. They would find this abuse as easily as I did.

The second issue is the seeming favoritism shown towards the dishonest. There has become a clear pattern that most all of the senior management have serious personal flaws and spotty service histories. One example is undertaker Diyoyo whose retirement sparked celebrations department-wide and then Sniff brought him out of retirement almost as if he was giving the department the middle finger.

What I have learned through churning up the dirty laundry of the Riverside Sheriff’s Office are patterns. Sniff has to be in control of everything and as a result, it is impossible to promote good, independent, honest people. Now you get why the culture of cheating is endemic, now you get why there is little of no oversight of day to day operations enabling people to clock in and go home, study for college degrees or rack up massive overtime while doing next to nothing. Their superiors did the same, they cheated on their time cards and advancement exams too.

I am afraid that the new Sheriff, weather it is Dave Brown or Chad Bianco are going to have their hands full trying to get a handle on the corruption that has overcome the department. The silver lining? It is my estimation that 80-90% of the employees are basically good people are will respond positively to new leadership.

The bottom line, Stan Sniff needs to go.

Apr 132018

Everyone knows the Riverside Press-Enterprise is in the bag for Stan Sniff. They transferred a reporter with tenure out to another county for a weak story about Lt. Chad Bianco being retaliated against by Sniff. So, when a recent story came out, I was not surprised to see them let Sniff avoid answering tough questions. Sniff is well-known for being unable to deviate from a script and for his fairly extreme attempts to control forums and circumstances.

We have taken the liberty to do the Riverside Press-Enterprise’s Job For them.

Will Riverside and San Bernardino counties join the federal lawsuit against the sanctuary state law?

There appears to be little to no sentiment among Riverside or San Bernardino County supervisors to follow Orange County’s lead in joining a federal lawsuit against California over state laws intended to shield undocumented immigrants from deportation.

Riverside County Supervisor Chuck Washington, who chairs his county’s Board of Supervisors, said Monday, April 2, that he’s not planning to put the matter on the board’s agenda “and none of my colleagues have asked me to do so.”

Washington, a Democrat, said that Riverside County Sheriff Stan Sniff, a Republican in name only, has told him he’s able to run his department without violating federal law, and “that is adequate, to my way of thinking.”

It appears that Stan Sniff’s Riverside Sheriff’s department has violated federal law several times, including refusing to honor detainer requests from ICE. This calls in to question Sniff’s claims about following federal law.

San Bernardino County supervisors did not respond to requests for comment.

San Bernardino County spokesman David Wert said that supervisors “(haven’t) taken any positions on this matter. It didn’t come up during (Tuesday)’s board meeting, and the board isn’t scheduled to get together again until April 17. There currently aren’t any plans to discuss it then, either.”

Signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown last October, SB 54, also known as the California Values Act or the “sanctuary state” law, puts new limits on state and local law enforcement’s ability to help the federal government enforce immigration law. Specifically, the state law prohibits police in California from helping immigration officers detain immigrants accused of most non-violent crimes, though police remain cooperative with federal authorities when it comes to holding people accused of violent crimes, multiple drug and alcohol offenses and hundreds of other exceptions.

The law is part of a larger effort by California’s elected Democratic leadership to defy President Donald Trump’s policies, especially his crackdown on illegal immigration. U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions flew to Sacramento last month to announce federal litigation against SB 54 and two other laws on the grounds they violate the U.S. Constitution.

To the cheers of those opposed to illegal immigration, Orange County supervisors voted unanimously March 27 to join the federal lawsuit. The Los Alamitos City Council voted to exempt that city from SB 54, the city of Yorba Linda filed a friend-of-the-court brief on the lawsuit’s behalf and Huntington Beach plans to sue California over SB 54.

“Have their hands full”

The Inland Empire political landscape is more purple than red. While the region is home to some of California’s most conservative politicians, Riverside and San Bernardino counties have pluralities of Democratic voters and both counties went to Democrats Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in the last two presidential elections.

In February, Riverside County supervisors voted 5-0 for a resolution supporting bipartisan legislation to continue protections for so-called “Dreamers” – undocumented immigrants brought to the U.S. as children.  The resolution also called for border security enhancements, improved employment screenings and deportations of non-citizen felons as part of any bill to let Dreamers stay.

In 2013, the board unanimously approved a resolution endorsing a path to citizenship for those in the country illegally.

Supervisor Marion Ashley co-sponsored the 2013 resolution and the one that passed in February. A Republican, he was a Trump delegate at the 2016 Republican National Convention.

“The federal government is responsible for enforcing immigration laws, not local law enforcement,” Ashley said. “Local officers have their hands full enforcing state and local laws and keeping our families safe.  They don’t have the resources to take on federal responsibilities, and doing so would compromise their ability to effectively discharge their existing responsibilities.”

Ashley added that the sheriff “should give timely notice to federal law enforcement before releasing dangerous felons into the community.”

However, we’ve found that the Riverside Sheriff’s Office does not cooperate with ICE even in cases of major felonies.

Supervisor Kevin Jeffries, a Republican and former state assemblyman, said Sniff, the sheriff, has not complained about SB 54.

“If the sheriff believes the state sanctuary law is harming his ability to protect our communities because it adversely impacts his ability manage the jail population and to cooperate with (federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement) regarding undocumented felons, and he would like the board’s assistance in fighting the law, we would certainly consider joining the lawsuit,” Jeffries said.

“But given the divided results of our last immigration discussion on the board, I’m not confident that we would find agreement to sue the state.”

Sniff declined to comment, saying the decision to join the lawsuit is up to the board with the advice of county counsel. At a sheriff’s candidate forum in late March, Sniff, who is running for re-election this June, said his department follows state law and cooperates with federal immigration enforcement officers pursuant to SB 54.

We did not contact any of the other candidates for Sheriff for comment on this issue as we are in the bag for Sheriff Sniff or are afraid of getting re-assigned to another county if we tell the truth. This reporter enjoys working in Riverside County, as such, there was no follow up as to why Sheriff Sniff ducked a seemingly easy question.

Lt. Sarkis Ohannessian, a San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department spokesman, said the department “will follow the law until such time it is no longer in effect, repealed or halted by the courts.”

Staff Writer Joe Nelson contributed to this report.

This article has been modified from its original version to clarify the facts about our bias and Stan Sniff’s real record on illegal immigration. 

Your Intrepid Blogger will continue monitoring the local media.

Apr 122018

It is common knowledge that the Press-Enterprise is either in the bag for Sniff or they are afraid of him. In most of their articles, they relegate Chad Bianco to nothing more than a footprint and when they write about Hemet Dave Brown, they remind people of Dave Brown’s primary weakness (Chief of police in a warzone).

I had an archived article sent to me that is an extremely sad and frustrating time capsule.

Let’s take some excerpts so you can get a flavor of what has happened in the last 10 years.

He has been too busy visiting community groups and trying to rebuild a department, he says. In some eyes, the department was in tatters and weighed down by backroom politics when his predecessor, Bob Doyle, abruptly resigned to take a position on the state Parole Board. Supporters credit Sniff for boosting morale, making smart promotions, pushing jail expansion and improving recruitment and training.

Boosting Morale? Making Smart Promotions? Jail Expansion? Improving Recruitment and Training? Morale is in the tank, I’ve written about that repeatedly. I written ad nauseum about friend-of-stan-promotions, incompetent leadership and cheating on advancement exams. Jail expansion? That is laughable since sniff has spent the last several years threatening to leave the new jail empty. Recruitment and Training? You’ve read story after story about what happens in the training command, and Sgt. Bob Epps – he of the multiple alleged felonies is one of the leaders of the police academy!

Sniff said a priority has been to remove the “taint of politics” within the upper echelons of the department. In the previous administration, many executive staff members were involved in the sheriff’s campaigns and fundraising. That, Sniff said, can lead to questions of favoritism and the perception that promotions are based on whether you participate in that political network. No one in his administration is involved in campaigning and all promotions – he has overseen more than 200 – are merit-based, he said

Right now, according to multiple sources:  Jessica Gore, Eggplant (I don’t even know her damn name) and Sgt. Josh Adams (on a special assignment where he had to sign an NDA) are all campaigning on the clock. We’ve detailed Lyndon Raymond “The Executioner” Wood, Kevin Vest, Lenny Purvis and others either going to Chad Bianco events or chaperoning the Sheriff to public events. His administration has become hyper political and tyrannical as we’ve documented in spades.

Under Sniff, 25 percent fewer grievances have been filed, and the number that go to litigation has dropped 40 percent, said James Cunningham, executive director of the Riverside Sheriffs’ Association.

That’s because county admin and PSB retaliate against people that file. The settlements have indeed been larger as a result.

When he became sheriff, Sniff set out to recruit 1,500 deputies within three years. As of last week, the department had hired 490 deputies. About one-third will work in corrections

AS of today, 500+ deputies have quit, lateraled, retired and the like in just the last two years.

Sniff said he grappled over whether to reverse the department’s policy to withhold the identity of officers involved in shootings. The union doesn’t think the names of officers should be released

And of course, Sniff’s leftist tendencies were on display even in 2008. This led to several other anti-cop decisions by the sheriff that I can only describe as retaliatory.

Apr 122018

Incompetence and cover-ups. Palm Desert Station. Now you have the beginning of today’s toxic cocktail of Jason Huskey’s world.

Sgt Jeronimo Contreras is by all accounts a rich dude. He is reputed to own a bunch of low-end properties he collects rent from.

He also appears to be incompetent. Jeronimo is an admin sgt at the Palm Desert Station. One of the things he is known for doing is using his badge and uniform to get free entries (valued at $500-$1000 each) to Cochella Fest.

Another incident in particular that encapsulates the top-down leadership failures of the Stan Sniff Riverside Sheriff’s office relates to a Deputy Wilburn. Wilburn was doing poorly in his initial hire training, so poorly that he was put on PIP status. PIP is typically reserved for people that area a hair’s breath from being fired.

Sgt. Jeronimo did such a poor job on the paperwork that Wilburn would have had a lay-down employment practices lawsuit. So Wilburn gets full status instead of being terminated out of probation.

His fellow deputies are afraid to got out on calls with him for fear that Wilburn will snap and go postal on the situation. Wilburn is known for yelling at crime victims on calls.

Recently Wilburn went out on a domestic violence call, he made no arrest and made no report. He chose instead to instruct the victim (black eye and all) to go to the courthouse and get a restraining order. The victim did not get to the courthouse in time and called back in. Sgt. Clayton Hughes signed off on letting Wilburn not write a report on the domestic violence call, apparently this is a big no-no.

The second deputy went out on the second call, investigated and made an arrest. He basically cleaned up Wilburn and Hughes mess. But Wilburn continues to be on the force when he should not be.

There are real world consequences to the way Sniff’s department is being run.

Then, this gem came in on the new Lieutenant at the Hemet Station:

Lieutenant Zach “the tool” Hall, is the latest Bianco watchdog at Hemet Station.  He replaced Lieutenant Greg Fellows who was sent to report on Lieutenant Bianco.  Now Captain Fellows of the Perris station, he was quoted by a close associate as saying ” I wasn’t comfortable reporting on Bianco to Admin.”  He evidently did some good reporting because he was immediately promoted to Captain after only a few months at Hemet Station.
Here comes his replacement, Zach “the tool” Hall.  He was sent to redeem himself from his unethical behavior within the Department.  You see, Sniff needed someone who wasnt affraid to get dirty to make up fake news about Bianco.  He has been told to bypass his chain of command, Captain Purvis, and report his findings directly to Diyoyo.  Heck, even Investigate to Terminate Bostrom hates Zach Hall for all of his unethical behavior, thay should tell you something right there.  But that is what Sniff has resorted too.
Zack “the tool” Hall’s behavior is right in line with what Sniffles expects.  He constantly patrticipates in  sexual affairs with direct subordinates, (some who were married to other Deptuies), lie to get out of trouble and blame others to redirect the investigation.   The toolman has slept his way through pratically every station and has no ethics when it comes to married people.  
The toolman attempts to befriend his prey and report anything to Administration that will get him avanced to the next level.   Its no wonder his best and only friend in the Department is none other Lt. Tyler Clark.  You remember him from the Moreno Valley Station captains cheating scandal that was swept up.   He conspires with his allies to figure out the best way to distort the truth into something Administration would like to hear.
The Toolman is so liked by Leonard Purvis, that Purvis lets him run the station, so he can attend Bianco functions on the County time.  Enough already Sniffles, this needs to end. 
As always Aaron, this is anonymous, Hall has stepped on enough toes, I’m sure more will come in about him.   
Team Sniff. Ouch. Why is it so easy to get stories like this sent to me? Think it through, this sort of failure starts at the top. It is time to fire Stan Sniff.
Apr 112018

Wow Kurly has as big of a train wreck as Captain Jason Huskey.

I wonder what the delay and the cost will be to fix this toilet? My over under is $250 and about a 3 week wait, if and when Kurly submits it for repair.

Did you know that while Moreno Valley’s Cars are not held together with Duct Tape, they are old and break down a lot. In fact, I am told that these cars were breaking down in 2011!!! A reminder from yesterday’s post about Kurly’s disaster of a station:

I have looked around but our units look “visibly” okay. Problem is the pics don’t show how the seats are hard as a rock from lack of padding, the brakes are used up, steering is sloppy and the stench of spilled coffee. We don’t have units with duct tape and stuff as I seen at other places.

It’s bad. Spotlights are dull because the glass is old and etched. Headlights pointing either straight up or down. Imagine running Code 3 at night with headlights that aren’t even adjusted correctly.

After my previous posts about screwed up equipment, I received an email from a second confidential informant, known to me.

It details how Kurly is withholding new cars and doing team building exercises as a pretense to give kudos to ass-kissing Sergeants versus the rank and file. Plus, it gives us an explosive revelation that Kurylowicz, apparently at the behest of Sheriff Stan Sniff has brand new vehicles sitting idle in the corner of the parking lot while deputies are forced to use cruisers from 2007, 2008 and 2009 (that all break down frequently).

Enter our second confidential informant:

The patrol deputies in Moval Station are a little fed up with the continual back and forth of being forced to work extra shifts because someone can’t seem to be able to count and adjust staffing levels properly. We know that Corporal Holbrook keeps a close eye on counting the use of contract city hours and he always provides his input whenever the patrol Lt. will listen. The problem seems to be that Lt. Chavez just won’t listen to the corporal, so the staffing levels keep changing like we are always in crisis mode.

What’s become even worse is that it sounds like Corporal Holbrook recently got fed up with Lt. Chavez and put his retirement papers in, so there goes the only guy who really knows how to forecast the contract hours. The part that sucks is that we are probably going to be getting ordered to work longer hours more often now. Captain Kurylowicz seems to be a nice person (Blogger’s Note: I think Kurly is a corrupt marionette of Stan Sniff) but I think he is a little confused on how to build the morale of the deputies. Instead of having stupid ass guessing games of how many gumballs are in a jar that only sergeants and above seem to win how about giving the deputies some better cars to drive. There are several ass kissing sergeants who always seem to get what they want because they always kiss the captains ass. They get to work all the deputy overtime they want and they even all have their own brand new cars assigned them that no one else gets to use. So when they’re on their RDOs their brand new cars just sit parked at the station while we have to drive the beater 07’s, 08’s and 09’s that are always breaking down. With summer coming we all know half of them the a/c don’t work. There has been 4 new SUV’s parked at the back wall of the station for over a month and they won’t let the deputies use them. They say they want us to put more miles on the older cars first but everyone knows the older cars just keep breaking down. Beside that Moval cars never get the mileage that county cars get we just have old broke down cars with low mileage. Were not asking for much just better management of our work hours and decent cars to go 10-8 in. It would be nice to let us use those 4 new SUVs you have parked against the back wall that you think no one can see. Save counting gumballs for clerical girls or school kids, its not a morale builder for cops.

Lt. Chavez. Loren Tyler Clark. Kurly. Moreno Valley. Ouch. Stan Sniff’s Riverside Sheriff’s Department #EPICFAIL Meantime, they are screwing the contract cities as I type this blog.

Embedded in the post is a photo of a 2007 car, 2 2009 cars and three brand new vehicles in the corner of the lot not being used… and of course the busted toilet.