Dec 132016

Tim Clark was hired as the Trump Western Region Coordinator. There was never any public indication that had changed to just California after the RNC, but that is what I was told had happened. After August, there were a series of operatives in Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona and otherwise.

Mr. Clark had advocated for the termination of at least one of my friends from the Ben Carson team that came over to Trump after Carson suspended his campaign (who ended up getting fired) and also was less than ethical in his dealings with another Carson alum, attempting to shortchange a previously negotiated deal. These are consistent with the Tim Clark patterns from several campaigns I have seen him on – he takes them over and runs out everyone that was there. It is also consistent to see him attempt to reduce and/or shortchange deals after the fact with campaign operatives. Clark’s behavior was part of a string of anecdotes I gathered from friends across the west.

While Clark was overseeing a brain drain in Nevada and other parts of the West, the groundwork was being laid for the stunning trump victory in the rust belt.

The media was abuzz that team Trump was making a play for New Mexico. The Trump campaign had a revered Navajo Code Talker on their side and had made several stops in New Mexico.

It turns out that the real focus was on Utah and Arizona. In Utah, Trump had suffered the most damage from the Billy Bush tape. Republican voters tend to be reactionary and the typical 1990’s liberal democrat playbook was at work to play on that. Many so-called values voters in Utah were completely distracted from Hillary Clinton’s corruption and desire to end religious freedom and instead were on a pious rampage to support Evan McMullin.

Insiders were telling me that the gambit was if Gary Johnson could win New Mexico or Evan McMullin could win Utah then the electoral college could punt Trump and elect one of them.

Fortunately for America, McMullin folded like a cheap lawn chair as Republican voters returned home in droves. Unfortunately democrats did too and Gary Johnson collapsed in Colorado and New Mexico, failing to reach double digits in the final tally in either state.

Nevada was a disaster. Joe Heck bailed out on Donald Trump after the Billy Bush tape and refused to re-endorse Mr. Trump. I did a short-term job for Mr. Heck and made my opinion on this matter known to the campaign. I am of the belief that the decision was the difference maker in his loss.

Beyond Mr. Clark’s treatment of my friends in the Carson Campaign, his failure to do his job was most evident in Nevada. I saw no one from California in Washoe County when I was there. The Trump effort was almost all volunteer. The Heck Campaign, Trump Campaign and the RNC were on separate missions and were not working together. The Heck office I was in was around the corner from the Washoe County GOP HQ and I still remember the dirty looks I was getting as they drove by the office. (I’ve still never met most of the people that were glaring at me)

You would think that a Trump California Chairman who lives about 95 miles from Reno (Washoe County) would be interested in getting bodies up the hill to help. I guess not as nothing other than token efforts were made.

Nevada was the biggest failure of the Trump campaign beyond California. The RCP average had Trump up .8%. Trump lost by 2.4%. Yes, there was indeed registration fraud in Clark County, but not enough to account for 3.2 points.

In addition, the GOP got slaughtered at the state level in Nevada. Why? in 2014, when they won big – the first act of the next legislative session was a massive tax increase. What a way to use your majority. So – the lack of a team effort, public betrayal of the GOP’s Presidential Nominee, Tim Clark and Tax Increases were the Nevada Toxic Cocktail.

Trump lost Colorado. The stories I heard from there were pretty bad as well. It is clear that the best operatives for the RNC and the Trump campaign were in the Eastern US.

The RCP average had Hitlary up 2.9 in CO, she won by 4.9.

The RCP average had Hitlary up 5.0 in NM, she won by 8.3 (a bigger swing by .1 than Nevada)

George Soros spent $35 Million taking out the 84 year old Sheriff Joe Arpaio. The dems got mexicans to vote in record numbers with fear of deportation being the biggest motivator. This and the issues trump had with Mormons caused the margin in Arizona to shrink to 3.5% (Romney won by 9.1 in 2012). This will invite big dem spending in 2020 in AZ, even though Trump beat the race card.

In the final analysis – New Mexico was a distraction. Hitlary was forced to spend money in NM. It is possible that the Trump campaign decided to do the bare minimum to keep AZ from flipping dem despite the $45 million spent there on the aggregate by the left.

The disaster of the west, however was one of organization. There was none. Given how close Nevada was, it was winnable. Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona were very poor results. This was the one area of the country that was not kind to Donald Trump at all and further serious analysis needs to be given to it in order to advance in 2018 and beyond.

Dec 092016

Let me start off with a data point. I am aware of the fact that there were phone banks for the Trump Campaign being run out of California that made a ton of calls. However, Tim Clark had little or nothing to do with them at all. Sources I have spoken to indicated to me that they received little or no direction after the initial connections were made to the technology to set them up.

I am also aware of several people that were operating on their own. There was no cohesion of effort and this led to a significant deterioration of volunteer efforts on the ground in California. No amount of spin over the estimated 2 million calls made from California on Trump’s behalf in other states can fix that. The focus of this post is on the disaster in California and Tim Clark’s epic failure to do his job.

When you combine the above with Clark’s admission to people about his focus being on John Moorlach, and the complaints of volunteers, the pattern becomes clear.

I was in Nevada in the weeks before the election. Few, if any people from California went to Reno to help the Trump effort. No one I spoke to on the ground there knew who Tim Clark was, despite the fact that Clark was emailing about “strike teams” and delivering Nevada for Trump. He did next to nothing is the only conclusion you could draw.

Tim Clark was originally hired to be Trump’s Western Region Chair. Trump lost Nevada, Colorado and New Mexico. Let that sink in. Paul Manafort hired Tim Clark and apparently Clark evaded detection when staff was turned over.

An additional data point is that county chairs I spoke to in the campaign effort indicated that they would get last-minute urgent requests for information with less than 24 hours to respond. Since many people do not check email every day, often times these deadlines were missed. Insiders in California know Mr. Clark as “Last Minute Tim”, this pattern is consistent again. The volunteers deserved better – given the $119K paid to him you’d think that there would have been a more professional effort.

latinos-with-dtjHow Bad did Trump lose California?

As of the writing of this blog, it was 4.2 million votes. This spread of 31% is the second worst of any state in the union. (Hawaii)

The GOP lost 3 Assembly Seats, 1 State Senate Seat and scores of down-ticket races. This means that the democrats could now gut Proposition 13 without needing a Republican vote to do so.

When you see the Typo-Filled site that bears Donald Trump’s name and logo on it – regardless of who maintained it – you have to wonder why no one noticed the typos or the lack of interest in the site. Why didn’t Tim Clark say anything about this site? Why were these errors allowed to stay?

Why was there no county chair in dark red Placer County?

But, let’s dive in to the numbers a little deeper…

As of right now – Texas with 1/3 less population than California has delivered more votes for Trump than California. Florida with half the population of California delivered more votes for Trump than California.

coalitions-page-with-143-total-viewsMitt Romney lost California by about 2.2 million votes in 2012. Trump will lose California by almost double that, and worse that extra 2 million votes is the national difference in the National Popular Vote.

The Mitt Romney team did some basic outreach in order to make sure that existing Republicans at least voted for Romney.

A commenter attacked this blog for pointing out things like the 147 total views on the coalitions page – citing another official site with 40,000 followers, many of whom live outside CA. Even if all 40K were inside CA, what does that get someone in terms of a Campaign? Not Much.

Since I am a numbers guy, I have realized that the only way you could lose California by 4.2 Million Votes is if REPUBLICANS voted for Hillary in statistically significant numbers.

Let me expand on that… Republicans are 27% of the vote in CA. The final total is around 31.7%. This means that Trump only got 4-5% above registration. Democrats are about 45% of the total in CA. Clinton will be around 62.5%. This means that Clinton will get 17-18% above registration.

The only way that could happen is if Non-Partisan and Independent voters went for Clinton 80-20. This in not statistically possible. Nationally, Trump WON independents by 8%.

It is impossible to tell how many Republicans voted for Clinton in CA or left their ballots blank. However, it is safe to assume that with a county like Orange having a 21% shift between Romney in 2012 and Trump in 2016 the the results of Mr. Clark’s failure to even perform the basic functions of a campaign in California was catastrophic:

Last minute demands of Volunteers.

Last minute disaster on the Trump delegation team that made national news

Extremely high turnover in volunteer leadership

Volunteers told they have no access to Mr. Clark

While Millions of calls came out of California, the patterns show that Mr. Clark can not take credit for it. It may well be that Mr. Clark’s only accomplishment is his part in the National Convention despite his failure with the delegation selection process.

With hundreds of thousands of Republicans in California voting for Clinton and the residual damage across the board, this is the legacy of Tim Clark.

Dec 032016

Trump FEC Filings Linked here, here, here, here, here – they are set to the correct page so you can scroll to see the wasted money for yourself. As of the 10/31 FEC filing, Tim Clark and his Clark Group were paid $119,032.55 in total. (His daughter also got $6,244.08 as well, however, that is outside the scope of this blog series)

I have written ad naseum about what a disaster Tim Clark has been. For those of you that cared deeply about Donald Trump’s election, the next series of posts are dedicated to those in Northern Nevada and all over California that were abandoned by Tim Clark.

IN the words of Tim Clark’s daughter to people within the College Republican ranks, “We are focused on John Moorlach”. While Donald Trump was getting slaughtered by 31%, the SECOND WORST MARGIN in a State in America, Tim Clark by the admission of his daughter was focused on a SAFE STATE SENATE SEAT IN ORANGE COUNTY.

Right next door to John Moorlach’s safe State Senate seat is SD29, lost by about 2,000 votes to a democrat. The Democrats owe Tim Clark a thank you letter for their Prop 13 proof supermajority!

Orange County went for Hillary Clinton by 12%, a swing of 21(!) points from the 9 point win Mitt Romney got in 2012. Tim Clark? He got paid $119k by Donald Trump while he was focused on John Moorlach.

typo-and-no-placerI’ve spoken to several grassroots leaders across California. While Tim Clark was ripping Donald Trump off for $119,000, these people, many of whom were working on their first campaign ever, were left to fend for themselves.

Some county chairs were left ordering supplies from Rodney Stanhope, whose buttons were actually worn by the delegation in Cleveland.

I was told by more than one person that people down the chain of command were told to never attempt to contact Mr. Clark about anything ever. I was also told that due to the unprofessional and undisciplined operation that the turnover was horrendous. Clark himself was responsible for a lot of it as his well established pattern is to take over operations, force existing people out and replace them with his own people. He attempted to do the same in California, but a few of the people survived Tim’s purge because they had relationships beyond Paul Manafort (who was responsible for Clark’s hire).

Perhaps Tim Clark’s pattern is why the State of CA Website had not made it to 4000 total view as of the writing of this post? Perhaps this is why Placer County – one of the reddest remaining counties in California HAD NO LISTED CHAIR? It seems to match the delegation disaster, Clark made sure that he kept everyone off the list he disliked and then left several gaps that others were left scrambling to fill.

Look at the screenshot: Napa chair Janet Kirtlink’s name is misspelled on the site. Is this what $119k got Trump? Tim Clark ripped him off.

The California Republican Party from top to bottom get screwed over by Tim Clark at a time when the Trump effort needed leadership. Instead, Clark was in John Moorlach’s State Senate District hauling down more consulting fees for a safe seat race and by virtue of the evidence I have gathered, was doing less than nothing for Donald Trump. At least Mitt Romney’s crew made sure the basics were done in California and Romney’s loss was half what Trump’s was. (more on the grotesque nature of the defeat when the results are final)

What other conclusion than Tim Clark ripped Donald Trump off can you draw?

As of the writing of this blog, Tim Clark is not back on state payroll, but the only conclusion you could draw is that Clark is attempting to get his Chief of Staff job back. If John Moorlach is seriously considering rehiring Tim Clark he’d be a fool to do so, thousands of well meaning Trump believers use Clark’s name in place of bowel movements… and once they figure out how much Clark ripped off Donald Trump for they will be even angrier.

Dec 012016

blog-with-no-postsI have been in contact over the last several months with a ton of Trump Volunteers. Few, if any have anything good to say about Tim Clark.

As of the time I am writing this email, Donald Trump’s historic loss in California is over 4 Million Votes. The ripple effect down the ballot all over the state has been felt as Republicans were unseated everywhere. I will dive in to that later.

I have been told by reliable capitol sources that John Moorlach is going to mess over his current Chief of Staff and rehire Tim Clark. (If he has not already done so)

This is people’s exhibit A for the demise of the Republican Party in California. Tim Clark did less than nothing for Donald Trump and John Moorlach did less than nothing for the Orange County Republican Party while Young Kim and Ling Ling Chang were defeated in their elections.

Attached is a screenshot of the Team Trump California WordPress site blog page. This was announced in an email sent out with Tim Clark’s name on it. (I have been told that Clark did not even write most of the emails that had his name on them)

The blog has no entries at all and 48 lifetime visits. This is the world of campaigns run by Tim Clark.

I had been told by several Republican activists that Tim Clark said his primary effort was the re-election of John Moorlach – said while he was allegedly on Donald Trump’s Payroll. One could draw the conclusion that Clark was maintaining his state paycheck while the State of California was caught in a blue forest fire.

To a lesser extent John Moorlach, but to a major extent Tim Clark bears a lot of responsibility for the democrat super-majority and their significant gains in local non-partisan offices that occurred in 2016.

One can not simply explain away a presidential candidate losing a state by more than double the margin of loss nationally. However, when Tim Clark is involved, you can. Stay tuned.

Nov 072016

Just when Orange County thought it was safe. Inside sources tell me that Moorlach’s staff is volatile and unsettled and that Mr. Clark has been conversing with Clark repeatedly.

Meantime, Clark is telling people he is going to be the man responsible for Trump’s victory tomorrow. Please note that no one I spoke to in Nevada (as I was there for three days doing ground operations) knew who Tim Clark was.

If Trump loses, Clark will look worse. If Trump wins, Clark had little to do with it.

Aug 022016

Politico announced that Ed Brookover, the legendary Reagan Alum former Ben Carson top dog and Western Region Director Jimmy Stracner were fired yesterday. Why? It appears that the internal pissing match between Paul Manafort and anyone not name Paul Manafort ran its’ course. Both men had been brought in by Corey Lewandowski.

What is not well known publicly is that Tim Clark – who was hired by Paul Manafort at the recommendation of someone in California – was always trying to move himself up the Trump food chain. From where I sit looking at their structure, the next step up was the Western Region Director.

There have been varied rumors about Tim Clark’s status with Team Trump. What is 100% known is that Clark screwed up the California delegation badly, causing national press coverage of the White Nationalist and other marginal characters.

Tim Clark has been blaming everyone but himself for the disaster. Those that know him best, know this is his pattern. He has even blamed Trump’s headquarters for the delegation disaster.

Local activists who were bumped off the delegation list in favor of Mr. Clark’s few remaining friends and party officials have confirmed that he has been extremely difficult to work with. Given that the first delegation list prepared by Ted Costa before Tim Clark was brought in had many of the key early Trump supporters on it – versus the final list that had to be put together with a last minute frenetic rush were very different.

The only thing Clark did was delete people he didn’t like. Other than that, other people including CA GOP leaders were left holding the bag in the last days before the deadline scrambling to fill the list that Tim Clark failed to do. The delegation was Clark’s primary responsibility that he was being paid for by the campaign.

So now, Tim Clark appears to  have a clear path – if indeed the Trump team is still paying him – to the next step up the ladder. Those of us that know Tim Clark know that he is a parasitical cancer in any organization he participates in and he usually starts from day one trying to run people over to get paid more. We will see what the Trump team’s next move is now that the Carson people have been blown out.

Let’s hope it is not to appoint more sex offenders and Nazis.

Jun 232016

I had a look at some elections returns. It looks like the AD68 race is set in stone. It also looks like Stephen Choi has welcomed Don Wagner in to the Irvine Mayor’s race as the political soap opera unfolds.

IMG_3964As I was musing about the absolute train wreck that Tim Clark has been for the Donald Trump Campaign and the circumstances that led to his ouster, I need to lay out a few details.

I really hate hearing stories that men who are getting a large paycheck to do a job, (namely Clark) care more about camera time than doing said job. I’ve hammered him to oblivion over his #EPICFAIL on the delegation list as he tried to control everything and in the end waited until the last minute leading to a national media disaster.

But, it happened again. Clark’s life pattern re-emerged as the alternates list was also not done until the very last minute and several people who were not getting paid had to be called in to do Clark’s job. This is infuriating.

Well Clark has paid dearly. As documented here on Right on Daily OC, Tim Clark lost both his retainer with the Trump organization and is not on the dance card for Senator Moorlach anymore.

It appears that Tim Clark’s pattern of detail management has gotten to him again. His Facebook has not been updated in about three months, and his LinkedIn? well look for yourself.

For those of you that may have missed it – Clark’s LinkedIn still shows him as Moorlach’s Chief of Staff. Now, is the State Website wrong, or is Clark once again not managing the details? He may still be the State Director for Trump – and if so, he is both not getting paid and is a another national media story waiting to happen.

The bottom line? Tim Clark ripped Donald Trump off. He did not do his job, rather, it appears from where I am sitting that Mr. Clark spent his time doing media interviews to promote himself rather than attempting to build any sort of a functional organization in California. He certainly screwed up the delegation list so bad, that story will be told for years.

I did hear that Adam Nick was looking for a consultant. Maybe Tim Clark can go rip him off, they’d be an ideal match.

Jun 202016

If this is true and Clark is indeed gone never to be rehired, I will discontinue further disparaging of the Senator as he will have shown wisdom and maturity in this decision. Tim Clark and John Moorlach have a lot of history together and Moorlach was one of few people that Clark has known any length of time that still associated with him. Apparently, that list has now shrunk.

Check out this Bio on Current Chief of Staff Lance Christensen:

Lance Christensen has earned a national reputation as a government budget and finance policy expert.  Prior to joining Senator Moorlach’s staff, Mr. Christensen served as the Director of the Pension Reform Project for the nationally respected Reason Foundation. His budget and finance analyses have been published in multiple national and local publications, and he is a sought-after expert presenter on government finance and debt issues.  Mr. Christensen also spent nearly a decade working as a legislative consultant in the California State Senate, as well as a finance budget analyst at the Department of Finance.  Mr. Christensen earned his English Degree from Brigham Young University and Masters of Public Policy from Pepperdine University’s School of Public Policy.

This is what we call a damn good hire, this guy is 100% consistent with who Moorlach says he is. Christensen looks like he has more qualifications in the first sentence in his Bio than his predecessor has accumulated in 48 years of living.

John Moorlach has joined the ranks of people that have decided to no longer enable Tim Clark’s behavior. Here is hoping that Mr. Clark finds a new career in an occupation where he can not hurt any more good Republican Candidates for office. Let’s also hope that Republican leaders discontinue enabling Tim Clark’s bad behavior.

That said, there is still the matter of his “employment” with Donald Trump. Many of you sat in horror as Clark’s incompetence and malfeasance made national news. What is not widely known is that several GOP insiders had to help both with the delegation list and the alternates list because Mr. Clark was unable to do the job… thus validating the criticisms leveled against him at the time he was hired.

Read more on the Nazi that Tim Clark appointed to the RNC for Donald Trump

Read here to see how Tim Clark’s hire by the Trump Campaign caused a major rift within the campaign and how back in 4/28 an ousted Trump advisor predicted disaster.

Read here for more on the “Legitimate Rape” delegate to the Trump Campaign that was appointed by Tim Clark.

I have been told by reliable sources that Clark’s incompetence and bungling of the California Delegation led to the termination of his retainer with the campaign and that he is being relegated to fundraising duty. If true, Clark is generally reviled by the donor community in California. This will be a potentially bigger disaster for Trump than the delegation freakshow.

Tim Clark was one of the biggest reasons why I tore in to John Moorlach. It is sad, really that I felt like I had to perform cancer surgery – but Clark has been a skilled con artist for a long time. These opinions of Clark in this blog appear to go beyond just mine as I have little trouble finding anyone with any political heritage in California that has not been scourged by him. John Moorlach got out and the sooner Trump gets out, the better.

May 192016

Vetting FailTim Clark is Donald Trump’s (ahem) Director of California Operations. He is also on leave, maybe permanently from John Moorlach’s office.

On one hand you could say that Tim Clark now has company in the category of delegate #EPICFAILS, On the other hand – if you read this article on the Hill – you will see this:

The charges come days after Trump faced scrutiny for allowing a white nationalist to serve as one of his California delegates. A campaign spokesman wrote off that delegate’s inclusion as a “database error.”

Rod J. Rosenstein, U.S. Attorney for the District of Maryland, confirmed that Bailey is facing four counts after being indicted by a grand jury on Wednesday.

He alleges that Bailey produced child pornography between March 2015 and January. Rosenstein said that charge carries a mandatory minimum sentence of 15 years and a maximum of 30 years in prison.

The charges also include unlawful transport of explosives by a non-licensee and illegal possession of a machine gun.

It is always someone else’s fault with Tim Clark – but the media seems to know otherwise and is torching him repeatedly with his lie.

You also wonder what kind of people got hired in to Moorlach’s office, if in fact, Tim Clark did the vetting.

May 162016

When you campaign as and claim to be the Conservative’s Conservative – you really need to vet people on your team well.

John Moorlach, Tim Clark is a disaster. He appointed a Nazi to the California Donald Trump Delegate Slate along with a vigilante, reality show TV Stars, a crazy pastor, a former GOP leader who made legitimate rape comments and a couple of GOP officials that got cold feet and quit.

Why the local Orange County media has not picked up on the #SD37 nexus is beyond me.

Tim Clark has also had some interesting clients:

Clark and Nehring, the Guardian can reveal, spent six weeks in Guatemala in 2011 working as advisers to Manuel Baldízon, a rightwing populist and business tycoon who campaigned on the promise of broadcasting the executions of criminals on TV.

The Nehring referred to is former CRP Chairman Ron Nehring. I’d love to see the ads that Tim Clark came up with in that campaign. I am also wondering if the Donald Trump team did ANY vetting whatsoever of Mr. Clark at all.

Clark also said in the email that he did not know about Baldízon’s campaign promise of televising executions – even though it was widely reported in the international media as well as the Guatemalan press.

That must have been one hell of a database error in 2011. Does the BS sound familiar? It is always someone else’s fault with Tim Clark as he sets one client after another on fire.

Neither Clark nor Nehring mention their work for Baldízon on their company websites – although both make references to having worked in Guatemala.

Well, no kidding. Here’s the likely reason why:

Baldízon’s political career in Guatemala has long been linked to unsavory patronage – a concern that InsightCrime, a group that investigates organized crime in the Americas, reports is fueled by his refusal to disclose the identity of the private donors who bankroll his campaigns.

John Moorlach has a problem. He is reliant upon the Ted Cruz supporters that dominate the incumbent support at all cost caucus on the OCGOP. Now he has a Chief of Staff that is embarrassing the entire California GOP and eventually the media types will figure out that Tim Clark has a lot of entanglements. The Ted Cruz people are likely rolling on the floor laughing at the moment, but they won’t be for long.

If Moorlach was smart – he’d simply cut this guy loose as soon as possible before the Media starts asking him questions about Tim Clark and the crap blowing up the news feeds of everyone that cares about the Donald Trump Campaign.

The trainwreck continues.