Mar 282016

Mike Spence is a taxpayer advocate. Yes, I will credit him with being a consistent conservative.

Spence is knee-deep in the shrinking CA GOP Conservative Racket as well.

There is a reason why I have consistently predicted a CRA endorsement of Spence and continue to do so until they still him just to make a liar out of me… take a look at who is quoted in Mike Spence’ latest campaign email. (I emboldened the name, for those of you with short attention spans)

Spence Certified as Taxpayer Advocate

The California Secretary of State has officially certified Councilman Mike Spence’s ballot designation of Taxpayer Advocate / Councilman for the 55th Assembly district election on June 7, 2016.

Spence is the only taxpayer advocate running for State Assembly, and was immediately endorsed by the California Taxpayer Protection Committee (CTPC), one of the state’s major taxpayer organizations.

“Mike Spence is the only candidate for the 55th Assembly District to oppose all tax increases for the last 30 years, not just some of them,” said CTPC Executive Director Tom Hudson. “Mike Spence is the only candidate taxpayers can trust to fight for us no matter what the cost to himself personally. It’s easy to say you are a tax fighter when asking Republicans for their votes. Mike is only candidate who has been tested in battle over and over again and never let us down. The rest of them are nice guys, but we need much more than that – we need a proven tax fighter like Mike Spence.”

A candidate’s official ballot designation is certified by the Secretary of State only if proven to be true. Spence is the only candidate able to demonstrate a long history of taxpayer advocacy, and to meet the high standards for official state government certification.

“Anyone can claim to be a small businessman,” noted Hudson. “Democrats and Republicans do it in Sacramento all the time.  But tough votes against the powers that be in Sacramento take tough tax fighters like Mike Spence. We need a taxpayer advocate in Sacramento.”

Councilman Mike Spence, a life-long West Covina resident, previously served 22 years on the West Covina school board.  He has been endorsed by Congressman Tom McClintock.

Thomas N. Hudson is the sitting President of the CRA. Cozy. The California Taxpayer Protection Racket-Committee is an organization that both Spence and Hudson are long-time affiliates of (and run). Quite Cozy.

Also, take note that Spence is touting the McClintock endorsement – the CRA refused to endorse Tom McClintock initially in 2014 and it was one Tom Hudson that went berzerk over it.

Having known Hudson for 18 years, I can safely say that he went berzerk because McClintock is a money-maker for him. A very, very cozy world it is in the CA GOP Conservative racket.

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