Mar 212016

Political Season is here. The OC version is much more boring and contrived than the North State version. I do my best to try to liven things up, but I have to admit that many in the OC political universe are just not as entertaining and colorful as they are in my neck of the woods.

All that said, it appears that the AD68 race is all but done. DUI Debbie got the CRA endorsement. It makes perfect sense when you think of it as ethics are out the window in that organization, so why not… you know she IS the conservative (who drinks liberally).

I think I like Harry Sidhu, in fact – I am endorsing Harry Sidhu for AD68. The guy has a bunch of businesses and is a social conservative. His offense? As near as I can tell, he likes to move a lot. In a county of 4 million people you could hit 3 districts in a mile. In my county of 330,000, moving to run for something actually is a big deal as you could end up 3 counties away.

Between Choi, DUI Debbie and Sidhu? Are you kidding me? Sidhu is the adult in the room, and he would be in most all of the candidate scenarios I heard about (but, I’d have had a hard time picking between Sidhu and Scott Voigts)

Deborah Pauly obviously thinks she can win because of her Political Tourette’s Syndrome in the past and continuing pattern of bizarre personal behavior. I hate to tell her that she is not Donald Trump.

I also heard that the same group that endorsed the telephone pole wrapping assembly candidate decided to slap a couple of congress-members. They endorsed Greg Raths over Mimi Walters and snubbed Darrell Issa. If that group was not permanently chartered, I’d bet the OC Central Committee would do something bad to them for not bowing to incumbents.

My opinion of Raths has changed over the past two years as I have learned that some of the hyperbole surrounding him was untrue and his unreal vote total in Mission Viejo’s Council Election was something else. He has to have something going for him…

Mimi Walters has gotten some pretty low scores from Conservative Groups, this is also giving me pause. Again, I am like a broken record – not all incumbents deserve fealty. Has Mimi Walters earned a primary challenge? She is only in her first term, and her record as a state legislator was solid. I can’t answer that yet.

What I can say is that in this “Donald Trump” election cycle – someone running to make Orange County Great Again is going to get traction. (Unlike Pauly who lost traction in to a telephone pole)

The old way of doing things where you destroy people for rising up against bad officeholders, the inertia of incumbency, defending the status quo at all costs and meeting out revenge on third parties over the actions of political operatives to try to enforce false order have finally worn thin on the electorate. The old way of ham-fisted political bosses who run cover for narcissistic compromise artists or ideological frauds is over.

Incumbents everywhere should be afraid for their political future – especially those that do nothing for their district. As near I can tell, Mimi Walters is connected to hear district and is connected to supporting other Republicans versus John Moorlach who rewarded leadership for defending him with a big giant fundraising goose-egg. (oh, and he told them to expect more of the same)

Which leads me to Wagner for Mayor. He has a whole lot of that money that does not matter, and since he has been relieved of any responsibility to distribute any of it, (remember, how we were  told that raising money for other Republicans did not matter?) it has to go somewhere…

Sources tell me that Jeff Lalloway and his crew are in a meltdown.

Jeff Lalloway is reputedly threatening to shut down the proposed veterans cemetery in Irvine because he literally is so enraged that he wants to keep Christina Shea from looking good. I have heard of Lalloway holding up contentious votes (when he is the 3rd good vote) in Irvine just because he can. Bloggers have written about this ad naseum.

It seems that Lalloway’s ego is out of control.

I guess the idea of people on the Orange County GOP Central Committee (or OC GOP establishment) seeking revenge on the innocent because they are mad at someone else is not a new concept?

Don Wagner is very well positioned to torch Lalloway. There are no sissified “party unity” excuses here. No institutional “You gotta support the incumbent at all costs” excuses here. This is a straight up open seat election with no side excuses people can hide behind to avoid doing the right thing – if Wagner runs for Irvine Mayor.

Why do I think Wagner runs for Irvine Mayor? Before he dropped out of the SD37 challenge he’d called people and/or had conversations to that effect.

Even though Don Wagner did not file for SD37, a lot of people are still feeling a loss of control. When the self-righteous, or self-important feel a loss of control, that means we the people are winning.

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  1. A clear synopsis of Irvine politics. I had not come across your blog until late last night.

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